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Romanovskaya N.V., Tkach V.I. The introduction of health-technology in music lessons.

In the published article, the authors reveal the role of health-technology applications in music lessons and extra-curricular activities in order to preserve and promote the health of students.

Keywords: health-technologies, health, therapy

Smolina O.O. The orthodox monastic culture in the context of the problems and processes of modern society. The article contain an examine of the monastic culture not only as an element of traditional culture, but as a phenomenon that may be relevant in the modern world. The concepts and practice of asceticism, sacrifice, repentance, confession, which constitute the spiritual meaning of monastic culture of the rod, can be applied to solve the different problems of modern time.

Keywords: monastic culture, currency, penance, confession.

Timohina N.S. Moral and spiritual education of primary school children at the lessons of literature. The contents of the literary works that are studied at the literature in the junior school is a profound source of enrichment for the pupil of the junior school, it opens the world, teachers him to solve moral problems, ,helps pupils to manifest a right attitude according to orthodox values which are the essence of a human’ life.

Key words: spirituality, morality, fairy tales. life description.

Chornaya L.V., Erohina O.P., M.V. Lomonosov’s contribution in the revival and the development of mosaic art. We are obliged to Michael Lomonosov by a birth of Russian mosaic. Really, everythiry in Russian mosaic of 18 centuries has been created by Lomonosov by his advanced scientific knowledge …, by faultless artistic flair. The set in mosaics of Lomonosov was made in the accelerated way, which he had invented. Lomonosov has brought improvements in all details of mosaic technics, he was free of tightening traditions, and was whead of his time.

Key words: Lomonosov, Russian art, mosaic, smalt, the theory of «three colors».

Scherbina V. Biblical themes and imagery in the work of V. Stus (based on the book «Palimpsest»). The paper is devoted to research collections V. Stus «Palimpsest». Author has tried to draw a parallel with the Psalter and in tune to find motifs and images in the work of the famous Ukrainian poet of the sixties.

Keywords: God, worship, contrast, height, psalm

Hieromonk Antony Marshansky. The role of a word in the person’s life. The article focuses on the role of a word in the spiritual life of a person. The research depicts the power of a word. A word is a conductor of our feelings, wishes, thoughts, gladness and grief. A word holds union and power of human kin.

Key words: spiritual life, conductor, gladness and grief, union and power of human kin

Arhunova V.G. To the problem of the organization of foreign language distant teaching. The article considers the problem of foreign language distant teaching; its possibilities are shown; main factors of successful distant training are displayed. The importance of pupils’ independent work in development of their cognitive abilities is specified.

Keywords: distant training, objectives, methods, teaching skills, independent work.

Belyaeva J.D. Lexical-grammatical field “Trade market relations”: etimology and historic contest. Nowadays a lot of linguists focuses their attention on the lexical etimology of the definite thematic trend. In the given article the author profoundly examines lexical-grammatical field “Trade market relations” getting to the point of their origin. Besides she tries to represent the given field in the historic contest.

Keywords: etymological characteristic, semantic characteristic, lexical-grammatical field, etimology, the semantic structure of the word.

Buzuc I.L. Сausative verbs (faire and laisser) and semantics of constructions with these verbs in french. This article is devoted to one of the most actual problems in modern linguistics – to causative verbs. In the article, the causative verb category is examined, the ways of expressing the meaning of causation in French, the semantic characteristics of constructions with the verbs «faire» and «laisser» are given. The problem of the allocation of the so-called causative voice is rather disputable because many linguists don’t consider it a voice.

Key words: category of causation, causative verb, causative voice, factitive, permissive.

Buimestru N.M. Verbs of movement. The present article tries to work out a dynamic semantic description of movement. He is dedicated to the description semantic properties of a class of verbs called verbs of movement. To introduce them, to us will define first of all concepts of movement and of displacement such as they can find them in the recent works dedicated to the expression of space relations. Later, we will define precisely the class of the verbs of movement. We will offer their semantic description in terms of network of c features be speeded up in their group or partly, or else replaced. This description aims at explaining the compatibility of these lexemes with introducing targets characteristics which don't correspond a priori to the status of target.

Key words: verb, movement, perfective, imperfective, axe trimorphic.

Vinnickaya A.S. On studying the works of postmodernism in the contemporary school (on the material of the story "Country" written by Petrushevskaya L.). The article is dedicated to the study of Russian postmodernism at school. The definition of peculiarities of a “new hero” in postmodernism is given there. Author bases himself on a story «The Country» written by Ludmila Petrushevskaya.

Volkova Y.Y. The National-Cultural Specificity of the Concept “Masculinity” on the Material of English Proverbs, Sayings and Aphorisms. The article deals with some national-cultural peculiarities of the concept “masculinity”. The idea of masculinity is analyzed on the basis of English proverbs, sayings and aphorisms, as they are regarded as the most effective and vivid expression of Englishmen’s outlook.

Keywords: The concept “masculinity”, linguistic culture, folk experience, the paremiological level of the language (proverbs, sayings, aphorisms), a cultural constant.

Vychuzhina G.B., Vychuzhin V.A. The interpretation of the image of Mephistopheles in K. Marlowe's "The Tragic Story of Life and Death of Doctor Faustus."

The article tells about the image of Mephistopheles, of when he first appeared. The authors also narrate about what are the characteristics of the 'eternal' image in the interpretation of the outstanding playwright, a contemporary of William Shakespeare.

Dubets E.V. The development of communicative competence in the study of the Moldavian language by foreign students. The current stage of the development of the society is characterized by permanent changes in the socio-economic and political life, which leads to the need of reviewing approaches to the training of students taking into account the regional characteristics. In the work the problem of communicative competence of students of non-linguistic specialties in the discipline "Moldavian language" is described. The practical mastery of the Moldavian language by future specialists not only as a spoken language, but also as means of professional personal development in the process of studying at the university becomes actual.

