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Additional information

Has written books of fiction as follows: “Ak, šie bērnības gadi” (1992.), “Kautrīgais būvtehniķis” (1996.). “Kāda vīra stāsti” (1997.), “Mīlestības dienasgrāmata” (1998.), “Kalnozola dzimta” (2003.).

Has category B driver’s license; A member of Hunters’ Union.

November 12, 2003.

Curriculum Vitae

Surname Osina

Christian name Jana

Address 6-1 Bikernieku str. Riga LV 1039
Telephone private 7543722

Date of birth 04.04.1939

Marital Status married

  • Latvian University diploma N 001613 of Master of geological sciences,1996

  • Student of Leningrad Mining Institute dip. N 712188, gratification – mining engineer, hydrogeologist, 1961-1971

  • Moscow State University, efficiency courses of engineering geology for high school teaching stuff, cert. N 20617, 1979

  • Moscow, WSEGINGEO, efficiency courses of mathematics methods and computer techniques in hydrogeology, cert. N 735, 1974

  • Student of Riga Industrial polytechnic school, dip. N 144501, qualification-technician of electrical engineering, 1953-1957

Research and teaching experience

  • Since 1976 senior lecturer, assistant professor at the Faculty of Civil engineering, Riga Technical University
  • Laboratory assistant, technician, engineer, junior research associate of All-union (Soviet Union) institute of scientific research of marine geology and geophysics,1960-1976

Command of languages

Latvian – native

Russian – free

English – with dictionary

Professional associations

The member of Latvian Geotecnician Society

Scientific research work

  • 1969-1976 as engineer and junior research associate of VNIIMORGEO collaborate in investigations of engineering geological conditions of Latvia and Baltic see territories, 5 publications of research papers.

  • From 1976 as lecturer at Riga Technical University collaborate in research contracts, work out study programs and methodical materials of teaching, include the text book Engineering geology, Riga, 1986, p. 278 (co-author) and Instructions on the testing methods in engineering geological laboratory, Riga, RTU, 1985, p. 65 (co-author).

  • Collaborate in working out Latvian standards of engineer investigations in construction and soil classification according European standards, in development and promotion of geotechnical terminology in Latvian.



Surname NOVIKS

Address Kr.Barona iela 39-23

Birth date September 4, 1939, Ludza

Nationality Latvian

Marital status Married


    1. Riga Politechnical Institute – civil engineer.

    1. Riga Building technical school – building technical.

Academic degree:

Since 1999 assoc. Professor

Since 1992 doctor of engineering sciences

Since 1976 docent

1969-1971 Post graduate course in Riga Technical university – defended post graduate course.

Work expierence:

Since 2002 chief editor of journal “Praktiskā būvniecība”;

Since 1997 chief editor of journal “Дом, Квартира”;

Since 1993 chief editor of journal “Māja, Dzīvoklis”;

Since 1966 Riga Politechnical institute (Riga Technical university) – senior lecture, docent, deputy dean, head of Chair of Building engineering, Director of institute of Building engineering, head of the group of building technology, head of the professors group;

    1. architectural and building organizations “Siltumprojekts” and “ Rekonstrukcijas birojs”, engineer, senior engineer;

1957-1958,1962-1963 by Latvian Ministry of Building – technical master.

Other expieriences:

Since 1996 member of RTU Council, received licence for building individual houses and for general building construction works (licence Nr. 653).

Since 1994 chairman of the Board of Building Engineering institute.

Since 1987 Board member of the Dome.

  1. intern in ministry of Building of Latvia for 4 months.

    1. intern in Praga Building institute for 10 months.

    1. course in French by Leningrad State university for 10 months (licence Nr. 248).

Activities in social- professional organizations:

Latvian Building engineering society – board member since 1989.

Special awards:

  • button Honorary member of RTU, 1999;

  • marks of Latvian CM distinction 1987, gratitude, premiums.


