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List of CSIR Research Institutes/Laboratories with contact addresses, research areas and facilities

Prof. S.K. Bhattacharyya


Central Building Research Institute


Roorkee -247 667 (Uttarakhand)

Phone: +91-1332-272243, 272391

Fax: +91-1332-272272, 272543

Email: director@, director@

Website: ,

Research Area

Providing S & T back-up to the problems of buildings and construction industries in the areas of housing, building materials, geotechnical & structural engineering, building physics and fire research & testing

Main Research Facilities

  • Low Speed Wind Tunnel with Computer Controlled Monitoring System

  • Artificial Sky for Illumination Measurements

  • Heavy Testing Laboratory

  • Fire Testing for building components Laboratory

  • Strong motion Instrumentation laboratory

  • Pest & Mycology Laboratory

  • The institute also has 157 types of testing facilities for building materials and components based on BS, BIS and ASTM standards.

Dr. Ch. Mohan Rao


Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology


Uppal Road, Hyderabad-500 007(AP)

Phone: +91-40-27160789

Fax: +91-40-27160252, 27160310

Email: director@


Research Area

Biophysics & biochemistry; molecular biology; cell biology; genetics & evolution; biomedicines & biotechnology

Main Research Facilities

  • Confocal Microscopy facility

  • Automated DNA Sequencing facility

  • Flow cytometry facility

  • Protein analysis and peptide and DNA synthesis facilities

  • Laboratory animal facility

Dr. Tushar K Chakraborty


Central Drug Research Institute


Chattar Manzil Palace, Lucknow -226 001 (UP)

Phone: +91-522-2610932, 2623286

Fax: +91-522-2223405, 2223938

Email: director@


Research Area

Development of contraceptives; new drugs for tropical diseases (malaria, filariasis, leishmaniasis), cardio-vascular and central nervous system disorders, hepatoprotection and allergy; development of immunodiagnostics for early diagnosis of malaria, filariasis and leishmaniasis; development of vaccines for leprosy, malaria and cholera; exploration of terresterial plants, including Indian traditional remedies, and marine flora and fauna for novel molecules for drug development; development of immunomodulators; development of cost-effective innovative chemical/fermentation technologies for the institute's new drugs, known drugs and drug intermediates, biologicals and fermentation products; basic research on biology of reproduction, host-parasite bio-chemical mechanisms, regulation of CVS and CNS functions and enzymes and receptor studies to obtain `new leads' for drug development.

Main Research Facilities

  • Combinatorial Chemistry Set-up

  • High Throughput Screening

  • Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography

  • Electron & Confocal Microscopes

  • DNA Microarray

  • Proteomics

  • 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer

  • Computer aided drug design

  • Biological screening in about 170 in vitro/in vivo test systems

  • Regulatory pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, toxicology and clinical trials

  • Fermentation studies

  • Animal House

Dr. V. Yegnaraman


Central Electrochemical Research Institute


Karaikudi -623 006 (Tamil Nadu)

Phone: +91-4565-227777, 227778

Fax: +91-4565-227779

Email: director@, vyegna@ Website:

Research Area

Batteries and power sources, corrosion science and engineering, electochemicals, electrochemical materials science, electrohydrometallurgy, electropyrometallurgy, electrochemical instrumentation, electrodics and electrobiology and industrial metal finishing.

Main Research Facilities

  • Modern analytical facilities like high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, gel permeation chromatography, IR, UV and atomic absorption spectrophotometers, X-ray powder diffractometer, scanning electron microscope, and elemental analyzer.

  • A betatron radiographic instrument for monitoring corrosion in reinforced and prestressed concrete structures.

  • Battery Testing

Dr. Chandra Shekhar


Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-CEERI)

Pilani -333 031 (Rajasthan)

Phone: +91-1596-242111, 243719

Fax: +91-1596-242393, 244396

Email: director@


Research Area

Microelectronics-LSI/VLSI circuits, design and prototype fabrication of ASICs, power semiconductor devices, multilevel hybrid microcircuits, etc. Strategic Electronics (Semiconductor Devices)-W-Band millimetre wave impact diodes and GaAs devices; Microwave Tubes- Design and prototype fabrication of power TWTs, magnetrons, crossed field amplifier, fast wave microwave tubes, miniature magnetron, S-band 5-MW pulsed klystron, type -M dispenser cathodes. Industrial Electronics-Microprocessor- and PC based control systems for sugar, tea, leather, dairy, pulp, paper and textile industry; energy-efficient drive and power electronic systems for industry, Data High-Way Maplan, drip irrigation system, colour graphics, and digital mapping system. Museum Electronics - Audio-visual systems and speech engineering with special reference to voice communication with machines, synthesis for Indian languages. Drugs; Diagnostics; Reagents.

Main Research Facilities

  • Computer-aided design (CAD) of ICs, discrete semiconductor devices and microwave tubes

  • Fabrication facility for semiconductor devices and microwave power tubes

Dr. Amalendu Sinha


Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research (CSIR-CIMFR)

Barwa Road, Dhanbad -826 001 (Jharkhand)

Phone: +91-326-2296023, 2296006,

Fax: +91-326-2296025, 2381113

Email: director@,


Research Area

Coal preparation (from laboratory to continuous pilot plant scale), coal carbonization for assessing coking characteristics of coal for different metallurgical applications and formulations of coal blends for the steel industry, development of various processed fuels, development of pollution control measures for coal-based industries, waste utilization, characterization of coals, lignites, cokes and related products, and process engineering for coal conversion technologies.

Development of mining technology for the exploitation of complex coal deposits; total packages for optimal exploitation of mineral deposits using improved technologies; numerical modelling of rock excavations and computer application in mine planning and designing from stability and safety points of view; and underground spaces addition, work has been done on prediction of ground stability; parameters contributing to air pollution in mines; ergonomics in mining operations; corrosion in mines; physical modelling of coal mining systems; development of communication systems for mines, methods for ventilation and safety in mines, mining machinery and equipment.