Keywords: communicative competence, the learning, the functional aspect of the language, the field of activity, foreign language competence, means of communication, socio-cultural competence

Dubets E.V. Using the Internet resources in the course of teaching of the Moldavian language and the literature. In the present work an object in view: to result a technique of teaching of the Moldavian language and the literature at Russian school in conformity with development of modern information technology. Work is directed on studying of possibilities the Internet of technologies for expansion of an outlook of schoolboys.

Keywords: a technique, didactics, information technologists.

Zhosan D.K. Difficulties of studying oral speech for students of non-linguistic specialities. In article the question on necessity of change of a paradigm in a technique of training to a foreign language from traditional approaches towards development of skills of speech dialogue speaking another language on professional themes and conducting scientific discussions in the oral form, and also drawing up of professional kinds of texts, such as summaries, reviews, scientific articles and etc., in written and oral forms is considered.

Keywords: communicativeness principle, a principle of presentation, communicative models.

Ivaschenko L.S. Dynamics of development of modern sports terminal system. The article deals with a rich and complex to quantify in a systematic and semantic of sports terminology, which began forming in the first decade of the twentieth century and continues today. The author defines the place of sports terminology in the structure of the modern Russian language, revealed signs of a language of sports.

Key words: Terminal system, semantic, sports terminology, signs, language of sports.

Kosakovsky L.G. Development of language competence trained in the course of practical approbation of a method of projects. Modern living conditions make new demands to learning of foreign language in which center there is a language competence. Article opens advantages of a method of projects in the course of foreign language teaching.

Keywords: a method of projects, a research method, language competence.

Leontieva N.N. The morphology and other disciplines. This article is devoted to the importance between the morphology and other disciplines. It concerns the interdependence of the morphology and the syntax.

Key words: morphology, syntax, semantics, lexicon, part of speech.

Lozan T.A. Methodology of the development of Russian-speaking students’ oral Ukrainian speech. In the article the problems concerning the Ukrainian language training’s peculiarities of Russian-speaking students’ are examined on the bases of the interference’s actions analysis. It deals with the specific character of the methodology’s development of oral Ukrainian speech. In the article principal work’s directions concerning speech development are marked and methodological references concerning the gradual use of speech exercises are given.

Keywords: interference, transposition, bilingualism, closely related language, the environment of Ukrainian language, speech culture.

Mazepa T. A. Disadvantages of working in groups methods

This article describes the problem points in the teaching of literature. Because every child is an individual, which is characterized by different inclinations, abilities, interests, properties, thinking and memory. 

Martyniuk N. L. Individual author’s transformations of idioms in the headlines of the newspaper “The Independent”. The paper considers author’s transformations of idioms in newspaper headlines; gives the definition of idiom transformation, its kinds and the classification of these kinds in social and political journalism. The object of the research is the transformation of idioms by the authors in the headlines of the newspaper “The Independent”. The aim of the research is to reveal the prevailing kinds of idiom transformation in newspaper headlines.

Keywords: idiom, headline, transformation, constituent, inversion, insertion, reduction of structure, contamination, combination.

Milova N. The language situation of the Pridnestrovian region in the context of the first and second Bulgarian influences. In this paper we have attempted to examine the language situation in Endoglossic Pridnestrovian region between the first and second Bulgarian kingdoms, given that the region came to the attention of two South Slavic influences. Based on the classification of linguistic situations, proposed by A.D. Schweitzer, we conclude that the present language situation in Pridnestrovye is Exoglossic balanced.

Keywords: language situation, Exoglossic balanced and unbalanced, Endoglossic balanced and unbalanced, communicative function, the official language, Koine, dialect.

Mitrofanova M.V. Healthsaving technology at English lessons. The article is devoted to the problem of pupils' health at school which is getting worse over the last decades. The article includes the definition of the notion 'healthsaving technology', the determination of its aim and the criteria of healthoriented lesson. The article provides teachers with instructions of improving the process of teaching.

Keywords: positive attitude, motivation, good atmosphere in the classroom, variety of activities.

Perevyazka N.P. Structural and stylistic peculiarities of direct address in the English language. The paper considers structural and stylistic peculiarities of direct address in the English language in written dialogical speech; their classification and some general and distinctive features are given. The object of the research includes the forms of address which were used in the English fiction literature of the 19th -20th centuries. The aim of the research is to point out some changes in the system of direct address forms and to analyze their emotional connotations.

Keywords: address, speech etiquette, sociolinguistics, anthroponyms, appellatives, forms of attracting attention, neutral and emotive forms of address.

Platonova I.Y. Lexical means of creating the comic effect in the dialogues of video-verbal character (based on the American situation comedy “The Big Bang Theory”). The article in question is devoted to the consideration of lexical means of creating the comic effect in the video-verbal text. Here the concept of the “video-verbal text” is disclosed, some characteristics of the dialogues in the video-verbal text are stated, the linguo-stylistic means of creating the comic effect on the lexical level in the humorous video-verbal text are defined and described.

Keywords: linguo-stylistic, comic effect, video-verbal text, dialogues, lexical means.

Polejaeva S.S. The realization of the lingual and contextual semantics of the words ‘back street’ (закоулок) and ‘remote corner’ (глушь) in the works written by N.V.Gogol. The article is devoted to the semantics of the words ‘back street’ and ‘remote corner’ reflected in Gogol’s works. It’s substantiated the idea of the expansion of the stylistic component of the mentioned words in the aspect of memorized (positive) evaluation to the expressed words, it’s also substantiated the idea of contraction of the size of lexical and semantical variants of these words in the modern Russian language.