Computer literasy


  • Būvdarbi IV. 2002.-285 lpp., issuer sia “Jurģis ‘93”;

  • Būvdarbi III. 2001.-245 lpp., issuer sia “Jurģis ‘93”;

  • Būvdarbi II. 2000.- 214 lpp., issuer sia “ Jurģis ‘93”;

  • Būvdarbi I. 1999.- 342 lpp., issuer sia “Jurģis ‘93”;

  • Ģimenes māja. 1997.-264 lpp., issuer sia “Jurģis’93”;

  • Celtniecības tehnoloģija (together with T.Šnepste). 1991.- 304 lpp., issuer “Avots”;

  • Jums, individuālie būvētāji II daļa. 1989.- 239 lpp., issuer “Avots”;

  • Jums, individuālie būvētāji I daļa. 1988.- 222 lpp., issuer “Avots”.

Issued 14 monographies about building construction (also translated in foreign languages).

Issued appr. 400 scientific articies.

Curriculum Vitae

First name and

family name Juris Kaurāts

Address: work: Āzenes ielā 16 # 201 Rīga LV – 1048

home: Blaumaņa ielā 12 # 40 Rīga LV – 1011

Telephone: work: ( 371 ) 7089229

home ( 371 ) 7283977

Date of birth: 06 February, 1937

Nationality: latvian

Civil status: married, 1 child

Education: 1984- 4 months – Yerevan Polytechnical Institute (Armenia ) the Department of Training Teachers for Technical sciences.

1965 – 1962 postgraduate at Riga Polytechnical Institute, 1993 - M.A. g.

1959 – 1958 Riga Polytechnical Institute, civil engineer 1958 – 1956 Latvia State University

1956 – 1954 Institute of Civil Engineering (Leningrad, Russia )

Language skills: Latvian – native tongue

Russian – advanced level

German – certificate of Riga Goethe Institute “Deutsch als Fremdsprache ”

English – Intermediate

15.Membership of

16.professional bodies: Latvian Union of Civil Engineers

Trade Union of Teachers and Scientists of Latvia

Academic Experience: since 06.1991 - lecturer at the Department of Civil Engineering of the Institute of Construction at Riga Technical University. Has developed the following new courses: “ Buildings and Their Structural Members”, “ Introduction in Architectural Design”, “ Reconstruction and Restoration of Buildings”, “ Latvian Building Codes”. Has updated the course “ Industrial Building “

since 06. 1965 - has been delivering lectures, conducted seminars and practical classes, supervised hands – on training courses and given tutorials and been a scientific advisor for diploma design to students of 5 departments of Riga Technical University.

Has written about 50 teaching and methodical aids as well as scientific publications

04.1990 – 09. 1975 - scientific worker at the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering at Riga Polytechnical Institute, leader of the group of researchers

05.1991 – 09.1965 – senior lecturer and assistant at Riga Polytechnical Institute. Supervisor of students’ hands-on training sessions at the Department of Industrial and Civil Building. Member of the Methodological Comission of Riga Polytechnical Institute and the Board of Study at the Department of Civil Engineering.

06.1974 – 10.1964 – senior engineer and managing engineer at the Design Office of Riga Polytechnical Institute

08.1962 – 01.1961- constructor at the Design office for Planning Merchandising Facilities

12.1960 – 08.1959 – supervisor of construction at Latvia Academy of Science

Other skills: driving licence (A and B category )

Riga, November 27, 2003


Andris Zabrauskis was born in 1961.Since 1994 he served as a assistant professor of building acoustics at the Riga Technical University ,Latvia.He received a building engineering diploma (specialization – acoustics) in 1984 and MSc from the same University in 1994.

He has worked as leading acoustics engineer , head of acoustics division and chief acoustician of Latvian State Building Design Institute „Pilsetprojekts” from 1984 - 1994.

He is author of more than 300 building acoustical designs and solutions in Baltic states, as well as an author of more than 20 papers in Latvian , English and Russian .His main research interests are currently hall acoustics , special sound insulating systems and noise control.

He has served as president and vice-president of the Latvian Acoustics Association (LAA) from 1998 -2003 .He is a fellow of LAA and EAA (European Acoustics Association), and expert of the EAA committee „Room and Building Acoustics”.

Signature A.Zabrauskis.







