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SaLIS, Vol.66, No.3, September, 2006

Review of Recent Literature (March - September 2006)

Compiled by Mike & Mary Craymer


Editors' Note: This is a collection of selected articles on geodesy, surveying and land information systems published in English in other subject-related journals. This information has been compiled from Tables of Contents in Geodesy, a free Internet-based contents service for journals in geodesy. Because of space constraints, coverage may not be complete for all journals. For more complete coverage and information about TCG, article reprints and journal publishers, visit the TCG web site at </tcg/>.


Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica Hungarica



Vol.41, No.1, 2006


Upward/downward continuation of gravity gradients for precise geoid determination. G. Toth, L. Foldvari, I.N. Tziavos, J. Adam. 21-30.

Physical backgrounds of Earth's rotation, revision of the terminology. L. Volgyesi. 31-44.

Period estimation and using multivariable data analysis methods in Lake Balaton time-series. J. Kovacs, Z. Koroknai, I. Futo, I. Kovacs-Szekely. 45-54.

Multiscale solution for the Molodensky problem on regular telluroidal surfaces. W. Freeden, C. Mayer. 55-86.

The solution of the 7-parameter datum transformation problem with- and without the Grobner basis. J. Zavoti, T. Jancso. 87-100.

Vol.41, No.2, 2006


Climate signals observed by VLBI. H. Schuh, N. Panafidina, J. Boehm, R. Heinkelmann. 159-170.

Comparison of CHAMP and GRACE geopotential models with terrestrial gravity field data in Hungary. G. Toth, S. Rozsa. 171-180.


ACSM Bulletin



No.220, March/April, 2006


Editorial - B-to-B and social capital. I. Genovese. 8.

1975-1981: Before the 1st ACSM reorganization. I. Genovese. 9.

NSPS—25 years. C. Sumner. 12.

ACSM, Orlando 2006. C. Campbell. 14.

Appalachian trail crossing 2005. D.L. Holland. 16.

Vanished? K. Kloor, D. Merriam. 19.

Bollard artistry. P. Dvorak. 22.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey corner. G. Kent. 23.

New Orleans levee performance assessed. J. Buhrman. 24.

Forensics in surveying. D.A. Wilson. 27.

Reliable sub-meter and up to sub-foot accuracy with Thales GPSDifferential module for Mobile-Mapper(TM) CE. R. Wick. 28.

The Transcontinental Arc: Part 2. C.A. Burroughs. 29.

The F.I.G. Report. J.D. Hohol. 35.

Humanizing computing. I. Genovese. 37.

Geodesy? What’s That? Racing against time (mid 1975-end 1976), Part 14. I.K. Fischer. 38.

What has inventory management got to do with crime prevention? S. Bridges. 49.

No.221, June, 2006


Thales Navigation works for surveyors: Interview with Robert W. Snow. 8.

NSPS provides affordable insurance. J.M. Dolan. 13.

The FIG report. J. Hohol. 16.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title corner. G. Kent. 19.

News from USNC-ICA. C. Brewer. 21.

Geodesy? What’s That? Catch 22 and a string of kudos. I.K. Fischer. 22.

Surveyors hail Senate Resolution 361. D.L. Holland. 30.

Abe Lincoln and the National Surveyors’ Week. J.R. Riney. 33.

Ballad of the Land Surveyor. C. Springfield. 34.

Ask Vic! Victor O. Schinnerer & Co. 36.

JGAC issues in Orlando, 2006. L. Socci. 38.

The Transcontinental Arc: Part 3. C.A. Burroughs. 40.

Ask Dr. Map. Dr. Map. 46.

Young, talented, and ready to make a difference: Interview with Stephanie Deitrick, Arizona State University. 50.

Academic publishing and Open Access. E. Nelson. 51.

Partners in science, technology, and public service. I. Genovese. 53.

No.222, August, 2006


Editorial: What’s in a name? I. Genovese. 6.

GLIS–GIS competition results. G. Jeffress. 8.

On the roads to America. Feature story. I. Genovese. 10.

Roadnotes: FHWA. T.R. Reid. 15.

GLO automated patents and surveys. K. Roberts. 16.

Historic trail in Maryland open to bikers again. C. Hardy. 18.

Industry notes: Topcon Positioning, The Schneider Corporation, Earth Data. 19.

Insert: Ballot nominations 2007. 20.

Trig-Star news. National Trig-Star Committee. 30.

Unfair government withholding provision fought. L. Socci. 33.

Tech notes: American Society of Safety Engineers, American Institute of Physics, Airborne 1. 34.

Ask Dr. Map. Dr. Map. 36.

News from USNC-ICA. C. Brewer. 37.

Contributors to NSPS Foundation, Inc. P. Canfield. 38.

The FIG report: Surveying and GIS—Bridging the Gap: Opening Address by Holger Magel, FIG President. 43.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title corner. G. Kent. 48.

