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Bibliography of Emergency Management & Related References On-Hand

B. Wayne Blanchard, Ph.D, CEM

Emergency Management Higher Education Program Manager

Emergency Management Institute

National Preparedness Directorate

Federal Emergency Management Agency, DHS

Emmitsburg Maryland


August 20, 2008

Note to Users: This listing started in 1994 as a listing of materials I had physical possession of in my office. Since after we started posting this document on the web, we have also responded to requests to include some website information. The list remains, though, primarily a listing, now converted into a bibliography, of materials in my possession. I do not, in other words, include references to documents that I do not have. The yellow highlighting represents a way of noting to myself that I have read the document and drawn upon it for some purpose – Introduction to Emergency Management courses taught, or the Guide to Terms and Definitions Document -- http://training.fema.gov/EMIWeb/edu/termdef.asp , etc.

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