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SaLIS, Vol.65, No.4, December, 2005

Review of Recent Literature (May-December 2005)

Compiled by Mike & Mary Craymer


Editors' Note: This is a collection of selected articles on geodesy, surveying and land information systems published in English in other subject-related journals. This information has been compiled from Tables of Contents in Geodesy, a free Internet-based contents service for journals in geodesy. Because of space constraints, coverage may not be complete for all journals. For more complete coverage and information about TCG, article reprints and journal publishers, visit the TCG web site at </tcg/>.


Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica Hungarica



Vol.40, No.2, 2005


Deflection of the vertical and geoid heights from gravity gradients. L. Volgyesi. 147-159.

Bayesian inference in satellite gravity inversion. K.I. Kis, P.T. Taylor, G. Wittmann, H.R. Kim, B. Toronyi, T. Mayer-Gurr. 161-170.

Vol.40, No.3-4, 2005


50 years of the Geodetic and Geophysical Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. J. Zavoti. 271-282.

Research in mathematical geodesy. J. Zavoti, J. Somogyi, J. Kalmar, L. Battha. 283-292.

Results of tidal research. G. Mentes. 293-305.

Results in physical geodesy. L. Banyai. 307-315.


ACSM Bulletin



No.215, May/June, 2005


Surveying education around the world. G. Jeffress, R. Bartholomew. 6.

Viable career choices - and how to prepare for them. C.W. Sumner. 8.

Professionalism: High standards, ethics, service. G. Curtis. 9.

Geography jobs. Olivia Crosby. 16.

The surveyor as a forensic scientist. D.A. Wilson. 28.

Education & certification opportunities - AAGS, CAGIS, GLIS, NSPS. 31.

Enterprise Geographic Intelligence. MetaCarta. 35.

Corpscon v. 6. practical applications. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 35.

First American collection of imaged property documents. Data Tree, First American, IBM. 36.

Topcon Europe Reorganized. Topcon. 37.

ProMap Corporation becomes a division of Indianapolis-based Schneider Corporation. 37.

Ask Vic! Victor O. Schinnerer & Co. 40.

Satellite imagery helps monitor invasive plants. DigitalGlobe. 42.

Why lobby? - Part two. B. Church. 44.

The chip that Jack built. P. Sullivan, T.R. Reid. 47.

From geek to chic in 33 years. I. Genovese. 49.

Geodesy? What’s that? Part 10: Pocus on the southern hemisphere. I.K. Fischer. 50.

The math debate. I. Genovese. 62.

Dear Dr. Map. Dr. Map. 63.

No.216, July/August, 2005


Bowne Surveyor tests online GPS. E.W. Sokol. 6.

The Surveying Merit Badge. I. Genovese. 8-12.

National Trig-Star Committee selects winners. Trig-Star Committee. 13.

ESRI User Conference—Reflections of a CaGIS Student Ambassador. E. Sproles. 16.

Cartographic journals. D. Allen. 17,19.

Two new exhibits at the IPLS Museum of Surveying. B. Church. 17.

FIG Commission 7: Cadastre and Land Management. J. Hohol. 21-23.

In pursuit of exactitude & Remarks. I. Genovese, C.A. Burroughs. 24-28.

FEMA’s flood hazard identification plan. L. Socci. 29-30.

Ask Dr. Map. Dr. Map. 31.

Geodesy? What’s that? Part 11: The widening gap between research and management. I.K. Fischer. 34-40.

2006 Ballot Nominations. 43-55.

“Maps in our lives” - Exhibit at the Geography and Maps Division, Library of Congress. 56.

Why lobby?—Part three. B. Church. 57-59.

Two Argentinians at the Army Map Service. A. Christensen. 60.


Allgemeine Vermessungs-Nachrichten



Vol.112, No.4, 2005


The Research of Ground Movement Relative Deformation Analysis. L. Yuanzhong, W. Yong, F. Yuhong. 146-149.

Unknown parameter's variancecovariance propagation and calculation in generalized nonlinear least squares problem. TaoHua-xue, Guo Jin-yun. 150-152.

Vol.112, No.5, 2005


Spatial variation of time lag between SSTA and LOD. E. Lewi, E. Groten. 162-169.

Vol.112, No.7, 2005


Test loading of the "Dubrovnik Bridge". Z. Kapovic, L. Herceg, J. Krolo. 258-262.

From space angles to point position using Sylvester resultant. J.L. Awange, E.W. Grafarend. 265-269.

Vol.112, No.8-9, 2005


Improved quality of levelling staffs in the Netherlands. R. Kremers. 302-309.

Vol.112, No.10, 2005


Constructing a New Wavelet Function and its Application in GPS Data Processing. Z. Zuo-ya, L. Xiu-shan, D. Zhi-xing. 342-347.


Artificial Satellites



Vol.40, No.2, 2005


Orbital Rotations of a Satellite, Case Study: GOCE. O. Baur, E.W. Grafarend. 87-107.

Determination of the Geopotential Tensor and Other Chosen Tensors for the Chosen Low Earth Orbit of the Satellite. A. Bobojc. 109-117.

A Comparison of LOD and UT1-UTC Forecasts by Different Combined Prediction Techniques. W. Kosek, M. Kalarus, T.J. Johnson, W.H. Wooden. 119-125.

Remarks on the Use of a System of Ecliptic Coordinates in Geodetic Astronomy. A. Antonopoulos. 127-136.

The Short-Term Forecasting of the Total Electron Content. A. Krankowski, N.P. Sergeenko, L.W. Baran, I.I. Shagimuratov, M.V. Rogova. 137-146.