77-2, Tallinas street, Riga, Latvia LV-1009


office:7089145;mobile: 9464669

Date of birth

May 6, 1940



Marital status



1964-1972: Riga Polytechnical Institute. Civil engineer of industrial and civil engineering;

1947-1958: Riga Secondary school No.24

Experience of work

Since 12.1991 up till now: assist.professor at Department of Design of Structures of Civil Engineering Faculty, Riga Technical University (RTU);

09.1977-12.1991: senior lecturer at Department of Design of Structures of Civil Engineering Faculty,RTU;

07.1968-09..1977: head of laboratory of Department of Design of Structures of Civil Engineering Faculty, RTU;

03.1967-07.1968: training master at Department of Design of Structures of Civil Engineering Faculty , RTU;

05.1963-03.1967: engineer at the trust “Orgtehstroj” of Ministry of Building;

01.1961-05.1963: technician and engineer at Institute of Architecture and Building of Latvian Academy of Sciences;

Complementary worth-while experience

1980: 5 month-training courses of teaching technical subjects at Moscow Civil Engineering Institute;

Joint author of Latvian Building Standards: LBN206-99 - Standard Design of Wood Structures”; LBN203-97 - Standard Design of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Structures; LBN205-97 Standard Design of Masonry and Reinforced Masonry Structures; LBN204-98 - Standard Design of Steel Structures; LBN004-98 - Basic Principles of the Designing; Loads and Effects;

Experience that is obtained by carrying out 36 (approx.) expertises on technical condition, load-bearing capacity and break-down causes of structures.


Languages: Latvian - native; Russian - fluent; English - translation by means of dictionary;

Testing and diagnostics of technical condition of structures and building constructions; working out of reconstruction and reinforcement designs of load-bearing structures according to the Latvian Civil Engineers Society licence No.300.


Name : Videvuds-Ārijs

Surname : Lapsa

17.Date of birth : July 7, 1933

Place of birth : Riga, Latvia

Nationality : Latvian

Marital status : married, two children

Home address : 6-32 Dammes Str., Riga, LV 1067, Latvia

18.Home phone : 371-7410828

Working place : Riga Technical University

Office phone : 371-7089296

Office fax : 371 7089223, 371-7860093

Post : Chief researcher of the Civil Engineering Faculty,

ass. professor.

Since 1995. Assistant professor at the

Chair of the Construction Technology of RTU,

reading the lectures about the themas:

“Construction tehnology and industrial safety” for

Latvian and foreign students and

“Ecological construction”, “Testing of the

Materials” also.

Scientific degree : Doctor of Engineering (g.)

Education : Highest, Civil Engineer

1972. Higher Patent course at the Committee of the

Inventions and Discoveries of the former Soviet

Union, outstanding finished.

1967. Dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Engineering defended.

1962.-1966. Post-graduate at the Kiev Civil Engineering Institute (Ukraine) and Riga Technical University (former Riga Polytechnic Institute).

1951.-1956. Student of the Civil Engineering Faculty of the Latvian State University. A qualification of the civil engineer obtained at the 1956.

Construction experience : 1962.-1964. Senior engineer in the Baltic Sea Hydrotechnical Construction Trust (Riga).

1961. Senior engineer in the Tartu Construction Trust, (Estonia).

1959.-1961. Construction designer in Ventspils.

1956.-1959. Construction manager in the Ventspils Construction Trust (Latvia).

Scientific and education work : Since 1995. Chief researcher and ass. professor at the Civil Engineering Faculty of Riga Technical University.

1994. – 1999. Director of the Ecological Building Center of Riga Technical University. Work interrupted due the age limit

1993.-1999., Head of the Concrete Mechanics Laboratory of the RTU. Work interrupted due the age limit

1962.-1993. Post graduate, senior researcher, assistant professor and chief researcher in the Civil Engineering Faculty of the RTU.

1969-1988. In paralel to the scientific work in the RTU has been half-time ass. professor in the Latvian Institute of Raising the Qualification for Specialists of the National Economy. Have been read the lectures about the themas: “New trends in the Construction Technology”, “Non-destructive testing of the buildings, structures and materials”, “Invention, patent and licence”.

In paralel to the scientific work since 1965. have an experience in the structural expert work at the non-destructive testing of the buildings, materials and structures.

