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SaLIS, Vol.57, No.4, December, 1997

Review of Recent Literature (October-December, 1997)

Compiled by Mike & Mary Craymer


Editors' Note: This is a collection of selected articles on geodesy, surveying and land information systems published in English in other subject-related journals. Only the first page is given for articles in trade journals. This information has been compiled from Tables of Contents in Geodesy, a free Internet-based contents service for journals in geodesy. For more information about TCG, article reprints and journal publishers, visit the TCG web site at <http://www.geod.nrcan.gc.ca/~craymer/tcg/>.

ACSM Bulletin


No.168, July/August, 1997


GPS: A Decade of Progress - ACSM Interviews Charles Trimble. 19.

GPS in the High School Curriculum. K.C. Flynn. 25.

A New Age of Geodesy Begins: 1970-90. J. Dracup. 27.

No.169, September/October, 1997


Mapping Ohio. J.D. Bossler, S. Davis, J.R. Ramirez, B. Henderson. 24.

The Ohio Digital Orthophotography Project. R.W. Schmidley. 27.

Cincinnati's GIS Consortium. 29.

ACSM Directory 1997. 31.

No.170, November/December, 1997


International Developments in Cartography. A. MacEachren, R. McMaster, L. Dillon. 23.

ICA in Stockholm: One Woman's Diary. A. Wood. 26.

Sir Sandford Flemming's Award-Winning Ways - Interview with Ron Schepper. 28.

The Computer as a Geographer's Tool. M. Kuby, P. Gober, H. Harner. 35.

The Australian Surveyor


Vol.42, No.3, 1997


New Graduate Programs for Land Administration at the University of New South Wales. B.C. Forster, J.C. Trinder, K.G. Nettle. 81-86.

Benchmarking Cadastral Systems. D. Steudler, I. Williamson, J. Kaufmann, D. Grant. 87-106.

The Implications of GPS Data Loss on Real Time Digital Terrain Modelling. L.J. Coombe. 107-115.

Options and Strategies for Transition to GDA 94. P.A. Collier, F.J. Leahy, V.S. Argeseanu. 116-125.

Vol.42, No.4, 1997


A New Australian Republic: Some Implications for Surveyors. N.W.J. Hazelton. 139-147.

The Changing Face of Education: Meeting the Surveying and Mapping Industry Needs. F.R. Young. 148-156.

Using the Case Study Methodology to Review Cadastral Reform in Papua New Guinea. M.D. Iatau, I.P. Williamson. 157-165.

A Refinement to Automated Photogrammetry. H.L. Mitchell, M. Mustaffar. 166-171.

The Future of RTK GPS/GLONASS Positioning in the Urban Canyon. M. Stewart, M. Tsakiri. 172-178.

A Proposed Algorithm for Geoid Determination in Saudi Arabia Using GPS Measurements. O.M. Abou Beih, D.A. Algarni. 179-184.

Single Point GPS Positioning Using Precise GPS Data. Y. Gao, J.F. McLellan. 185-192.

Allgemeine Vermessungs-Nachrichten


Vol.104, No.10, 1997


Altimetry data improvement by a dual crossover method in European Seas and alongtrack stationary sea surface topography. L. Fenoglio-Marc. 354-359.

Bollettino di Geodesia e Scienze Affini


Vol.56, No.4, 1997


GPS for photogrammetry. F. Ackermann. 387-406.

An essay on the foundations of Gaussian differential geometry II: imbedding questions. J.D. Zund. 407-426.

Via Georgofili: images to remember. A. Arrighi, F. Blasi, A. Di Rita, D. Grazzi, M. Pecci. 427-442.

On expansions of the earth's gravitational potential converging in the whole space. M.S. Petrovskaya. 443-450.

A generalized theory of variance analysis. Q. Liu, T. Parm. 451-462.

Studio della superficie di deformazione di un blocco. B. Crippa. 463-470.

Elementi astronomici per il calendario dell'anno 1998 calcolati dall'Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari. A. Poma, E. Simeone. 471-486.

EOM - Earth Observation Magazine


Vol.6, No.10, 1997


Real Estate of Late. M.J. Wagner. 14.

Building a Better Mousetrap. T. Lively. 18.

Georendering for Forestry Applications. L. Lang. 22.

Map Accuracy Specifications, Part One of a Two Part Series. B. Fowler. 33.

Selecting the Best Type of GPS Data for your Applications, Part 2 of 2. C. Gibert. 25.

Vol.6, No.11, 1997


High Water GIS. K.P. Corbley. 14.

Tutorial: The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Remote Sensing. C. Spencer. 18.