Key-words: semantics, stylistics, space

Pomelnicova A.N. To peculiar properties of moldavian students' accent in the area of german vocalism. Communication is the most important component of any human society. Correct pronunciation is necessary for proper communication because the pronunciation affects the understanding of the meanings of the words. In this aspect, it is very important for a learner to focus on acquiring phonetic skills from the very beginning, basing on knowledge of the phonetic systems of native and foreign languages that helps to avoid mistakes in pronunciation.

Key words: phonetics, skills, pronunciation, interference, native language, foreign language

Popchenko O.P. The language situation in Transnistria (for example, the functioning of the Ukrainian language). The article examines the main aspects of the theory of the language situation in the work of local and foreign linguists, the analysis of the degree of functioning and spreading of the Ukrainian language in Transnistria has been made, the characteristic features of modern linguistic situation have been determined in the republic.

Key words: language situation, demographic and communicative power of language, balanced and unbalanced linguistic situation, bilingualism, polylingualism.

Popova V.F. Several Aspects of the Literary Term – Epithet. The article deals with the description of techniques which will help students in perceiving the theoretical base of the term epithet. The examples from literary works which will help to understand epithet better are also given in the article.

Key words: interpreting, sense, syntagm, combination, expression, fairy-tail, creation.

Popova V.F. Methods of Teaching the Literary Term – Epithet. The article contains the definition of a literary term – epithet – and its classification given in a number of sources. There are several types of epithet classifications: according to the number of terms it includes, according to grammatical categories. These classifications are proved by examples from literary works of Moldavian writers. Practical material will help in perceiving literary term – epithet.

Key words: Epithet, metaphoric, notion, view, term, researcher, individual.

Potolya V.A. Features of the English scientific texts. In article the special attention is given to consideration and the decision of such problems, as conformity to one English term of several Russian; the stylistic-grammatical features of the English text alien to style of the Russian scientific and technical literature. It is told about the problems facing the translator of given texts; translation from English examples on the Russian are resulted.

Keywords: stylistic lines of the scientific and technical text; stylistic-grammatical features.

Prokudina I. Video-information as the audio-visual means of teaching the foreign language. The article is devoted to the questions of the effective usage of video records while teaching the students translators/interpreters; how they help to develop the motivation of speaking activity. The article suggests the structure of video-lessons and describes each level/ the conclusion and the results of this work are represented at the and of article.

Key-words: motivation of speaking activity, lingual structure, social and cultural competence, audio-visual, perception.

Pugachova E.V. Peculiarities of official-business style in russian and english languages and difficulties in translation. This article considers functional distinctions and peculiarities of official-business style in Russian and English languages, the problems in translation, and traditions of business etiquette of our country.

Key-words: Official-business language, national peculiarities, loan-words, business correspondence, etiquette, style, constructions, intonation, stylistic devices, foreign partners.

Radulova S.A. Phraseological units with the national – cultural semantics. National – cultural specifity of phraseologocal units is one of the most actual themes in the research of a language as phraseologisms are specific units of a language, transmitting the cultural potential of people from generation to generation. The given article considers phraseological units in German. The article reviews the most significant thematic groups of phraseologisms with the striking national semantics.

Key-words: phraseologocal units, national – cultural semantics, cultural potential of people, thematic groups of phraseologisms.

Romanenko V.A. About a priority of the functional approach to studying of sign units. The article is about a priority of the functional approach to studying of sing units, such as a metonymy and a metaphor. The given approach partly removes a question about bilateral essence of a sign, about interrelation between a sign and a thing.

Key words: metaphor, metonymy, index sign-image, icon sign-image, function

Russu A. N. The typology of lexical variants: arguable moments and approaches to the classification

The article is devoted to the classification of linguistic variants concerning lexical level of the language. The author examines principal approaches concerning the selection of the lexical variants types from the semantic criterion and formal characteristics.

Key words: variant, variance, semantic variation, formal variation.

Savvina М.G. Social existence in culture and language. The concepts of "social existence - culture - language"are analyzed, the forms of language existence and communication content between the language development of culture are researched, the question about the important role of language and cultural picture of the world in the process of creating new words and studying of a foreign language is considered.

Key words: social (objective) reality, social, culture, language, thought, speech communication, consciousness, cultural and linguistic picture of the world.

Sichinskaya E.M. Culture as one of provocations for social and religious communication. The present paper reveals the firm link between culture, religion and society. These links form the center and the basis of communication.

Key words: Culture, religion, communication.

Solovyanova E.V., Kozhyhar S.I. The concept “Work” in Russian and English linguistic cultures on the material of Russian and English proverbs and sayings. The article is dedicated to the study of Russian and English paremias of work, in particular, the implementation of their concept of “work”. The term “concept” is considered within the framework of linguistic-cultural research. It also provides a comparative analysis of the characteristics of national-cultural peculiarities of the concept “work” realized in Russian and English proverbs and sayings.

Keywords: the concept “work”, linguistic culture, mental structure, linguistic picture of the world, the paremiological fund.

Staroverova M.M. Interaction technologies between a teacher and a student in training english for specific purposes. Possibility of interaction between teacher and students in real training is being addressed through – understanding, learning motivation, planning of joint action, use events, enabling collective communication, assessment and corrective action – which allows you to diagnose the logical relationship between the results and measure the dynamics of professional and personal development of the future specialists.

Key words: interaction technologies, the objectives of the joint activities, socio-psychological factors, contact mechanisms, peculiarities of mastering a foreign language, independent work, motivation for self-training.

