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Mobile schedule & registration .. Team Oregon

Holt physics / Serway, Faughn Serway, Raymond A

David Greenberg presentation [videorecording] / by Greenberg, David (David T.)

David Greenberg

Grant application for the undergraduate

international studies and foreign language program

[electronic resource]

ENC focus review / Eisenhower National

Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science


AITC notes [electronic resource] / United States

Department of Agriculture ; Cooperative State

Research, Education, and Extension Service

Literacy through literature Johnson, Terry D.

The giant encyclopedia of art & craft activities : for

children 3 to 6 : more than 500 art & craft activities

written by teachers for teachers / edited by Kathy

Charner ; illustrations by Jane Yamada

Journal of research in special educational needs

[electronic resource] : JORSEN

Oregon educational aid for veterans

Annual report to Congress (Online);";Annual report United States. Dept. of Education. Office for Civil

to Congress [electronic resource] / U.S. Rights

Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights";

The job outlook in brief

Developments in school finance NCES State Data Conference

(Online);";Developments in school finance

[electronic resource] : fiscal proceedings from the

Annual State Data Conference / National Center for

Education Statistics";

Thinking in education Lipman, Matthew

Integrated postsecondary education data system

[electronic resource]

Bibliographies [electronic resource]

Senior Seminar 2003 Western Oregon University. History Department

Studies in educational theory John Dewey Society

History of education quarterly

Research in the teaching of English

Studies in art education

Friday, May 26, 2006Page 1 of 981


School media quarterly

Open doors Institute of International Education (New York, N.Y.)

Social studies for secondary school teachers

Grade teacher

Instructional science

Science activities

International journal of early childhood

The Journal of Negro education

The Condition of education

Journal of teacher education

Directory of music faculties in colleges and

universities, U. S. and Canada

Journal of educational measurement

Economic education experiences of enterprising Joint Council on Economic Education


Journal of research in science teaching

The Journal of special education

Journal of college student personnel

Journal of thought

Federal education grants

Journal of college science teaching

Review of research in education

New trends in biology teaching

Consumers' research magazine

The Journal of school health

Phi Delta Kappan



Conference proceedings - International Reading International Reading Association


The Journal of aesthetic education

The Journal of consumer affairs

Journal of curriculum studies

Journal of educational psychology

The Journal of general education

The Journal of geography

A Manual on certification requirements for school

personnel in the United States

Friday, May 26, 2006Page 2 of 981


The Mathematics teacher


Reports of the working committees Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign


Review of allied health education

The Physical educator

The language and thought of the child. Preface by Piaget, Jean, 1896-

Professor E. Claparède

A report of the ... Annual Conference on Reading / Conference on Reading (University of Pittsburgh)

University of Pittsburgh

Junior-senior high school clearing house

The Black collegian

T.H.E. journal : technological horizons in education

Fundamentals of educational planning

Portland State University bulletin Portland State University

Language arts

Study abroad = Études à l'étranger

= Estudios en el extranjero

Educational psychologist

Yearbook - National Council of Teachers of


Thomas Wolfe's journey toward self-discovery: the Diederich, Nicole A

search for meaning and identity in Look Homeward

Angel and Of Time and the River

Principles and procedures of teacher selection : a

monograph / American Association of Examiners

and Administrators of Educational Personnel

Consumer reports

Western directory Western Oregon State College

Staff directory / Oregon State University Oregon State University

Opinions of the Committee on Professional Ethics National Education Association of the United

States. Committee on Professional Ethics

Catalog / Western Oregon State College Western Oregon State College

Oregon series on talented & gifted education /

developed by Robert Siewert, Project Director ...

[et.al.] for the Oregon Association for Talented and

Gifted, Oregon State Department of Education, and

Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, 1979

Foreign language proficiency in the classroom and

beyond / edited by Charles J. James ; in conjunction

with the American Council on the Teaching of

Foreign Languages

Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of National Society for the Study of Education


Friday, May 26, 2006Page 3 of 981


Changing forest distribution in the Luckiamute Albright, Donald A

valley: 1852-1986

Theatre direction: a test in communication Griffin, Kalen

Journal of health, physical education, recreation

Communication education

The American biology teacher

American studies international

An historical perspective on six works from flute Biddle, Julie Ann

recital literature

Consumers' research bulletin

Abortion: problem, solution, or symptom? Baker,Wendy J

COLOR: additive color mixing in oil painting Jackson, Michelle

Oregon ASCD curriculum bulletin

Proceedings of the national conference on higher Association for Higher Education