Hyperspectral Imaging of Kazakstan. W. Ferrand. 22.

Bedroom Community Mapped in Record Time. B. Elliott. 27.

Map Accuracy Specifications, Part 2. R.A. Fowler. 33.

Geodezja i Kartografia


Vol.46, No.1, 1997


Bathymetric Information, Its Formation Process and the Elements Thereof. Z. Kopacz, W. Morgas, J. Urbanski. 3-16.

Interval Estimation of Generalized Linear Models. J. Czaja. 17-50.

An Algorithm to Calculate Deviation Mean Errors. A. Skorczynski. 51-62.

The Simplified Geometrical Vertical Refraction Model at Determining Vertical Displacements by Means of the Trigonometrical Levelling Method. R.J. Grabowski, A. Kobryn. 63-74.

Calculations of Point Heights Differences in Closed and Bilaterally Referred Level Circuits, for the Needs of Environmental Engineering. W. Kosinski. 75-82.

Design of the Grade Line of a Route by Means of General Transition Curves. A. Kobryn. 83-??.

Geo Info Systems


Vol.7, No.10, 1997


Photogrammetry Breaks the Ice: Glacial Monitoring in North Cascades National Park. M. DeGross. 16.

GIS: The Bedrock of Geologic Mapping. P. Chirico. 26.

The Past Meets the Present for the Historic District of Annapolis. J. Buckler, D. Stoe. 32.

Perspective - Federal Influences in Early GIS Development in Canada. R.F. Tomlinson. 38.

From Talking Trash to GIS as a Second Language. C. Thomas, D. Zuiderveld. 40.

GIS Innovator - Will Craig: Mr. Omnipresence. B.J. Niemann Jr., S. Niemann. 42.

Management Strategies - GIS Jackpots. R. Somers. 46.

Tracking Trends - Demystifying the PlanGraphics-DCX Merger. J.C. Antenucci. 48.

Vol.7, No.11, 1997


Using Your Head to Save Lives: GIS and GPS to the Rescue! D. Holland. 18.

Integrating Visualization into the Environmental Information Flow. O. Rodriguez. 26.

A Small City Copes with the Information Challenge. J. McAdams, D. Halvorson. 32.

Data Data -- A View from Here. N. Tosta. 36.

Shop Talk -- Retail Location Analysis with GIS: Seven Strategic Steps. G.I. Thrall, J.C. del Valle, G. Hinzmann. 42.

First Impressions - Surfer for Windows 6.04; Map Viewer 2.13; Value-Rating GIS Software for Educational Use. N. Lam, S. Elshaw Thrall . 47.



Vol.51, No.3, 1997


The Crown of the Continent Ecosystem Data Atlas Project - A Geomatics Perspective. J.A.R. Blais, D. Gourdeau, C. Stewart. 235-245.

Etude des effets d'une ligne a haute tension de 735 kV sur le positionnement GPS. Y. Theriault, R. Santerre. 247-260.

Defense Geomatics' Role in the "Flood of the Century". 266-271.

Town and Township Planning in the Wilderness. L.M. Sebert . 272-276.

Solving the Geospatial Data Barrier. D. Gouin, P. Morin, G. Clement, C. Larouche. 278-287.

The G-Word Debate. S. Booth. 288-290.

Geomatics and the Law: Rules of the Road. A. McEwen. 294-295.

Vol.51, No.4, 1997


The Future of the Surveying Profession - An Australian Perspective. I.P. Williamson. 387-399.

Le cadastre quebecois: Son evolution legale, technique et jurdique. C. Rivest. 401-415.

Le nouveau cadastre quebecois: Informatise et constamment a jour. D. Plomteux. 417-425.

A Research Agenda for Cadastral Surveying: Against Sectarian Struggles. B. Ballantyne. 427-436.

Navigability and Title to the Beds of Watercourses: A Process for Obtaining Answers. I. de Rijcke. 437-444.

Another Magnificent Bridge. L.M. Sebert. 452-453.

Geomatics Info Magazine


Vol.11, No.10, 1997


Land Registration in the Russian Federation: GOSKOMSEM Enters Production Stage. D. Orlinkow. 6.

Major Changes Ahead: The Impact of New Technologies on AM/FM/GIS. P.M. Batty. 24.

Government-held Geographical Information: What Is a Resonable Price? W. ten Kate, J. Berends. 52.

Geographic Expert Systems: Extracton of Expertise from Image Interpreters. P. Crowther, J. Hartnett. 57.

Controlling and Updating of 3-D Urban Data. P. Kempa. 75.

