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SaLIS, Vol.65, No.2, June, 2005

Review of Recent Literature (March-May 2005)

Compiled by Mike & Mary Craymer


Editors' Note: This is a collection of selected articles on geodesy, surveying and land information systems published in English in other subject-related journals. This information has been compiled from Tables of Contents in Geodesy, a free Internet-based contents service for journals in geodesy. Because of space constraints, coverage may not be complete for all journals. For more complete coverage and information about TCG, article reprints and journal publishers, visit the TCG web site at </tcg/>.


Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica Hungarica



Vol.40, No.1, 2005


Gravity inversion techniques for High-Low SST applied to a simulated GOCE orbit. L. Foldvary, M. Wermuth. 1-13.

Crustal deformation monitoring around the High and old Aswan dams, Egypt. S.M. Abdel-Monem. 15-31.

Evolution of angular momenta and energy of the Earth-Moon system. A.I. Arbab. 33-42.

Aspects of the Mach-Einstein doctrine and geophysical application (A historical review). W. Schroder, H.-J. Treder. 43-58.

On the relevance of convolution of uniform distributions to the theory of errors. D. Monhor. 59-68.


ACSM Bulletin



No.213, January/February, 2005


Surveying for GIS' Sake. G. Pendleton. 12.

Understanding the "Why" of Maps. J. Zonn, V. Mason, I. Genovese. 15.

America's Birth Certificate. J.R. Hebert. 16.

Integrated Surveying. M. Delano, T. Lemmon. 20.

The Birth of the Trimble S6. Trimble. 25.

Geodesy? What's That? Part 8: Toward the IUGG Assembly in Lucerne, 1967. I.K. Fischer. 36.

The NSPS Sliding Scale Joint Membership Program. C. Savage. 6.


Dear Dr. Map. Dr. Map. 35.

Ask Vic! V. O©ˆSchinnerer. 50.

You are South of Heaven. 51.

No.214, March/April, 2005


Fenn lab dedicated. B. Taylor. 7.

Woodward awarded Fennell Award posthumously. C. Sumner. 8.

In retrospect. C. Sumner. 9-10.

Auto-Carto 2005. I. Genovese. 11.

Would you like to be in a book? R. Rushing. 12.

GIS education online. N. von Meyer. 13.

Accurate and reliable navigation. G. Powell. 14-15.

Topcon technology roadshow field day. Topcon. 16.

Wild about wireless. Battery Recycling Corporation. 16.

Dear Dr. Map. Dr. Map. 17-18.

Why lobby?—Part One. B. Church. 20-26.

GPS–GAP. A. Leick. 26.

Weather information for road managers. P.A. Pisano, L.C. Goodwin, A.D. Stern. 28-34.

Geodesy? What’s that? Part 9: On the go for AMS. I.K. Fischer. 36-48.

Comment on our times... I. Genovese. 47.

The National Geospatial Programs Office—Finding a home for USGS geospatial programs. L. Socci. 49-50.

CaGIS Strategic Plan. CaGIS Board. 52-54.


Allgemeine Vermessungs-Nachrichten



Vol.112, No.3, 2005


Prufung der Stabilitat der Bezugspunkte und Bestimmung der Vertikalverschiebung von Objekten durch Anwendung geometrischer bzw. trigonometrischer Höhenmessung. S. Lisiewicz. 82-87.

Multiple Recursion Forecast of Surface Movement and Deformation. L. Yuanzhong, H. Litao. 88-92.

Accurate Positioning by Low Frequency (ALF). J. Dittrich, E. Kuhmstedt. 93-98.

Das kollektiv Bedeutsame. W. Wenderlein. 99-103.

Von der Zufallsvariablen zum Schatzwert. H. Schmidt. 104-109.

Vermag das Internet GSM bei GNSS-Echtzeitanwendungen abzulosen? M. Schoffel, A. Schneider. 110-113.

Stellungnahme zu dem Beitrag "Zur korrekten Linearisierung von nichtlinearen GH-Modellen" von Stephan Kupferer. L. Lenzmann, E. Lenzmann. 114-114.


Artificial Satellites



Vol.40, No.1, 2005


Reference Systems: Recent Developments. N. Capitaine. 7-20.

Chandler Wobble and Free Core Nutation: Observation, Modeling, and Geophysical Interpretation. A. Brzezinski. 21-33.

Earth Rotation/Polar Motion Excitations From Atmospheric Models. D. Salstein. 35-46.

Polar Motion Excitation From Atmospheric-Oceanic Angular Momentum. J. Nastula. 47-59.

Earth Orientation Monitoring State-of-the-Art and Prospects. D. Gambis. 61-69.

International Atomic Time and Time Transfer. W. Lewandowski. 71-79.

Free Core Nutation (Extended Abstract). D.D. McCarty. 81-82.


Bollettino di Geodesia e Scienze Affini



Vol.63, No.3, 2004


Ellipsoidal correction for the modified Stoke formula. A. Ellmann, L. Sjoberg. 153-172.

Determination of density variations in the disturbing masses in a layer in the lower half-space. I.L. Ateya, S. Takemoto. 173-196.

Comparison between autoregressive model and neural network for forecasting space environment parameters. R.F. Leandro, M.C. Santos. 197-212.

On numerical aspects of Stokes-Helmert method of geoid determination formulated for the no topography space. R. Tenzer. 213-232.

Book Review - Michele T. Mazzucato: La figura della Terra. A. Cantile. 233.

Vol.63, No.4, 2004


A combinatorial scatter approach to the overdetermined three-dimensional intersection problem. J.L. Awange, S. Takemoto, Y. Fukuda, E.W. Grafarend. 235-248.

Sensing of precipitable water vapor in atmosphere using GPS technology. T.K. Yeh, C.S. Chen, C.W. Lee. 251-258.

Geodetic network adjustment algorithm by the non-parametric method. B. Kasietczuk, M. Malinowski. 259-270.

Elementi astronomici per il calendario dell'anno 2005 calcolati dall'INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari. A. Poma, E. Simeone. 271-288.