Publication : 121 scientific work, including 5 books and reports.

Inventions : 60 inventions, including 32 former Soviet patents and

28 Latvian patents, one patent application in USA.

Directions of Research : 1) Technology and rheology of concrete.

2) Ecological, low energy and low cost housebuilding.

3) Non-destructive testing of building materials and structures

Languages : Latvian, Russian and English. German and Estonian by dictionary.

Social work : - Latvian Civil Engineer Association,

  • Latvian Material Research Association,

  • Latvian Concrete Association (Founder and President).

Cooperation with

foreign scientific

and technical organizations: Cooperation with the Finnish, German and Swedish

Concrete Associations, with the Concrete Institutes

of USA and Japan and with the Federation of the

European Concrete Associations in Lausanne.

Curriculum vitae

Family name


First name


Date of Birth

May 1, 1932



Civil status



1957 – Latvian agricultural academy, degree – Hydrotechnical Engineer

1974 – Moskow Institute of Civil Engineers, degree – g.


Latvian, Russian, Germany

Present Position

Riga Technical University, docent of water supply and sewerage department

Professional career

1957-1958 Riga land – reclamation station

1958-1967 Hidrological department

1983-1988 Riga Technical University, head of water supply and sewerage department

1987-1993 Riga Technical University, dean of Civil Engineer faculty

Membership of professional Bodies

1991-1998 Latvian association of Heating, Gas and Water Technology Engineers

1996-1998 Member of governing board of Latvian Civil Engineers


Published 28 articles in field of water supply


Personal data

Name Dmitrijs

Surname Serdjuks

Date of birth March 23, 1971

Private address Maskavas street 260/5-50, Riga LV-1063

Office address Riga Technical University, Building and Civil Engineering

Faculty, Azenes street 16, Riga LV-1048

Nationality Russian

Citizenship Republic of Latvia


1997-2001 Doctoral student at Riga Technical University,

speciality: structural engineering and reconstruction.

Theme of doctoral thesis: "Composite structure of

saddle shape roof"

1995-1997 Master’s degree student at Riga Technical University,

speciality: structural engineering and reconstruction,

theme of master’s work "Hyperbolic paraboloid roof

of composite materials"

1988-1995 Student of Riga Technical University. Speciality:

structural engineering and reconstruction.Theme of

diploma thesis "Ribbed timber dome D = 60 m"

Participation at


14.-15.11.2002 International conference "Materials Engineering and Tribology 2002". Report: "Hybrid Composite Cable Based on Steel and Carbon" Kaunas, Lithuania

09.-13.06.2002 2-th International conference on composite material mechanics. Report: "Prestressing Losses in the Stressing Cables of Composite Saddle Shaped Cable Roof" Riga, Latvia

06.-08.06.2001 10-th International conference "Metal Structures".

Report: "Rational Shape of Square in Plan Saddle Shape Cable Roof" Gdansk, Poland

16.-18.05.2001 7-th International conference "Modern building materials

structures and techniques". Report: "Structural Possibilities

to Decrease the Compliance of Saddle Shape Cable Roof" Vilnius,Lithuania

11.-15.06.2000 11-th International conference on mechanics of composite materials. Reports: "Utilization of Composite Materials in Saddle Shape Cable Roof" and "Formation of Saddle-Shaped

Composite Sheets" Riga, Latvia

19.-22.05.1999 6-th International conference "Modern building materials

structures and techniques". Report: "Rational Geometrical

Characters of Saddle Shape Cable Roof Supported by Tensioned Cables" Vilnius, Lithuania


of work

1998-2003 Lecturer, Riga Technical University, Professor’s group of Design of Structures

Scientific work 10 scientific publications, 1 innovation


Languages Russian - native; Latvian - good; English - good

Informatics PC user’s level.