GIM Interview - Geo-information Is More Than Classic GIS: GIM Interviews Mr. James K Steiner, Senior Director of Product Marketing of Oracle Server Technologies and Mr. Jan Willem van Eck, Business Development Manager, Bentley Europe. 30.

In Focus - PlanGraphics, Inc. 62.

Product Survey - GIM's Product Survey on High-end Total Stations (rev.). 65.

Insider's View - Towards the New Commerce in Geospatial Information. L. McKee. 81.

Vol.11, No.11, 1997


Real-time GPS Corrections: The Canadian Active Control System. R. Duval. 6.

A Permanent GPS/RTK Reference Chain: Construction of the Fixed Link between Denmark and Sweden. P. Norgard. 26.

GPS Ambiguity Resolution Techniques: Reliable Solutions Still a Challenge. S. Han, C. Rizos. 31.

Powerlines and Transmitting Stations Impair RTK-GPS. G. Retscher. 65.

GPS+GLONASS RTK: A Quantum Leap in RTK Performance. F. van Diggelen, W. Martin. 69.

Enhanced DGPS: The Best of Two GPS Worlds. J.P. Barboux. 73.

Towards Integral Digital Photogrammetric Systems. W. Mayr. 93.

Market Interview - Fast, Accurate, Easy and Cheap: GIM Interviews Ten Representatives of the GPS Surveying Industry. 44.

GIM Interview - Position: As Common As Electricity: GIM Interviews Mr S John Waits, President, Omnistar Inc. 59.

Conference Review - Party-Walls Are Vanishing: The INTERGEO '97 Exhibition Reviewed. 78.

In Focus - GeoResearch, Inc.: A Pioneer in Integrated GPS/GIS Technology. 82.

Product Survey - GIM's Product Survey on Geodetic GPS Receivers. 84.

Insider's View: GNSS - Developments to Watch. G. Lachapelle. 97.

Vol.11, No.12, 1997


GPS Pinpoints the Centre of Eratosthenes' World. F. Staudacher. 6.

Making Databases Intelligent for Generalisation. D. Lee. 24.

GI Distribution in Europe: EUROGI Sets Priorities for Legal Research. J. Berends, B.C. Kok. 29.

Digital Camera Calibration: A Summary of Current Methods. X. Li, W. Faig. 40.

Softcopy Photogrammetry with JPEG: Data Compression and DTM Accuracy. R. Reeves, K. Kubik, Y.H. Lu. 53.

Mapping of Buildings: Do Photogrammetric Squaring Routines Make Sense? A. van Voorden. 69.

Managers and Their Technological Perceptions: Will GIS Meet Their Expectations? A.K. Barnes. 72.

GIM Interview - Dynamic Visualisation: GIM Interviews Prof. Dr. Menno-Jan Kraak, The Netherlands Cartographic Society. 33.

In Focus - Network Management Group: Three Specialised Yet Complementary Companies. 59.

Product Survey - GIM's Product Survey on Geodetic GPS Receivers. 66.

Insider's View: From a Soloist to a Conductor. H. Murakami. 81.

Geophysical Journal International


Vol.131, No.1, 1997


The geoid constraint in global geodynamics: viscosity structure, mantle heterogeneity models and boundary conditions. C. Thoraval, M.A. Richards. 1-8.

Vol.131, No.2, 1997


Airborne laser altimeter survey of Long Valley, California. J.R. Ridgway, J.B. Minster, N. Williams, J.L. Bufton, W.B. Krabill. 267-280.

Geophysical Research Letters


Vol.24, No.18, 1997


Monitoring of global ionospheric irregularities using the worldwide GPS network. X. Pi, A.J. Mannucci, U.J. Lindqwister, C.M. Ho. 2283-2287. ABSTRACT </pubs/abs/gl/97GL02273/97GL02273.html>.

Improving the vertical resolution of ionospheric tomography with GPS occultations. A. Rius, G. Ruffini, L. Cucurull. 2291-2295.

Synthetic aperture radar interferogram of the 1995 Kobe earthquake and its geodetic inversion. S. Ozawa, M. Murakami, S. Fujiwara, M. Tobita. 2327-2331.

Vol.24, No.21, 1997


Geodetic observations of interseismic strain segmentation at the Sumatra subduction zone. L. Prawirodirdjo, Y. Bock, R. McCaffrey, J. Genrich, E. Calais, C. Stevens, S.S.O. Puntodewo, C. Subarya, J. Rais, P. Zwick, Fauzi. 2601-2605. ARTICLE-HTML </GRL/articles/97GL52691/GL142W01.html>, ARTICLE-PDF </GRL/articles/97GL52691/GL142W01.pdf>.