Bollettino di Geodesia e Scienze Affini



Vol.64, No.1, 2005


Variance component estimation in Integrated geodesy adjustment. A. Antonopoulos. 1-11.

Closed recurrent expression for analytical covariance functions between gravity disturbances and other geodetic functionals: A case study for airborne applications. D. Marchenko, U. Meyer. 13-26.

Test statistici in reti GPS. A. Pellegrinelli, N. Perfetti, P. Russo. 29-43.

Deterministic versus stochastic modelling of an unknown bias in linear Gauss-Markov models. C. Kotsakis. 45-58.


EOM - Earth Observation Magazine

(On-Line Only)



Vol.14, No.6, August 2005



Extending NASA Research Capabilities For Disaster Management. S. Ambrose, S. Habib. R. McKellip.

NASA Space Systems Enhance Public Health Science for Society. J.A. Haynes, R. Venezia.

Flight Rehearsal Scene Construction from LiDAR and Multispectral Data Using ARC Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst. B. Rex, I. Fairweather, K. Halligan.

2005 Hurricane Season — More Hurricanes to Come! D. Jones.

My Position Is... Editorial: Earth Observation Goes Mainstream. M. Luccio.


Introduction: Seeing Through Smoke — Earth Observations Enhance Fire And Smoke Decision Support Systems In The Eastern United States. S. Falke, S. Ambrose.

Satellite-Based Fire Detection and Mapping For The Eastern United States. B. Quayle.

Bridging Earth Observations: Remote Sensing Measurements, Fire Modeling, and Air Quality Decision Support System in the Eastern United States. J.J. Qu, X. Hao, R. Yang, W. Sommers, S. Dasgupta, S. Bhoi, M. Kafatos, Y. Liu, G. Achtemeier, A.R. Riebau, P. Coronado.

Operational Fire and Smoke Monitoring In NESDIS' Satellite Services Division. G. Stephens, D. McNamara, M. Ruminski.


Geodezja i Kartografia


Vol.54, No.1, 2005


Terrain-aliasing effects on gravimetric geoid determination. S. Bajracharya, M.G. Sideris. 3-16.

Study on choice of global geopotential model for quasigeoid determination in Poland. J. Krynski, A. Lyszkowicz. 17-36.

An efficient algorithm for computation of inertial moments of generating TIN and DEM for surface matching. L.C. Ke. 37-46.

Vol.54, No.2, 2005


Density and gravity interpolation effects on Helmert geoid determination. S. Bajracharya, M.G. Sideris. 51-68.

Influence of physical properties of a soil medium on locating with the use of geo-radar of underground installations. W. Nawrocki, Z. Piasek. 69-79.

Static code DGPS positioning based on three reference stations. M. Bakula. 81-92.

Vol.54, No.3, 2005


A robust method of quasigeoid modelling in Poland based on GPS/levelling data with support of gravity data. E. Osada, J. Krynski, M. Owczarek. 99-117.

Experimental testing of geo-radar resolving power for detection of underground installations. W. Nawrocki, Z. Piasek. 119-130.

The use of statistical analysis for estimation of positional accuracy of large-scale digital maps. A. Doskocz. 131-150.





Vol.59, No.2, 2005


Accurate Velocity Assessment of a Rowing Skiff Using Kinematic GPS. B. Magee, P. Denys. 121-129.

La geomatique dans le cyberespace municipal quebecois. S. Roche, C. Caron, J. Larfouilloux. 131-148.

A Web Based Risk Assessment System and Service for Child Safety: The Case of Mid-Town Toronto. J. Zhizhong, C. Wang, Y. Hu, A. Croitoru, V. Tao. 149-158.

Urban Change Detection and Population Prediction Modeling using Remotely Sensed Images. H. Zhao. J. Li. 159-174.

Pedestrian Dead Reckoning - A Solution to Navigation in GPS Signal Degraded Areas? O. Mezentsev, J. Collin, G. Lachapelle. 175-182.

The Red River Ox-Cart. E.C. Tacium. 183-184.

Geomatics and the Law: The Meaning of Cadastral Surveying. A. McEwen. 185-186.

Vol.59, No.3, 2005


Avant-Propos, Redacteur en chef invite. R. Pelot. 236-237.

Introductory Note from GEOIDE / Note d'introduction concernant GEOIDE. N. Krissman. 239/240.

Towards an Improved Orthometric Height System for Canada. R. Kingdon, P. Vanicek, M. Santos, A. Ellmann, R. Tenzar. 241-249.

Spatial Modeling and Analysis of Adjusted Residuals Over a Network of GPS-Levelling Benchmarks. G. Fotopoulos, M.G. Sideris. 251-262.

Extraction of Road Networks Using Pan-Sharpened Multispectral and Panchromatic Quickbird Images. R. Wang, Y. Hu, X. Zhang. 263-273.

Automatic Change Detection and Updating of Topographic Databases by Using Satellite Imagery: A Level Set Approach. M.S. Allili, D. Ziou. 275-281.

Accurate INS/DGPS Positioning Using INS Data De-Noising and Autoregressive (AR) Modeling of Internal Sensor Errors. S. Nassar. 283-294.

Introduction du concept de patrons geometriques et application aux batiments afin de faciliter leur generalisation cartographique a la volee. M.N. Sabo, A. Cardenas, Y. Bedard, E. Bernier. 295-311.

Geo-Mass: Modeling Massive Terrain in Real-Time. R.A. Apu, M.L. Gavrilova. 313-322.