AutoCarto 2006. A. Buckley, E. Anderson. 49.

No.223, October, 2006


Honor Roll Call: David Danko, ESRI. I. Genovese. 6.

Lobby Day 2006. I. Genovese. 8.

Curt Sumner among 25 most influential surveyors. I. Genovese. 12.

From JGAC—What have we been working on? L. Socci. 13.

FEMA reports. B. Kinerney. 14.

Historical survey records. P. Rick, J. Butterfield. 18.

City of Frederick’s special stones. S. Harding. 20.

Floodplain mapping in North Carolina. S.W. Brookhart, C. Hardy. 20.

GPS—The sky is the limit. G. Greulich, I. Genovese. 21.

Industry notes: Trimble, Magellan Navigation, Inc, Your World Games, Global Imaging Technologies. 29.

Building a comprehensive GIS database for Iraq. I. Genovese. 30.

The FIG report vol. 1, no. 5. John Hohol, ACSM-FIG Forum. 35.

GIWIS launched. K. Henton. 36.

Ask Vic! Victor O’Schinnerer & Co. 38.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title corner. G. Kent. 41.

Ask Dr. Map. Dr. Map. 45.

ACSM should have a public relations program. R.R. Randal. 48.


Allgemeine Vermessungs-Nachrichten



Vol.113, No.2, 2006


A preliminary analysis of the EIGEN-CG03C data as a tool for crustal modeling. E. Lewi, M. Becker, E. Groten

Geometric Correction Algorithm of Remote Sensing Image Based on Nonlinear Rational Polynomial Approximation. Z. Lianpeng, L. Guolin, J. Tao

Vol.113, No.6, 2006


The Preliminary Analysis of Accuracy and Reliability of a Geodetic Network Layout of Transport Road: The Preliminary Assumptions and Analysis of Reliability. U. Litwin, W. Krupinski

Modeling Refraction in Precision Leveling by a Method of Similarity. O. Mozzhukhin, A. Gordeevtsev

Vol.113, No.10, 2006


Measurement of Displacement and Deformations on the Biggest Slovenian Viaduct, with Particular Stress on Accuracy Calculations. B. Kovacic, R. Kamnik


Artificial Satellites



Vol.40, No.3, 2005


Integer Aperture Least-Squares Estimation. P.J.G. Teunissen. 149-160.

On the Computation of the Best Integer Equivariant Estimator. P.J.G. Teunissen. 161-171.

Long-Baseline Kinematic GPS Data Analysis for ENVISAT Radar Altimeter Calibration. T. Schuler. 173-184.

Multivariate Stochastic Prediction of the Global Mean Sea Level Anomalies Based on TOPEX/Poseidon Satellite Altimetry. T. Niedzielski, W. Kosek. 185-198.

Atmospheric and Oceanic Influence on Polar Motion - Numerical Results From Two Independent Model Combinations. F. Seitz. 199-215.

Vol.40, No.4, 2005


GNSS Ambiguity Resolution with Optimally Controlled Failure-Rate. P.J.G. Teunissen. 219-227.

Upward Continuation of Gravity Gradients for Validation of the GOCE Measurements. J.B. Zielinski, J.K. Latka, M. Kuzmicz-Cieslak. 229-249.

Application of the Spectral Analysis for the Mathematical Modelling of the Rigid Earth Rotation. V.V. Pashkevich, G.I. Eroshkin. 251-259.

Analysis of Polynomial Approximation Algorithms of Compression Method for Satellite laser Ranging Measurements. D. Kucharski. 261-268.

Vol.41, No.1, 2006


Comparison of Availability of Galileo, GPS, and a Combined Galileo/GPS Navigation Systems. J. Wang, W. Keller, M.A. Sharifi. 3-15.

On INSAR Ambiguity Resolution for Deformation Monitoring. P.J.G. Teunissen. 17-22.

A Neural Network Relation of GPS Results with Continental Hydrology. C. Ogaja. 23-32.

Performance of Static Positioning for Medium Distances Based on Data from a Virtual Reference Station and ASG-PL Network. M. Bakula. 33-42.

Impact of TEC Fluctuations in the Antarctic Ionosphere on GPS Positioning. A. Krankowski, I.I. Shagimuratov. 43-56.


Bollettino di Geodesia e Scienze Affini



Vol.64, No.4, 2005


Fast algorithm for comparing the second order derivatives of the disturbing potential. H.A. Abd-Elmotaal. 191-208.

The derivation and analysis of topographic/isostatic gravity models up to degree and order 1082. D. Tsoulis. 211-225.

Precise point positioning: studio sulle accuratezze e precisioni ottenibili. S. Gandolfi, L. Gusella, M. Milano. 227-253.

Elementi astronomici per il calendario dell'anno 2006 calcolati dall'INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari. A. Poma, E. Simeone. 255-273.