EOM - Earth Observation Magazine

(On-Line Only)



Vol.14, No.5, May 2005


GIS and GPS Emergency Response Lessons Learned from the Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster. S.C. Brown, S. Crum, V.S. Foote.

Preparation & Response. D. O'Donnell.

NASA Space Systems Enable Science for Society. R.J. Birk, R.L. Miller, C.E. Del Castillo, T.L. Miller, J.F. Spann.

Enterprise Architecture for NASA's Earth-Sun Science Activities. L. Brownlow, J. Martin.

NPOESS: Harvesting the Benefits of Space Technology. D. Jones, C. Nelson.

Understanding Technology - Geospatial Portals: Broadening the Boundaries of Portal Technology. C. Andrews.

The Interview - Five Questions For William Schuster. A. Schutzberg.





Vol.59, No.1, 2005


Introduction, Guest/Editor. A. El-Rabbany. 13-15.

CSRS-PPP: An Internet Service for GPS User Access to the Canadian Spatial Reference Frame. P. Tetreault, J. Kouba, P. Heroux, P. Legree. 17-28.

Airborne Kinematic Positioning Using Precise Point Positioning Methodology. Y. Gao, A. Wojciechowski, K. Chen. 29-36.

Collocation-based Multiple Reference Station Positioning Using the Covariance of the Corrections. P. Alves, G. Lachapelle, M.E. Cannon. 37-47.

A Hybrid Autonomous Positioning System for Public Transportation. M. Abd El-Gelil, A. El-Rabbany. 49-59.

Wavelet Multi-Resolution Analysis for Enhancing the Performance of Integrated GPS and MEMS-Based Navigation Systems. W. Abd-Elhamid, A. Osman, A. Noureldin, N. El-Sheimy. 61-72.

Using GPS for Augmenting Deformation Monitoring Systems in Open Pit Mines - Problems and Solutions. J. Bond, A. Chrzanowski, R. Wilkins. 73-82.

Retired CHS Staffer Awarded Order of Canada. D.H. Gray. 87.

High Schools Receive Atlases. 108.

Geomatics and the Law: Unauthorized Easement. A. McEwen. 88-89.

Software Review: Phatware's Phatpad 2.0. 97.


Geomatics Research Australasia


No.81, December, 2004


Spatial data sharing on grid. Y. Wang, L. Ge, C. Rizos, R. Babu. 3-18.

Impacts of Stochastic Modelling on GPS-Derived ZTD. S. Jin, J. Wang, C. Rizos. 19-29.

Pseudolite Augmentation for GPS Aided Aerial Photogrammetry: An Analysis of Systematic Errors. J.J. Wang, J. Wang, A.H.W. Kearsley, H.K. Lee. 31-43.

Capabilities and Constraints of Geodetic Techniques for Monitoring Land Subsidence in the Urban Areas of Indonesia. H.Z. Abidin, R. Djaja, H. Andreas, M. Gamal, K. Hirose, Y. Maruyama. 45-58.

Teaching Geodesy (Geodesy in Cyberspace). A.H.W. Kearsley, J. Wang. 59-67.


Geophysical Journal International



Vol.160, No.2, February, 2005


Inversion of GPS velocity and seismicity data to yield changes in stress in the Japanese Islands. T. Iinuma, T. Kato, M. Hori. 417-434.

Geomagnetic jerks and a high-resolution length-of-day profile for core studies. R. Holme, O. de Viron. 435-439.

Electromagnetic torques in the core and resonant excitation of decadal polar motion. J.E. Mound. 721-728.

Vol.161, No.1, April, 2005


Lake level variations in China from TOPEX/Poseidon altimetry: data quality assessment and links to precipitation and ENSO. C. Hwang, M-F. Peng, J. Ning, J. Luo, JC.-H. Sui. 1-11.

Importance reweighting reduces dependence on temperature in Gibbs samplers: an application to the coseismic geodetic inverse problem. B.A. Brooks, L.N. Frazer. 12-20.

Self-affine gravity covariance model for the Bay of Bengal. A.R. Bansal, V.P. Dimri. 21-30.

Rotationally consistent Love numbers. S.R. Dickman. 31-40.

The response of the subglacial Lake Vostok, Antarctica, to tidal and atmospheric pressure forcing. A. Wendt, R. Dietrich, J. Wendt, M. Fritsche, V. Lukin, A. Yuskevich, A. Kokhanov, A. Senatorov, K. Shibuya, K. Doi. 41-49.

Vol.161, No.2, May, 2005


Time variation of the European gravity field from superconducting gravimeters. D. Crossley, J. Hinderer, J.-P. Boy. 257-264.

The rotational stability of an ice-age earth. J.X. Mitrovica, J. Wahr, I. Matsuyama, A. Paulson. 491-506.


Geophysical Research Letters



Vol.32, No.3, 2005


Sea level rise at Honolulu and Hilo, Hawaii: GPS estimates of differential land motion. D.J. Caccamise, M.A. Merrifield, M. Bevis, J. Foster, Y.L. Firing, M.S. Schenewerk, F.W. Taylor, D.A. Thomas. L03607. DOI </10.1029/2004GL021380>

Vol.32, No.4, 2005


Resolving mass flux at high spatial and temporal resolution using GRACE intersatellite measurements. D.D. Rowlands, S.B. Luthcke, S.M. Klosko, F.G.R. Lemoine, D.S. Chinn, J.J. McCarthy, C.M. Cox, O.B. Anderson. L04310. DOI </10.1029/2004GL021908>

Vol.32, No.5, 2005


Short term mass variability in Greenland, from GRACE. I. Velicogna, J. Wahr, E. Hanna, P. Huybrechts. L05501. DOI </10.1029/2004GL021948>

On the use of GPS tomography to investigate water vapor variability during a Mistral/sea breeze event in southeastern France. S. Bastin, C. Champollion, O. Bock, P. Drobinski, F. Masson. L05808. DOI </10.1029/2004GL021907>

Comparison of GPS radio occultation soundings with radiosondes. Y.-H. Kuo, W.S. Schreiner, J. Wang, D.L. Rossiter, Y. Zhang. L05817. DOI </10.1029/2004GL021443>