Reserve Network Design Combining Spatial Graph Theory and Species' Spatial Requirements. P. James, B. Rayfield, A. Fall, M.-J. Fortin, G. Farley. 323-333.

Spatial Multi-State Models with Application to Revascularization Intervention in Quebec. F. Nathoo, C.B. Dean. 335-343.

Geomatics and the Law: Fence as Boundary Evidence. A. McEwen. 347-349.


Geophysical Journal International



Vol.162, No.3, September, 2005


Localized spectral analysis on the sphere. M.A. Wieczorek, F.J. Simons. 655-675.

The high-resolution gravimetric geoid of Iberia: IGG2005. V. Corchete, M. Chourak, D. Khattach. 676-684.

Fast finite-element calculation of gravity anomaly in complex geological regions. Y. Cai, C.-Y. Wang. 696-708.

Refined spreading history at the Southwest Indian Ridge for the last 96 Ma, with the aid of satellite gravity data. A. Bernard, M. Munschy, Y. Rotstein, D. Sauter. 765-778.

Vol.163, No.1, October, 2005


A semi-analytical estimation of the effect of second-order ionospheric correction on the GPS positioning. H. Munekane. 10-17.

Non-isotropic filtering of GRACE temporal gravity for geophysical signal enhancement. S.-C. Han, C.K. Shum, C. Jekeli, C.-Y. Kuo, C. Wilson, K.-W. Seo. 18-25.

Retracking ERS-1 altimeter waveforms for optimal gravity field recovery. D.T. Sandwell, W.H.F. Smith. 79-89.

Vol.163, No.2, November, 2005


Time-domain approach to linearized rotational response of a three-dimensional viscoelastic earth model induced by glacial-isostatic adjustment: I. Inertia-tensor perturbations. Z. Martinec, J. Hagedoorn. 443-462.

Apparent polar wander paths for the major continents (200 Ma to the present day): a palaeomagnetic reference frame for global plate tectonic reconstructions. A. Schettino, C.R. Scotese. 727-759.

Vol.163, No.3, December, 2005


Present-day vertical crustal deformations in West Greenland from repeated GPS observations. R. Dietrich, A. Rulke, M. Scheinert. 865-874.

Wavelet frames: an alternative to spherical harmonic representation of potential fields. A. Chambodut, I. Panet, M. Mandea, M. Diament, M. Holschneider, O. Jamet. 875-899.

Three-dimensional ionospheric tomography of post-seismic perturbations produced by the Denali earthquake from GPS data. R. Garcia, F. Crespon, V. Ducic, P. Lognonne. 1049-1064.

Vol.164, No.1, January, 2006


CGPS time-series and trajectories of crustal motion along the West Hellenic Arc. C. Hollenstein, A. Geiger, H.-G. Kahle, G. Veis. 182-191.


Geophysical Research Letters



Vol.32, No.8, 2005


Effect of gravitational consistency and mass conservation on seasonal surface mass loading models. P.J. Clarke, D.A. Lavallee, G. Blewitt, T.M. van Dam, J.M. Wahr. L08306. DOI </10.1029/2005GL022441>

Vol.32, No.9, 2005


Medium- and small-scale ionospheric irregularities detected by GPS radio occultation method. K. Tsybulya, N. Jakowski. L09103. DOI </10.1029/2005GL022420>

Tide gauge observations of the Indian Ocean tsunami, December 26, 2004. M.A. Merrifield, Y.L. Firing, T. Aarup, W. Agricole, G. Brundrit, D. Chang-Seng, R. Farre, B. Kilonsky, W. Knight, L. Kong, C. Magori, P. Manurung, C. McCreery, W. Mitchell, S. Pillay, F. Schindele, F. Shillington, L. Testut, E.M.S. Wijeratne, P. Caldwell, J. Jardin, S. Nakahara, F.-Y. Porter, N. Turetsky. L09603. DOI </10.1029/2005GL022610>

GPS TEC and scintillation measurements from the polar ionosphere during the October 2003 storm. C.N. Mitchell, L. Alfonsi, G. De Franceschi, M. Lester, V. Romano, A.W. Wernik. L12S03. DOI </10.1029/2004GL021644>

Vol.32, No.11, 2005


Effects of the 2nd order ionospheric terms on VLBI measurements. M. Hawarey, T. Hobiger, H. Schuh. L11304. DOI </10.1029/2005GL022729>

Geodetic constraints on the shallow magma system at Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat. C. Widiwijayanti, A. Clarke, D. Elsworth, B. Voight. L11309. DOI </10.1029/2005GL022846>

Vol.32, No.12, 2005


Atmospheric water vapor and geoid measurements in the open ocean with GPS. C. Rocken, J. Johnson, T. Van Hove, T. Iwabuchi. L12813. DOI </10.1029/2005GL022573>

Vol.32, No.13, 2005


GPS radio occultation with GRACE: Atmospheric profiling utilizing the zero difference technique. G. Beyerle, T. Schmidt, G. Michalak, S. Heise, J. Wickert, C. Reigber. L13806. DOI </10.1029/2005GL023109>

Vol.32, No.14, 2005


Creep and quakes on the northern transition zone of the San Andreas fault from GPS and InSAR data. I.A. Johanson, R. Burgmann. L14306. DOI </10.1029/2005GL023150>

Low degree spherical harmonic influences on Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) water storage estimates. J.L. Chen, M. Rodell, C.R. Wilson, J.S. Famiglietti. L14405. DOI </10.1029/2005GL022964>