The Indian education act of 1972; report of progress United States. Office of Indian Education

American educator

Proceedings Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges

Anthropology & education quarterly

Elsewhere: the reunification of mind and matter Johnson, Corey

Art education

Contemporary educational psychology

Journal for research in mathematics education

Educator̕s hiring guide

Teaching English to the deaf

Early years

The History teacher

Academic therapy

The Journal of environmental education

Teaching of psychology

Education and training of the mentally retarded

Teachers College record

Academy papers American Academy of Physical Education. Meeting

Arts and activities

Teacher productivity American Association of Colleges for Teacher


English journal

Foreign language annals

Friday, May 26, 2006Page 4 of 981


Patterson's American education

CAS review

Elementary school guidance & counseling

The PTA handbook National Congress of Parents and Teachers

The American school board journal

American journal of physics

American journal of mental deficiency

American educational research journal

SAT success

Day care and early education

Equipment and supplies, tested and approved for: Association for Childhood Education International.

Preschool, school, home Committee on Equipment and Supplies

Religious education

The Teachers college journal

Focus on exceptional children

The German quarterly

The Journal of human resources

Educational studies

Directory of superintendents, supervisors,

principals, high school teachers and standard high

schools of the State of Oregon

Educational research

Theory into practice

The Journal of higher education

Comparative education

Educational technology

Master's theses in education

The Educational record

Educational perspectives

School & society

The Chronicle of higher education

Childhood education


The School counselor

Social studies for teachers and administrators

College and postsecondary student personnel

services / prepared by the Professional Information

Service, American Association for Counseling and


Friday, May 26, 2006Page 5 of 981


College English

The National faculty directory


Forum for the discussion of new trends in education

Official group reports of the ... conference National Commission on Teacher Education and

Professional Standards (U.S.)

Educational gerontology

Speech monographs

Journal of drug education

New trends in mathematics teaching

The supply and demand of teachers and teaching / Zerfoss, Evelyn

by Evelyn Zerfoss and Leo J. Shapiro

Learning disorders

Harvard educational review

A Summary of research in science education

Britannica review of foreign language education


Review of educational research

Educational theory

The Personnel and guidance journal

Educational theatre journal

Exceptional children

Education index

Simulation & games

The Directory for exceptional children

NCTE research report

Requirements for certification: teachers, Woellner, Elizabeth H

counselors, librarians, administrators for

elementary schools, secondary schools, junior


Counseling and values

Annual Phi Delta Kappa Symposium on Educational Phi Delta Kappa Symposium on Educational

Research. [Proceedings] Research

Current index to journals in education : CIJE

The Reading teacher

Curriculum bulletin

Directory of research grants

Higher education and the handicapped ... resource

directory / HEATH Resource Center

Journal of advanced composition : JAC

Friday, May 26, 2006Page 6 of 981


School for executives American Association of Colleges for Teacher


Teaching exceptional children

Media and methods

Proceedings of the National Conference on School National Conference on School Finance


Social education

Educational and psychological measurement

The British journal of educational psychology

Language learning

Peabody journal of education

The Journal of experimental education

The Physics teacher

Modern approaches to the diagnosis and

instruction of multi- handicapped children

The Modern language journal

The Educational forum

The High School journal

Progress in learning disabilities

Sight and sound

Third grade students as researchers, writers and Aguilera, Cindy K.

publishers on the World Wide Web

Effect of a positive peer culture group on the self- Kipp, Darrel Wayne

concept of American Indian youth

Multicultural interdisciplinary mathematics project Jones, Joan

Implementing cooperative learning lessons in the Moloney, Cheryl B.

success for reading classroom

Effect of service learning on the personal Holden, William J.S.

development of adolescents

Establishing a reduce, reuse and recycle program Hinzman, Melanie

at Joy Elementary School

A sampling of Fairbanks NSBSD elementary Hamlin, Cindy

general educators' view points on full inclusion of

students with severe cognitive delays

The value of cooperative learning Hambright, Randy

Block scheduling and the seven period day: a look at Denney, Teresa;";Eitzen, Allison";;";Silva, Gwen";

student discipline

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: treatment and Duez, Nancy

effective programs for use in the elementary


Competency testing in the State of Alaska--are the Cummings, Sharon K.

stakes too high?