Vol.65, No.1, 2006


Il fondale marino nella cartografia ufficiale italiana e straniera: norme tecniche e modalita di rappresentazione. M. Milli, L. Surace. 1-22.

The conformal mapping as a limiting case of mapping. A. Antonopoulos. 25-34.

Dal metodo analogico al procedimento digitale: la transformazione dell'immagine e l'immagazzinamento dei dati. A. Arrighi. 37-55.


Geodezja i Kartografia


Vol.55, No.1, 2006


Revisiting least squares: A discussion on the leading estimation principle in geodesy. C. Kotsakis, M.G. Sideris. 3-22.

The effect of topography and quality of a digital terrain model on the accuracy of terrain corrections for centimetre quasigeoid modelling. M. Grzyb, J. Krynski, M. Mank. 23-46.

Processing of images recorded by the radar method, aimed at construction of metric 3D models of subsurface objects and structures. J. Gocal, L. Ortyl, M. Soltys. 47-56.

Vol.55, No.2, 2006


Further developments in PAC method of adjustment of geodetic networks. A. Dumalski. 61-75.

The problem of solving systems of linear equations by means of neural networks. J. Gil. 77-94.

Calibration of very close range digital cameras. A. Bujakiewicz, M. Kowalczyk, P. Podlasiak, D. Zawieska. 95-108.





Vol.60, No.2, 2006


Introduction Guest Editor / Introduction Redacteur en chef invite. R. Duval. 131-135.

Space Geodetic Techniques and the Canadian Spatial Reference System Evolution, Status and Possibilities. P. Heroux, J. Kouba, N. Beck, F. Lahaye, Y. Mireault, P. Tetreault, P. Collins, K. MacLeod, M. Caissy. 137-150.

The Evolution of NAD83 in Canada. M.R. Craymer. 151-164.

A Gravimetric Geoid Model as a Vertical Datum in Canada. M. Veronneau, R. Duval, J. Huang. 165-172.

Crustal Motion and Deformation Monitoring of the Canadian Landmass. J.A. Henton, M.R. Craymer, H. Dragert, S. Mazzotti, R. Ferland, D.L. Forbes. 173-191.

Global Geodetic Observing System - Consideration for the Geodetic Network Infrastructure. M. Pearlman, Z. Altamimi, N. Beck, R. Forsberg, W. Gurtner, S. Kenyon, D. Behrend, F.G. Lemoine, C. Ma, C.E. Noll, E.C. Pavlis, Z. Malkin, A.W. Moore, F.H. Webb, R.E. Neilan, J.C. Ries, M. Rothacher, P. Willis. 193-204.

Geomatics and the Law: Root and Branch. A. McEwen. 206-207.


Geophysical Journal International



Vol.165, No.1, April, 2006


Constraints on mantle anelasticity from geodetic observations, and implications for the J2 anomaly. D. Benjamin, J. Wahr, R.D. Ray, G.D. Egbert, S.D. Desai. 3-16. DOI </10.1111/j.1365-246X.2006.02915.x>

Vol.165, No.2, May, 2006


Sensitivity of relative sea levels and crustal velocities in Laurentide to radial and lateral viscosity variations in the mantle. P. Wu. 401-413. DOI </10.1111/j.1365-246X.2006.02960.x>

Vol.165, No.3, June, 2006


Theoretical background of retrieving Green's function by cross-correlation: one-dimensional case. H. Nakahara. 719-728. DOI </10.1111/j.1365-246X.2006.02916.x>

A geophysical interpretation of the secular displacement and gravity rates observed at Ny-Alesund, Svalbard in the Arctic-effects of post-glacial rebound and present-day ice melting. T. Sato, J. Okuno, J. Hinderer, D.S. MacMillan, H.-P. Plag, O. Francis, R. Falk, Y. Fukuda. 729-743. DOI </10.1111/j.1365-246X.2006.02992.x>

Vol.166, No.1, July, 2006


Choice of optimal averaging radii for temporal GRACE gravity solutions, a comparison with GPS and satellite altimetry. M. King, P. Moore, P. Clarke, D. Lavallee. 1-11. DOI </10.1111/j.1365-246X.2006.03017.x>

Vol.166, No.3, September, 2006


Geodetic observations of ice flow velocities over the southern part of subglacial Lake Vostok, Antarctica, and their glaciological implications. J. Wendt, R. Dietrich, M. Fritsche, A. Wendt, A. Yuskevich, A. Kokhanov, A. Senatorov, V. Lukin, K. Shibuya, K. Doi. 991-998. DOI </10.1111/j.1365-246X.2006.03061.x>

Comparison of methods to model the gravitational gradients from topographic data bases. C. Jekeli, L. Zhu. 999-1014. DOI </10.1111/j.1365-246X.2006.03063.x>