Vol.32, No.16, 2005


Seasonal fluctuations in the mass of the Amazon River system and Earth's elastic response. M. Bevis, D. Alsdorf, E. Kendrick, L.P. Fortes, B. Forsberg, R. Smalley Jr., J. Becker. L16308. DOI </10.1029/2005GL023491>

Tectonic implications of the GPS velocity field in the northern Adriatic region. G. Grenerczy, G. Sella, S. Stein, A. Kenyeres. L16311. DOI </10.1029/2005GL022947>

Global inland water monitoring from multi-mission altimetry. P.A.M. Berry, J.D. Garlick, J.A. Freeman, E.L. Mathers. L16401. DOI </10.1029/2005GL022814>

Vol.32, No.17, 2005


Gravity waves above Andes detected from GPS radio occultation temperature profiles: Mountain forcing? A. de la Torre, P. Alexander. L17815. DOI </10.1029/2005GL022959>

Vol.32, No.18, 2005


GRACE-derived terrestrial water storage depletion associated with the 2003 European heat wave. O.B. Andersen, S.I. Seneviratne, J. Hinderer, P. Viterbo. L18405. DOI </10.1029/2005GL023574>

Vol.32, No.19, 2005


Strain accumulation in the southern Alps (NE Italy) and deformation at the northeastern boundary of Adria observed by CGPS measurements. N. D'Agostino, D. Cheloni, S. Mantenuto, G. Selvaggi, A. Michelini, D. Zuliani. L19306. DOI </10.1029/2005GL024266>

Vol.32, No.20, 2005


Volcanic inflation of Mount Hokkaido-Komagatake, Japan, determined from a dense GPS array. S. Iwashita, H. Takahashi, N. Okazaki, J. Miyamura, M. Kasahara, M. Ichiyanagi, R. Takahashi, M. Nakagawa. L20304. DOI </10.1029/2005GL023438>

Atlantic SST gradient and the influence of ENSO. H.-P. Huang, A.W. Robertson, Y. Kushnir. L20706. DOI </10.1029/2005GL023944>


GeoSpatial Solutions



Vol.15, No.12, December, 2005


Guest Editorial: What Technologies Are Reshaping GIS? T. Gary. 10.

2006 Corporate Profiles. 11.

2006 Buyers Guide. 23.

Mapplet - Solar Snapshots: Measuring Irradiance from Space. C. Respini-Irwin. 50.





Vol.18, No.12, December, 2005


Solving the Puzzle - An Integrated Workflow Aids Local Government. P. Taylor 30

Southern Strategy - Quantifying Wildland Fire Risk. D. Buckley, J. Berry, T. Spencer, D. Carlton 34

Open Spatial Web Improves Decision Support. S. Bacharach 38

Position - Google Verifies that GIS Is Media. M. Ball 6

Beyond Mapping - Filter Data for the "Good Stuff". J. Berry 16

The "G" In GIS - A Perfect Distortion? Cartograms Deserve More Attention. D. Sui 18

Open Geospatial Connection - Consortia Collaborate with AEC and Geospatial Worlds. M. Reichardt 20

Techtime - Return on Interoperability: The Reward Is Real. M. Walter 66


GIM International



Vol.19, No.6, 2005


Ortho-imagery: Geometric Accuracy Assessment: Towards Product Specification for Urban Areas. W. Devos, S. Kay. 14.

Active Places: The Sport England GIS Portal: Powerful Functionality Based on ESRI and Microsoft Products. P. Sharma. 31.

Geo-ICT Capacity Building in Rwanda: GIS on the Map in Post-conflict Development. M. Schilling, E. Twarabameneye, W. de Vries. 69.

Editorial - Combination. D. Haarsma. 5.

Interview - Linking Geospatial Database with GIS: GIM International Interviews Dr Jayant Sharma, Technical Director Spatial Products, Oracle. J. Sipkes. 6.

Pinpoint - Sharing. M. Lemmens. 11.

Technology in Focus - GPS: Position, Time and Distance. H. Key. 13.

OGC Column - SDI Catalonia: A Regional Approach. J. Guimet. 19.

ICA Page - Atlas: a Window on the World. T. Trainer. 29.

Review - Gi4DM: Raising Multidisciplinary Awareness: First Symposium on GI in Disaster Management. J. Sipkes. 35.

Product Survey - Geodetic GPS. H. Key, I. van der Bent. 41.

Review - From Pharaohs to Geoinformatics: First FIG and GSDI Joint Conference, Cairo. J. Sipkes, C. Lemmen. 49.

Company's View - Software Solutions for the Photogrammetric Industry: Cardinal Systems, LLC. J. Smith. 52.

Review - 12th Brazilian Remote Sensing Symposium: For Companies, Researchers, Universities, Institutions and Schoolteachers. T.M. Sausen. 63.

FIG Page - Land Information Policies in the Americas. S. Enemark, J. Parker. 65.

Insider's View - Human Capacity: Building for the Future. P. Dale. 73.

Vol.19, No.7, 2005


Land Subsidence in Urban Areas of Indonesia: Suitability of Levelling, GPS and INSAR for Monitoring. H. Abidin. 12.

Field Area Checks Using GPS: Preventing Oversubsidisation of EU Farmers. S. Kay. 33.

Development of the ILRIS-36D: Balancing User, Market and Design Objectives. A. Lavarone. 41.

Japanese Reflections on the Beauty of Maps: Where Knowledge and Artistry Meet. N. Takayama. 44.

The Respond Project: Geo-information for Humanitarian Aid. L. Holledig. 47.