Main Research Facilities

  • Pilot and test facilities for briquette curing plant; Catalyst test unit for conversion of syngas to liquid fuels; CBJ hydraulic press; coal oil stabilized slurry unit; Fischer - Tropsch process development unit; Fluid bed hot air generator; Fluidized-bed combustor; heavy medium and Hydro Cyclone units, high-pressure hydrogenation pilot plant; high temperature graphitization furance; hydrogen gas plant; Super centrifuge.

  • The Institute has a wide range of modern instrumental facilities important among these are: Atomic absorption spectrometer; Automatic calorimeter; Automatic Gieseler plastometer; CDS micro reactor; Differential scanning calorimeter; ESR spectrometer; FT-NMR/IR spectrometers' Gas chromatograph; Haake viscometer; Heating microscope; High pressure liquid chromatographs; Inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer; Mass spectrophotometer; Mercury porosimeter; Orthoplan-POL microscope; Semi-automatic image analyser, spectrocalorimeter; Surface area analyser; Temperature programmed desorption apparatus; UV & IR-Spectrophotometer; X-ray diffractometer, and Zeta potential analyser.

  • Testing for mechanical properties of coal and rock samples; Compositional analysis of coal and other minerals, mine, air, other gases and water samples; Testing and certification of PVC conveyor belts and cement capsules for anchorage strength; Testing of miner's safety equipment like methanometers, industrial safety helmets, caplamp assemblies, batteries, flame safety lamps, etc.; Testing of explosives and accessories; Calibration of anemometers, velometers, manometers and investigation and testing of brattice cloth and PVC ventilation ducting; Testing for performance behaviour of pit props, steel cogs, hydraulic jacks, friction and hydraulic props, chocks, suspension beams, link bars, etc.; Material testing of wire ropes, cage suspension and haulage gear components like safety hooks, cage shackles, chains, suspension gears etc.

  • Calibration of 500 tonnes prestretching bed to assess its reliability with extenso-dynamometer; Chemical, metallurgical and microstructural analysis of mining and allied industrial equipment and cage suspension gear components

Dr. G Venkateswara Rao

Acting Director

Central Food Technological Research Institute (CSIR-CFTRI)

Mysore -570 013 (Karnataka)

Phone: +91-821-2517760, 2515003

Fax: +91-821-2516308, 2517233

Email: director@, director@


Research Area

Development of food products and processes for optimal utilization of country's agricultural produce; modernization of primary processing industry; development of value-added convenience products; upgrading traditional food technology & development of appropriate technologies for reducing/eliminating post-harvest losses of perishables and durables; basic research related to food additives, preservatives, micronutrients, food toxicity and safety, food microbiology, enzymatic and moleclular biology, bioactive substances and food packaging.

Main Research Facilities

  • Modern 20 tonnes/day capacity roller flour mill (Swiss make)

  • Research-cum-training abattoir with modern equipment; Pilot plant and workshop with an array of equipment and machinery for process scale up and study of unit operations and a functional package testing laboratory for assessing packaging materials.

  • Codex Nodal Laboratory for quality evaluation.

Prof. Indranil Manna


Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute (CSIR-CGCRI)

P.O. Jadavpur University

Calcutta -700 032 (West Bengal)

Phone: +91-33-24735829, 24839241

Fax: +91-33-24730957,24736082

Email: director@


Research Area

Development of different varieties of optical glasses, optical materials, electronic materials, engineering and high temperture materials, composites, low-cost building materials and bioceramics.

Main Research Facilities

  • A wide range of sophisticated instruments e.g. ESCA, SIMS, Surface Analyser, Q-switching for high power laser, non destructive testing, XRD, SEM with EDAX, DTA-TGA-DSC, PSA, Image analyser, High temperature creep bending tester

  • High temperature furnaces

  • ICP & AAS for chemical analysis

  • Vibrating sample magnetometer

Prof. Ram Rajsekharan


Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CSIR-CIMAP)

Lucknow -226 015 (UP)

Phone: +91-522-2359623,2357134

Fax: +91-522-2342666, 2357136

Email: director@


Research Area

Development of agrotechnologies and chemical and processing technologies for economically important medicinal and aromatic plants, both indigenous and exotic, is an important goal of the institute. Basic research in the area of phytochemistry, plant physiology and biochemistry, pathology, genetics, entomology and pharmacognosy.

Main Research Facilities

  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, Infrared spectrophotometer, Ultraviolet spectrophotometer, HPLC, FT-NMR, gas liquid chromatograph, transmission electron microscope with scanning attachment, Vickers cytophotometer and GC-MASS spectrometer and a spectrum of instruments for molecular biology and biotechnology experimentation.

  • Research farms for large scale field trials under various agroclimatic conditions, Pilot Plants

Prof. A.B. Mandal


Central Leather Research Institute


Adyar, Chennai -600 020 (Tamil Nadu)

Phone: +91-44-24910897, 24910846

Fax: +91-44-24912150,24911589

Email: abmandal@, clrim@ Website:

Research Area

Modernisation of tanneries, development of environment-friendly chemicals and technologies including enzymatic options, computer-aided designs for footwear and garments, split leathers and quality upgradation of lower ends, molecular biology of collagen and metal-collagen interactions, waste water management, region-specific appropriate technologies, tannery and slaughter house byproducts including carcass utillization, and hazard & risk analysis.

Main Research Facilities

  • Pilot tannery; Footwear pilot plant; Chemical pilot plant; Byproducts pilot plant; Polymer: Testing & Synthesis; Design engineering cell; CAD/CAM; Fashion studios; National Information Centre on Leather and Allied Industries(NICLAI); Testing Laboratories for footwear, leather and chemicals.

Dr. Gautam Biswas


Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute


Mahatma Gandhi Avenue

Durgapur -713 209 (West Bengal)

Phone: +91-343-2546749, 6510211

Fax: +91-343-2546745

Email: director@


Research Area

Design and development of mobile manipulators, robotics, deep-seabed mining systems, modern oil expellers, reliability analysis of systems in atomic power plants, automated power looms and sugarcane harvesters.