Tabac N.I.Some reflections on the Moldavian language and speech culture. This work contains the information about the Moldavian language and culture of speech. It help to improve the exesting vocabulary. These notes are important both for students and teachers and for all carriers Moldavan language and speech culture.

Keywords: language, culture, accent.

Timchuk E.P.Teaching of reading in English students of not linguistic faculties taking into account a psychological aspect. The article is devoted to the describing of psychological aspects of the process of teaching of reading in English. Were defined the psychological functions which take an active part in the cognitive process of consciousness.

Key words: reading, teaching, psychological functions, attention.

Florya E.P. Application of Testing Control in Teaching Reading Foreign Literature. The article deals with applying testing as an effective way of all kinds of controlling introducing rationalization in educational and pedagogical process especially while consolidating the linguistic material. Testing methods give the opportunity of objective evaluation of the level of comprehension of foreign texts in reading literature for specific purposes by the students of non-linguistic institution. A number of testing assignments being a structural component of teaching procedure stimulate the effective training reading foreign texts.

Key words: testing assignments, teaching, checking and educative function, current, final control, methods of testing, to develop habits and skills, evaluation of students’ knowledge.

Shupik I. On the problem of structural and functional aspect of clefts in English. The article is dedicated to one of the topical problems of the contemporary English syntax. The structural and functional peculiarities of cleft (emphatic) clauses in English are put into consideration. The overview of the major types of cleft clauses is proposed; their informative value and the peculiarities of usage in different types of discourse are defined.

Key words: Tags: English syntax, cleft clauses

Shchukina O.V. Place of word stress in the process of teaching english pronunciation. The article deals with certain peculiarities of teaching Russian students English word stress. Special attention is given to interference areas which may provoke accentual features in English speech of Russian native speakers.

Key words: Stress, accentual structure, rhythmic characteristics, reduction norms, primary stress, secondary stress, interference.

Shulga S. Structural and semantic classification of English abbreviations and their place in the word formation system of English. This article contains the following structural types of abbreviations: letter abbreviations, syllabic abbreviations, partial abbreviations, mixed abbreviations; numeric abbreviations, truncated words. And also the ways of forming abbreviations, their role in the word formation system of English.

Averchenkov V.I., Rytov M.Y., Gainulin T.R. The organization of human resource development on information security using modern information technologies at Bryansk State Technical University, the department “Computer technology and installation”. The article is aimed to examine the questions of the teaching process of human resource development on information security at Bryansk State Technical University

Averchenkov V.I., Philipov R.A. The organization of remote experiments conduction in the systems of research studies in the field of computer microscopy. The paper considers the organization issues of remote experiments conduction in the field of computer microscopy, as well as the algorithm of the experimentation.

Averchenkov V.I., Shkaberin V.A. The experience and perspective directions of information and communication technologies in scientific and educational activities of the Bryansk State Technical University. The article describes the experience and perspective directions of information and communication technologies in scientific, educational and international activities of the Bryansk State Technical University.

Key words: information and communication technologies, computer network, cad/cam/cae/cals-technologies, webinar, adobe acrobat connect, videoconferencing.

Andrianova E.I., Koloskova N.V. The means of matrix of competences application for the monitoring of students’ competences correspondence to outward objectives. The matrix of competences can be employed for the coincidence of outward objectives applied to graduates from a state, employers and public organizations. Graduates are enriched with knowledge, ideas, skills and abilities. The paper considers the basic organization aspect how to apply this matrix of competences for the constant competence monitoring of students.

Keywords: competences, matrix of competences, the monitoring of coincidence, training courses, work places, set of competences.

Balan L.A. The structure of the future part-programming engineer preparedness to the use of pillbox in the professional activity. The article is devoted to the pedagogical facilities analyses of the future part-programming engineer preparedness formation to the use of pillbox in the professional activity. In particular, the author discloses such notions as “preparedness“, “labour preparedness”. In the paper are marked out structural components of preparedness of pillbox use in the professional activity and is defined the preparedness notion of the pillbox use.

Key words: preparedness, labour preparedness, preparedness structure of the use of pillbox, preparedness of pillbox use in the professional activity

Borsukovsky S.I. Information Technologies as a Means of Research Skills Development. The article presented deals with the use peculiarities of modern information technologies in teaching when forming pupils’ research skills. The given skills are necessary for competent solving the problems arising in personal and professional life spheres.

Keywords: modern information technologies (IT), research skills, competence, educational-developing environment, self-development, self-appraisal.

Burlaka O.N. The using of new information technologies in secondary school. New forms and methods of teaching, new technical means, new approach are necessary and actually in our days. All these forms methods help teacher to realize personal method of approach. With help these means, forms, methods we can decide educational problems.

Keywords: method, approach, educational problems, to realize.

Glazov A., Tyagulskaya L. Electronic Journal of the student group. Electronic Journal of the student group, developed by the authors, its structure, the software component described. The technology of it's using described. The results of it's using at PSU Rybnitsa branch presented. The resulting comments are discussing about. The direction of further development of this programm are shaping.

Keywords: Journal of accounting achievement, programming, automation, macroses.

Glazova M. Select from the list of characteristic functions of the most important for the task of Name Entity extraction from English texts. In this article are presented ten characteristic functions used in solving the problem of retrieval of name entities from English texts. For these functions was done the analysis of their importance in solving the problem. Valuing and determination of the relationship between the functions were based on statistical methods. The paper presents the results of experiments.

Keywords: name Entities, characteristic functions.

Golembiovskaya O.M. The development of the methodology of the defense of information systems of personal records in the executive authorities. The defence of personal records in the European countries is an obligatory procedure. This year Russia also came to implementation of the legislation demands within the defense of personal records sphere. Also striving to fulfill the requirements of the statutory acts, many operators lost the string of carrying out their actions. The methodology of carrying out the necessary phases of bringing the information systems of personal records into line with the legislative base in the sphere of the personal records defence was elaborates on the example of executive authorities.