Biodiversity Surveying and Monitoring: Using GIS and GPS in Annapurna Conservation Area of Nepal. N.R. Chapagain. 53.

High-level Political Support Needed: GSDI and Land Administration within Europe. D. Burmanje, P. van der Molen. 68.

Interview - Digital Earth: Global Citizens of a Truly Global Society: GIM International Interviews Prof. Dr Hiromichi Fukui. B.B. Madhavan. 7.

Pinpoint - Pushing the Right Buttons. M. Lemmens. 11.

OGC-Column - Standards: Meeting Expectations. M. Grasjo. 17.

ICA Page - Cartography and LB Technology. G. Gartner. 31.

Review - Digital Earth Facing Challenges: 4th International Symposium, Tokyo. B.B. Madhavan. 36.

Review - Map Middle East 2005: Geospatial Developments in an Emerging Region. J. Sipkes. 50.

Company's View - GI Technology for Developing Countries: QSIT: Quality Standards Information Technology. S. El-Abd. 56.

Review - Geospatial World: The World Is Geospatial: Communication Key Challenge for Near Future. D. Haarsma. 62.

Insider's View - Fisher Information Theory. J.W. Betit. 73.

Vol.19, No.8, 2005


Boundary Dimensions as Basis: Managing a Cadastral SDI Framework. M. Elfick, T. Hodson, C. Wilkinson. 14.

IDENA: Spatial Data Infrastructure of Navarre: Architecture, Metadata and Interoperability. P. Echamendi, M.A. Jimenez. 36.

Scalable Vector Graphics: Internet Display and Dissemination of Maps. S. Ghosh. 60.

Legal Aspects of Geospatial Data-gathering in Space: Eyes in the Sky or Big Brother. F.G. von der Dunk. 69.

Editorial - Eat and Be Eaten. D. Haarsma. 5.

Interview - Reviewing Aerial Survey in India: GIM International Interviews Mr K. Kalyanraman, NRSA, India. B. Lohani. 7.

Pinpoint - Stepping Beyond the Bounds of Protectionism. M. Lemmens. 11.

Technology in Focus - Scanner Image Sensors. H. Key. 13.

OGC Column - OGC in Use - Projects and Experiences from Germany. Y. Schilcher. 19.

ICA Page - Keeping in Touch: Maps for the Visually Impaired. J. Rowell. 35.

Product Survey - Large-format Scanners. M. Lemmens. 40.

Review - A Global Geographic Information Society: Be Spatial: GIS PLANET 2005 Conference. J. Sipkes. 46.

Company's View - Large-format Scanning and Copying: Contex Scanning Technology. R.A. Gonzales. 48.

FIG Page - Symposium on Innovative Technologies for Land Administration. P. van der Molen. 65.

Insider's View - Distance Learning for Developing Countries. S. Murai. 73.

Vol.19, No.9, 2005


How Historians Are Now Using Computer Technology: Investigating Spatial Effects in Architecture and Painting. V. Hart, A. Day, J. Robson. 13.

Disappointing NSDI National Clearinghouse Survey: International Developments, Status, Suitability and Spatial Distribution. J. Crompvoets, A. Bregt, M. van Adrichem. 35.

Swiss Cadastral Core Data Model: A System-independent Data Exchange Mechanism. D. Steudler. 40.

Optimal GCPs with Onboard GPS: Block Adjustment for Photogrammetric Production of Map of Iran. A. Milanlak, M.G. Majdabadi. 46.

Slum Identification Using High-resolution Satellite Data: Informal Settlement Patterns in India. S. Jain, B.S. Sokhi, U. Sur. 60.

Renewed European Standard Setting: CEN Technical Committee on Standardisation in Geographic Information. H. Knoop, W. Pachelski. 69.

Editorial - Coming of Age. D. Haarsma. 5.

Interview - Turning Research into Practical Solutions: GIM International Interviews Dr Tadashi Sasagawa, director, PASCO Corporation. B.B. Madhavan. 7.

Pinpoint - Revisiting the Past. M. Lemmens. 11.

OGC Column - OGC Spin-off: lat/lon. M. Muller. 17.

ICA Page - ICA in Mapping the World. B. Rystedt. 33.

Review - ISRSE Symposium: Monitoring, Understanding and Managing of Our Planet's Environment. D. Kurtener, E. Krueger-Shvetsova. 49.

Company's View - Large-format for GIS Professionals: Hewlett Packard. M. Swack. 50.

Review - GIS... Helping Manage Our World: 25th ESRI International User Conference. M. Luccio. 58.

FIG Page - 8th United Nations Regional Cartographic Conference for the Americas; Habitat Professionals Forum Session on 'Governamce - People - Professionals' at the UIA Congress in Istanbul. S. Enemark. 65.

Insider's View - Innovation and Land Administration. P. van der Molen. 73.

Vol.19, No.10, 2005


UML in Use Case Modelling: Property Transactions in Slovenia. R. Sumrada. 12.

Building upon Traditional Skills: The Need to Grasp Chance from Change. I. Williamson. 58.

City Map to Virtual Reality: 3D Reconstruction Models of Cities. P. Alkhoven. 84.

Editorial - Crossing Borders. D. Haarsma. 5.

Interview - Geo-community: Year-through Dynamic Information Exchange: GIM International Interviews Olaf Freier, managing director of Hinte-Messe. M. Lemmens. 6.

Pinpoint - Unified Modeling Language. M. Lemmens. 9.

Technology in Focus - Co-axial. H. Key. 11.