Measuring regional atmospheric water vapor using the Swedish permanent GPS network. G. Elgered, J.M. Johansson, B.O. Ronnang, J.L. Davis. 2663-2667.

Vol.24, No.22, 1997


Temporal gravity and height changes of Yellowstone caldera, 1977-1994. F. Arnet, H.-G. Kahle, E. Klingele, R.B. Smith, C.M. Meertens, D. Dzurisin. 2741-2745.

Vol.24, No.23, 1997


Ice-age cyles: Earth's rotation instabilities and sea level changes. R. Sabadini, L.L.A. Vermeersen. 3041-3045.

Global Positioning System constraints on fault slip rates in the Death Valley region, California and Nevada. R.A. Bennett, B.P. Wernicke, J.L. Davis, P. Elosegui, J.K. Snow, M.J. Abolins, M.A. House, G.L. Stirewalt, D.A. Ferrill. 3073-3073.

Interseismic and coseismic motions in GPS series related to the MS 7.3 July 13, 1994, Malekula earthquake, central New Hebrides subduction zone. S. Calmant, B. Pelletier, R. Pillet, M. Regnier, P. Lebellegard, D. Maillard, F. Taylor, M. Bevis, J. Recy. 3077-3081.

Geoid and topographic swells over temperature-dependent thermal plumes in spherical-axisymmetric geometry. S.D. King. 3093-3097.

Vol.24, No.24, 1997


Near real-time GPS sensing of atmospheric water vapor. C. Rocken, T. Van Hove, R. Ware. 3221-3225. ABSTRACT </pubs/abs/gl/97GL03312/97GL03312.html>.

Rapid N-S extension in the Mygdonian graben (northern Greece) deduced from repeated geodetic surveys. J. Martinod, D. Hatzfeld, P. Savvaidis, K. Katsambalos. 3293-3297.

GIS World


Vol.10, No.10, 1997


From the Editor - The Geographic Framework Data Survey is Coming! J.R. Hughes. 10.

Beyond Mapping - Building Accumulation Surfaces. J.K. Berry. 26.

Nuts and Bolts - New Tools Abound for Geospatial Data Explorers. E.J. Strand. 28.

Open GIS Connection - What's the Significance of Simple Features? L. McKee. 30.

GPS/GIS Integration - Which GPS Processing Technique Is Right for You? A. Lange. 32.

GIS Canada - Canada Announces Centre for Property Studies. A. Levinsohn. 34.

GIS Goes Global - Technology Builds Management Resources. J.D. Wilson. 36.

GIS Unlocks the Mystery of Walleye Movements. G.J. Bernardo. 42.

Avoid the Top 10 GIS Project Mistakes. D. Beck. 48.

Indianapolis Retools GIS for Enterprisewide Deployment. G. Juhl. 52.

Spatial Engines Drive Web-Based GIS. V. Zhuang. 54.

GeoSpatial FAQ--Federal Agencies Share Public Health Data. L.W. Nyman. 78.

Vol.10, No.11, 1997


From the Editor - 3-D Gains Ground in GIS. J.R. Hughes. 10.

Beyond Mapping - Analyzing Accumulation Surfaces. J.K. Berry. 30.

Nuts and Bolts - Web Farming Extends Data Warehousing and Data Mining. E.J. Strand. 34.

The "G" in GIS - UCGIS Depends on Volunteers. J.E. Dobson. 38.

Applied Geoscience Forum - Where Are We and Where Are We Going? A.K. Turner. 40.

Edge Nodes - Should GIS Stay Out of Our Schools? N. Waters. 42.

Is It Real or Data Visualization - Windows-Based Packages Bring Terrain Data to Life. J. Rowe. 46.

GIS Companies Race for Market Share. M. Crockett. 54.

So You Want to Build an Online GIS? B. Plewe. 58.

Blueprints for a Citywide GIS--Scottsdale's Award-Winning System Provides a Profitable Example. M. Ledbetter, C. Hunt, D. Anderson. 62.

GeoSpatial FAQ - Freeware Development: Lessons Learned from the Bazaar. L.W. Nyman. 86.

Vol.10, No.12, 1997


From the Editor - GIS WORLD Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary! J.R. Hughes. 10.

Beyond Mapping - Further Analyzing Accumulation Surfaces. J.K. Berry. 28.

Nuts and Bolts - Geospatial Data Bring High Demands to Very Large Databases. E.J. Strand. 30.

GIS Online - Gain a Sense of Place in Cyberspace. Bill Thoen. 32.