Main Research Facilities

  • Design Engineering; Computer-aided design; Solid modeling; Design analysis

Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing:

  • Layered object manufacturing - LOM (Helisys) and stereolithography (3D System)

  • Development of physical model of prototypes for automobile components, medical implants, consumer durables, etc.

  • Development of rapid tooling, using rapid prototyping, vaccum casting and TAFA process

  • Manufacturing Technology; CNC machine tools environment; Cam manufacturing; Customized heat treatment; Rapid measurement and certification; Fluidised bed heat treatment system

Foundry & Precision Casting:

  • Computerized design of gating and risering system, and defect analyses; Sand molding facilities; Shell molding facilities; Investment casting facilities; Spin casting facilities; Induction furnace 200Kg/50Kg; Rotary furnace for non-ferrous

Prof. P Seshu


CSIR Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation (C-MMACS)

NAL Belur Campus,

Bangalore -560 037 (Karnataka)

Phone: +91-80-25224667, 25051920

Fax: +91-80-25220392

Email: sic@


Research Area

  • Mathematical Modelling; Ocean Modelling,   Climate and Environmental Modelling, Solid Earth Modelling, Computational Industrial Mechanics, High Performance Computing & Networking

Main Research Facilities

  • SGI Altix ICE 8400 EX Supercomputer (1152 cores), SGI Altix 4700 Compute Server (288 cores), SAN based Storage Virtualisation Server (225 TB), SGI Altix 3700 BX2 Compute Servers, SGI Origin 3900 Compute Server, SGI Altix 350 Compute Servers, SGI Orgin 200 Compute Server, SGI O2 Workstations, SGI Indy Workstations, HP Compaq DX 2280 MT Linux/Windows Workstations

Dr. S. Gangopadhyay


Central Road Research Institute


Mathura Road, New Delhi -110 020 (Delhi)

Phone: +91-11-26848917,26823437

Fax: +91-11-26845943,26830480

Email: director.crri@


Research Area

Pavement design and performance, road condition monitoring, pavement management system, maintenance planning and management, pavement deterioration modelling, landslide management and hazard mitigation, and improved transportation planning for emerging urban needs. Besides, applied research on planning and engineering aspects of rural roads, material characterization, pavement evaluation, highway instrumentation, deterioration and rehabilitation of bridges, transportation planning, traffic engineering, road safety and environmental problems.

Main Research Facilities

  • Heavy test bed with a 60 ton load frame for evaluating experimental road sections under static and repetitive loading; Mu-meter, Portable skid tester for measurement of skid resistance

  • Testing under simulated field condition using 40t semi-mobile loading frame

  • Calibration of automatic road unevenness recorder units

  • Falling Weight deflectometer for non-destructive pavement evaluation

  • Abay beam for calibration of response type equipment

  • Dynamic non-destructive testing of pavements for their structural properties

  • Benkelman beam fitted with LVDT amplifier recorder used for load deflection measurement

  • 'Dipstick' auto-read profiler to measure roughness

  • Weigh-in-motion system to measure vehicle load and speed

  • Computer aided triaxial testing facility for soils and other granular materials

  • Concrete block making Machine for production of high-strength, interlocking concrete blocks

Dr. Pawan Kapur


Central Scientific Instruments Organisation


Sector-30, Chandigarh -160 020

Phone: +91-172-2657190

Fax: +91-172-2657267, 657082

Email: director@


Research Area

Development of instruments for microelectronics, special defence needs, medical application, geo-scientfic studies, environment monitoring, robotics and process control, coherent and integrated optics. Development of analytical instrumentation for use in agriculture, food processing.

Main Research Facilities

  • Precision optical processing facility

  • Modulation transfer function (MTF) test bench

  • CNC wire cut electric discharge machine (EDM)

  • Liquid nitrogen plant

Dr. Pushpito K. Ghosh


Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute (CSIR-CSMCRI)

Gijubhai Badheka Marg

Bhavnagar -364 002 (Gujarat)

Phone: +91-278-2569496

Fax: +91-278-2567562, 2566970

Email: pkghosh@


Research Area

Salt and salt engineering, marine chemicals, desalination of brackish/saline water, ion exchange resins and polymers, reverse osmosis, marine algae, inorganic chemicals, photoinorganic chemistry and phytosalinity.

Main Research Facilities

  • A wide range of modern instruments for characterization and structure determination of chemicals, e.g. equipments for x-ray diffraction (both single crystal and powder), gas chromatographic analysis, atomic absorption spectrometer, Fourier transform IR spectrometer, FT-NMR Spectrometer, etc.

  • Instrumental facilities for surface area measurements, determination and distribution of particle size

Prof. Rajesh S. Gokhale


Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (CSIR-IGIB)

Near Jubilee Hall, University Campus, Mall Road

Delhi -110 007 (Delhi)

Phone: +91-11-27662407-08, 27667298

Fax: +91-11-27667471, 27667806

Email: director@, rsg@


Research Area

Allergy and Immunology, diagonstics, genetic engineering, bio-organics and high tech reagents.

Main Research Facilities

  • Protein sequencing, peptide and DNA synthesis facility

  • Large scale protein purification facility

  • Automated DNA sequencing & genotyping facility

Dr. P.S. Ahuja


Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology


Post Box No. 6, Palampur-176 061 (H.P)

Phone: +91-1894-230411

Fax: +91-1894-230433,230428

Email: director@, psahuja@

Web: http://

Research Area

Floriculture, tea sciences, biotechnology and natural plant products.

Main Research Facilities

  • Tea gardens, Rose plantations, Bamboo plantations, Short duration high density energy tree plantations, Herbal gardens and Herbarium; Pilot plant facilities for extraction of essential oils and for tea manufacture and quality monitoring

  • Radio isotope facilities; Well-equipped tissue culture and molecular biology labs; Distillation facilities for high-value aromatic plant products at pilot plant scale; Pesticide residue testing laboratory for tea; Manufacture and quality monitoring of tea (green and black); Greenhouse growing of flowers; Cold Room for forcing treatment of bulbs; Plant Virological studies; Mobile Lab for bioprospection studies.