Effect of cross-age tutoring on the learning interest Cooper, Karin

level of fifth grade students

Friday, May 26, 2006Page 7 of 981


Gender equity and the effects of an all girl math Colling, Mark

class on the achievement of 7th-grade students

Teaching a second language through music in the Boertje, Patricia Lynn

kindergarten classroom

Peer coaching in the special education department Murphy, Bob

at West Valley High School

Recruitment and retention of students in the band Loop, Larry D.

programs of small high schools in Oregon

An investigation of the nazi-fascist spectrum in the Hoppes, Karen E.

pacific northwest: 1924-1941

Proposed educational programming for multiple Griffiths, Donnet U.

handicapped children in Jamaica.

Positive inspirations from three great writers Douglas, Thomas Stewart

Activity songs for moderately and severely retarded Adams, Shirley


Composing, arranging, and adapting music for the Harris, Rodney L.

middle school chorus according to certain male

voice restrictions

Identification of subject modules for inclusion to a Bodle, William

communications technology program for Lathrop

High School, Fairbanks, Alaska

Self protection a video training package for Coleman, Ben


Health and safety issues for the middle school Barrett, Cindy L.

student: developing and implementing a health and

safety fair

An exploratory study of the characteristics of lesbian Moyer, Judith Anne


Program design for the institutionalized severely Moerman, Hans

and profoundly retarded

A psychomotor program for severely/profoundly Jere, Lilianna Elena

handicapped children based on a behavioral

approach for Mendoza, Argentina

The little prince: A play Wiard, Robert B.

Getting pazazzed! utilizing the project approach to Brink-Hart, Paula L.

explore active learning behaviors

Electronic portfolios in the classroom Nash, Nicole

An analysis of three treatment modalities for Gooding, Lawrence Alison


Is there a relationship between academic Hoople, Janet

achievement, attitude about school, and physical


Looking to the past to go forward...a genealogy Wilburn, Rosita;";Bryant-Wilburn, Rosita";

project focusing on parent involvement and African-

American heritage

Increasing communication using an Seekatz, Corrie

augmentative/alternative communication device

School readiness: the shifting kindergarten VanSickle, Lisa M.


Friday, May 26, 2006Page 8 of 981


Multimedia beyond the textbook: an action research Schoenbein, Mark


Improving students' mathematical competency Nobiletti, Kathy C.

through the implementation of scoring guides and

increased awareness of the math problem solving


Can independent learning strategies taught in Nash, Marcia C.

resource rooms be generalized to classrooms?

Creating educational climate through the Myers, Torie

implementation of lifelong guidelines

Improving students' mathematical competency Ellingson, Diane M.

through the implementation of scoring guides and

increased awareness of the math problem solving


Improving students' mathematical competency Autencio, Wendy K.

through the implementation of scoring guides and

increased awareness of the math problem solving


Improving students' mathematical competency Mekkers, Lynn

through the implementation of scoring guides and

increased awareness of the math problem solving


Using a project approach in kindergarten Meade, Cathleen C.

A practical guide for inclusive practices Mahaffy, Vikki

Cooperative learning in elementary physical Lorenz, Lucy

education: an effective teaching method

More than one way to learn: using Howard McDonough, Cheryl

Gardner's multiple intelligences theory in the

kindergarten classroom

Engaging the middle school student in cross-age Rodenberger, Brent A.


Internet applications and use with elementary Newman, Carol

gifted/talented students

Electronic portfolios for the elementary grades: one Oxman, Lorre K.

teacher's journey

The process of becoming--achieving academic Hickey Ortega, Catherine Ann

success through multiple intelligences

An action research: developing a constructivist Pankhurst, Steven

curriculum for mathematics in the primary

elementary classroom

An example of health related physical education Patton, Julie A.

curriculum for high school students

Training teachers for technology Kraska, Matthew P.

Development of good citizenship and its effect on Ritchie, Thomas Carl

academics and athletics

Field instruction involving science units with 5th- Jewkes, Evelyn

grade students

Effect of cooperative learning on student's feelings Thurman, Deborah

towards working together and teamwork skills

Friday, May 26, 2006Page 9 of 981


Today I learned to pay attention, watch closely, and Vaughan Jr, John P.

be patient..use of the Internet in the classroom

Assessment practices for keyboarding Whittingham, Cassandra D.