Open GIS Connection - Integrators Help Build Effective Information Systems. L. McKee. 34.

GPS/GIS Integration - Ensure High-Quality Data Collection. C. Mansfield. 36.

GIS Canada - AM/FM/GIS Vital to Evolving Utility Industry. A. Levinsohn. 38.

GIS Industry Outlook: The Dawn of a New Decade. 40.

GIS World's Best of the Net 1997. T. Danielson. 48.

Detroit Rebuilds from Below the Ground Up. J. Utsler. 52.

Data Integration Tools Turn Chaos into Order. R.D. Schulman. 56.

A Breed Apart - Wildlife/Natural Resource-Based vs Municipal Based GIS. K.T. Weber. 60.

GeoSpatial FAQ--Web Browsers Create Accessibility Dilemmas. L.W. Nyman. 86.

GPS World


Vol.8, No.10, 1997


Washington View: GIAC Meeting Reveals Civil Community Weakness. D.A. Divis. 16.

Victorio's Escape: GPS And Archaeology Recount The Tale Of An Apache Battle. J. Wakeman, K. Laumbach. 22.

On Board MIR: Orienting Remote Images With MOMSNAV. S. Fockersperger, R. Hollmann, G. Dick, C. Reigber. 32.

Walking The Line: Inventorying Interstate Pipelines With GPS. J. Barrett. 40.

ITS/GPS Roundtable Says, "Show Us The Money!" Moderator: J. Lappin Participants: R. Denaro, M. Kushner, R. Pearlman, H. Spielberg, R. Stevens, J. Ravier, S. Wollenberg. 44.

Innovation: Comparing GPS Ambiguity Resolution Techniques. S. Han, C. Rizos. 54.

Vol.8, No.11, 1997


Washington View: High Politics in ITS Funding. D.A. Divis. 12.

War Games: Troops Train With GPS-Enabled Battlefield Simulation. J. Grant. 22.

Pieces to a Puzzle: Air Surface Exchange and Climate. T.L. Crawford, R.J. Dobosy. 32.

Sensors At Sea: Homing In on Stray Electrical Currents. E.C. Bascom, III. 40.

Innovation: Interference Sources and Symptoms. R. Johannessen. 44.

Vol.8, No.12, 1997



Showcase Introduction: The GPS World in a Rearview Mirror. 14.

Directions '98: Upside, Downside. 14.

Receiver Technology. 17.

Directions '98: Plotting a Safe Passage. 22.

Navigation Products. 24.

Directions '98: Real-Time Progress, Postprocessed Details. 26.

Surveying and GIS Products. 27.

Directions '98: GPS in the Pole Position. 36.

Vehicle-Tracking and ITS Products. 38.

Directions '98: The Time Is Now. 40.

Timing Products. 42.

Directions '98: Rough Start, Smooth Finish. 44.

Military Products. 46.

Directions '98: Plan-Mania Reigns Supreme. 48.

GPS-Related Products. 49.

Directions '98: A Network of Needs. 52.

GPS-Related Software. 53.


Promises Kept: Perpetuating the Family Farm. K. Madison. 8.

Leaving a Data Legacy: A Minnesota Farm's Living History. G. Wagner. 14.

Vine and Vigor: Art and Science in the Vineyard. D. Bosch. 20.

Out of the Lab, Into the Prairies: Alberta's Farm-Based Research. T. Goddard, S. Nolan, D. Penney, C. McKenzie, E. Cannon, G. Lachapelle. 25.

The Hydrographic Journal


No.86, October, 1997


The History of the International Hydrographic Bureau - Part 1. F.J. Bermejo. 3-14.

Historical Extraordinary Water Movements in the North Sea Area. J. van Malde. 17-24.

The Reliability of Quality Measures in Differential GPS. K.M. Miller, V.J. Abbott, K. Capelin. 27-31.

Journal of Geodesy


Vol.71, No.10, 1997


The least-squares ambiguity decorrelation adjustment: its performance on short GPS baselines and short observation spans. P.J.G. Teunissen, P.J. de Jonge, C.C.J.M. Tiberius. 589-602. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/7071010/70710589.htm>.

Dual-satellite crossover latitude-lumped coefficients, their use in geodesy and oceanography. C.A. Wagner, J. Klokocnik, J. Kostelecky. 603-616. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/7071010/70710603.htm>.

Role of ocean variability and dynamic ocean topography in the recovery of the mean sea surface and gravity anomalies from satellite altimeter data. R.H. Rapp, Y. Yi. 617-629. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/7071010/70710617.htm>.