OGC Column - Benefits of Open Standards Adoption. G. Kennedy-Smith. 17.

ICA Page - ICA and UN Help Develop Geo-information for Africa. B. Rystedt. 31.

Preview - Exceeding All Limits: Intergeo 2005 Dusseldorf, Germany - A Preview. A. Miedema. 32.

Review - Space Tech and Geo-spatial in Nepal: Promotion via Public Private Partnership. R.K. Sharma, D.R. Paudyal. 45.

Product Survey: High-end Total Stations. H. Key. 49.

Company's View - Offering the Full Chain: Jena-Optronik. D. Ratzsch. 64.

FIG Page - Struve Geodetic Arc Joins World Heritage List; 3rd Survey and GIS Summit and 25th ESRI User Conference. 81.

Insider's View - Precision Forestry in China. F. Zhongke. 89.

Vol.19, No.11, 2005


Onboard Galileo Atomic Clocks: Current Status and Performance. F. Droz. 12.

Time-space Modelling with Terrestrial Lidar: Monitoring Ice Cliff Evolution of the Miage Glacier, Italy, with ILRIS-3D. A. Tamburini, P. Deline, G. Mortara. 31.

Bright Future for GIS in Africa: Dissolving White Spot on World GIS Map. W. Gawecki. 36.

Monitoring Earthquake Fires in Japan: Real-time Fire-spread Prediction System. H. Shinohara, K. Sasaki. 46.

Toposcopy: Linking Photo and CAD Data: Digital Photogrammetric System for Mapping Manmade Objects. A. Groneman. 60.

Editorial - Real World. D. Haarsma. 5.

Interview - Positioning Becoming a Commodity: GIM International Interviews Ewout Korpershoek, Director Marketing & Sales, Topcon Europe Positioning BV. M. Lemmens. 7.

Pinpoint - Know Your Place from Time. M. Lemmens. 11.

OGC Column - OGC and Environmental Information Systems. R. Azzam. 15.

ICA Page - Mapping Society and Social Mapping. E. Krzywicka-Blum. 29.

Obituary - Jacques Sipkes (1946-2005). M. Lemmens. 39.

Review - Impressions of Intergeo 2005: Zenith Points: Integration and 3D Data Aquisition and Presentation. M. Lemmens. 41.

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Unstuck in Traffic. M. Whitford. 18.

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Melee in the Mojave: Robots Ready for Rugged Roadrace. A. Cameron. 16.

Cutting-Edge Technology: ION's Autonomous Lawn Mower Competition. J. Dalley. 20.

Soaring Safe: Lightweight Collision-Avoidance System. A. Cameron. 22.

Where's Fido? GPS, GSMTrail Companion Canines. M. Whitford. 26.


Receiver Technology. 30.

Surveying & Mapping. 36.

Navigation & Guidance. 38.

Tracking & Wireless. 40.

Timing & Synchronization. 42.

GPS-Related Hardware. 44.

GPS-Related Software. 46.

Military. 50.

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Time-Invariant Sea-Floor Depths: Using the Ellipsoid as Zero-Reference Surface. M. Kumar, G.A. Maul. 16.

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Sky-Tech Cruisers. M. Whitford. 68.

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Position: Future Navigation Needs Your Input. K.W. Hudnut. 52.

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Find a Need and Fill It. 18.

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System Design - The Evolving GNSS Scene. V. Ashkenazi. 22.

Navigation and Guidance - The End of the Beginning. P. Enge. 24.

Tracking & Wireless - Vehicle Integration Hits the Road. M. Proietti. 25.

Timing & Synchronization - Strengthening the Power Grid. D.C. Erickson. 26.

Military - Moving into the Mission Area. N. de Chezelles. 27.

Surveying & Mapping - The Measure of the World. K. Alder. 28.


Special Advertorial Section. 29.


Receiver Technology. 32.

Navigation & Guidance. 34.

Tracking & Wireless. 36.

Surveying & Mapping. 38.

Military. 39.

GPS-Related Software. 40.

GPS-Related Hardware. 41.

Timing & Synchronization. 42.


The Hydrographic Journal



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A Possible Solution to a Long Standing Cartographic Mystery - Part 2. S.R. Lusby, R. Hannah, P. Knight. 7-14.

Gerardus Mercator Rupelmundanus - Cartographer & Renaissance Man. C. van Cauwenberghe. 16-18.

Formal Qualifications and the Experienced Hydrographer - What is Desirable or Necessary? 20-22.

Staff Retention Issues in the Hydrographic Survey Industry. M. Beloeil-Smith. 23-23.

Indian Ocean Tsunami - How, Where & Why? 24-25.

Honours for Founding Member Mike Eaton. 26-26.

Chairman's Column. P.C.F. Hornsby. 27-27.

No.117, July, 2005


An Assessment of the Accuracy of Three Tidal Datum Transfer Procedures in a Harbour Environment. P. Dewar, J. Hannah. 3-7.

RTK GPS - Theory and Practice for Hydrographic Surveying. N.F. Jonkman, C.D. de Jong. 8-16.

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Ocean Exploration - The Undergraduate Survey Programme at Plymouth. V.J. Abbott. 26-27.

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Tide-Watching, Cubature and Friction in the Menai Strait. K.J. George. 10-16.

Efficacy of an Interferometric Sonar for Hydrographic Surveying: Do Interferometers Warrant an In-depth Examination? C. Gostnell. 17-24.

A Footnote in History: HMS Valorous and her Links with the West of Ireland. T. Collins. 25-27.

Learning Curve is Steep Aboard Echo. 28-29.