Dr. Siddhartha Roy


Indian Institute of Chemical Biology


4, Raja Mullick Road, Jadavpur

Kolkata-700 032 (West Bengal)

Phone: +91-33- 24131157, 24735368

Fax: +91-33-24735197, 24723967

Email: director@


Research Area

Natural products of medicinal, biological and industrial value and synthetic duplication of products of interest; development of innovative immunoassay techniques; understanding the basis of parasitism and development of biotechnologies applicable to the diagnosis and chemotherapy of visceral leishmaniasis; investigation of the molecular basis of pathogenicity of Vibrio cholerae and development of an effective, long-acting oral vaccine against cholera infection, development of novel approaches towards fertility control and regulation; delineation of the cellular & molecular basis of brain development and genesis and prevention of movement of disorders; investigation of gastric physiology; development of tissue -targeted drug-delivery systems; investigation of the molecular mechanism of biocatalysis; studies on the biosynthesis and liberation of carbohydrases in higher fungi; development of radiopharmaceuticals for myocardial imaging and renal and hepatobiliary studies; protein engineering models for self -organizational phenomena in living systems.

Main Research Facilities

  • Fluorescence activated cell sorter, Automatic DNA sequencer, 300 MHz NMR, Gc-Ms Mass spectrometer, Transmission Electron Miroscope, Microfermentor, Electronic Stimulator, HPLC, Liquid Scintillation Counter, Spectrophotometers, Spectrofluorimeter

  • Animal House

Dr. J.S Yadav


Indian Institute of Chemical Technology

Uppal Road, Hyderabad-500 007 (AP)

Ph: 040-27193030, 27193234

Fax: 040-27160387, 27193198

Email: yadav@

Website: http://

Research Area

Development of technologies for pesticides, drugs, organic intermediates and fine chemicals, catalysts, polymers and organic coatings, utilization of low-grade coals, and value added products from vegetable oils. Process design and mechanical engineering design organic synthesis catalysis.

Main Research Facilities

  • General purpose pilot plant equipment and dedicated pilot plants for scale up studies

  • CAD station

  • Analysis and testing facilities

  • Modern instruments for characterization and structural determination of chemicals and analysis

Dr. M.O Garg


Indian Institute of Petroleum


Mohkampur, P.O. IIP

Dehradun, 248 005, (Uttarakhand)

Phone: +91-135-2660205

Fax: +91-135-2660098, 2660203

Email: director@

Website: http://

Research Area

Petroleum refining technology, development of separation processes, conversion processes, petroleum products applications, development of chemicals and biotechnology. Separation Processes: Aromatic extraction, dewaxing/deoiling, lubes/bitumens, deasphalting and adsorptive separations.Conversion Processes: Catalytic reforming (SR & CCR), hydrotreating, hydrocracking, fluid catalytic cracking and resid cracking, visbreaking and delayed coking. Petroleum Products Applications: Alternative fuels, vehicular emissions, performance evaluation, conservation of fuels and lubricants, tribology, industrial burners, domestic appliances, waste disposal through incineration. Chemical Science: Process development for additives & intermediates, speciality chemicals, chemicals from biomass and electrochemistry/ corrosion. Biotechnology: Microbial enhanced oil recovery and microbial dewaxing.

Main Research Facilities

Pilot Plants/Bench Scale Units:

Dewaxing/Deoiling, , Visbreaking, Delayed Coking, Propane Deasphalting, High Pressure Equilibrium Still, Catalytic Reforming, Hydrocracking, Bench Scale Fermentor, Micro Reactor for Catalyst Screening, Bench Scale Units for Hydroprocessing, MAT Unit for FCC Catalysts, Desulfurisation of Fuel Gases, High Pressure Bench Scale Unit,

Hydrocarbon Analysis:

Gas Chromatographs, High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph, High Resolution GC Mass Spectrometer, UV,IR, FTIR, NMR Spectrometers, Gel Permeation Chromatograph, PIONA Analyser, GC System for RON/MON, Refinery/Natural Gas Analyser, Oxygenate Analyser, UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer

Crude & Products Evaluation:

Automatic TBP Distillation Units, Simulated GC Distillation System, Elemental Analysers:, Atomic Absorption, Atomic Emission, Oxidative Micro Coulometric Systems, XRF Sulphur Analyser, Nitrogen Analyser , Automatic Titro Processor, Pipe Line Test Rig for Corrosion Studies, Spinning Band Distillation Unit, Automatic ASTM D86 Distillation Unit, Automatic Freezing Point Apparatus, Automatic Cold Filter Plugging Point Apparatus, Automatic Pour Point Apparatus, Short path Distillation

Catalyst Characterisation:

High Pressure Mercury Porosimeter, Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometer, X-ray Diffractrometer, BET Apparatus, Chemisorption units, Thermal Gravimetric Analyser, TPR & TPD Units, Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Laser Particle Size Analyser

Product Evaluation Facilities:

Tribology: FZG Gear Rig, IAE Gear Rig, Amsler Disc Machine, Four-Ball Wear Tester, Four-Ball EP Tester, Timken EP Tester, Talysurf, Scanning Electron Microscope

Combustion Systems:

Combustion Chambers, Exhaust Gas Analysers, Product Evaluation Facilities

IC Engines:

Dynamometers for Heavy & Light Duty Vehicles, High Speed Camera with 11000 Frames/Second, Digital Analyser, Laser Droplet Size Analyser, Knock Intensity Meter, Perthometer for Measuring Surface Roughness, Programmable Engine Dynamometers Test Beds, Mass Emission Measurement System, CLR and Caterpillar Engines for Lube Testing, CFR Engines for Octane and Cetane Rating of Fuels, Ricardo Hybra Research Engine, Combustion Bomb for Basic Studies, Dilution Tunnel for Particulate Measurements

Dr. Girish Sahni


Institute of Microbial Technology


Post Box. No. 1304, Chandigarh -160 036

Phone: +91-172-2690785, 2690684, 6450991 Fax: +91-172-2690585, 2690632

Email: director@


Research Area

Molecular biology and microbial genetics, animal cell/tissue culture, protein engineering and separation technology.