GPS phase accelerations for moving-base vector gravimetry. C. Jekeli, R. Garcia. 630-639. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/7071010/70710630.htm>.

Coerciveness of the linear gravimetric boundary-value problem and a geometrical interpretation. P. Holota. 640-651. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/7071010/70710640.htm>.

Measuring the robustness potential of the least-squares estimation: geodetic illustration. W. Proszynski. 652-659. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/7071010/70710652.htm>.

IAG Newsletter. O.B. Andersen. 660-672. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/7071010/70710660.htm>.

Vol.71, No.11, 1997


Wo: an estimate in the Finnish Height Datum N60, epoch 1993.4, from twenty-five GPS points of the Baltic Sea Level Project. E.W. Grafarend, A.A. Ardalan. 673-679. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/7071011/70710673.htm>.

Influence of resonances on the phase and the group refractive indices of air. Y.S. Galkin, R.A. Tatevian. 680-684. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/7071011/70710680.htm>.

Mixed cylindric map projections of the ellipsoid of revolution. E.W. Grafarend, R. Syffus. 685-694. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/7071011/70710685.htm>.

Comparison between the harmonic and response methods of tidal analysis using TOPEX/POSEIDON altimetry. A.J.E. Smith, B.A.C. Ambrosius, K.F. Wakker, P.L. Woodworth, J.M. Vassie. 695-703. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/7071011/70710695.htm>.

Comments and reply regarding Grafarend and Krumm (1996) The Stokes and Vening-Meinesz functionals in a moving tangent space. J. Geod 70: 696-713. 704-708. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/7071011/70710704.htm>.

IAG Newsletter. O.B. Andersen. 709-724. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/7071011/70710709.htm>.

Vol.71, No.12, 1997


A new gravity map, a new marine geoid around Japan and the detection of the Kuroshio current. A. Adjaout, M. Sarrailh. 725-735. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/7071012/70710725.htm>.

The Hammer projection of the ellipsoid of revolution (azimuthal, transverse, rescaled equiareal). E.W. Grafarend, R. Syffus. 736-748. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/7071012/70710736.htm>.

Theory of satellite ground-track crossovers. M.C. Kim. 749-767. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/7071012/70710749.htm>.

IAG Newsletter. O.B. Andersen. 768-770. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/7071012/70710768.htm>.

Journal of Geophysical Research


Vol.102, No.B10, 1997


Determination of long-term changes in the Earth's gravity field from satellite laser ranging observations. M. K. Cheng, C. K. Shum, B. D. Tapley. 22,377-22,390.

Time dependent inversion of geodetic data. P. Segall, M. Matthews. 22,391-22,410. ABSTRACT </pubs/abs/jb/97JB01795/97JB01795.html>.

Tropospheric water vapor derived from solar spectrometer, radiometer, and GPS measurements. B. Sierk, B. Burki, H. Becker-Ross, S. Florek, R. Neubert, L. P. Kruse, H.-G. Kahle. 22,411-22,424.

Vol.102, No.B11, 1997


Geodetic strain of Greece in the interval 1892-1992. R. Davies, P. England, B. Parsons, H. Billiris, D. Paradissis, G. Veis. 24,571-24,588.

Very long baseline interferometry antenna axis offset and intersection determination using GPS. W.L. Combrinck, C.L. Merry. 24,741-24,745. ABSTRACT </pubs/abs/jb/97JB02081/97JB02081.html>.

Vol.102, No.B12, 1997


GPS and geologic estimates of the tectonic activity in the Marmara Sea region, NW Anatolia. C. Straub, H.G. Kahle, C. Schindler. 27,587-27,602. ABSTRACT </pubs/abs/jb/97JB02563/97JB02563.html>.

Gravitational coupling in a triaxial ellipsoidal Earth. A.M.K. Szeto, S. Xu. 27,651-27,658.

New transfer functions for nutations of a nonrigid Earth. V. Dehant, P. Defraigne. 27,659-27,688. ABSTRACT </pubs/abs/jb/97JB02347/97JB02347.html>.

Changes in rotation induced by Pleistocene ice masses with stratified analytical Earth models. L.L.A. Vermeersen, A. Fournier, R. Sabadini. 27,689-27,702.

Inversion of gravity data to determine the terrain density distribution in southwest Japan. K. Nawa, Y. Fukao, R. Shichi, Y. Murata. 27,703-27,720. ABSTRACT </pubs/abs/jb/97JB02543/97JB02543.html>.

Correction to "Determination of long-term changes in the Earth's gravity field from satellite laser ranging observations". M.K. Cheng, C.K. Shum, B.D. Tapley. 27,721-27,722.