    1. Name, surname: Svetlana Fjodorova

    2. Year of birth: 1941.

    3. Place of birth: Russia, Kirov

    4. Passport data: L E 0837241, personal code 030741-10717

    5. Address: 79 Dzelzavas Str., apt.28, ph. 7549155, Riga, Latvia

    6. Nationality, citizenship: Russian, LR citizen


2.1. I948.- I958. Riga Secondary School,

2.2. 1958. – 1961., Riga Building Technical School

2..I, 1961.- 1967. Riga Politechical Institute, Building Faculty

2.-I. 1974. - l 978. Riga Politechnical Institute, post-graduate

2.5. I978. Moscow Institute of Engineering and Building

2.6. 1988. Kiev Institute of Engineering and Building

2.7. I990. Poland, World Trade Centre, School of Managers

2.8. 1992. Canadian Business School (West Ontario)

2.9. I994. Riga Manager School

2.10. 1995. Hungary, MSI, management

III. Nostrification:

3.1. The period of nostrification: 1993.

3.2. The place of nostrification: Riga Technical University

IV. Work experience:

4.1. 1961. – 1967. Department of Building, N59. Trust "Rigastroj"

4.2. 1967.- 1968. Riga Politechnical Institute, Building Production

Department, assistant

4.3, 1968. -1982. RPI, Department of Building Economics and Management, senior teacher

4.4. 1982. -l 993. RTU. Department of Building Production Economics and Management, assistant professor

4.5. I993.-I999. RTU Department of Building Production Economic and Management, assistant professor, Dr.oec,

4.6, since 1999.g. RTU, IEF, Production and Business Institute. Professor group of building production economics. Dr. oec, assistant professor

V. Language skills:

5.1. Russian: fluent

5.2. English: with a dictionary

VI. Publications (number and volume): 60 publ., 65 publications


(Curriculum vitae)

Birthdate and birthplace: 1.03.1963., Riga

Personal code: 010363-12706

Addres.: Šauļu ielā 3 - 30, Rīga, LV-1055

Languge skills: Latvian, Russian, German; English with a dictionary

Education:1993 - 1995 RTU, Faculty of Engineering Economics (IEF), Production and Business, profile institute on Economics

(RUDEPI), Master‘s Degree

1982 - 1988 Riga Politechnical Institute, IEF, the Chair of Economics of Production Machine Building, the Chair of Organization and Management

(MEOVK), student

1970 - 1981 Riga 45. vidusskola, pupil

Academic titles and scientific degrees:

1998 Doctor of Economics

1995 Master of Economics of Engineering

1988 Dipl. Engineer and economist in the field of machine building economics and organization

Work experience:

2003 chairman deputy of Building Business Economics Professor Group Defence commission (BUE) for bachelor papers

2003 chairman deputy of the defence commission of Turiba BA for master papers

Since 2002. RTU IEF BUE professor group head, assoc.professor

2000 - 2001 Ventspils High School, head of Ekonomics and Management Faculty,

Marketinga and Logistics Management Chair

since 2001. RTU Production and Busines Economics professor group prof.assistant

since 1999. february Ventspils High School, assoc.professor

1999 – 2001 RTU IEF IT (Innovation and marketing) prof.gr., assistant

since 1999. member of RTU IEF RUE defence commission RTU IEF RUE for master


1998 – 1999 Ventspils High School, prof.assistant

1998 - 1999 responsible secretary of RTU IEFaculty commission

1998 – 2000 ES PHARE Program of Business education reforms (BERiL)

Education and Science Ministry (IZM), Agency of Professional Education programs

(PIAPA), Program of Business Education for Adults, Profile module – Marketing –

izstrādes grupas vadītāja.- head of development group

1998 – 2000 ES PHARE BERiL program, IZM Professional Education Center

(PIC), market expert for realization of study program basic course commcercial

education teaching aids

1997 – 2000 ES PHARE BERiL programm, IZM PIAPA, head of group of

development of study program profile „Marketing and Trade“ for Latvian

professional business colleges

My achievements:

  • Head of group of development of national standard fot college studies program profile Marketing and Commerce.

  • Author of development of national standard for the subject of the program Marketing

  • Head of qualification course Marketing for teachers in PIC system of economic subjects.