Keywords: defense of information systems of personal records, executive authorities, legislation demands, requirements

Kazakov P.V., Malakhova Yu. Yu.The use of modern information technologies for automated recognition of a personal signature graphic image. The problem of recognition of a personal signature and manner for its automated are considered. The importance of this method for personal identification is noted. For a solving this task is suggested to use artificial neural networks and appropriate algorithm is described.

Keywords: personal signature, recognition of a personal signature, recognition, artificial neural networks.

Kirka A.A. The application of informational technologies in the process of teaching English. This article deals with the questions of the application of modern informational technologies during English lessons for the purpose of education effectiveness increase. Certain types of the work with informational technologies and the ways of their introduction in the process of education are also described in the article. The types of applications for individual creation of programs by teachers and pupils are presented.

Key – words: informational technologies, the effectiveness of education, computer, the Internet – technologies, multimedia, programs.

Kovalchuk E.N. Application of information – communicative technologies at foreign language lessons. The modern information society is characterized, first of all, by leading position of the information and exclusively fast rate of development of means – information-communication technologies. Interactive training on the basis of computer training programs does knowledge process more interesting and creative, allows to consider individual rate of work of each trainee.

Key words: information, communicative technologies, informatisation of education.

Kovtunenko J. A. Use of information technologies in English teaching as means of cognitive interest activization. Application of new information technologies at a secondary school is presented. It is not only new technical means but also new forms and methods of teaching, new way to a process of teaching. Use of new information technologies, Internet – resources help to realize personality-oriented approach in teaching, activate pupil’s cognitive work in a process of English teaching.

Key words: increase of motivation, computer technologies, kinds of speech activity, Internet.

Kozak O.A. The place and the role of the subject: « Computer science and ICT» in education. Subject «the Computer science and ICT» plays now one of basic roles in a modern society. In this connection, in article the place and a role of the given subject in formation is considered. And as , character of modifications of the purposes and problems of teaching of computer science at school is reflected. Stages of mastering are described by information culture.

Keywords: propaedeutic; a base course; profile courses, operational style of thinking, a formation humanization.

Larkina N.R. The role of current information technologies in the project activity at the lessons of German language. Use of information technology in the design of the lessons of the German language can radically change the educational system.The organization of the learning process can become moreinnovative in the sense that it will be widely used practical teaching principles that will guide the whole process of training for eachindividual student.

Key words: Project, Information Technology.

Moiseeva T.P. The role of current information technologies in humanitarian education.

In this work the teacher’s experience in the use of information technologies within the process of academic activity organization is disclosed. Also their significance in the modern methodology of teaching is estimated.

Keywords: information technologies, computer programs, educational environment.

Morozova E.V. The modern information - communication technologies at biology lessons. Article is devoted influence of information-communication technologies at lessons of biology and using of specialized computer programs, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher and also the Internet – resources.

Keywords: Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint, Internet.

Papizh L.G. Artificial Languages in the modern world. The idea of ​​creating artificial languages ​​was born back in the XVII-XVIII centuries, since the role of the Latin language has lost its relevance. But at present the number of languages ​​continues to grow.

In an elective course in English, students of 11th class studied different theories of creation of artificial languages. The reports on this subject, they participated in the scientific-practical conference schools in the city and country.

Keywords: artificial languages, natural languages, alphabet.

Archpriest Michalaki Fedor. History of angelic world.

Strahovchuk O.M. The Informational Technologies in the History and Social Studies. In this article the problem of information and communication technologies is discussed at the lessons of history and social studies. They provide entirely new opportunities for social and humanitarian disciplines. The influence of information technology on cognition and interdisciplinary studies of cognition have been studied.
In the article the advantages and disadvantages of the use of information and communication technologies are also mentioned.

Key words: informational technologies, humanitarian education, informational culture, interdisciplinary study of cognition.

Taras O. B. Basics of managing it-projects. This article discusses the basics of managing it projects, clarifies the objectives, constraints, the scope of it-projects. Description of it projects, defined time, the quality of an it-project, features of scheduling it project explored aspects of the implementation of an it-project.

Keywords: managing, it projects, scheduling

Trunko S.I., Trunko E.A. Information technologies in physics teaching. The big role in a modern lesson is played by the computer which allows the teacher to reach higher level of presentation, expands possibilities of activization of activity of pupils. But at realization of information technology, the teacher faces a number of difficulties, resolve which given article can to help.

Keywords: the computer, physics, a lesson, the information, technology, the program

Tyagulskaya L.A., Barmina H.S. “Dull” classical lecture or bright “Slide picture”. Modern Information Technology provides a lot of possibilities for Education Process Development. Recently Computer Presentation has become very popular at the lessons. Therefore should they be used while material explanation at the lesson or just used traditional methods of material explanation? The answer to this question is ambiguous, therefore the authors of the article had been analysed various kinds of the lectures spent within the limits of the discipline «the Mathematical analysis».

Keywords: informatization of Education, information technology, computer presentation, the advantages of presentation, disadvantages of presentation, maths block discipline, lecture-information, lecture with visual information, students questionnaire.

archpriest Alexander Slivka. State and church. Forms of positive interaction.The article deals with the problems of orthodox Christian’s patriotism, state and church interaction in the realization of the church salvation mission.

Key words: interaction, orthodox, modern society, essence.

Belousov A.S. The factors of the formation of political awareness: image-making technologies. The article is devoted to the relevance of image-making technology in the formation of political awareness.

Keywords: political awareness, image-making technologies.