Vol.32, No.6, 2005


Geodetic constraints on glacial isostatic adjustment in Europe. J.-M. Nocquet, E. Calais, B. Parsons. L06308. DOI </10.1029/2004GL022174>

Impact of GPS satellite antenna offsets on scale changes in global network solutions. M. Ge, G. Gendt, G. Dick, F.P. Zhang, C. Reigber. L06310. DOI </10.1029/2004GL022224>

Assimilation of satellite altimetry referenced to the new GRACE geoid estimate. F. Birol, J.M. Brankart, J. M. Lemoine, P. Brasseur, J. Verron. L06601. DOI </10.1029/2004GL021329>

Vol.32, No.7, 2005


Improved estimation of terrestrial water storage changes from GRACE. S.-C. Han, C.K. Shum, C. Jekeli, D. Alsdorf. L07302. DOI </10.1029/2005GL022382>


GeoSpatial Solutions



Vol.15, No.5, May, 2005


Geospatial Timepiece: 1995. 14.

Forest Fuel Management. J.M. Troutwine. 22.

Private Sector Makes Census Bureau's TIGER Roar. S.P. Johnson, J.E. Kunz. 28.

Editor's Overlay - Beyond the Niche. S. Barnes. 10.

Capitol Outlook - MAPPS Lobbies Congress. F. Sietzen. 19.

Net Results - Web GIS Gets Flashy. J.W. Lowe. 33.

First Impressions - Geocoded Photography. M.O. Ruiz. 37.

Mapplet - Imaging Cranberry Crops. A. Stankiewicz. 50.





Vol.18, No.4, April, 2005


Data Fusion Reactions -- 3-D Digitization Powers Design Technology. M. Jemtrud. 28.

Build-Out or Build-In? Two Alternatives for Geospatial Enterprise Integration. W.F. Limp. 32.

Crime Stoppers: Web-Based Mapping Makes Safer Neighborhoods. K. Switala. 36.

Position - Building Blocks Amass for Immersive Environments. M. Ball. 8.

Beyond Mapping - Measuring Distance Is Neither Here nor There. J. Berry. 18.

The "G" In GIS - Do We Need a GIS Certificate? J. Crampton. 20.

Open Geospatial Connection - Sensor Data Are Spatial Data. M. Reichardt. 22.

Techtime - Apply Discrete Global Grids for Global Datasets. K. Sahr. 50.


GIM International



Vol.19, No.4, 2005


The Stresses and Strains of Legal Liason: Boundary Dispute Resolution in England and Wales. D.J. Powell. 15.

Helicopter Photogrammetry: Safe, Accurate and Cheap Mapping of Transportation Corridors. D. De Loeker, A. Taylor. 35.

A Spatial Turn in History: Using the Combined Space/Time Component. P. Doorn. 40.

Medical Application of Multi-camera Systems: Bedsore Analysis Using MEDPHOS Photogrammatic System. A. Malin, F. van den Heuvel, A. Azizi. 45.

GIS for Urban Conservation: Change Detection and Priority Determination in Historical Turkey. A. Ulu, S. Aksoylu, A. Cabuk. 48.

Moving Mountains in Africa: Lesotho Electricity Corporation Implements SDI. T. Makume. 64.

Compact Testing of EDM Instruments: Using Mirrors for Doubling and Tripling Laboratory Space. R. Khalil. 70.

Interview - China Leaps Ahead with Geospatial Research: GIM International Interviews Professor Dr ZHANG Jixian. J. van Genderen. 6.

Pinpoint - Back on the World Map. M. Lemmens. 11.

Technology in Focus - The Hard Disk. H. Key. 13.

OGC Column - Spatial Data Quality: Happy Hunting Ground. P. Watson. 19.

ICA Page - Mapping Reaches the Heights. L. Hurni, K. Kriz. 33.

Company's View - Lidar-based Survey Solutions: Optech Incorporated. J. Kern. 53.

Review - Geospatial Goes Global: ASPRS Annual Conference. M. Luccio. 56.

FIG Page - UN/USA International Meeting on GNSS. M. Higgins. 67.

Insider's View - Network-based GPS Survey in Japan. S. Hattori. 73.

Vol.19, No.5, 2005


Mapping Towns from QuickBird Imagery: Sub-metre Resolution and High Positioning Accuracy. F. Volpe, L. Rossi. 13.

Vexcel UltraCam D in Operation: Survey Workflow with Aerial Digital Camera. F. Hagman. 30.

An Africa-led Initiative for Africa - AFREF: Towards a Unified Reference System. R. Wonnacott. 35.

Levelling the GI Playing Field: ISO/TC 211 Geographic Information Standards. H. Tom. 41.

Web-enabled GIS in Disaster Management: A Disaster Hazard and Vulnerability Atlas for SA. D. Sakulski. 61.

Japanese Forest Monitoring: Volume Estimation and Forest Fire Detection with GIS. H. Sawada. 69.

Interview - Transferring Theory into Practice: GIM International Interviews Johannes Saile, Managing Director INPHO GmbH, Germany. M. Lemmens. 7.

Pinpoint - Mapping the Earth from Space. M. Lemmens. 11.

OGC-Column - Cross-discipline Interoperability. R. Longhorn. 17.

ICA Page - Latin American Perspective. D. Fairbairn. 29.

Review - It's All Go for a Mobile World: GITA 2005 'Crossing Boundaries'. C. Reed. 32.

Review - Indian GI Actors Look to Grass-roots: Map India 2005 and ISG Conference. J. Sipkes. 45.

Company's View - Sparking New Markets for Photogrammetry: SmartTech, South Africa. S. Allen. 50.

Review - Strengthening the Regional Dimension: Second Intergeo-East, Zagreb. U. Boes. 58.

FIG Page - Croation Congress on Cadastre and Intergeo-East; President Magel visits Ordre des Geometres-Experts Fonciers in Algeria. 65.

Insider's View - The Three Pillars of European GI. F. Salge. 73.