The Struve Geodetic Arc as a World Heritage Monument. J.R. Smith. 30-32.


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Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing



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Point of Beginning



Vol.31, No.3, December, 2005


Locating Liberty. T. Babcock. 18.

Rebuilding the Chimney. H.E. Nelson. 24.

Laying Out Alabama B. Baudendistel. 30.

Thompson's Travels. R.C. Leu. 34.

Adding More Birds: Enhancing the use of GPS Survey Systems. B.S. Pressnell. 36.

The Business of Surveying, Part 6: The Pattern of Professional Life. R. Fitch. 40.

Product and Literature Showcase. 56.

2005 CAD/Surveying Software Survey. 58.

The GPS Observer - Adjusting a static GPS network. J.P. Reilly. 42.

The Business Side - Creating a business continuity plan. M.E. Denny. 46.

Back To Basics - How to double-center critical points. W.G. Crawford. 48.

The Technology Benchmark - The practice (and polemics) of water witching. H.O. Ward. 52.


Professional Surveyor



Vol.25, No.6, June 2005


Editor's Desk: It's FREE! G. McGray. 4.

Feature: Setting the Standard in New Jersey. F. Czepiga. 8.

Feature: Around the World in 60 Years. R. Stachurski. 20.

High Definition Surveying - 3D Laser Scanning: Uses in Building and Architectural Surveys. G. Jacobs. 26.

Hands On: FieldGenius 2005 by MicroSurvey Software. J. White. 34.

Business Angle: Using the DWF Format as a Customer Service Tool. J. Salmon. 38.

Second Thoughts: Who Remembers? W. Schmidt. 44.

Stories from the E Files-E for Experience: The Free House. S. Estopinal. 46.

Humor In Surveying: The Winds of Change. E. Henderson. 48.

History Corner: The Greenville Treaty, Part 2. G. Mitchell. 50.

Vol.25, No.7, July 2005


Editor's Desk: What's the Latest? G. McGray. 4.

Feature: Does GIS Really Mean "Get It Surveyed?" Indy Firm Says "Why Not!" B. Strack. 8.

Feature: Using GPS to Monitor Movement of a Cable-Stayed Bridge. R. Schaal, A. Larocca, M. Santos. 18.

Feature: The Art of Surveying...Not Off the Wall! 24.

High Definition Surveying-3D Laser Scanning: Registration and Geo-referencing. G. Jacobs. 26.

Hands On: OfficeSync by MicroSurvey Software, Inc. J. White. 34.

Humor in Surveying: What to Do if You Find Yourself Alone and Naked in a Wilderness with Devil Worshippers. T. Woodsmall. 38.

Second Thoughts: Sacagawea. W. Schmidt. 42.

Stories from the E Files-E for Experience: The Class Action. S. Estopinal. 44.

How Things Work: EDM Cyclic Errors. 48.

History Corner: When the Swamps Meet the Grants. J. Knetsch. 50.

Vol.25, No.8, August 2005


Editor's Desk: The Great Outdoors. G. McGray. 4.

Feature: GPS Tracks World's Longest Solar Car Race. G. MCGray. 8.

Feature: The PLSS: Historical and Cultural Perspectives. J. Boyle. 20.

In Memoriam: Allen W. Osborne. 26.

High Definition Scanning: Let Your Scanner Do the Walking...and the Note-taking. G. Jacobs. 28.

Conference Recap: FIG Symposium on Innovative Technologies for Land Administration. P. van der Molen, C. Lemme. 34.

Business Angle: Organize Your Office with an Intranet. J. Salmon. 37.

Book Review: How to Lie with Maps by Mark Monmonier. J. Purnell. 40.

Humor in Surveying: A Day in the Wife of a Surveyor. W. McCann. 42.

History Corner: Rappahannock Station, Virginia: How a Railroad, a River, and a Civil War Put a Small Town on the Map. M. Root. 44.

Vol.25, No.9, September 2005


Editor's Desk: GPS Comes of Age. G. McGray. 4.

Feature: The Meanders of the State Line Boundary Stone. J. Riney. 8.

Feature: Accessories: Little Things Mean A Lot. J. McGray. 14.

Feature: Thomas Hutchins at Fort Steuben Festival. J. Bratten. 18.

Conference Recap: ESRI Celebrates 25th Anniversary. J. McGray, M. Luccio. 20.

High Definition Scanning: Standard Twenty-Foot Cross Sections? No Problem! G. Jacobs. 26.

Gigglebytes: ItÕs Hard to Survey with a FlyinÕ Squirrel on Your Head. T. Woodsmall. 32.

Business Angle: Free Business Resources for Your Land Surveying Company. J. Salmon. 36.

Education in Surveying: Bachelor Degree Surveying Programs. R. Schultz. 40.

E Files: Cupcake. S. Estopinal. 44.

Rules of the Game: Rules of Evidence III: Exceptions to the Hearsay Rule. D. Wilson. 48.

Observations on Positions: Monkey X-Rays and Ejection Seat Testing. C. Mugnier. 52.

Second Thoughts: Social Insecurity. W. Schmidt. 56.

Vol.25, No.10, October 2005


Editor's Desk: Mighty Storms, Mighty Folks. G. McGray. 4.

Feature: Maps in Our Lives. N. Sandler. 8.

Intersect: How do you make a GIS person understand the importance of data accuracy? R. Rambeau, J. Jackson. 20.

Conference Recap: CMSC 2005. B. Jahn. 24.