Main Research Facilities

  • Scanning & transmission electron microscopes

  • Ultra and superspeed centrifuges

  • HPLC/FPLC and gas chromatograph

  • Protein sequencer & protein synthesizer

  • Fermentation pilot plant (1500 litre) and associated down stream processing equipment

  • Modern facilities for identification, preservation and maintenance of microorganisms

  • X-ray crystallography

Biochemical engineering research & process development centre (BERPDC)

  • To help develop microbial processes upto industrial scale for useful products, the Centre has several laboratory scale fermenters, a 150 litre fermenter and a computer-controlled 1500 litre fermentation pilot plant. The plant, only one of its kind in India, is integrated upstream with media preparation vessels and downstream with a centrifugal separator and a cell homogenizer. The Centre has sophisticated membrane based down stream processing equipment.

Microbial type culture collection & gene bank (MTCC)

  • The Centre has five sections, namely, actimomycetes, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and plasmids. Relevant information about the strains held in MTCC is computerized for easy search, analysis and retrieval.

Distributed information centre (dic)on protein engineering

  • DIC is a part of the Biotechnology Information System (BTIS). Its aim is to interlink all the specialized centres through a national bio-information network.

Dr. K.C. Gupta


Indian Institute of Toxicology Research


Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Lucknow -226 001 (UP)

Phone: +91-522-2621856, 2613357

Fax: +91-522-2628227, 2628471

Email: director@


Research Area

Neurotoxicology, environmental health, ecotoxicology, phototoxicology, phytoxicology, epidemiology, immunotoxicology, developmental toxicology, cardiovascular toxicology, pulmonary toxicology, environmental carcinogenesis, environmental monitoring and environmental biotechnology heavy metals, industrial dusts and fibres, plastics and polymers, hydrocarbons, pesticides, detergents, dyes and food additives.

Main Research Facilities

  • Facilities for safety evaluation of chemicals, materials

  • Animal House

  • Modern instrumentation facilities for analytical toxicology

  • Waste water analysis laboratory

Dr. A.R. Upadhya


National Aerospace Laboratories


Post Bag No.1779, Kodihalli

Bangalore -560 037 (Karnataka)

Phone: +91-080-25270584, 25265579

Fax: +91-80-25260862, 25270670

Email: director@


Research Area

Aerospace electronics and systems, fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, flight experiments, flight mechanics and control, materials science; propulsion, structural engineering and wind energy. High density acoustics, sensor technology, modelling of fluid flows, turbulent and transitional flows, flow structure and management, aircraft and missile aerodynamics, aircraft parameter estimation, flight simulation, wind tunnel simulation, development of special materials like fibres and composites, advanced structural ceramics, turbomachinery, computer-aided design and machining, composite structures, fatigue and fractures.

Main Research Facilities

  • Nilakantan National Trisonic Aerodynamic Facilities (NTAF) has three (1.2m, 0.6m and 0.3m square) high speed wind tunnels and associated model making and data acquisition systems. Every Indian aerospace vehicle has graduated out of this facility.

  • Fullscale Fatigue Test Facility has 24-actuators and controls to simulate service loading, 96 channels of data acquisition and other associated facilities. This facility is used to support the structural life extension programmes of IAF aircraft.

  • Composite Structures Laboratory, with all the necessary infrastructure (water jet cutter, prepreg cutting machine, C-scan facility, clean room etc.) chiefly works on the light combat aircraft (LCA) airframe. The Laboratory also includes two large computer-controlled autoclaves.

  • Acoustic Test Facility(ATF) with a reverberation chamber of 1100 cu m, and an achievable overall sound pressure level of 157dB has been the bedrock of acoustic qualification of all ISRO's satellites and launch vehicles.

  • NAL is recognised as a centre for failure analysis and accident investigation for both the aerospace and general industries.

Dr. C.S. Nautiyal


National Botanical Research Institute


Rana Pratap Marg, Post Box no. 436

Lucknow -226 001 (UP)

Phone: +91-522-2208876, 2205848

Fax: +91-522-2205839, 2205836

Email: director@


Research Area

Plant biotechnology, floriculture, tree biology, plant wealth utilization, environmental sciences and taxonomy & ethnobotany; Plant molecular biology.

Main Research Facilities

  • A wide range of modern sophisticated equipments/instruments for carrying out work in photosynthesis, biochemistry, plant molecular biology and plant tissue culture

  • Several testing and evaluation facilities, e.g., Gamma irradiation of plants and plant material, identification of plants, estimation and analysis of plant material for proteins, amino acids, oils, fats/active medicinal principles, gums and mucilages

  • DNA sequencing centre for nucleotide sequencing

  • Biomass Research Centre at Banthra

  • Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy

  • Herbarium

  • Botanic garden

Dr. Sourav Pal


National Chemical Laboratory


Pune -411 008 (Maharashtra)

Phone: +91-20-25902600, 25902028

Fax: +91-20-25902601, 25902660

Email: director@


Research Area

Catalysis, biotechnology, organic chemical technology, and polymers and other high performance materials. Basic research in chemistry and biochemistry.

Main Research Facilities

  • A wide range of modern instruments for characterization and structure determination of chemicals

  • A sophisticated catalyst testing unit

  • Facilities for fabrication of polymer engineering components

  • Gene synthesis facilities

  • Pilot plant facilities for catalysts, Polymers, and other chemicals

  • National Information Centre for Chemistry and Chemical Technology (NICHEM), electronic on-line/CD-ROM databases

Dr. Satish R. Wate


National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI)

Nehru Marg, Nagpur -440 020 (Maharashtra)

Phone: +91-712-2249999

Fax: +91-712-2249900, 2249989

Email: director@, dneeri@


Research Area

National/societal missions on drinking water, Ganga Action Plan, etc, environmental biotechnology, hazardous waste management, environmental impact and risk assessment, environmental systems design, modelling and optimization.