GPS Solutions



Vol.9, No.1, 2005


An approach for instantaneous ambiguity resolution for medium- to long-range multiple reference station networks. G. Hu, D.A. Abbey, N. Castleden, W.E. Featherstone, C. Earls, O. Ovstedal, D. Weihing. 1-11. DOI </10.1007/s10291-004-0120-8>

Geodetic sensitivity to surface meteorological data: 24-h and 6-h observing sessions. J. Ray, M. Morrison, S. Hilla, W. Dillinger, G. Mader. 12-20. DOI </10.1007/s10291-004-0121-7>

Precise GRACE baseline determination using GPS. R. Kroes, O. Montenbruck, W. Bertiger, P. Visser. 21-31. DOI </10.1007/s10291-004-0123-5>

Vertical velocities of European coastal sites derived from continuous GPS observations. K. Kaniuth, S. Vetter. 32-40. DOI </10.1007/s10291-004-0124-4>

The ionospheric impact of the October 2003 storm event on Wide Area Augmentation System. A. Komjathy, L. Sparks, A.J. Mannucci, A. Coster. 41-50. DOI </10.1007/s10291-004-0126-2>

C++ and Java code for recursion formulas in mathematical geodesy. K. Hehl. 51-58. DOI </10.1007/s10291-004-0116-4>

Canadian GPS Network for Ionosphere Monitoring (CANGIM). S. Skone, V. Hoyle. 59-62. DOI </10.1007/s10291-004-0117-3>

Ionospheric modeling using GPS data. Z. Liu, S. Skone, Y. Gao, A. Komjathy. 63-66. DOI </10.1007/s10291-004-0129-z>

GPS/GNSS Current Bibliography. T. Soler. 67-71. DOI </10.1007/s10291-004-0119-1>

Erratum - Code and carrier phase based short baseline GPS positioning: computational aspects. X.-W. Chang, C.C. Paige, L. Yin. 72-83. DOI </10.1007/s10291-004-0112-8>


GPS World



Vol.16, No.3, 2005


The View from Here: On Second Thought. G. Gibbons. 8.

Got Game? GPS-Enabled Mobile Gaming Blurs the Fantasy/ Reality Line. M. Whitford. 14.

A New Policy for GPS. J.N. Shane. 18.

Interoperability on Time: GPS-Galileo Offset Will Bias Position. A. Moudrak, A. Konovaltsev, J. Furthner, J. Hammesfahr, A. Bauch, P. Defraigne, S. Bedrich, A. Schroth. 24.

The Enemy Inside: GPS Jammed by Room, Host, Self. J. Bickerstaff, M. Phocas, T. Haddrell. 33.

Summit Back Talk: The Audience Turns Up the Heat. 40.

Future GNSS Performance: Predictions Using GPS With a Virtual Galileo Constellation. Y. Feng. 46.

Vol.16, No.4, 2005


The View from Here: Prudence or Irresolution? G. Gibbons. 10.

In the Swim: GPS Guides Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. M. Whitford. 14.

Demonstration System for Using Shipboard-Relative GPS. K. Boseley, J. Waid. 24.

Pacify the Power: GPS Harness for Large-Area Electrical Grid. D. Erickson, C. Taylor. 34.

Getting to M: Direct Acquisition of the New Military Signal. J.W. Betz, J.D. Fite, P.T. Capozza. 40.

Continuous Navigation: Combining GPS with Sensor-Based Dead Reckoning. G. zur Bonsen, D. Ammann, M. Ammann, E. Favey, P. Flammant. 47.

Vol.16, No.5, 2005


The View from Here: Early Money. G. Gibbons. 10.

Abreast of the Waves: Open-Sea Sensor to Measure Height and Direction. M. Harigae, I. Yamaguchi, T. Kasai. H. Igawa, H. Nakanishi, T. Murayama, Y. Iwanaka, H. Suko. 16.

Moving Platform Orientation for an Unexploded Ordnance Discrimination System. D. Steinhurst, N. Khadr, B. Barrow, H. Nelson. 28.

What Do Users Want? Gauging Marketplace Acceptance. R. Lorimer. 35.

100 Million Strong: Industry Eyes LBS Tipping Point. A. Cameron. 38.

Assisted GPS: Using Cellular Telephone Networks for GPS Anywhere. R. Bryant. 40.


The Hydrographic Journal



No.115, January, 2005


Measurements of the Initial Rise of Tide in a Macrotidal Sandy Inlet. K. George, F. Guillard. 3-8.

A Possible Solution to a Long Standing Cartographic Mystery - Part 1. S.R. Lusby, R. Hannah, P. Knight. 11-17.

Royal Navy's Head of Survey Ships Retires After Surveying Worldwide. 19.

Book Review: Treasures of the National Maritime Museum, Edited by G. Clifton, N. Rigby. G.L. Haskins. 21.

Hydro4. 22-23.

Federation - It's Official. 24.

Profiling the Canadian Hydrographic Association. 25.

Learning by Experience. L. Taylor. 26.

The Indian Ocean Tsunami. 28-29.


Journal of Geodesy



Vol.78, No.7-8, 2005


A procedure for testing the assumption of homoscedasticity in least squares residuals: a case study of GPS carrier-phase observations. W. Bischoff, B. Heck, J. Howind, A. Teusch. 397-404. DOI </10.1007/s00190-004-0390-5>

Evaluation of the accuracy of the EIGEN-1S and -2 CHAMP-derived gravity field models by satellite crossover altimetry. J. Klokoanik, J. Kosteleck, C.A. Wagner, P. Schwintzer, C. Forste, R. Scharroo. 405-417. DOI </10.1007/s00190-004-0403-4>

An isostatically compensated gravity model using spherical layer distributions. D. Tsoulis, B. Stary. 418-424. DOI </10.1007/s00190-004-0404-3>

Statistical inference of the eigenspace components of a two-dimensional, symmetric rank-two random tensor. J. Cai, E.W. Grafarend, B. Schaffrin. 425-436. DOI </10.1007/s00190-004-0405-2>

Computation of Baarda©ˆs lower bound of the non-centrality parameter. C. Aydin, H. Demirel. 437-441. DOI </10.1007/s00190-004-0406-1>