Gravity anomalies and segmentation at the East Coast, USA continental margin. P. Wyer, A.B. Watts. 1015-1038. DOI </10.1111/j.1365-246X.2006.03066.x>

Spherical Slepian functions and the polar gap in geodesy. F.J. Simons, F.A. Dahlen. 1039-1061. DOI </10.1111/j.1365-246X.2006.03065.x>


Geophysical Research Letters



Vol.33, No.4, 2006


A climatology of multiple tropopauses derived from GPS radio occultations with CHAMP and SAC-C. T. Schmidt, G. Beyerle, S. Heise, J. Wickert, M. Rothacher. L04808. DOI </10.1029/2005GL024600>

Vol.33, No.6, 2006


Ocean loading deformations caused by storm surges on the northwest European shelf. F. Fratepietro, T.F. Baker, S.D.P. Williams, M. Van Camp. L06317. DOI </10.1029/2005GL025475>

Accuracy of GRACE mass estimates. J. Wahr, S. Swenson, I. Velicogna. L06401. DOI </10.1029/2005GL025305>

Vol.33, No.7, 2006


Global Mapping Function (GMF): A new empirical mapping function based on numerical weather model data. J. Boehm, A. Niell, P. Tregoning, H. Schuh. L07304. DOI </10.1029/2005GL025546>

ICESat Antarctic elevation data: Preliminary precision and accuracy assessment. C.A. Shuman, H.J. Zwally, B.E. Schutz, A.C. Brenner, J.P. DiMarzio, V.P. Suchdeo, H.A. Fricker. L07501. DOI </10.1029/2005GL025227>

Errors of regional mass variations inferred from GRACE monthly solutions. M. Horwath, R. Dietrich. L07502. DOI </10.1029/2005GL025550>

Vol.33, No.8, 2006


Impact of solid Earth tide models on GPS coordinate and tropospheric time series. C. Watson, P. Tregoning, R. Coleman. L08306. DOI </10.1029/2005GL025538>

Post-processing removal of correlated errors in GRACE data. S. Swenson, J. Wahr. L08402. DOI </10.1029/2005GL025285>

Regional high-resolution spatiotemporal gravity modeling from GRACE data using spherical wavelets. M. Schmidt, S.-C. Han, J. Kusche, L. Sanchez, C.K. Shum. L08403. DOI </10.1029/2005GL025509>

Inter-annual sea level variability in the southern Gulf of Mexico (1966-1976). D.A. Salas-de-Leon, M.A. Monreal-Gomez, D. Salas-Monreal, M.L. Riveron-Enzastiga, N.L. Sanchez-Santillan. L08610. DOI </10.1029/2006GL025832>

Vol.33, No.10, 2006


Geodetic constraints on the Bhuj 2001 earthquake and surface deformation in the Kachchh Rift Basin. K. Wallace, R. Bilham, F. Blume, V.K. Gaur, V. Gahalaut. L10301. DOI </10.1029/2006GL025775>

Vol.33, No.11, 2006


Antarctic mass rates from GRACE. J.L. Chen, C.R. Wilson, D.D. Blankenship, B.D. Tapley. L11502. DOI </10.1029/2006GL026369>

Independent active microplate tectonics of northeast Asia from GPS velocities and block modeling. E.V. Apel, R. Burgmann, G. Steblov, N. Vasilenko, R. King, A. Prytkov. L11303. DOI </10.1029/2006GL026077>

Accuracy of high-rate GPS for seismology. P. Elosegui, J.L. Davis, D. Oberlander, R. Baena, G. Ekstrom. L11308. DOI </10.1029/2006GL026065>

Rapid determination of earthquake magnitude using GPS for tsunami warning systems. G. Blewitt, C. Kreemer, W.C. Hammond, H.-P. Plag, S. Stein, E. Okal. L11309. DOI </10.1029/2006GL026145>

Vol.33, No.13, 2006


Rapid variations in polar motion during the 2005-2006 winter season. S.B. Lambert, C. Bizouard, V. Dehant. L13303. DOI </10.1029/2006GL026422>

Impact of 3-D Earth structure on Fennoscandian glacial isostatic adjustment: Implications for space-geodetic estimates of present-day crustal deformations. P. Whitehouse, K. Latychev, G.A. Milne, J.X. Mitrovica, R. Kendall. L13502. DOI </10.1029/2006GL026568>

Vol.33, No.14, 2006


Testing for fault activity at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, using independent GPS results from the BARGEN network. E.M. Hill, G. Blewitt. L14302. DOI </10.1029/2006GL026140>

Annual sea level amphidromes in the South China Sea revealed by merged altimeter data. C. Zhang, B. Wang, G. Chen. L14606. DOI </10.1029/2006GL026493>

On the role of the GRACE mission in the joint assimilation of altimetric and TAO data in a tropical Pacific Ocean model. F. Castruccio, J. Verron, L. Gourdeau, J.M. Brankart, P. Brasseur. L14616. DOI </10.1029/2006GL025823>

GPS profiling of the lower troposphere from space: Inversion and demodulation of the open-loop radio occultation signals. S. Sokolovskiy, C. Rocken, D. Hunt, W. Schreiner, J. Johnson, D. Masters, S. Esterhuizen. L14816. DOI </10.1029/2006GL026112>





Vol.19, No.8, August, 2006


Positions - Common Environments Build on Participation. M. Ball. 8.