1998 – 1999 RTU IEF IT prof.gr., lecturer

since 1998 secretary of the board of RTU IEF Production and Business Institute

1996 – 1998 RTU IEF RUDEPI, lecturer

since 1996 RTU IEF member of revision commission of bachelor studies

since 1996 RTU IEF RUDEPI later RUE responsible secretary of prof.gr.

professional qualification commission

1990 – 1996 RTU IEF RUDEPI, assistant

1988 – 1990 RTU IEF MEOVK, scientific worker

1986 – 1988 RRA Elektrons, senior economist, Department of material and

technical supply snd distribution,

1981 – 1986 Riga Medical Institute senior librarian

Scientific research activity:

Dr.oec.paper: „Economic aspects of execution of leasing operations in Latvia“


Mg. oec. paper: „Economic grounds of decision making in leasing operations“

(according to the totality of work published) (1995)

Dipl. Eng. paper: Choice of economically grounded options of elastic production

system“ (1988)

Scientific publications (amount):

Papers in scientificcollected articles 17

Conference thesis 9

Other scientific publications 17

Published teaching aids (amount):

Methodic teaching aids 8

Conspects of lectures 4

Professional studies course program (ekonomic college) 2

Academic studies course program 1

Subject programs 19

Rise of qualification: 2001-2002 International management course“Marketing/

communication; Company managemen/personnel management;

Accounting/financial management,

Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, WIFI,

Rīga,Vienna (Austia)

2001 Focus seminar “Trade Marketing: Store as a communication medium”,

Profindex Baltic, Rīga

2000 seminar Carl Duilsberg Gesellschaft “Marketing Management” (Cologne,


1999 course “Project preparation”, Latvia‘s self-government studies center, Riga

1999 seminar ”Oeranization of EU, functions and intergation processes“


1999 seminar “Organization and management of teaching process based on problem

and situation solving“, ES PHARE BERiL, Jurmala

1998 Demontfort University, Laster; RSA Examination board, Coventry,

Bulton College, Birmingham; Westen England University, Bristol; Weston

college, Vestonsupermare; the educational council of Business and technology,

London, Brittish Council Central Bureau, London (Great Britain)

1998 doctor examination, Business economics

1997 doctor examination, German languageeksāmens vācu valodā

1997 Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College (Denmark, 2 weeks)

1997 ES PHARE BERiL program within studies of marketing subject teachers,

method of teaching, Riga

1996 doctor examination: theory of economics, business economics,

engineering economics

1994 Lubek Professional education high school (Germany, 4 months)

Pedagogical qualifications:

  • Amount of papers defended and guided:

Master papers - 21

Bachelor papers – 97

Engineer prjects – 13

Diploma projects - 28

Qualification papers - 40

Total - 193

- 1999 Promotion work reviewer “Marketing problem service in the field of communication“ (V.Zvirbule)

2003-06-06 I. Geipele

Viktors Filipenkovs

Researcher, Riga Technical University

1Kalku St., Riga, Lv-1658, Latvia

Office: phone +371-7089202

Email: v_filipenkov@

Born: March 30, 1962, Riga, Latvia


  • Biomaterials

  • Biomechanics of hard biological tissue, experimental analysis of the mechanical properties of biological tissues and biomaterials

  • Mechanics of composite


  • Student of Riga Politechnical Institute (now Riga Technical University), 1979-1980 and 1982-1988

  • Ms, Civil Engineering “Hall of tennis-court", Riga Politechnical Institute (now Riga Technical University), June 29, 1988

  • Doctoral student of Riga Technical University, 1997-2000

  • Dr. sc. ing., Biomechanics “Deformation and strength of biocomposites made of mineral components for bone tissue replacement”, Riga Technical University, January 16, 2001


  • Technician, “VEF” factory, 1979-1980

  • The Soviet Union army, 1980-1982

  • Ingineer, “VEF” factory, 1982-1987

  • Senior engineer, Institute of Polymer Mechanics, Biomechanics laboratory, 1987-1988

  • Senior engineer, Riga Technical University, Biomechanics laboratory, 1988-1995

  • Visiting assistant, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Wales Swansea, Singleton Park, Swansea SA2 8PP, Wales, UK, March 1995-June 1995

  • Research Assistant, Riga Technical University, Institute of Biomaterials and Biomechanics, 1995-2000

  • Researcher, Riga Technical University, Institute of Biomaterials and Biomechanics, 2001-

