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  1. Bibliography of Catfish Taxonomy through 2008 by Carl J Ferraris Jr Abbott C C

    Abbott, C. C. 1861. Descriptions of two new species of Pimelodus from Kansas. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia 12:568–569.
  2. Bibliography of works on Modern Chinese Art

    Andrews, Julia, and Shen Kuiyi, eds, A Century in Crisis: Modernity and Tradition in the Art of Twentieth Century China, New York, Guggenheim Museum, 1998
  3. Bibliography of emergency management & related references on-hand b wayne blanchard ph d cem emergency management higher education program manager emergency management institute

    Note to Users: This listing started in 1994 as a listing of materials I had physical possession of in my office. Since after we started posting this document on the web, we have also responded to requests to include some website information.
  4. Bibliography southern university at new orleans library reference collection titles acquired prior 1990 destroyed by hurricane katrina

    Bloomington, Ill. : Cheever Publishing, c1983. Spine title: Accent buyer's guide.
  5. Complete Bibliography of Lonergan Studies

    The Lonergan Studies Newsletter is an attempt to provide an informal forum of contact and exchange of data among all persons interested in Bernard Lonergan’s work.
  6. Table of contents (59)

    Endogenic processes and landforms (Earth’s structure, Global tectonics and landforms, Plate tectonism, Sea floor spreading, Continental drift, Igneous activities and associated landforms, Extrusive igneous activities and Intrusive igneous activities).
  7. A bibliography of ugaritic grammar and biblical hebrew grammar in the twentieth century

    At present, a beginning course on Ugaritic might use either D. Sivan, A Grammar of the Ugaritic Language (HdO 1/28; Leiden: Brill, 1997), J. L. Cunchillos and J.
  8. The bibliography of kant literature 1986-1999/2 cumulative issue for

    Abrams, M. H. “From Addison to Kant: Modern Aesthetics and the Exemplarity of Art.” M. H. Abrams, Doing Things with Texts. Essays in Criticism and Critical Theory.

    THE ACHIEVEMENT OF AMERICAN SPORT LITERATURE: A CRITICAL APPRAISAL, Edited by Wiley Lee Umphlett. The essays in this collection help promote the worth of American literature in which sports plays a prominent role.
  10. The University of Chicago Law School A Century of Scholarship A Bibliography of Writings of the Faculty of the University of Chicago from 1902-2002 Compiled by the D'Angelo Law Library Acknowedgements

    This bibliography was undertaken to commemorate the Centennial of the Law School in 2002-2003, to document the extraordinary amount of scholarly work published by its faculty, and to compliment the Law School’s commemorative book.
  11. Of state bishops In 1909 there were 74 ministers and over 300

    of state bishops. In 1909 there were 74 ministers and over 300, adherents. Healing is one of the characteristic features of the church. In 1890 the name of the movement was changed from " The New Life Society " to "
  12. The Politics of Postmodernism LINDA HUTCHEON

    All nghts reserved. No part of this book may be repnntedor reproduced or utilized in any form or by any electronic, mechanical, or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including photocopying and recording, or in any information
  13. A guide to undergraduate courses at the university of crete

    The Department of Philology has a rich and flexible Programme of Undergraduate Studies with numerous options and a comparatively small number of compulsory courses; it constist of 55 courses amounting to 240 ECTS credits and requires
  14. The Dissertation Committee for Maria Elena Gonzalez certifies that this is the approved version of the following dissertation “Crises” in Scholarly Communications Insights from Forty Years of the Journal of Library History 1966 – 2005

    HIDDEN TEXT: NOTE: this page in hard copy with all original signatures must be submitted with the dissertation to the Graduate School; this is required whether the document is in electronic format or on paper.
  15. Bibliography Southern University at New Orleans Library Reference Titles Acquired 1990-2005 Destroyed by Hurricane Katrina

    0395 9955X Z731 .A53 American library directory, - 001 / prepared by the R.R. Bowker Company's Database Production Group. New Providence, N.J. : R.