Simulated estimation of hydrological loads from GRACE. K.-W. Seo, C.R. Wilson. 442-456. DOI </10.1007/s00190-004-0410-5>

Comments and reply regarding Heck (2003) "On Helmert©ˆs methods of condensation". C.C. Tscherning. 457-461. DOI </10.1007/s00190-004-0412-3>

ITG-CHAMP01: a CHAMP gravity field model from short kinematic arcs over a one-year observation period. T. Mayer-Gurr, K.H. Ilk, A. Eicker, M. Feuchtinger. 462-480. DOI </10.1007/s00190-004-0413-2>

Scale factor calibration of a superconducting gravimeter at Esashi Station, Japan, using absolute gravity measurements. Y. Tamura, T. Sato, Y. Fukuda, T. Higashi. 481-488. DOI </10.1007/s00190-004-0415-0>

IAG Newsletter. G. Toth. 489-507. DOI </10.1007/s00190-005-0451-4>

Vol.78, No.9, 2005


Outlier detection algorithms and their performance in GOCE gravity field processing. M. Kern, T. Preimesberger, M. Allesch, R. Pail1, J. Bouman, R. Koop. 509-519. DOI </10.1007/s00190-004-0419-9>

Modelling local GPS/levelling geoid undulations using artificial neural networks. T. Kavzoglu, M.H. Saka. 520-527. DOI </10.1007/s00190-004-0420-3>

A Bayesian method for linear, inequality-constrained adjustment and its application to GPS positioning. J. Zhu, R. Santerre, X.-W. Chang. 528-534. DOI </10.1007/s00190-004-0425-y>

Interannual variability of low-degree gravitational change, 1980-2002. J.L. Chen, C.R. Wilson, B.D. Tapley. 535-543. DOI </10.1007/s00190-004-0417-y>

Satellite gradiometry using a satellite pair. W. Keller, M.A. Sharifi. 544-557. DOI </10.1007/s00190-004-0426-x>

The International Association of Geodesy 1862 to 1922: from a regional project to an international organization. W. Torge. 558-568. DOI </10.1007/s00190-004-0423-0>

IAG Newsletter. G. Toth. 569-576. DOI </10.1007/s00190-005-0453-2>


Journal of Geodynamics



Vol.39, No.1, January 2005


An Earth gravity field model complete to degree and order 150 from GRACE: EIGEN-GRACE02S. C. Reigber, R. Schmidt, F. Flechtner, R. Konig, U. Meyer, K.H. Neumayer, P. Schwintzer, S.Y. Zhu. 1-10.

High-resolution continental water storage recovery from low-low satellite-to-satellite tracking. S.C. Han, C.K. Shum, A. Braun. 11-28.

Vol.39, No.2, March 2005


Terra Nova Bay GPS permanent station (Antarctica): data quality and first attempt in the evaluation of regional displacement. M. Negusini, F. Mancini, S. Gandolfi, A. Capra. 81-90.

Upper mantle viscosity from continuous GPS baselines in Fennoscandia. S. Bergstrand, H.G. Scherneck, G.A. Milne, J.M. Johansson. 91-109.

Geodetic signatures of a Late Pleistocene Tibetan ice sheet. G. Kaufmann. 111-125.

Postglacial induced surface motions, sea-levels and geoid rates on a spherical, self-gravitating laterally heterogeneous earth. P. Wu, H. Wang, H. Schotman. 127-142.

Vol.39, No.3, April 2005


Improved near-term Earth rotation predictions using atmospheric angular momentum analysis and forecasts. T.J. Johnson, B.J. Luzum, J.R. Ray. 209-221.

On inversion for mass distribution from global (time-variable) gravity field. B.F. Chao. 223-230.

Atmospheric pressure loading displacement of SLR stations. D. Bock, R. Noomen, H.G. Scherneck. 247-266.

Wavelet coherence analysis of Length-Of-Day variations and El Nino-Southern Oscillation. L.T. Liu, H.T. Hsu, E.W. Grafarend. 267-275.


Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth



Vol.110, No.B3, 2005


Interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) atmospheric correction: GPS, Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS), and InSAR integration. Z. Li, J.P. Muller, P. Cross, E.J. Fielding. B03410. DOI </10.1029/2004JB003446>

Effects of atmospheric pressure loading and seven-parameter transformations on estimates of geocenter motion and station heights from space geodetic observations. P. Tregoning, T. vanDam. B03408. DOI </10.1029/2004JB003334>

Correction to "Variations in the Earth's oblateness during the past 28 years". M. Cheng, B.D. Tapley. B03406. DOI </10.1029/2005JB003700>

Block models of crustal motion in southern California constrained by GPS measurements. B.J. Meade, B.H. Hager. B03403. DOI </10.1029/2004JB003209>

Wavelet approach to improvement of gravity field-geoid modeling for Japan. Y. Kuroishi, W. Keller. B03402. DOI </10.1029/2004JB003371>


Journal of Global Positioning Systems



Vol.3, No.1-2, 2004


Letter from the Guest Editor. C. Rizos. 1.

GNSS Indoor Location Technologies. G. Lachapelle. 2-11.

GPS & Galileo: Prospects for Building the Next Generation of Global Navigation Satellite Systems. G. Gibbons. 12-15.

The Deformation of Bromo Volcano as Detected by GPS Surveys Method. H.Z. Abidin, H. Andreas, M. Gamal, M. Hendrasto, O.K. Suganda, M.A. Purbawinata, I. Meilano, F. Kimata. 16-24.

An Assisted GPS Acquisition Method Using L2 Civil Signal in Weak Signal Environment. D.J. Cho, C. Park, S.J. Lee. 25-31.

Using RFID for Accurate Positioning. H.D. Chon, S. Jun, H. Jung, S.W. An. 32-39.

JAMFEST - A Cost Effective Solution to GPS Vulnerability Testing. E. Lagier, D. Craig, P. Benshoof. 40-44.

Aperture Jitter Effects in Software Radio GNSS Receivers. A.G. Dempster. 45-48.