Main Research Facilities

  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer

  • UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer

  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer (ICP-AES)

  • High Performance Liquid chromatograph

  • Ocean Surface current radar (OSCR)

  • Advanced computer work stations with necessary software for activities related to Geographic Information System (GIS), Digital Image Processing (DIP), and Knowledge Based System (KBS)

Dr. Y.J. Bhaskar Rao

Acting Director

National Geophysical Research Institute


Uppal Road, Hyderabad -500 007 (AP)

Phone: +91-40-23434600

Fax: +91-40-23434651, 27171564

Email: director@


Research Area

Seismology, lithosphere, earth's interior and environment, groundwater, geophysical exploration and geophysical instrumentation

Main Research Facilities

  • Laboratory facilities for geochemical, geological and geochronological studies; (X-ray fluorenscence spectrometer, Atomic absorption spectrometer, Electron probe Microanalyser, Plasma source mass spectrometer, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Thermal ionization mass spectrometer, Lead isotope laboratory, X-ray spectrometer, Helium sniffer, etc.)

  • Stable isotopes, radiocarbon and tritium, tracer, palaeomagnetic, high temperature/pressure and mineral physics laboratories

  • Seismological, magnetic and electrical pulsation observatories at Hyderabad and Etaiyapuram to monitor seismicity and magnetic activity respectively

  • Capability to carry out field investigations using seismic, magnetotelluric, gravity and deep resistivity studies with the latest available equipment

  • Mobile observatories for dam sites investigations

Dr. Satish.R Shetye


National Institute of Oceanography


Dona Paula

Goa-403 004

Ph: +91-832-2450200

Fax: +91-832-2450602,2450603

Email: shetye@

Website: http://

Research Area

International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme, surveys for polymetallic nodules, oceanographic studies of the Antarctic waters, island development programme, coastal Zone management, resources and parameters mapping of the EEZ of India, air-sea interaction studies, drugs from the sea, marine biotechnology, biofouling and corrosion studies, technologies for rural development, development of marine instruments, and development of acoustic and remote sensing techniques for monitoring the oceans

Main Research Facilities

  • Research vessel Sagar Kanya, well equipped for round the year Oceanographic research. It has facility of mapping the seabottom and providing the real time graphic display and bathymetric chart

  • National Oceanographic Data Centre for the Indian Ocean (RNODC-INDO) for acquiring, processing and disseminating oceanographic data.

  • Processing of satellite imageries

  • Central computing facility

  • Marine Biotechnology Information Centre with a database on marine life of India

  • A Local Area Network which is interconnected to 100 PC nodes

  • An Integrated Data Acquisition System (IDAS) developed and installed onboard FORV Sagar Sampada.

Dr. Gangan Pratap


National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (CSIR-NISCAIR)

Dr. K.S. Krishnan Marg, Hillside Road

New Delhi -110 012 (Delhi )

Phone: +91-11-25846024, 25848385

Fax: +91-11-25847062, 25841033

Email: director@


Research Area

Dissemination of information to Scientific Community; Wealth of India; Information Services- Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Information Service (MAPIS), and Industrial information Service; Science Popularization.

Main Research Facilities

  • Networking and electronic mail; Online database host system; National Science Library; Electronic imaging for archival purposes; Infotech laboratory; Electronic Library,Herbarium

  • Photo type-setting and DTP

  • Offset printing

  • Designing, layout and art

  • Computerised databases

  • Recorder; CD-ROM drives

Dr. P.Banerjee


National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies (CSIR-NISTADS)

Dr. K.S. Krishnan Marg, Pusa Gate

New Delhi-110 012

Ph: +91-11-25843227,25846064

Fax: +91-11-25846640,25841260

Email: director@

Website: http://www.

Research Area

Mathematical modelling for S & T studies, S & T indicators and scientometrics; sociology of science; resource planning & utilization for regional development; information systems & S & T archival resources; technological and social change; history & philosophy of science; R & D management and training; and international polity and S & T.

Main Research Facilities

Library : integrated multi-user library management system ; INFAC database

Geographical Information System(GIS) / Remote Sensing (RS):

  • Visual interpretation of remotely sensed data: keys for visual interpretation the remote sensing data, multi - band ground -truth radiometer, aerial photo interpretation instruments like mirror stereoscopes, pocket stereoscopes and parallax bars; Hi-Tech's optical pantagraph; Procom-2, digital planimeters, pedometers and rotameters

  • GIS/RS software: ESRI’s ARC/ INFO and ARC VIEW; Bentley's micro station, SRI’s Themaps and digitiz, multi-lingual software, scanning and digitisation software

  • Image processing of remote sensing data: digitally reading and interpreting the remote sensing data with the help of digital image processing software such as Isrovision & Erdas imagine. In-house developed applications of GIS / RS and software: LIS, MIS, DSS


  • Advanced computers, A0 size colour plotters and printers; A0 size digitisers and scanners; Intranet and Internet connectivity

  • Network based on Fast Ethernet switches connected through Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) on fibre optic channel a dedicated leased line and radio link

Dr. S. Srikanth


National Metallurgical Laboratory


Jamshedpur -831 007 (Jharkhand )

Phone: +91-657-2345202, 2345028

Fax: +91-657-2345213

Email: director@


Research Area

Ore dressing, mineral beneficiation, material processing and evaluation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals; development, processing and evaluation of alloys; and component integrity evaluation.