Effects of student self-recording and parent Bolin, David Kenneth

communication on behavior

A study of attitudes: students, parents and teachers France, Tim

for school improvement purposes

The encoding of nonlinguistic visual stimuli by deaf Manley, Rene Johnson

and hearing subjects

Parental involvement: an action plan for the Algebra Richards, Tom

I classroom

Determining the effectiveness of classroom web Jang, Chun

pages in improving student achievement

A humanistic approach to veterans counseling at Keebler, Ronald L.

the community college

A development of choral literature for the high Lucich, Michael D.

school vocal jazz ensemble

An electronic music manual Logan, Ellen Joyce

Use of sign language as a cue to increase Lenox, Joyce Helen

verbalization in language instruction with severely

retarded children

Iron-55 and Zinc-65 in tissues of Columbia River Jones Jr, William Munson


An investigation of the revision of the SSW Test in Tracy, John M.

diagnosing learning disabled children

The historical evolution of a center for women: an Thomison, Kathleen Ann

alternative to traditional counseling and why it is


Norway the land and its life-style Rustand, Donna Rae

Hallucinogenic training: the controlled use of Pearson, C.J.

induced hypnagogic imagery in stress reduction

and goal achievement

Use of inspiraional videos as a recruitment tool Maurer, Mitchel T.

An evaluation of the effectiveness of a middle Carnahan, Cathy

school's care team

An evaluation of the effectiveness of a middle Carpenter, Jan

school's care team

Implementing multiple intelligence theory in a Bunten, Lydia M.

preschool classroom

Contributing factors to burnout: A longitudinal study Wade, David C.

Legislatively adopted lottery funds allocation

Myrtle Point High School female student athlete Capps, Angela

mentoring program

The relation between perception of psychlogical Spencer, Lisa

causality and behavior in first grade children

Music Fundamentals Curtis, Dennis

Friday, May 26, 2006Page 10 of 981


The importance of musical stimulation Hofmann, Oralene Marie

The Achievement of beginning band students using Reed, Christine Marion

a method that emphasizes rhythm

Drama I curriculum for the middle school Thomas, Angy

A comparison of the musical achievement of upper Friesan, Susan K

elementary children from an open, multi-age team-

taught classroom environment, and a self-

contained, graded classroom environment

Master WEBster Competition; Designing, Schultz, Dennis L.

marketing, and managing a statewide internet-

based competition

A survey of the status of Mexican American studies Johnston, Michael Douglas

in the high schools of five selected school districts

in California

Resources in education

Development of a peer helpers program in a junior Dean, Anthony

high school setting

Focused training for teachers of at-risk students in Gregory, Terri G.

alternative education

Pupil perception of homework assignments and Graham, Willie

rationale for completion

Attachment at infancy: the basis for social Herman, Ruth S.

responsiveness in adolescence

A comparative study of musical achievement Cooper, Andrea Jane

between a fourth grade general music class with

the use of the recorder and a fourth grade general

music class without the use of the recorder

'The orient express' a student study/travel Boutin, Janice A.

experience with the american heritage association

Predominate variables in statelevel budgeting Dunlap, Diane M.

processes for public postsecondary institutions

The fiscal year ... budget / Department of Education United States. Dept. of Education

The devolution of the neolithic serpent goddess Ward, Lorraine A.

The whole-day program in Riyadh district, Saudi Said, Nasser


The relationship between a rhythm listening test and Lind, Philip R.

rhythmic sight-reading ability of junior and senior

high school chorus students

Goals 2000 : a progress report

Graded piano ensemble pieces for a first year adult Zaerr, Lois Marie Bingham

piano class

The phoenix, the thunderbird, and the sacred clown: Calariada, Elaine Scruton

an interpretation

An interdisciplinary study of the creative process Cameron, Candice Northup

and its effect on teaching methods and the human


Knowledge of deafness among hospital personnel: Fletcher, Karen

a curriculum

Friday, May 26, 2006Page 11 of 981


An analysis of three residential distribution models Foster, William

for Salem, Oregon

The Challenge

Mirror-image discrimination Reynolds, Diana Coomes

Effect on adults' open-mindedness when teaching Shelton, Marilyn

method matches their articulated or global learning


A study comparing the effectiveness of games and Kraus, Debra Ekstrom

worksheets as methods of teaching music in the

elementary school

Dissemination services on the middle grades

The teaching of writing: process and survey Brinegar, Kathleen E.