High Definition Scanning: Laser Scanning: Big Advantages, Even for Small Projects. G. Jacobs. 30.

Business Angle: Outside Looking In. J. Salmon. 38.

How Things Work: Modern Total Station and Theodolite Axes. 42.

E Files: The Tax Deed. S. Estopinal. 46.

Hands On: RIDGID SeekTech SR-20. J. White. 50.

History Corner: Pioneering Surveying, and Leadership in Illinois and Everywhere: The Life of Don Alonzo Spaulding. J. Knetsch. 52.

Vol.25, No.11, November 2005


Editor's Desk: Tragedy Transformed. G. McGray. 4.

Feature: Katrina and Rita vs. Louisiana. C. Mugnier. 8.

Feature: Riding Out the Storm. G. Durbin. 10.

Feature: USGS Supplies Critical Map Data in Katrina Aftermath. M. Keister. 18.

Feature: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Lives. J. Castagana. 26.

Education in Surveying: 40 Years LaterÑThe Status of U.S. Surveying and Mapping Education in 2005. D. Gibson, J. Plasker. 32.

Intersect: Are Surveyors the Right People to Collect GIS Field Data? J. Jackson, R. Rambeau. 36.

High Definition Scanning: Forensic and Damage Assessment Surveys. G. Jacobs. 38.

GIS Monitor Supplement: GISCorpsÕ Response to Hurricane Katrina. M. Luccio. 44.

Rules of the Game: Rules for Investigation. D. Wilson. 46.

GiggleBytes: Seen Any Tough Old Surveyors Lately? T. Woodsmall. 48.

Second Thoughts: A Month of Sundays. W. Schmidt. 50.

Vol.25, No.12, December 2005


Editor's Desk: Covering it All. G. McGray. 4.

Feature: Utilizing 3D Technology in Renovation Projects. H. Abaza. 8.

Feature: Rapid Aerial Response Assists Disaster Stricken Regions. N. Sandler. 14.

Conference Recap: Impressions of Intergeo. M. Lemmens. 24.

Conference Recap: A SurveyorÕs View of Intergeo. H. Key. 24.

Feature: Rediscovering Biloxi. G. Durbin. 32.

Surveying the Capitol: Surveying Congress. L. Socci. 38.

Intersect: We Speak the Same Language, so Why CanÕt We Communicate? J. Jackson, R. Rambeau. 40.

Book Review: The Great Arc: The Dramatic Tale of How India Was Mapped and Everest Was Named by John Keay. J. Purnell. 42.

Hands On: Maptech Terrain Navigator Pro, Version 7.0. J. White. 44.

Second Thoughts: Peace. W. Schmidt. 47.

Rules of the Game: Rules Self-Imposed by the Courts. D. Wilson. 49.

GiggleBytes: Pulling Teeth (or How to Get Paid). E. Henderson. 51.

How Things Work: Modern Total Station and Theodolite Axes. 52.

History Corner: The Forts of Western Ohio, 1790-1795, Part 1. G. Mitchell. 54.


Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica



Vol.49, No.3, 2005


Determining the Maximum Degree of Harmonic Coefficients in Geopotential Models by Monte Carlo Methods. K.R. Koch. 259-275.

Lame Surfaces as a Generalisation of the Triaxial Ellipsoid. Z. Nadenik. 277-288.

Comparison of the Qualities of Recent Global and Local Gravimetric Geoid Models in Iran. L. Kiamehr, L.E. Sjoberg. 289-304.

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Vol.49, No.4, 2005


GOCE Data Processing: The Spherical Cap Regularization Approach. B. Metzler, R. Pail. 441-462.

A Possible Detection of the 26 December 2004 Great Sumatra- Andaman Islands Earthquake with Solution Products of the International GNSS Service. J. Kouba. 463-483.


Survey Review



Vol.38, No.297, July, 2005


Editorial. M.A.R. Cooper. 176.

Diagnosis of outlier of type multipath in GPS pseudo-range observations. J.L. Awange. 177-189.

Precision and results reliability analysis of different instruments for investigating vertical micro-displacement of structures. B. Kovacic, Z. Kapovic. 190-203.

A computational approach to the Robinson projection. C. Ipbuker. 204-217.

PDOP values for simulated GPS/Galileo positioning. P. Cederholm. 218-228.

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Determination of the optimal diameter for spherical targets used in 3D laser scanning. Y. Reshetyuk, M. Horemuz, L.E. Sjoberg. 243-253.

The influence of the sea on driving the Channel Tunnel. A. Johnston. 254-258.

Obituary - Professor Willem Baarda 1917-2005. 259-260.

Vol.38, No.298, October, 2005


Position errors caused by GPS height of instrument blunders. T.H. Meyer, A.L. Hiscox. 262-273.

Increasing reliability of the test for outliers whose magnitude is small. S. Hekimoglu. 274-285.

Using GPS near the forest and quality control. A. Pirti. 286-298.

Robust-type biased estimation in Gauss-Markov model. Q.-M. Gui, G.-Z. Li, J.-K. Ou. 299-307.

Independent control of GPS networks above long tunnels by astronomically determined azimuths or bearing angles. N. Solaric, Z. Versic, D. Spoljaric. 308-316.

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Effects of observation plan and precision on the duration of outliers detection and fuzzy logic: a real network application. H. Konak, A. Dilaver, E. Ozturk. 331-341.

Book Review - A Survey of Palestine under the British Mandate 1920-1948. 343-343.

Book Review - Plane and Geodetic Surveying - The Management of Control Networks. 344-344.

Vol.38, No.299, January, 2006


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