Benefits of a Reconfigurable Software GNSS Receiver in Multipath Environment. F. Dovis, P. Mulassano, M. Pini, M. Spelat. 49-56.

Differential LORAN for 2005. B.B. Peterson, K. Dykstra, K.M. Carroll, A.H. Hawes. 57-62.

An Open GNSS Receiver Platform Architecture. F. Engel, G. Heiser, P. Mumford, K. Parkinson, C. Rizos. 63-69.

Analysis of Biases Influencing Successful Rover Positioning with GNSS-Network RTK. H.J. Euler, S. Seeger, F. Takac. 70-78.

First Results from Virtual Reference Station (VRS) and Precise Point Positioning (PPP) GPS Research at the Western Australian Centre for Geodesy. N. Castleden, G.R. Hu, D.A. Abbey, D. Weihing, O. Ovstedal, C.J. Earls, W.E. Featherstone. 79-84.

Augmentation of Low-Cost GPS Receivers Via Web Services and Wireless Mobile Devices. R.W. Fraser, A.P. Mowlam, P.A. Collier. 85-94.

Performance Analysis of Precise Point Positioning Using Real-Time Orbit and Clock Products. Y. Gao, K. Chen. 95-100.

Alternative Positioning Method Using GSM Signals. P.C. Goh. 101-105.

FPGA Implementation of a Single Channel GPS Interference Mitigation Algorithm. G. Bucco, M. Trinkle, D. A. Gray, W.C. Cheuk. 106-114.

An Analysis of the Effects of Different Network-Based Ionosphere Estimation Models on Rover Positioning Accuracy. D.A. Grejner-Brzezinska, P. Wielgosz, I. Kashani, D.A. Smith, P.S.J. Spencer, D.S. Robertson, G.L. Mader. 115-131.

Process for Improving GPS Acquisition Assistance Data and Server-Side Location Determination for Cellular Networks. N. Harper, P. Nicholson, P. Mumford, E. Poon. 132-142.

Recent Improvements to the StarFire Global DGPS Navigation Software. R.R. Hatch, R.T. Sharpe. 143-153.

Limitations of Pseudolite Systems Using Off-The-Shelf GPS Receivers. M.O. Kanli. 154-166.

Real-time Experiment of Feature Tracking/Mapping Using a Low-Cost Vision and GPS/INS System on a UAV Platform. J. Kim, M. Ridley, E. Nettleton, S. Sukkarieh. 167-172.

Performance Evaluation of Multiple Reference Station GPS RTK for a Medium Scale Network. T.H.D. Dao, P. Alves, G. Lachapelle. 173-182.

The Application of Integrated GPS and Dead Reckoning Positioning in Automotive Intelligent Navigation System. Q. Li, Z. Fang, H. Li. 183-190.

The Advantage of an Integrated RTK-GPS System in Monitoring Structural Deformation. X. Li. 191-199.

Secure Tracking Using Trusted GNSS Receivers and Galileo Authentication Services. O. Pozzobon, C. Wullems, K. Kubik. 200-207.

NAVIO - A Navigation and Guidance Service for Pedestrians. G. Retscher, M. Thienelt. 208-217.

Improved Atmospheric Modelling for Large Scale High-Precision Positioning Based on GNSS CORS Networks in Australia. C.A. Roberts, K. Zhang, C. Rizos, A. Kealy, L. Ge, P. Ramm, M. Hale, D.A. Kinlyside, P. Harcombe. 218-225.

High Frequency Deflection Monitoring of Bridges by GPS. G.W. Roberts, E. Cosser , X. Meng, A.H. Dodson. 226-231.

A Performance Analysis of Future Global Navigation Satellite Systems. C. Seynat, A. Kealy, K. Zhang. 232-241.

GNSS Coordination at the National Level: The Australian Experience. D.H. Sinnott. 242-250.

Performance Evaluation of the Wide Area Augmentation System for Ionospheric Storm Events. S. Skone, R. Yousuf, A. Coster. 251-258.

Japanese Regional Navigation Satellite System "The JRANS Concept". H. Takahashi. 259-264.

Treatment of Biased Error Distributions in SBAS. T. Walter, J. Blanch, J. Rife. 265-272.

A Step, Stride and Heading Determination for the Pedestrian Navigation System. J.W. Kim, H.J. Jang, D.H. Hwang, C. Park. 273-279.

GNSS for Sports - Sailing and Rowing Perspectives. K. Zhang, R. Deakin, R. Grenfell, Y. Li, J. Zhang, W.N. Cameron, D.M. Silcock. 280-289.

Convergence of Block Decorrelation Method for the Integer Ambiguity Fix. S. Lim, B.Q. Tran. 290-295.

Development of SydNET Permanent Real-time GPS Network. C. Rizos, T.S. Yan, D.A. Kinlyside. 296-301.

Kinematic GPS Precise Point Positioning for Sea Level Monitoring with GPS Buoy. W. Chen, C. Hu, Z. Li, Y.Q. Chen, X. L. Ding, S. Gao, S. Ji. 302-307.

Would a GNSS Need a Backup? W. Blanchard. 308-321.

Mitigating Residual Tropospheric Delay to Improve User's Network-Based Positioning. T.A. Musa, J. Wang, C. Rizos, Y. Lee, A. Mohamed. 322-330.


Journal of Surveying Engineering



Vol.131, No.2, 2005


Message from the New Editor. T. Soler. 33-34.

Evaluation and Improvement of Geopositioning Accuracy of IKONOS Stereo Imagery. J. Wang, K. Di, R. Li. 35-42.

Evaluation Procedure for Coordinate Transformation. W. Chen, C. Hill. 43-49.

Comparison of Maximum Distance Metrics for Use in the Remote Sensing of Small Targets. K.H. Pegler, D.J. Coleman, R.P. Pelot, Y. Zhang. 50-59.

Estimation of Total Electron Content Using Single Frequency Weighted Observations for Esfahan Province. V. Nafisi, S. Beranvand. 60-66.