Beyond Mapping - Spatial Data Mining "Down on the Farm". J. Berry. 18.

Critical GIS - The Perils and Pleasures of Using Census Data. J.W. Crampton. 20.

Mobile GIS - Post-Processing: Ideal Insurance for Mobile GIS. R. Bisio. 22.

Conservation Success with Mobile GIS. K.P. Corbley. 24.

An Impending Massive 3-D Mashup (Part III). F. Limp. 28.

Breaking Barriers - GML and WFS Enhance Sensor Data. R. Lake, F. Denap. 32.

Tech Time - Maturity Creates Opportunities for GeoEntrepeneurs. D. Hart. 46.


GIM International



Vol.20, No.7, 2006


Mapping an Oil Pipeline: DEMs and Ortho-imagery for Columbia from Dual-band Side-looking Radar. J. Allen, J. Reis. 13.

European Property Information: EULIS: Removing Barriers to Cross-border Lending. J. Atkey. 21.

Towards SDI for Somalia: Possible Roles for the SWALIM Project. C. von Hagen, J. Cody, L. Njeru. 36.

Fuzzy Classification: a Case Study: Using Landsat TM images in Iran. A.M. Lak, M. Hamrah, G.H. Majdabadi. 42.

ICT and Land Administration: Benefiting from Technological Innovations. C. Lemmen. 44.

Editorial - Environmental. D. Haarsma. 5.

Interview - Promoting Capacity Building: GIM Interviews Ian Dowman, Professor of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, UCL and President of ISPRS. M. Lemmens. 7.

Pinpoint - Giants Eye Up Geomatics. M. Lemmens. 11.

OGC Column - Making the Small More Visible. P.C. Dibner. 19.

Review - 2006 Annual ASPRS Conference: Prospecting for Geospatial Information. M. Lemmens. 41.

Company's View - Spatial Technologies for Non-experts: eSpatial Solutions. O. Power, E. Walsh. 48.

FIG Page - CASLE Conference in Africa; FIG President Visits Tbilisi. M. Villikka. 57.

ICA Page - Early Warning and Risk Management. W. Ottichilo. 59.

ISPRS Page - ISPRS at ASPRS AGM. S.A. Morain. 61.

Insider's View - Recording Land-use Rights. P. Dale. 65.

Vol.20, No.8, 2006


Geographic Data Models: Shared Content and Services for the GeoWeb. S. Grise. 13.

Rapid Post-disaster Mapping: Airborne Remote Sensing and Hurricane Katrina. K.P. Corbley. 19.

Towards Geodata-based Communities: Moving from Mapping Tool to Digital Peep-box. R. van Lammeren, A. Bergsma. 31.

GIS in Forest Management: Preparing a Forest Working Plan in India. Y.L.P. Rao. 41.

GIS in City Fire Hazard: Petrol Station Vicinity Vulnerability Assessment. U. Sur, B.S. Sokhi. 50.

Editorial - Benefits. D. Haarsma. 5.

Interview - New Ways of Managing Organisations: GIM Interviews Jack Dangermond, President and Founder, ESRI. M. Lemmens. 7.

Pinpoint - Spatial Data Clearinghouses. M. Lemmens. 11.

OGC Column - The Road Ahead. D.M. Danko. 17.

Review - Bentley User Conference Europe: Commitment to Third Dimension. S. Zlatanova. 34.

Preview - ESRI User Conference - A Preview: 7th to 11th August, San Diego, California, US. M. Lemmens, A. Miedema. 45.

Company's View - Focus Africa and Middle East: Maps geosystems. R. Becker. 53.

FIG Page - Joint 12th FIG International Symposium on Deformation Measurements and Analysis / 3rd IAG Symposium on Geodesy for Geotechnical and Structural Engineering; FIG Workshop on e-Governance, Knowledge Management and e-Learning; FIG President Visits Israel. 65.

ICA Page - User and Users of GI. 67.

ISPRS Page - ISPRS and Africa; First ISPRS Symposium. 69.

Insider's View - Industrial Vision Metrology Supports Power Plant Renewal in Japan. S. Hattori. 73.

Vol.20, No.9, 2006


Adapting 3D Laser Scanning for the Surveyor: Meeting Specific Needs to Increase Productivity. T. Lemmon, P. Biddiscombe. 13.