Journal of Geodynamics


Vol.25, No.1-2, 1998


Correction to 'climate variations and the Earth's rotation'. H. Griener-Mai, H. Jochmann. 1-4.

Three-dimensional density model of the Earth's crust and the upper mantle for the area of Poland. T. Grabowska, G. Bojdys, J. Dolnicki. 5-34.

Comparison of gravity field modelling for ERS-1 using dual crossover constraint equations. P. Moore, S. Ehlers. 47-60.

Tidal friction and its consequences in palaeogeodesy, in the gravity field variations and in tectonics. P. Varga, C. Denis, T. Varga. 61-84.

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Journal of Surveying Engineering


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Marine Geodesy


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Point Of Beginning


Vol.23, No.2, November, 1997


The GPS Observer: The Shape of the Earth, Ellipsoids and Datums, Part 2. J.P. Reilly. 16.

Drawing the Line Against Drugs: The city of Newark fights offenders with high-accuracy digital maps. K.P. Corbley. 22.

The Evolution of a GIS: Erik Hubl of Lancaster County in Nebraska chronicles his county's journey with GIS from 1989-1997. E. Hubl. 26.

GIS Software Overview: Peter Crosswell provides a guide to choosing your system wisely. P. Crosswell. 34.

GIS Software Primer: This inaugural survey features 22 companies and 41 products. 36.

Get Involved: The surveyor as GIS partner. J.M. Holmes. 44.

Land and Sky: Aerial surveying builds GIS file of Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. D.F. Pottle. 46.

Putting Vdraft to the Test: Does this CAD program make the grade? R.M. Pasley. 50.

Back to Basics: Use and Care of Surveying Equipment and Hand Tools - Part 2. W.G. Crawford. 58.

The Business Side: Six Reasons You Don't Make a Profit. M. Denny. 60.

The Surveyor and the Law: Who Owns the Copyright of a Surveyor's Map? J.R. Broadus. 62.

Vol.23, No.3, December, 1997


The GPS Observer - The Shape of the Earth, Ellipsoids and Datums, Part 3. J.P. Reilly. 19.

The Taming of the Ranch: Lee Shields, PLS, shares the story of the century's largest boundary survey, Vermejo Park Ranch in northeastern New Mexico. L. Shields. 24.

Gaining Control in Gwinnett County: The adjustment and expansion of a country control system in this booming Georgian county. M.C. Dorman-Pothoff. 30.

Codes for Data Collection: Editorial Advisory Board member Robert M. Pasley's tips on making the newest data collector software work to your advantage. R.M. Pasley. 34.

Data Collector Software Survey: This year's survey features 22 companies and 70 products. 36.

Exploring Jupiter GPS Software: Editorial Advisory Board member Jerry McGray puts this post-processing program to the test. G.L. McGray. 56.

GIS: The Next Step - GIS Success Factors. G.B. Korte. 64.

Hourly Benefits: Robert Foster explains how continuing education has gotten a boost from ACSM. R.W. Foster. 72.

The Roots of American Surveying: A historical book review of Samuel Moore's "An Accurate System of Surveying", the first substantive American book on Surveying. F.D.B. Uzes. 76.

Professional Surveyor


Vol.17, No.6, September, 1997


Technological Advancements: Business Opportunity or Necessary Evil? P.F. Hahn. 8.

Surveying in Bosnia. M. Cheves. 10.

Carl Zeiss: 150 Years of Quality. M. Cheves. 16.

Hands On: CAD Overlay with LFX. J.H. Bell. 24.

Antepasados: The Tunnel Revisited. F. Roeder. 29.

A Tech Tip & A Tale. T. Cowan. 31.

Point to Point: Are Buildings and GPS Incompatible? J. Leininger. 32.

GIS for the Surveyor: A Strategic Plan for GIS - Part I. F. Henstridge. 34.

Spain Honors an Illustrious Geodesist: Jorge Juan y Santacilia (1713-1773). T. Soler. 38.

History Corner: Benjamin King of Newport, R.I. - Part II. S.A. Bedini. 41.

The Nature of Measurement: Part V-On Property Corners and Measurement Science. B. Buckner. 43.

Netscope: Serving the Membership Electronically. M. Riley. 50.

Vol.17, No.7, October, 1997


Editor's Desk - Education: The Salvation of our Profession? M. Cheves. 6.

Implementing GIS in Emerging Nations. F. Henstridge. 8.

The Shape of Things To Come: MdProperty View. J. Leininger. 15.