No.66, Fall/Winter, 2004


Pictou Bar Lighthouse: Destroyed by Fire July 5, 2004. R. Desborough. 5-6.

Bayfield Cottage, Bic, QC. R. Jackson. 7-7.

The Last Year of BAYFIELD (II) Remembered. A. Leyzack. 8-9.

Prediction of Ice Concentration in the Gulf of St. Lawrence using Modular Neural Networks. M. El-Diasty, A. El-Rabbany. 11-19.

S57-Based Paper Chart Production. A. Pirozhnikov. 21-26.

Implications of the Navigation Surface Approach for Archiving and Charting Shallow Survey Data. A. Armstrong, R. Brennan, S. Smith. 27-33.

Establishing a Seamless Vertical Reference Along the Tidal Segment of the Saint John River. J. Zhao, J.E. Hughes Clarke, S. Brucker. 36-43.

Book Review - Canada's Offshore: Jurisdiction, Rights and Management, 3rd Edition. B. Calderbank. 45-45.


Marine Geodesy



Vol.28, No.1, 2005


Wavimeter. A.B. Martinez, B.S. Bourgeois. 1-17.

Low-Frequency Variations of the North Atlantic Sea Level Measured by TOPEX/Poseidon Altimetry. M. Kuhn, W. Bosch, R. Kaniuth. 19-37.

Centimeter-Level Positioning of Seafloor Acoustic Transponders from a Deeply-Towed Interrogator. A.D. Sweeney, C.D. Chadwell, J.A. Hildebrand, F.N. Spiess. 39-70.

Determination of Ocean Wave Period from Altimeter Data Using Wave-Age Concept. J. Kshatriya, A. Sarkar, R. Kumar. 71-79.

Improvement in the Determination of the Marine Geoid by Estimating the Bathymetry from Altimetry and Depth Soundings. G.S. Vergos, M.G. Sideris. 81-102.





Vol.51, No.4, Winter, 2004


Strapdown at the Crossroads. J.L. Farrell. 249-257.

Modeling Inertial Sensor Errors Using Autoregressive (AR) Models. S. Nassar, K.-P. Schwarz, N. El-Sheimy, A. Noureldin. 259-268.

Augmenting GPS with Television Signals for Reliable Indoor Positioning. M. Rabinowitz, J.J. Spilker. 269-282.

Precise Velocity Estimation Using a Stand-Alone GPS Receiver. F. van Graas, A, Soloviev. 283-292.

A General Concept and Algorithm of Projected DGPS for High-Accuracy DGPS-Based Systems. Y. Zhang, C. Bartone. 293-309.

Development and Evaluation of a New 3-D Ionospheric Modeling Method. Z. Liu, Y. Gao. 311-329.


Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing



Vol.71, No.5, May, 2005


Direct Georeferencing - Airborne GPS Augmentation Alternatives. M.M.R. Mostafa. 545,550.

Grids and Datums - New Zealand. C.J. Mugnier. 547,549,558.

In Memoriam - Jon Stanton Beazley. 550.

A Robust Technique for Precise Registration of Radar and Optical Satellite Images. T.D. Hong, R.A. Schowengerdt. 585-593.

Agricultural Applications of High-Resolution Digital Multispectral Imagery: Evaluating Within-Field Spatial Variability of Canola (Brassica napus) in Western Australia. G. Warren, G. Metternicht. 595-602.

Field Determination of Optimal Dates for the Discrimination of Invasive Wetland Plant Species Using Derivative Spectral Analysis. M. Laba, F. Tsai, D. Ogurcak, S. Smith, M.E. Richmond. 603-611.

Remote Sensing of Urban Heat Islands by Day and Night. J. Nichol. 613-621.

Implementation of an Equal-area Gridding Method for Global-scale Image Archiving. J.C. Seong. 623-627.

Influence of System Calibration on Direct Sensor Orientation. N. Yastikli, K. Jacobsen. 629-633.


Professional Surveyor



Vol.25, No.2, February 2005


Editor's Desk: Milestones to Come. G. McGray. 4.

Feature: Saginaw River: High Precision Vertical River Crossing. D. Reno. 8.

Feature: Scalable GPS Infrastructure. N. Pugh. 14.

Feature: Helicopter LiDAR: The Modern Response to Sudden Change. B. Tuck. 22.

High Definition Surveying-3D Laser Scanning: Understanding Laser Scanning. G. Jacobs. 26.

Business Angle: Plan the Work, Work the Plan. J. Salmon. 34.

Hands On: LegalWorks by DotSoft. J. White. 36.

How Things Work: GPS Modernization. 40.

Rules of the Game: Rules...and More Rules. D. Wilson. 41.

Second Thoughts: The Surveyor in Hell. W. Schmidt. 43.

Humor in Surveying: Those D@#%ed Holidays; A Tale of Woe. E. Henderson. 46.

History Corner: Attempting to Clarify Swamp and Overflow: The GLO in the "Gilded Age," 1876-1900. J. Knetsch. 48.

Vol.25, No.3, March 2005


Editor's Desk: Hot Topics. G. McGray. 4.

Feature: Northwest Team Refines LiDAR for Airport Obstruction Surveys. J. Butler, J. Olson. 8.

Feature: GPS Surveying...Half a World Away. B. O'Neill. 18.

Feature: The Michigan Spatial Reference Network, Part 1. M. Dunn. 26.

Product Review: Trimble S6 Total Station. J. McGray. 31.

High Definition Surveying - 3D Laser Scanning: Laser Scanning Capability: Ways to Get There. G. Jacobs. 36.

Stories from the E Files-E for Experience: The Mimic. S. Estopinal. 42.

Business Angle: Plan "Send Me Some Information on Your Company." J. Salmon. 44.

Second Thoughts: Strict Measure. W. Schmidt. 47.

GIS Monitor Supplement: Data Sharing and Liability. A. Schutzberg. 48.

Rules of the Game: Rules of Evidence I: Judicial Notice. D. Wilson. 51.

Vol.25, No.4, April 2005


Editor's Desk: Ballpark Surveys: Somebody's Gotta Do It! G. McGray. 4.