Main Research Facilities

  • Pilot Plants: Mineral beneficiation facilities (0.5-5 tonnes/hour), VRDR, 500 kVA submerged arc furnace

  • Material shaping units: Rolling mill forging unit, wire drawing unit, extrusion press

  • Mechanical properties: Creep testing (218 points), tensile bending (MTS, INSTRON), fatigue (Vibrophore), impact (instrumented & conventional)

  • Analytical: XRF, DRS, AAS, XRD instruments

  • Physico-chemical characterization: DTA/DTC, DSC, magnetic, thermal and electrical properties; automatic image analyzer

  • Furnaces: Submerged arc furnace (50 kVA), rotary kiln, other melting units (arc, induction resistance furnaces), 60 kg vaccum induction furnace

  • Microscopic characterization: Optical, SEM, TEM

  • Non-destructive evaluation: Ultrasonic, 8-channel acoustic emission, eddy-current, micro magnetic Barkhausen emission

  • Mineral beneficiation: Hydrocyclone, magnetic separator, Barties Mozley unit, flotation cell, particle size analyzer, mineral microstructure characterization facilities

  • Refractories: Characterization, mechanical behaviour, specialized furnaces

  • Instruments for characterizing corrosion behaviour: Polarization behaviour, stress, corrosion, inhibitor (liquid, vapour and gas phase)

Dr. R.C. Budhani


National Physical Laboratory


Dr. K.S. Krishnan Marg

New Delhi -110 012 (Delhi)

Phone: +91-11-45609201, 45609301

Fax: +91-11-45609310

Email: dnpl@


Research Area

Measurements, standards and calibration, electronic & engineering materials, radio and atmospheric physics, cryogenics and superconductivity, applied projects like thin films, optical coatings, xeroradiography, high-pressure metal forming & high-powered ultrasonic systems, and underwater acoustic devices, non- conventional energy devices,and theoretical condensed matter physics

Main Research Facilities

  • Calibration of co-axial and wave guide attenuators and co-axial unismathes

  • Testing of various X-band microwave components and instrument such as VCWR meter, Gunn oscillator and Klystron oscillator power supplies

  • Apex level calibration of H-sensors, Fluxmeter etc. and measurement on soft magnetic material (facilities being established)

  • A big electromagnet with 25 cm pole diameter and variable air gap for calibration of H-sensor search coils etc.( being installed )

  • Facilities for calibration of 1 ton and 10 ton weighing system

  • Facilities for the calibration of IR line scanners, thermovision systems and wavenumber standard

  • Computerized facilities with current set-up inter-comparison of two iodine stabilized HE-NE laser by Matrix measurement technique. Frequency calibration of secondary standard HE-NE lasers

  • Variation of beat frequency in a tuned sale

  • Short term and long term stability estimation by Allan Variance Method (graphic)

  • Angle measurement facilities by photo electric auto-collimator resolution, 0.05 sec of arc

  • Facilities for crystal growth by low thermal gradient Czechoslovaki method and growth of bismuth germinate crystals

Dr. Anil K. Gupta


Advanced Materials and Processes Research Institute (CSIR-AMPRI)

Hoshangabad Road, Habibganj Naka

Bhopal -462 026 (Madhya Pradesh)

Phone: +91-755-2457105

Fax: +91-755-2457042, 2488985

Email: director@


Research Area

Development of low-cost/alternative building materials/components; development of new materials like metal-matrix and alloy based composites; tribological studies, e.g. wear-related problems in mining equipment, farm implements; ferrites from blue dust; characterization of natural fibres, fibre-reinforced polymer materials; corrosion & engineering failure studies; quality-upgradation of foundary techniques, especially metal- based industry in tribal and backward sectors of M.P; beneficiation of low grade ores and coal; utilization of fertilizer minerals of M.P, utilization of aluminium silicate minerals; natural resources database management; modelling studies on groundwater resources management modelling studies on water quality

Main Research Facilities

  • Modern equipment and instrumentation for chemical analysis, minerals processing, mechanical testing and metallography in addition to well-equipped foundry and workshop. The equipments include: Scanning Electron Microscope, X-ray Diffractometer with PC-APD software, TAS Plus Image Analyzer, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, DCP Spectraspan, Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer, Particle Size Analyzer, INSTRON Universal Testing Machine, Strees Rupture Testing Machine, Friction and Wear Test Machine, Rubber Wheel Abrasion Tester, Gas Jet Erosion Tester, Bearing Test Rig, Talysurf Apparatus, Fatigue Testing Machine, Melt Spinner, 150 T Hydraulic Press, High Temperature Furnace, Plasma Spray Unit, Computerised Hysterisisgraph, Magnetic Particle Test Equipment, Ultrasonic Flow Detector QFT 2 +, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge DME DL, Portable Non-contact Thermometer, Portable Hardness Tester, Vibration Meter.

  • Leaf Area Index Meter (ELE International AM 100), UV-Spectro Photometer (GBC-911), Moisture Measuring System (6050 X 1 trase - USA), Portable Soil Analysis Kit (Palintest - 5000 ELE International).

  • Orion ion analyser (Model 290 A), high volume sampler, weather monitoring kit, stack monitoring kit, zero head space extractor, portable spectro photometer (Hach DR/2000), gaschromatograph mass spectroscope (GCMS).

  • Mozely Multi-Gravity separator, wilfley table, water-only cyclone, heavy media cyclone, vorsyl separator, flotation cells and columns, air-sparged hydrocyclone, Kelsey jig.

  • Time Domain Reflectometre-Soil Moisture Measuring System, Guelph Permeameter.