GPS Construction Applications in Japan. S. Miura. 18.

FEMA's Director Asks for Modernization Plan. W. Lathrop. 23.

Surveying Diversions for the Italian Traveler. W. Lathrop. 26.

The Global Spatial Data Model: A Tool Designed for Surveyors. E.F. Burkholder. 30.

The Art of Saying Little in Much: The all-time best example of legalese run amok. B. Franklin. 32.

Coving: The Future in Single Family Design. A. Carriger. 34.

GIS Software Listing. 37.

Hands On: Foresight. J. Bell. 37.

Editorial: Surveyor Dies of PDH Overload. B. Buckner. 49.

Hands On: DiNi 11 Digital Level. A. Pepling. 51.

Netscope: Geo Data Sites on the Internet. M. Riley. 54.

Point to Point: Our Image As Surveyors. J. Leininger. 55.

History Corner: Henry Voigt. S.A. Bedini. 77.

Vol.17, No.8, November/December, 1997


Editor's Desk: Exciting Ideas for GPS Users. M. Cheves. 6.

Wild Heerbrugg: Quality and Innovation. M. Cheves. 10.

3D Analysis: Siting a NEXRAD Weather Radar System. D. Schurian, J. Hodges, E. Burkholder. 20.

The Nature of Measurement: Part 6: Level of Certainty. B. Buckner. 30.

Coving: The Future in Single Family Design - Part 2. A. Carriger. 34.

Gordon Martin—Where Are You? P. Naville. 43.

Hands On: A Visit to Leica’s U. S. Headquarters. A. Pepling. 46.

Point to Point: Our Image As Surveyors — Part 2. J. Leininger. 52.

GPS Conquers Nomad’s Land. M.W. Michelsen. 57.

Marketing: A Combination of Instinct and Illusion. S. Zeloznicki. 59.

Hands On: MicroSurvey. J. Bell. 60.

GIS & the Surveyor: A Strategic Plan For GIS — Part 2 of 3. F. Henstridge. 62.

Technical Mapping Advisory Council to FEMA Sets Directions for 1998. W. Lathrop. 67.

History Corner: New England’s Surveying Shermans. S.A. Bedini. 77.

Survey Review


Vol.34, No.266, 1997


A Statistical Analysis of Real Time Long Range GPS Measurements Via Cellular Phone Communications. A.K. Chong, M. Dewhirst. 212-222.

Effects due to Detection of Gross Errors in the Gravity Net in Egypt. H. Abd-Elmotaal, M. El-Tokhey. 223-228.

Determination of Ground Displacements in the Seismic Zone of Volvi, Greece. P. Savvaidis, J. Martinod, K. Katsambalos, D. Hatzfeld, A. Badellas, K. Tokmakidis. 229-236.

Back to Basics (8). M.J. Smith, T. Moore. 237-244.

'60 Years Ago'. J.R. Smith. 245-246.

250 Years of Military Survey: 1747-1997. A. Gordon. 247-262.

Effects due to the Constrained Unknowns (Part I). R. Hsu. 263-274.

Surveying Science in Finland


Vol.15, No.1-2, 1997


The Development of (Agricultural) Land Reform in Estonia. I. Aasmae, A. Villemsoo. 3-13.

Video Camera Measurement System Approaches Theodolite Accuracy. J. Anttila, H. Haggren. 14-24.

Some Issues Concerning Land Tenure in Russia. O. Dugina, A. Davletshin. 25-36.

On Combined Models of Horizontal Crustal Movements in Time and Space Domains Using the Combining Forecast Theory. Q. Liu. 37-52.

Current Land Law and Registration in Ukraine. E. Mitrofanova, I. Vlassenko, K. Mashkevich, L. Babiy. 53-65.

Computer-Supported Finnish EDM Height Traversing. Part II: Software and Automation. M. Takalo. 66-??.

Zeitschrift fur Vermessungswesen


Vol.122, No.10, 1997


Eine GPS/Geoid-Hohenubertragung zum Meerespegel in Helgoland. G. Seeber, W. Torge. 445-457.

Map projections of project surveying objects and architectural structures: Part 1. E.W. Grafarend, R. Syffus. 457-465.

Die Einpassung von Punktfeldern auf Linien in der Ebene. R. Finsterwalder. 465-471.

Die private Zertifizierung von Grund- stucksbewertungssachverstandigen ist auf dem Vormarsch! H.O. Sprengnetter. 471-480.

Allgemeine metrische Kugelkoordinaten P(r,y,z,h) (Mercator) fur r->inf und r->0. E. Mittermayer. 480-489.

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