Buzhenko S.N. The essence of the concept of pedagogical support in educational process. The essence of the concept of pedagogical support in the way of the personal-guided approach education is disclosed. The principal stages of pedagogical support which are able to provide self-development, self-education, and self-upbringing were pointed out.

Key words: the essence, pedagogical support, self-actualization, education, upbringing, cooperation, mutual activity, the personal-guided approach.

Vakolyuk O. On some problems of current and future teachers. In a study, conducted by the authors, a number of reasons for concern in the profession are identified. The author suggests that one of the negative effects of congestion and dissatisfaction with working conditions of teachers is neurotization, which negatively affects the state of their mental and physical health, and most importantly the social and psychological climate in the teaching staff, on which the mental health of the students depend.

Valejko V.P., Paustovsky D.Yu. Marketing’s design and building conception in the questions of innovative processes’ control in the market conditions. The article is dedicated to the main approaches of marketing’s building conception while innovative processes’ control at enterprises, joint- stock corporations, holding companies. Building specific character in the market conditions and the necessity of personnel training in the questions of innovative activity are distinguished in the article.

Key words: design conception, marketing, innovation marketing, innovative processes, innovative products, playing dependence, reality’s shift, virtual freedom.

Valeyko V., Pavlinova E., Korlyuga B., Popik I. Bank management in the Pridnestrovian Savings Bank: structure and objectives. Banks are one of the central links in the system of market structures. The development and progress of market and effective mechanism of bank system originally in the area of financial institutions of economy Pridnestrovie's is a complicated process of transformation in all spheres of a financial life of operating colleges, related to the planning, management, coordination and the control over financial streams in economy the region's.

Key words: Financial management, Bank management, Savings Bank.

Vasilyeva G. Some functions of the precommunicative component in the communication activities of companies and organizations. This paper presents marked differences in the way organizations and individuals communicate. It highlights the importance of the pre-communicative component in the process of communication.

Key words: pre-communicative component, communication, organizations, individuals.

Haidei E. On the question of the globalization processes impact on national cultures. Some issues of national cultures and values are discussed in conditions of integration and globalization the world community. There is on attempt to answer the most freqnently asked qnestions in the study of the impact of globalization processes on the culture of individual countries.

Keywords: globalization, integration, internationalization, cultural diffusion, cultural policy, cultural values.

Abramova A.L., Gajdey E.A. Life’s quality as a social-economic phenomenon

Life’s level and conditions are structural components of life’s quality. Basic social-economic aims of the country’s development such as ensuring proper life’s level and quality as well as personality development are laid down according to the concept of life’s quality. The author refers to population as a consumer of goods and services, which are produced in the country, while life’s level is regarded as an indicator of infrastructure services provision and the measure of needs satisfaction.

Key words: life’s quality, life’s level, criteria of life’s quality, indicators of life’s quality, integral approach, objective type, subjective type.

Galieva G.F. The theoretical-methodological approaches of transition to the innovative way of development. The article describes the building blocks of the mechanism within the framework of the state policy oriented towards the creation of an innovation model of the national economy. On the basis of the scenario approach integration model is designed for the scientific-technical and real sectors of the economy, aimed at enhancing the innovative activity.

Glinka T.N. A gifted child - who is he? The article is devoted to the psychological characteristics of gifted children in the junior school age; and the forms and methods of their teaching activities and ways of development of natural inclinations of each are considered.

Key words: a gifted child, development of creative abilities, schoolchildren

Goncharova N. Interactive methods in high school history education. The article illustrates the experience of the introducing the interactive methods of teaching students, the attempt is made to determine the advantages of innovative methods of teaching history in comparison with traditional forms.

Key words: interactive methods, interactive teaching, cognitive activity, teaching methods.

Guk N.A. To the question about the assessment’s criteria of HR in the context of concealed labour resources leakage. The article is devoted to the examination of some human capital assessment problems on the basis of complex study of population’s life quality. The author examines principal migration peculiarities of labour forces and basic directions of concealed leakage of the labour resources (staff outsourcing and freelance) in the informational economy.

Key words: human capital, life’s level, directions of concealed leakage of the labour resources, staff’s freelancing.

Danilova N.V., Kravchenko A.V. Ukraine’s strategic partnership with EU members in the alternative sources of energy market .The article deals with the essence, principles, and strategic levels of international economic partnership, as well as factors of the Ukrainian market of alternative energy sources. The directions of the strategic partnership between Ukraine with the EU Member States in the market of alternative energy.

Keywords: alternative energy, the strategic partnership

Diorditsa L.P. Work with gifted children: methodical aspects. In this article the author reveals the psychological-pedagogical bases of children's abilities and methodological aspects of the work with gifted children. He introduces the achievements of gifted pupils and graduates of the school, represents the stages of the work with gifted children which lead to good results.

V.Y. Jarkhih. Conceptual correlation in the dichotomy of "communication- personal contact". The article deals with cognitive correlations in the dichotomy “communication-personal contact” and among different types of communication.

Key words: communication, personal contact, inner-outer communication.

Z.N. Zaitseva, A.B. Shirihanov Social-economic Modernization of the Region under the Existing Circumstances. The article brigs up an issue of social-economic processes in the country, which seem to be imperceptible. Our task is to try to analyze arising tendencies which will enable to make conclusions concerning future. A broad discussion is urgent to make our country strong and prosperous. Within such a discussion we may grow the rudiments of a complex social body called Pridnestrovian people.

Keywords: social-economic processes, modernization, discussion, Pridnestrovie, Pridnestrovian people.

Kisliakova L. A. and Green E. A. Social- economic problems of modern society and their ways of decision. The article reveals of social economic- problems and their ways of decisions. To pay attention to strategy of development of Transnistria.

Keywords: military production, strategy of development, social- economical problems.