Good Governance, Good Geo-Info: Essential Role for GI at all Levels. M. Molenaar. 19.

Global Spatial Data Model: The Digital Revolution - Whither Now? E.F. Burkholder. 25.

Iranian Permanent GPS Network: Using GPS to Understand Earthquakes. Y. Djamour, H.R. Nankali, Z. Rahimi. 40.

Large Scale Reference Database: A Digital Land-Parcel Infrastructure for France. R. Rollins. 45.

Editorial - Democratic. D. Haarsma. 5.

Interview - Strong Emphasis on R&D in Lidar: GIM Interviews Dr Allan Carswell, Optech Incorporated. M. Lemmens. 7.

Pinpoint - Scale and Level of Detail. M. Lemmens. 11.

OCG Column - Advantaging All. D.R. Peyton. 17.

Product Survey - 3D Laser Scanner Software. M. Lemmens. 49.

Company's View - Precision by Tradition: geo-FENNEL. B. Vogel. 56.

FIG Page - FIG at 3rd World Urban Forum. 65.

ICA page - New Map Medium Education. M.P. Peterson. 67.

ISPRS Page - Commission VI Symposium; Technical Commission I Symposium. 69.

Insider's View - SDI: Simple as Five Fingers. F. Salge. 73.

Vol.20, No.10, 2006


Airborne Lidar Bathymetry: Mapping Shallow Rivers under Low-flow Conditions. D. Millar, J. Gerhard, R. Hilldale. 15.

Positional Accuracy of Old Maps: Historical Military Mapping of Czech Lands. R. Zimova, J. Pest'ak, B. Veverka. 21.

CAD File Conversion for 3D GIS: 3D Modelling of Troy University Campus. S. Ramroop. 50.

Editorial - Civilian Soldier. D. Haarsma. 5.

Interview - Well-Grounded Specialised Generalists: GIM International Interviews FIG President Holger Magel. C. Lemmen. 7.

Pinpoint - Looking Back to Look Ahead. M. Lemmens. 11.

Technology in Focus - Glonass: Dawn, Decline and Revival. H. Key, M. Lemmens. 13.

OCG Column - OGC Standards and Mapsolute Map24. C. Kiehle. 19.

Preview - Intergeo 2006 - Preview: 10th - 12th October, Munich, Germany. M. Lemmens. 25.

Review - Workshop 3D Geo-information 2006: Efforts to Realise 3D GIS Software and Solutions. A.A. Rahman. 49.

Review - ESRI International User Conference: Geography and GIS: Communicating Our World. M. Lemmens. 54.

Product Survey - GNSS Receivers. H.J. Key. 57.

Company's View - Aiming for 'Top Four': Pentax Corporation. C. Lefebvre. 69.

FIG Page - Shaping Change: FIG XXIII Congress and German Intergeo. H. Magel. 81.

ICA page - History of Cartography. A. Postnikov. 83.

ISPRS Page - GICON 2006; 36th Scientific Assembly COSPAR. 69.

Insider's View - Land Administration Studies. P. van der Molen. 89.


GPS Solutions



Vol.10, No.2, 2006


Ground deformation of Papandayan volcano before, during, and after the 2002 eruption as detected by GPS surveys. H.Z. Abidin, H. Andreas, M. Gamal, O.K. Suganda, I. Meilano, M. Hendrasto, M.A. Kusuma, D. Darmawan, M.A. Purbawinata, A.D. Wirakusumah, F. Kimata. 75-84. DOI </10.1007/s10291-005-0009-1>

A measurement domain receiver autonomous integrity monitoring algorithm. S. Feng, W.Y. Ochieng, D. Walsh, R. Ioannides. 85-96. DOI <</10.1007/s10291-005-0010-8>

Comparing DGPS corrections prediction using neural network, fuzzy neural network, and Kalman filter. M.R. Mosavi. 97-107. DOI </10.1007/s10291-005-0011-7>

Impact of systematic errors on precise long-baseline kinematic GPS positioning. T. Schuler. 108-125. DOI </10.1007/s10291-005-0012-6>

Estimating atmospheric pressure loading regression coefficients from GPS observations. K. Kaniuth, S. Vetter. 126-134. DOI </10.1007/s10291-005-0014-4>

Erratum: Estimating atmospheric pressure loading regression coefficients from GPS observations. K. Kaniuth, S. Vetter. 135-135. DOI </10.1007/s10291-005-0019-z>

Absolute calibration of GPS antennas: laboratory results and comparison with field and robot techniques. B. Gorres, J. Campbell, M. Becker, M. Siemes. 136-145. DOI </10.1007/s10291-005-0015-3>

GIOVE-A initial signal analysis. O. Montenbruck, C. Gunther, S. Graf, M. Garcia-Fernandez, J. Furthner, H. Kuhlen. 146-153. DOI </10.1007/s10291-006-0027-7>

Vol.10, No.3, 2006


GNSS receiver autonomous integrity monitoring (RAIM) performance analysis. S. Hewitson, J. Wang. 155-170. DOI </10.1007/s10291-005-0016-2>

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Point of Beginning



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A New Geospatial World. J.W. Kuttrus. 22.