  • Centre for characterisation of building materials

Prof.B K Mishra


Institute of Minerals & Materials Technology (CSIR-IMMT)

Bhubaneswar-751 013 (Orissa)

Phone: +91-674-2581126

Fax: +91-674-2581160,2581066

Email: dir@


Research Area

Mineral processing, extraction metallurgy (pyro and hydro), preparation of special materials and alloys, design and project engineering, preparation of inorganic and organic chemicals (including pigments,drug, pharmaceuticals and perfumery chemicals); survey & cultivation of aromatic, medicinal and other economic plants; and development of new analytical methods

Main Research Facilities

  • High precision microscopes for mineral characterization studies

  • Large-scale flotation column for beneficiation of various minerals and coal fines, gravity separation units including Bartle's Mozley concentrators and magnetic separators

  • Integrated communition facilities for ores and minerals and studies on energy consumption

  • Facilities for agglomeration of ore fines and concentrates through sintering, pelletization, briquetting, testing and evaluation of agglomerates

  • Rotary kilns, multiple hearth furnace, high temperature Tamman furnace, vaccum induction furnace, etc. for roasting, smelting and melting studies

  • High pressure batch and continuous autoclaves for slurry leaching

  • Integrated solvent extraction and electrowinning facilities for extraction of metals from dilute and complex solutions

  • Solid-liquid separation facilities for generation of engineering data

  • Special high temperature furnaces, including plasma furnace

  • Test loops for slurry transportation through pipelines including bench-scale facilities for material characterization, slurry rheology, dewatering, pumping and mixing studies

  • Combustion test rig for liquid fuels, acoustic and other types of burner testing

  • Cyclone combustion test rig

  • Sophisticated corrosion-erosion testing facilities

  • Facilities for surface area, porosity and fluorescence measurements and catalyst testing and evaluation

  • Instruments for physico-chemical characterization of ores, minerals and organic chemicals; XRF, XRD, AAS, IR, UV, NMR, GLC, ion chromatograph, HPLC and densitometer

  • Herbarium for identification of plants

Dr. P.G. Rao


North East Institute of Science and Technology (CSIR-NEIST)

Jorhat -785 006 (Assam)

Phone: +91-376-2370012, 2372742

Fax: +91-376-2370011, 2372523

Email: director@


Research Area

Development of oil field chemicals, agrochemicals, drugs and drug intermediates, cellulose, pulp and paper, inorganic chemicals and building materials. Organic chemistry, biochemistry and geoscience

Main Research Facilities

  • High field supercom magnet NMR facility operating at a frequency of 300 MHz of proton having all the units digitally controlled. The machine is controlled by user friendly UXNMR based UNIX operating system and is capable of recording almost all types of spectra in liquids or solutions with a facility for user-defined pulse-programming in C-language interfaced with UXNMR.

  • Facilities for the analysis and testing of water, soil, sand, metals, minerals, cement, fertilizers, food products, essential oils for earthquake monitoring and prediction related studies

  • Pilot plant facilities

  • Patent Inspection centre

Dr. Ram A. Vishwakarma


Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine


Cannal Road , Jammu -180 001 (J&K)

Phone: +91-191-2569111, 2569222

Fax: +91-191-2569333

Email: director@


Research Area

Natural products & organic chemistry, drugs & pharmaceuticals, process development & engineering design, introduction, improvement and cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants survey, post-harvest technology, applied microbiology & mutation genetics, food technology, cellulose, pulp & board, and utilization of mineral resources

Main Research Facilities

  • A wide range of analytical and characterization facilities, e.g. IR including one FTIR, UV-VIS spectrophotometers, multinuclear NMR 90 MHz (for proton), GCMS, High resolution GCMS, preparative HPLC, C.H. Analyser

  • Automatic Polarimeter

  • JEOL 60 MHz, C.n. NMR

  • Bruker Supercon 200 MHz FT-NMR

  • Electron Microscope

  • DNA transilluminator

  • DX-300, Ion Chromatograph Carbohydrates Analysis System

  • Isotope laboratory

  • Pilot plant facilities in the areas of essential oil and other phytochemicals fermentation, food, minerals, papers & boards

  • Herbarium of the flora of North-west India

Dr. Suresh Das


National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (CSIR-NIIST)

Thiruvananthapuram -695 019 (Kerala)

Phone: +91-471-2490324

Fax: +91-471-2491712, 2490186

Email: director@


Research Area

Chemistry of natural products, agroprocessing and speciality agrochemicals related to spices and plantation crops; materials screening/processing for value addition of clays & non-nuclear beach sand minerals; oxidic fine ceramics; metal alloys & composites, photochemical systems including solar energy conversion, calibration/upgradation of procedures for analysis of pollutants; and waste water technology

Main Research Facilities

  • A wide range of facilities for characterisation and analysis of organic/inorganic/polymer materials

  • Ppreparation & characterisation of alloys & composites, ceramic powders and thin films

  • Mechanical testing & microscopic facilities

  • Agroprocessing facilities

  • Clay & Mineral testing & processing facilities

  • Effluent & water quality analysis

Dr. Nagesh R Iyer


Structural Engineering Research Centre


TTTI Taramani, Chennai -600 113 (Tamil Nadu)

Phone: +91-44-22542139, 22549201

Fax: +91-44-22541508, 22541973

Email: director@


Research Area

Structural dynamics, including studies on vibration blast and impact, experimental mechanics wind engineering computer aided designing, offshore structures, structural concretes and concrete composites, and towers and tower like structures

Main Research Facilities

  • Structural dynamics laboratory with a medium duty test floor and uniaxial shaking-table facility having servo-controlled electro-hydraulic actuator of 100 kN capacity with facilities for high speed data acquisition and control. An Elastic Half Space Facility has also been setup.

  • Fatigue testing laboratory with heavy-duty floor and reaction walls and servo-controlled electro-hydraulic actuators of 500 kN & 1000 kN capacities with facilities for on-line data acquisition and control.

  • Concrete composites laboratory with a chemical laboratory, polymer impregnation equipment and testing machines.

  • Construction engineering laboratory with an outdoor casting yard and pretensioning bed and non-destructive testing equipment for damage assessment of distressed concrete structures, including corrosion studies.

  • Experimental stress analysis laboratory with equipment for techniques such as photoelasticity, laser holography, speckle interferometer and moirefringes and strain measurement.

  • Wind Engineering Laboratory with a boundary layer wind tunnel of test section 1.8m x 2.5m, to generate wind speeds up to 55 m/s and a mobile laboratory for field measurements and experiments.

  • Tower Testing and Research Station for testing towers upto a height of 65 m and a base of 20mx20m using electro-hydraulic servo system.

  • Heavy testing laboratory with a heavy duty test floor capable of testing prototype structures

**For latest information/details please visit website of the CSIR Institute/Laboratory**

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