Kozma E.S. An improvement of administrative accounting as a condition of the transition to the industrial enterprise’s budgeting. The paper examines the necessity of the administrative accounting’s improvement as a successful transition’s condition to the system of the industrial enterprise’s budgetary planning. First of all, it is rational to develop economically grounded classification of costs and to choose the most acceptable variant for the administrative accounting’s organization.

Key words: administrative accounting, the administrative accounting’s improvement, budgetary planning, transition to the system of budgetary planning.

Kotchkina N.Yu. Ecological factors of national economy competitiveness. The article discloses the mechanism of ecological factors influence on the international competitiveness of the country. It is proved, that ecological orientation of economy enhances its competitiveness by improving life quality of a nation. Recommendations on the country's competitiveness formation are developed due to the ecological factors.

Key words: ecological factors, international competitiveness, ecological orientation, life quality.

Kravchenko P.A.Agro-idastrial complexProblems and Prospects. The agro-idastrial complex is one of strategic branches of any states. The development of agro-idastrial complex is a basis of industrial and raw security of the state. One of the effective mettods of the way out from the crises and the given branch development. Should be specialization and cooperation of agricultural companies.

Key words: agro-idastrial complex, industrial and raw security, specialization, cooperation, development

Kravchuk V.V. The state and small business. Small business of Pridnestrovie is urged to play а great role in the establishment of Pridnestrovie’s economy and be the safe source of budget formation on the all levels. For the benefit of this the state must develop favourable terms of the functioning and steady development of small business.

Key words: small business, the budget of micro enterprise, budget planning, normatively-legal base, taxation, simplified account and financial statements.

L.V. Kushnir. On integrative approaches to education of pupils. The article deals with the main objectives of school teachers with parents of schoolchildren from the position of the personality-oriented approach. It describes the forms of work with the staff of the parents. The main aim of the interaction of the school and the family is determined, and practical recommendations are given.

Key words: integrated approaches, education, family, school.

Martyniuk I. I. Educational franchising: the essence, main principles and problems of implementation in Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. The article is devoted to the problem of the development of franchising in the sphere of education on the territory of Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Franchising in education presents joint operating activity of educational establishments in the sphere of supporting and development of educational and attendant services as well as goods on the market. The use of franchising by educational establishments will allow to create educational nets with the use of distant technologies, providing in such a way the equal access to the qualitative education. The impediment for the implementation of educational franchising in Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic is the shortcoming of republic’s legislative fond.

Key words: Educational franchising, the sphere of education, Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, distant technologies, legislative fond, franchiser, franchisee, an educational establishment, the quality of educational services, the contract of commercial community.

Melnichuk L. D., Тrach D.М. Inner audit as a factor of the management arrangement effectiveness rise

The article concerns the notion “inner audit”, its content, aims, goals and relates to the inner audit functions. The author gives the proof of wide use necessity of the inner audit in business activity.

The paper gives an account of the inner audit planning and conducting procedure on the basis of the inner bank’s control check and valuation.

Key words: audit, inner audit, audit arrangement and planning

Mogilevskiya V. Y. The problem of formation of professional pedagogical reflection of future teachers. The article raised the urgency of forming a professional pedagogical reflection of future professionals in the field of education. The key concepts of professional reflection and pedagogical reflection are examined. A close relationship in the context of these phenomena teaching profession is disclosed. The ways and aspects of the solution to the problem of formation of professional pedagogical reflection of future teachers are outlined.

Moldovan O.A. The Problems and Prospects of information and communication competence of teachers CEE. The main trends in the use of ICT in early childhood education are revealed. The problems and prospects improving information and communication competence of teachers are settled. The main directions of increasing computer literacy of teachers are formed.

Keywords: information and communication technology, information and communications competence, system of preschool education

Murashova M. Role of the sociocultural and linguistic-cultural component in rising pupils’ sociocultural competence. The author of the article analyzes different approaches to the definition of the notion “sociocultural competence”. He gives an example of the experimental teaching which proves the hypothesis that if the sociocultural component is included in the educational process, the language teaching will be more efficient.

Keywords: sociocultural competence, approaches, sociocultural component, linguistic-cultural component, experimental teaching.

Nikitina T.I. The problem of women's emancipation viewed by the contemporaries of the Russian Empire in the middle of the 19th century. This article considers the problem of women's emancipation, being one of the important and independent issues of Russian society in the middle of the 19th century. That was the period when representatives of different political camps discussed this problem in their own works and in periodical press and suggested different variants of its solution.

Keywords: women's emancipation, revolutionary-democratic camp, liberal, conservative, church.

Rostislav Okushko. Biographical method in scientific and clinical medical researches. A kind of biographical method, the anamnestic method is practiced in wide scale in modern scientific researches and in medical diagnostical search. Interpretation of received information is limited because of great number of errors, mortgaged in current method. Statistical methods are well-known to increase the reliability of data obtained using such approaches. For increasing reliability of method combination of experimental and statistical models is suggested.

Key words: biographical method, anamnestic method, interpretation, reliability.

Pavlinova I.V. Students` general cultural background competences and peculiarities of their formation in the higher educational institution. The article considers approaches to forming social-cultural competence as one of the main elements of general-cultural competences of higher technical school students. The problem can be solved by revision of the contents and teaching methods while learning of humanities field of science and socialcultural experience into educational practice.

Keyword: general-cultural competence, social-cultural competence, competencesbased model of the graduate, social-pedagogical technology.

Ponomar V.V. Ponomar E.Y. Energy saving - economic problems. The effectiveness of energy saving measures in Transnistria and the Moscow region of Russia are compared. The main energy-saving measures are rehabilitation of heating systems, the widespread installation of meters for hot and cold water, thermal rehabilitation of buildings, the introduction of cogeneration systems small and medium power.