The effects of work release and early graduation on Rosenbalm, Nancy C.

high school music curricula

An interdisciplinary study of the art of weaving and Swanson, Betty Jo

its relationship to the structure of groups and the

psychology of learning

Japanese and Javanese resist dyeing processes as Anderson, Celia Carl

the basis for a high school textiles arts curriculum

The effect of a programmed audio-visual rhythm Schatz, Dorothy C.

fundamentals program on music achievement in

Sisters school district #6 Sisters, Oregon

An investigation of a pilot process for teaching Delapp, Richard John

social/interpersonal skills to mildly and moderately

retarded adults

Culture change, the cor complex, and identity: a Mishler, Sharon

psychosocial perspective on the Hopi indians of


Surface transportation in Saudi Arabia Harasani, Ismail

A consideration of the concept of purification in Yu, James Chung-Min

English puritanism and its reflection in some of

Shakespear's sonnets and plays



Concerto for three an original composition Holmes, David M.

Delayed-recall, attitude formation, and Azarmsa, Mohammad Reaz

comprehension in audiovisual and print presentation

Choral and instrumental compositions for grades King, Maxine Brake

three, four and five

Developing unity utilizing student leadership James, Darrell

preparation and planning for tours. A useful

handbook for the beginning teacher

A correlation of fifth grade, second-year orchestra Nelson, Gail

students' language reading and note reading

achievement test scores

Personlity analysis and family roles for children of Shepherd, Kathryn Joy


Friday, May 26, 2006Page 12 of 981


The existence and types of first grade transition Wieman, Norma Ellen

classrooms in the state of Oregon

Electronics-related business/industry training Beigh, Marybelle B.

needs and preferred alternative delivery systems

within Chemeketa Community College district

service area

Assertiveness training for young adolescents Broncheau, Christina

Taking control: Working with incest victims Covert, Mary Sue

Situational adolescent decision making Folkman, Louis

Looking beyond behavior therapy: NLP eye- Mlynarczyk, John A

accessing cues and self-reporting measures in

institutional dually diagnosed people with mild to

moderate mental retardation and other clinical


The many faces of vulnerability Mulligan, Christine

Aggression control for youth in detention Newell, Virginia Lynn

Spiritual development and children: implications for Gomez, Gabriel

treatment of e motionally disturbed children and


Selected works Harris, Ken

An integrated model of adolescent chemical Jacobson, Shirley C

dependency treatment

Role reversal: fact or fiction Link, Nancy Lea

An evaluation review of treatment models and Kinion, Stanley Donald

outcome of professional foster care utilizing

multiple criteria measurements

Reducing academic failure of eigth grade boys Vicknair, Tony

through mentorship

The development of a tutoring program that uses Nelson, Susan G.

volunteers to tutor first and second grade students

at risk for reading failure

Implementing cooperative learning activities in K-1 Thomas-Ritchie, Julia K.;";Walleri, Deborah K.";


Reducing academic failure of eight grade boys Cooper, Steve

through mentorship

A multi-faceted reading program: an effective and Carson, Julie

child-centered program that uses Marie Clay's

running record assessment tool

Reducing academic failure of eigth grade boys DeYoung, William

through mentorship

A proposal for database utilization and monitoring Rodriguez, Luisa

of english transition programs in Woodburn School


A case study What is the importance of the native Loose, Susan

language on the acquisition of second language

(english)?"; ";What type of educational enviornment

is best for acquisition of second language

regardless of native language?";";

Modeling expert reader comprehension strategies Larson, Melinda M.

with the think aloud procedure

Friday, May 26, 2006Page 13 of 981


Communication patterns in healthy two parent Peoples, Franklin J

families with adolescents

A plan aimed at the reduction of teacher attrition in Perez, Regina M.

early intervention

Sociology curriculum: proficiency-based admission Pooleon, Gareth M.

standards system project

The effects of melodic intontation therapy training Morawa, Bettina

on the use of social/verbal responses of a child with


Proposed learning centers that supplement the Longton, Brenda Jo

teacher in the Elementary/Jr. high school beginning

band classroom

Computers in child and youth care programs: an Brabec, Bruce G

exploratory survey

Teenage suicide; a comprehansive study on Hunt, Ronald Michelle

potential factors that may lead to teen suicide

An early childhood music and movement curriculum Kirkpatrick, Lynne

Employment programs, as part of a comprehensive Ure, Kelly A

prevention strategy, reduce teen pregnancy in At

risk"; youth";

A four-phase treatment design for juvenile offenders Muster, Nori J.