Lecturing activities:

  • Lecturer, Riga Civil College, 1988-1992

  • Lecturer, Riga Technical University, 2002-


  • Civil Constructions (Riga Civil College)

  • Soil Mechanics (Riga Technical University)

Languages: Russian, English and Latvian

List of publications:

  1. Бунина Л. О., Черская Н. О., Кнетс И. В., Добелис М. А., Пфафрод Г. О., Филипенков В. В. и Ениколопов Н. С. Авторское свидетельство № 1738274 « Способ изготовления материала для эндопротезирования». 8.02.1992. (Bunina L. O., Cherskaja N. O., Knets I. V., Dobelis M. A., Pfafrod G. O., Filipenkov V. V., Enikolopov N. S. Patent No 1738274 (former USSR) Method of priparation of materials for biological tissue replacement 8.02.1992.

  2. И. В. Кнетс, Л. О. Бунина, В. В. Филипенков. Материалы для замещения костной ткани на основе сверхвысокомолекулярного полиэтилена и гидроксилапатита. Механика композиционных материалов.-1993.-Т.29-№2.-С.240-250. (I. V. Knèts, L. O. Bunina, and V. V. Filipenkov. Ultra-high-molecular polyethylene and hydroxylapatite-based materials for replacing bone tissue. Mechanics of composite materials. - 1993.- Vol. 29.-No 2. - P. 240-250).

  3. I. Knets, M. Dobelis, V. Filipenkovs. Natural hydroxyapatite reinforced polyethylene for bone tissue replacement. 3rd EUROMECH Solid Mechanics Conference, p-21. Stockholm, Sweden. August 18-22, 1997.

  4. R. Cimdins, I. Knets, J. Leskinovics, V. Vitins, V. Filipenkovs. Bioactive calcium phosphate glass ceramics of high mechanical strength. Tenth International Conference on Mechanics of Composite Materials, p-244. Riga, Latvia. April 20-23,1998.

  5. I. Knets, V. Filipenkovs. Bonding strength of composite implant to compact bone tissue. Tenth International Conference on Mechanics of Composite Materials, p-250. Riga, Latvia. April 20-23, 1998.

  6. I. Knets, V. Filipenkovs, M. Dobelis, R. Cimdins, V. Vitins. Double coating on titanium prosthesis. Tenth International Conference on Mechanics of Composite Materials, p-251. Riga, Latvia. April 20-23, 1998.

  7. I. Knets, V. Filipenkov. Strength of bonding between ultrahigh molecular mass polyethylene-hydroxyapatite composites and the surface of bone cortex. Journal of Biomechanics. Volume 31, supplement 1, 1998, p-59. Proceedings of the 11th Conference of the European Society of Biomechanics. Toulouse, France. July 8-11, 1998.

  8. I. Knets, V. Filipenkovs, J. Laizans, V. Vitins, M. Dobelis, R. Cimdins. Biomechanical behaviour of bone and calcium phosphates bio-glasses. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing. Volume 37, supplement 1, 1999, p-203. Proceedings of the 11th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering. Tallinn, Estonia. June 6-10, 1999.

  9. I. Knets, V. Filipenkovs, M. Dobelis, L. Rupeks. Bonding strength at the interface of bone tissue and composite implant made of ultrahigh molecular mass polyethylene and hydroxyapatite. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing. Volume 37, supplement 1, 1999, pp.-204-205. Proceedings of the 11th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering. Tallinn, Estonia. June 6-10, 1999.

  10. V. Filipenkovs, I. Knets, R. Cimdins, V. Vitins. Mechanical properties of biocomposites and their bonding strength with the bone tissue. Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics. Volume 1, supplement 1, 1999, pp.-157-160.

  11. V. Vitins, V. Filipenkovs, I. Knets, R. Cimdins. Effect of Bioglass coating at the interface between the bone tissue and implant. Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics. Volume 1, supplement 1, 1999, pp.-531-533. Proceedings of the 4th Polish Scientific Conference «BIOMECHANICS 99». Wroclaw-Polanica Zdroj, Poland. 8-11.09.1999.

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