Keywords : energy efficiency, cogeneration, metering, power system

Potapova A. Myth-production as an active cause of social-political life. The essence and mechanisms of political myth-creativity are revealed, the attention to a social psychological context is paid. It is proved, that layers of human consciousness, with which the modern political myth-creativity interferes, are essentially compatible. In fact, the ideology, symbol, ritual are the moments of myth-creativity.

Keywords: myth-production, ideology, symbol, ritual.

Prushkovskaya E.V. Humanization and fundamentalization of education as the structural elements of the knowledge economy.The article generalizes the theoretical approaches to the definition of the knowledge economy; the role of humanization and fundamental nature of education in the formation of knowledge economy . Allocated formal and informal institutions of education throughout life.

Keywords: knowledge economy, humanization of education, fundamentalization of education, formal and non-formal education institutions during of life, еconomic thinking. 

Savvina L.I., Sharban K.V. The problem of man’s location in virtual reality. Virtual reality systems are increasingly involved in the process of human life, as well as the whole society, which indicates the urgency of the problem. It is quite reasonable, correct and timely is the desire to explore fully the possibilities of virtual reality, the degree of its manifestation, its positive and negative sides.

Keywords: virtual reality, the Internet, the respondent, kinesthetic information, game addiction, the displacement of reality, virtual freedom

Savvina L.I., Ponomarieva O.A., To the question on man ‘s finding in the economic space. The interest to the problems of economic space and study of its properties can state today’s existence of several areas of theoretical and methodological aspects of this theory, suggesting the relevance of the problem.

Keywords: economic space, the types of spaces, institutional environment, economic times, economic competition, the substance, the economic environment, the conceptual framework.

Skodorova L. K. Leachu A.A. The problems of the higher school modernization. Modernization of higher school, transition to a two-level professional training system involves some problems which have to be solved for the establishment of undergraduate and graduate programs magistrates as parts of the educational system.

Keywords: mentality, training, graduate, undergraduate, commercialization of education.

Sobolev P.E. The problem’s state of physical upbringing in the higher educational institutions. In recent times there may be observed the increase of morbidity among students and it can be explained by several reasons. It is up to the University to propagandize a healthy way of life, to engage students in extra-curriculum activities and to arrange physical training lessons , including special medical groups, on the highest level.

Key words: physical education, special medical group, health, disease, problems, recovery, student.

Starostina A.O., Kravchenko V.A. enterprise risk management: essence and main documents .The paper revealed essence of enterprise risk and risk management. Main documents in the sphere of enterprise risk management, Declaration of risk management and Risk management program, are examined. Risk management program elaboration is revealed.

Key words: innovation, enterprise risk, risk management.

Starostina Alla, Prygara Olga. Modern trends of development of world marketing research market under globalization process. Modern trends of development of world marketing research market are viewed in the article. Among the most important peculiarities of the market the following must be noted: constant rising of the market, caused by the increasing role of international marketing research services, growth of tendencies of globalization, that manifest themselves in a constant process of mergers of companies and appearance at their basis the companies that conduct business in global world.

Keywords: marketing research, world market, international business environment, globalization.

Tepleichuk A.M., Tchernov T.O. Ukrainian vocabulary referring to transport sphere.

The article presents over-all information on generalizing Ukrainian vocabulary referring to transport sphere.

Turtchanova T. V. Unfair system of work payment as a cause of modern society socio- economic problems.

The paper considers the problem of fair distribution of salary in enterprises as a cause of social and economic problems in Russia today. The author of the article studied the principles of salary determination in the planned economy and market economies, as well as proposed solutions to existing problems.

Keywords: salary, social and economic issues, modern society, the poverty rate

Tsurcan I.V. Health-enhancing work in schools and day-care groups. The article deals with the problem of comprehensive development and and bringing up children adhering to the health regime moments in a day-care group. The necessary requirements in the planning mode and use of physical training minutes are also considered in the article.

Keywords: physical health-enhancing work, health-improving activities and acupressure.

Tchernjva N.G. The development of children’s interpersonal relations. The article deals with the problem of communication, its role in the formation of child’s personality, with adjustment of children’s interpersonal relations. Children’s interpersonal relations are built on the bases of play as the main type of activity in the frames of which communication is realized.

Keywords: communication, relations, interpersonal relations, play.

Tchikalenko A.V. Social- pedagogical problems of a village and prospect of a village school development

Modern politics in the village territory development demands the review of approaches in the ways of society‘s humanization and search of perspective forms of the best “wit’s” and “kind hearts” unification in the family’s culture growth and children and youth upbringing. Problems of socialization arise more keenly in not enough complete village schools where the necessity of their modernization in the conditions of school with culture and social establishments collaboration.

Key words: social- pedagogical problems, village schools.

Tchistyakova I.M., Yavorskij S.H. Ukrainian terminology internationalizing to the problems of internationalization. The article deals with the main approaches to the problem of internationalising Ukrainian terminology.

Shaimerdenov Nysanali Aliyevich. Factors affecting the financial stability. The financial condition of companies, it,s stability in most of the cases depends on the structure of the income sources (relationship of oun and hire sources) and on optimistic structure of the company funds and on the one hand from the relationship of the basic and profitable money, and also from the balance of the money sources and passives of the company according the functional character.

Shevtchenko B.G. Modern education tendencies. The article deals with the main tendencies and directions of modern education and also with the ways and spheres of its application.

Shmigelyuk D.S. The formation of bank brand image in Ukraine: modern interpretation

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1 Тишкин. Г. А. «Женский вопрос в России в 50-60гг. 19 в», Л. 1984 с. 112.

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