DEM Decisions. C.M. Schaeding, Y.A. Felus, R.R. Burtch. 28.

Restoring the Reservoir. D. Brostuen. 34.

Protecting Your Best. L. Isom. 38.

Surveying GIS - Mobile GIS with ESRI ArcPad 7.0. M.L. Binge. 42.

The Business Side - Operating a successful one-person survey company. M. Denny. 46.

On the Level - Low-cost surveying. R.W. Foster. 50.

Traversing the Law - Rewriting legal descriptions. J.N. Lucas. 52.

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Professional Surveyor



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Feature: Performing Classic As-builts with Laser Scanning. C. Gray. 20.

Catch a Wave and You're Sitting on Top of...Unmeasured Points? G. Lemke. 24.

Surveying the Capitol: Legislation Affecting Surveying Professionals. L. Socci. 28.

Intersect: Metadata: Powerful Documentation Tool or Gobbledygook Developed by the GIS World? R. Rambeau, J. Jackson. 34.

Book Review: Surveying Solutions for the hp33s by Ted J. Kerber. J. Purnell. 36.

Education in Surveying: Fundamentals of Surveying Exam. R. Schultz. 38.

E-Files: Servitude Surprise. S. Estopinal. 42.

GiggleBytes: Deer Season is Over - and I Lived Through it Again! T. Woodsmall. 45.

Hands On: All Topo Maps, Version 7 Professional, by iGage Mapping Corporation. J. White. 47.

Rules of the Game: Another Problem: Making Up Rules as We Go Along. D. Wilson. 49.

Second Thoughts: Drawing the Line. W. Schmidt. 51.

Vol.26, No.4, 2006


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Feature: The Business of Land Surveying: Profile 2: Chaparral Professional Land Surveying, Inc., Austin, Texas. 14.

Business Angle: Preparing for Disaster. J. Salmon. 20.

Feature: Surveying the Fourth Dimension: Restoring the Ecosystem of a Floodplain. T. Brock. 24.

Intersect: Together or Separate: What's the Best Plan for Managing the Businesses of GIS and Surveying? R. Rambeau, J. Jackson. 28.

Surveying the Capitol: Fighting to Keep U.S. Geological Funding. L. Socci. 30.

Aerial Perspective: Licensure of Photogrammetrists. K. Schuckman. 32.

GiggleBytes: Once is Too Much. E. Henderson. 36.

Hands On: ptBase Web by CBI Systems. J. White. 38.

GIS Monitor Supplement: Remote Sensing Continues to Grow. M. Luccio. 42.

Rules of the Game: Word Troubles. D. Wilson. 44.

Second Thoughts: Anxious to Get Home. W. Schmidt. 46.

History Corner: Notes Upon a Survey Made: 250 Years of Land Stewardship at Gunston Hall Plantation. M. Root. 50.

3D Scanning: Uses of Scanning in Asset Management. G. Jacobs. 56.

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Aerial Perspective: ASPRS: Serving the Geospatial Community for 72 Years. K. Craun. 22.

Business Angle: Preparing Your Field Crews for Emergencies, Part 2: Beyond the Basics. J. Salmon. 26.

Intersect: In this Fast-Paced World of Technology, How do We Keep Up? R. Rambeau, J. Jackson. 32.

Surveying the Capitol: Bringing Landsat Into Focus. L. Socci. 34.

GiggleBytes: Another Comedy Routine. E. Henderson. 36.

Rules of the Game: By the Numbers. D. Wilson. 38.

History Corner: The Surveyor General, the Prophet, and a War that Almost Happened. J. Knetsch. 40.

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Editor's Desk: Looking Toward Canada. G. McGray. 4.

Feature: Surveying Above the 49th Parallel. L. Loomes. 8.

Feature: MicroSurvey: 20 Years in Turbulent Times. C. Moore. 10.

Feature: The Canadian Council of Land Surveyors. S. Cornett. 14.

Feature: Virtual Surveys: A New approach for Oil Patch Surveying in Western Canada. S. Rawlinson, W. Brown, R. Hall. 18.

Feature: Surveying Opportunities in Canada. G. Anderson. 24.

Feature: Value in Virtuality. M. Wagner. 26.

Aerial Perspective: Surveying Canada: Profile of Activities of the Canadian Institute of Geomatics. R. Shreenan, J. Thie. 30.

Conference Recap: Orlando Hosts ACSM 2006. J. McGray. 34.

Intersect: Is education the best way to "intersect" the surveying and GIS professions? R. Rambeau, J. Jackson. 40.