The effect of career and life management class on Hetherington, John Jay

locus of control in high school students

The PIES assessment approach Hedelman, David Isaiah

A study of rural regular classroom teacher needs Soloman, Carol Jean Hawkins

for developing a consultant program for students

with special needs

The effect of parent education on the attitudes of Rust, Patricia

adolescent mothers

PATHH (prevent abuse through helping hands): in- Lyman, Irene Taylor

home parent support program

A comparative study of portfolio assessment and Goforth, Timothy C

standardized assessment procedures

Defining the best interests of children: a study of lay Maciejewski, Jamie Tillman

child advocates

Toward an international school Library user profile Tobiason, Kathy Elaine

What criteria are employed by principals or vice Stickles, Daryl

priciples in the selection of beginning science

teachers and how do these criteria change among

schools of different size?

A model of ownership: a choice for the therapist of Bendt, Thomas M

adolescent sex offenders

Graduate parent program: proctor model as Butler, Patricia

transition/aftercare forhite Sheild Center Parenting

Program residents

Parent and child attributions re: academic outcomes Miner, Rebecca P

The Journal for special educators

Friday, May 26, 2006Page 14 of 981


Adolescent self-multilation Pearson, Zoe A

School library media programs: standards, funding Page, Cheryl A.

and administrative support

Alternate diploma program handbook: a framework Hilsabeck, Brian

for implementation

Play patterns of children with developmental delays Higbee, Kathy

Looking forward: a psychoeducational support Hart, Johanne M.

group for grandparents as a component of a teen

parent program

Informed support: an educational model for partners Deaver, Isabel D.

and nonoffending family members of the sexual

abuse survivor

What does sex really mean?: an adolescent sexuality Rahn, Kyle K.


Preventing child sexual abuse: an adult's Hughes, Victoria Lin Roth


Research for and development of six-week jazz Pischke, Lehuanani

history unit for seventh graders enrolled in general

music class

A model program for attachment: to initiate and Mattingly, Patricia

foster attachment between unattached children and

their care givers

20 minute interview: problem solving on the run Fredrickson, Hope Marie Salway

Self esteem building and metaphoric change of Collins, Barry R.

adolescents in residential treatment using music

and strategic therapy

The Grove

The effect of visuals on vocabulary retention Briggs, Michael B.

The effects of integration on nondisabled Fredrickson, Tensie Ann

preschoolers' play

The failure of allied diplomacy with Finland 1939- Deister, William Glenn


Job skills programs, the impact on Oregon Prinslow, James

juveniles a ten year study

The world wide web's impact on the field of Paulsen, Jennifer L.

education: The role it plays and examples of usage

An experimental research study of achievement in Foust, Lisa

hearing impaired students using computer assisted

instruction as compared to computer assisted

instruction with remediation

A survey of appropriate choral literature for high Holmguist, Solveig

school mixed ensembles drawn from the romantic

period (1820-1920)

Comparison of American and Japanese programs Ilbelazi, Abdu

dealing with communications and behavior

problems of children with autism

Educators index of free materials

Friday, May 26, 2006Page 15 of 981


Accountability: a professional issue for child care Dukart, Lorretta A.


Violence and aggression: learned responses to Elmer, Glen H.

manage conflict

Family patterns and sexual abuse Davis, Sora Zelda

Neuro-Linguistic programming and computer Radcliffe, Ronald E.

technology as agents for promoting student/media

center rapport

Secondary education in Nigeria: suggestions for Ugwu, Theresa Ogbonne

future development and management

The difference in the degree and sources of burnout Lake, Randy Gene

of teachers of the severly handicapped in

institutional and public school classrooms

The alternative family model Barron, Elizabeth T.

Insights into the lives of postsecondary students Bright, Michelle E.

with learning disabilities

The effects of hair color and cosmetic use on male Clinton, Erin K.

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