Feature: The World Series of Surveying. J. Diorio. 8.

Feature: Laser Scanners...Past, Present, and Future. J. Dimsdale. 18.

Feature: The Michigan Spatial Reference Network, Part 2. M. Dunn. 24.

Hands On: MapCheck by MapCAD, Inc. J. White. 29.

High Definition Surveying-3D Laser Scanning: Uses in Transportation. G. Jacobs. 34.

Stories from the E Files-E for Experience: The Title Insurance Survey. S. Estopinal. 40.

Education in Surveying: North American Surveying Educators Conferences. R. Schultz. 42.

Business Angle: Getting Paid. J. Salmon. 44.

Second Thoughts: The Value of Insurance. W. Schmidt. 47.

Book Review: Mercator: The Man Who Mapped the Planet by Nicholas Crane. J. Purnell. 48.

Vol.25, No.5, May 2005


Editor's Desk: Never a Dull Moment. G. McGray. 4.

Feature: Monumental Assignment: United States Antarctic Program. T. Adams. 10.

Feature: A Tale of Monuments and Boundaries. A. Frauenfelder. 20.

Feature: Advanced Construction Surveying-Mountain Style. R. Blackford. 26.

The Fainthearted Need Not Apply. W. Pace. 32.

Feature: ASPRS 2005 M. Luccio, CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2005 J. McGray, ACSM Does Vegas J.McGray. 34.

Stories from the E Files-E for Experience: The Professional Litigant. S. Estopinal. 42.

Business Angle: Where©ˆs that File? J. Salmon. 44.

Second Thoughts: Autonomy and Obligation. W. Schmidt. 48.

Rules of the Game: Rules of Evidence II: Presumptions. D. Wilson. 50.

How Things Work: More on Horizontal Angle Errors. 54.

History Corner: The Greenville Treaty, Part 1. G. Mitchell. 56.


Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica



Vol.49, No.1, 2005


Gravity Anomaly Map over the Black Sea Using Corrected Sea Surface Heights from ERS1, ERS2 and TOPEX/POSEIDON Satellite Altimetry Missions. A. Kilicoglu. 1-12.

Second Tesseral Harmonic Torque Due to the Dynamics of the Oceanic Surface Layer as Detected by TOPEX/POSEIDON Altimetry 1993-2000. M. Bursa, S. Kenyon, J. Kouba, Z. Sima, V. Vatrt, V. Vitek, M. Vojtiskova. 13-22.

A Local Least-Squares Modification of Stokes' Formula. L.E. Sjoberg. 23-30.

Mean Free-Air Gravity Anomalies in the Mountains. J. Janak, P. Vanícek. 31-42.

Detection of Local Geoid Deformations by Gravity Disturbances from GPS/Gravimetric Observations. A. Martín, A.B. Anquela, J. Padin, J.L. Berne. 43-62.

A Method for the Ionospheric Delay Estimation and Interpolation in a Local GPS Network. M.C. de Lacy, F. Sanso, A.J. Gil, G. Rodriguez-Caderot. 63-84.


Survey Review



Vol.38, No.296, April, 2005


Augmenting GPS by ground-based pseudolite signals for airborne surveying applications. H.K. Lee, J. Wang, C. Rizos, T. Tsujii. 88-99.

On the quality of distance measurements in athletics throwing events. M. Tsakiri, M.P. Stewart, A. Snow, J. Karabelas. 100-116.

A new approach to the iterative calculation of geodetic latitude and its application. J. Pollard. 117-123.

Applying the theory of planned behaviour to cadastral systems. M. Barry. 124-137.

Pedal hyper-surfaces and DOP factors in GPS. A. Antonopoulos, D. Antonopoulou. 138-145.

Monitoring vertical movements in Mount Carmel by means of GPS and precise levelling. G. Even-Tzur, E. Agmon. 146-157.

Cumulative estimation in semi-parametric models. H. Hu, H. Sun. 158-164.

Improving an algorithm for total electron content estimation: experiments from Esfahan Province. V. Nafisi, M. Sattari, M.M. Shahraki. 165-173.


Surveying and Land Information Science



Vol.65, No.1, 2005


What Does Height Really Mean? Part II: Physics and Gravity. T.H. Meyer, D.R. Roman, D.B. Zilkoski. 5-15.

Analysis of the Design Parameters of Multi-Reference Station RTK GPS Networks. A. El-Mowafy. 17-26.

Delaunay Triangulation Structured Kriging for Surface Interpolation. Y.A. Felus, A. Saalfeld, B. Schaffrin. 27-36.

Development of Pattern Recognition Algorithm for Automatic Bird Detection from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery. A. Abd-Elrahman, L. Pearlstine, F. Percival. 37-45.

Establishment of National Grid Based on Permanent GPS Stations in Israel. G. Steinberg, G. Even-Tzur. 47-52.

Review of Recent Literature (December 2004 - March 2005). M. Craymer, M. Craymer. 53-59.


Zeitschrift fur Geodasie, Geoinformation und Landmanagement



Vol.130, No.2, 2005


Moglichkeiten integrierter landlicher Enwicklungskonzepte und der Flurneuordnung zur Umsetzung von FFH- und Wasserrahmenrichtlinie. D. Mehl, R. Bittl. 63-69.

ALKIS im E-Government. E. Wieser. 70-76.

Das AFIS-ALKIS-ATKIS-Anwendungsschema als Komponente einer Geodateninfrastruktur. M. Seifert. 77-81.

Die Methode der maximalen Untergruppe (MSS) und ihre Anwendung in der Kongruenzuntersuchung geodatische Netze. F. Neitzel. 82-91.

CHAMP Accelerometer Calibration by Means of the Equation of Motion and an a-priori Gravity Model. C. Gruber, D. Tsoulis, N. Sneeuw. 92-98.

Grossringlaser zur kontinuierlichen Beobachtung der Erdrotation. T. Klugel, W. Schluter, U. Schreiber, M. Shneider. 99-108.

Landentwicklung zur zukunftsfahigen Gestaltung des landlichen Raumes. H. Bertling, H. Lutkemeier. 109-115.

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