Surveying the Capitol: Small Business Health Plan Legislation. L. Socci. 42.

E:Files: Joanne Gonzales. S. Estopinal. 43.

Second Thoughts: The Lesson of the Gladiator. W. Schmidt. 46.

Feature: SSI: Survey Scene Investigation. P. Naville. 50.

Rules of the Game: Sufficiency of a Land Description. D. Wilson. 52.

3D Scanning: Latest Trends: Part 1--User and Market Trends. G. Jacobs. 54.

Feature: A Geologist-Oceanographer's Eye-View of Changes in Marine and Land Positioning Capabilities, ca. 1930-2006, Part 2. J. Berry. 58.

Vol.26, No.7, 2006


Editor's Desk: CAD Takes Over. G. McGray. 4.

Feature: One Company's Approach to Customized Data Delivery. D. Jellison. 8.

Feature: Local Land Surveyors Scout for Future Prospects During Merit Badge Program. D. McMillen. 16.

Feature: Concrete Monument Dilemma Solved. S. Fox. 18.

Feature: Florida Mapping Firm Advances Geodetic Surveying in Costa Rica. G. Cole. 20.

Education in Surveying: Another Death in the Family: Peninsula College Phases Out its Two-Year Technical Degree in Surveying Geomatics. J. Purnell. 24.

Aerial Perspective: Using Hydrographic LiDAR to Map Shallow Rivers. D. Millar, J. Gerhard, R. Hilldale. 30.

Business Angle: Going Wireless: Sharing Your Broadband Internet Connection at Your Land Surveying Business. J. Salmon. 38.

Intersect: CAD: How do GIS and survey professionals use it to their benefit? R. Rambeau, J. Jackson. 42.

Surveying the Capitol: Legislative issues in the 109th Congress. L. Socci. 44.

E:Files: Corn Squeezins. S. Estopinal. 47.

Book Review: Chains, Links, and Gavels: The Surveyor in the Courtroom. W. Schmidt. 50.

GiggleBytes: They Quit Countin' at One Hundred and Thirty Bee Stings. T. Woodsmall. 52.

3D Scanning: Latest Trends: Part 2--User, Industry, and Vendor Trends. G. Jacobs. 54.

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Editor's Desk: Diving into Surveying. T. Gibson. 4.

Feature: Prospering Town of Langley Takes GIS to a Higher Level. S. Scheepmaker, K. Stewart. 8.

Feature: Success with GPS at SDDOT. R. Brees. 20.

SSI: Survey Scene Investigation, Part 2. P. Naville. 27.

An Interview with Clint Brown, ESRI. 30.

How Things Work: Terrestrial Laser Technology Principles for the Surveyor to Consider. 34.

Aerial Perspective: GIS: Aerial Perspective: Why we are drowning in data. S. Moll. 36.

Surveying the Capitol: COFPAES: An Advocate for Surveyors Seeking Federal Contracting Work. L. Socci. 38.

Business Angle: Adventures in Networking: Sharing Files, Printers, and Plotters at Your Small Survey Office. J. Salmon. 42.

Intersect: GIS uses coordinates. Surveyors use measurements. Same thing or miles apart? J. Jackson, R. Rambeau. 46.

Rules of the Game: An Important Rule of Evidence. D. Wilson. 48.

Second Thoughts: Sic Transit Gloria. W. Schmidt. 50.

GiggleBytes: Surveying in Boxers Can Get You Tangled. T. Woodsmall. 52.

Education in Surveying: Principles and Practice of Surveying Exam. R. Schultz. 54.

History Corner: The Mound has Followed a Convoluted Path. J. Knetsch. 60.

Vol.26, No.9, 2006


Editor's Desk: Two Ways of Learning the Same Thing. T. Gibson. 4.

Cover Story: Surveying Profession's Top 25. T. Gibson. 8.

Feature: Maine Bridge Construction Project Presents Special Challenges for Surveyors. S. Goucher, M. Gage. 20.

Feature: Texas RTK Network Comes to Life. M. Hefer. 28.

Feature: Happy 25th Anniversary. W. Schmidt. 31.

Aerial Perspective: RTK Techniques for Field Completion of Aerial Mapping. R. Mitchell. 35.

Surveying the Capitol: The Slow Death of the Remote Sensing Applications Act of 2005. L. Socci. 40.

Intersect: Handheld or handwritten: Should GIS databases replace survey field books? J. Jackson, R. Rambeau. 42.

Rules of the Game: Surveyor Responsibility: What are we supposed to be doing, anyway? D. Wilson. 44.

GiggleBytes: The Great Midwestern Cornfield War. P. Naville. 46.

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History Corner: Land Division in America (or Hold the Aliquot Please) R. Carson. 57.


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Bericktigug - Joachim Thomas: Attempt on Systematization of Land Consolidation Approaches in Europe, zfv 3/2006, S. 156-161. 215-215.

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