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THE ACHIEVEMENT OF AMERICAN SPORT LITERATURE: A CRITICAL APPRAISAL, Edited by Wiley Lee Umphlett. The essays in this collection help promote the worth of American literature in which sports plays a prominent role. Contributors include Leverett T. Smith, Jr., Christian K. Messenger, Robert W. Cochran, Ronald K. Giles, Don Johnson, Brooke K. Horvath and Sharon G. Carson, Lyle I. Olsen, Robert J. Higgs, Daniel J. Herman, Mary McElroy, and Michael Oriard.

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ACTING FUNNY: COMIC THEORY AND PRACTICE IN SHAKESPEARE, Edited by Frances Teague. This anthology of critical essays uses Shakespeare's plays to consider some of the theoretical and practical issues involved in staging the comic.

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THE ADDISONIAN TRADITION IN FRANCE: PASSION AND OBJECTIVITY IN SOCIAL OBSERVATION, Ralph A. Nablow. This work focuses on reportorial writers in the French eighteenth and early ninteenth centuries who wrote in the Addisonian tradition—a tradition that has to do with the dispassionate observation of individuals and society. Illustrated.

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THE ADVENT OF FREEDOM: THE PRESENCE OF THE FUTURE IN HEGEL'S LOGIC, John Hoffmeyer. This book argues that Hegel's philosophy powerfully articulates a logic of freedom. His Science of Logic shows that possibility is constitutive of actuality, without ever being exhausted by actuality; and the Logic and other writings present a parallel argument that Hegel himself did not see clearly: the future is constitutive of the present, without ever being exhausted by the present.

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THE ADYTUM OF THE HEART: THE LITERARY CRITICISM OF CHARLOTTE BRONTË, Patricia H. Wheat. This work emphasizes the conscious artistry of Charlotte Brontë by suggesting that her writing can be better understood by an examination of her literary criticism. A chronology of Brontë's readings and literary activities and an appendix listing the library locations of many of her widely scattered letters is provided.

3443-5 $28.50

AESTHETICS AND THE GOOD LIFE, Marcia Muelder Eaton. This book provides a characterization of the aesthetic that enables the reader to understand what it means to view something aesthetically and how people's lives can be made aesthetically full. Influential philosophical theories of the aesthetic are explored, as well as the profound connection between aesthetic and ethical value.

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AFRICA IN THE UNITED NATIONS SYSTEM, Wellington W. Nyangoni. This book analyzes the increasingly important role played by the African countries in the United Nations as they have become the largest regional bloc in the organization. Their participation in the New Economic Order, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and efforts to reduce world tensions are critically discussed. 288 pp. 61/8x91/4.

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AFTER DIONYSUS: AN ESSAY ON WHERE WE ARE NOW, Henry Ebel. Weighs the relationship of tradition and the present. Sees our world today as being like the transitional worlds of Homer, Virgil, and Apuleius and uses the two classical texts, the Metamorphoses and the Iliad as the basis of the discussion. 136 pp. 51/2x81/4.

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AIR-BIRD IN THE WATER: THE LIFE AND WORKS OF PEARL CRAIGIE (JOHN OLIVER HOBBES), Mildred Davis Harding. This work rescues from undeserved neglect the American-born English author Pearl Craigie, who published as John Oliver Hobbes. It traces Craigie's crowded external and inner lives and her connections with many well-known people.

3648-9 $65.00

ALAIN ROBBE-GRILLET: THE BODY OF THE TEXT, Ben Stoltzfus. This book is a thematic approach to Robbe-Grillet's works. As a semiological and structural study of his fiction it addresses generative themes, serial permutations, the esthetics of revolt and revolution, the sexuality of the text, abyssal effects, dialectical topologies, labyrinths, and ludic structures. 192 pp. 61/8x91/4.

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ALAS! WHAT BROUGHT THEE HITHER? THE CHINESE IN NEW YORK 1800–1950, Arthur Bonner. This is the first iconographic history of the Chinese in New York. The history of immigrants who left scant records of their struggle to survive in a society in which the Chinese were reviled as dangerous, opium-soaked, and unassimilable is recounted. Includes 180 illustrations.

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ALONSO NÚÀ8ÀEZ DE REINOSO: THE LAMENT OF A SIXTEENTH-CENTURY EXILE, Constance Hubbard Rose. This study of the life and writings of a 16th-century exile from Spain, one of many victims of the Second Diaspora, presents a new view of the genesis of the novel, particularly the Byzantine and the pastoral. 309 pp. 51/2x81/4.

7612-X $35.00

AN AMERICAN DREAMER: A PSYCHOANALYTIC STUDY OF THE FICTION OF NORMAN MAILER, Andrew Mark Gordon. Analyzes Mailer's achievement from The Naked and the Dead through The Armies of the Night, using the techniques of depth psychology developed by Freud and certain post-Freudians. In particular, it explores the interrelated concerns in Mailer's fiction of sex, anality, violence, and power. 240 pp. 61/8x91/4.

2158-9 $32.50

AN AMERICAN JOURNAL 1839-40, BY RICHARD CHAMPION RAWLINS, Edited by John L. Tearle. Richard Champion Rawlins, a twenty-year-old Liverpool cotton broker, sailed to the United States in 1839 to collect his family's share of the estate of his grandfather. Rawlins lived in America for over a year, spending three months in New Orleans where he bought cotton to ship to England, and three months in Cincinnati as the guest of his cousin, a leading lawyer. There he met prominent figures in politics, religion, and education, who introduced him to others in Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington, where he was received by President Van Buren. This book is a meticulous, entertaining record of these meetings and of 10,000 miles traveled by stage, omnibus, steamboat, barge, and railroad, from the East Coast to the frontiers of the then twenty-six states and from New Orleans to Quebec.

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AN AMERICAN LIAISON: LEAMINGTON SPA AND THE HAWTHORNES, 1855–1864, Bryan Homer. Following Nathaniel Hawthorne's appointment as U.S. consul at Liverpool in 1853, disenchantment with the job resulted in his taking as much time off as possible so that he and his family could explore England. This book concentrates on illustrating the family's life in a town and its surrounding districts. Illustrated.

3755-8 $59.50

AMERICAN POLICY TOWARD LAOS, Martin E. Goldstein. Presents a brilliantly conceived, detailed

analysis of American efforts in beleaguered Laos. Presents facts that are certain to be controversial, and perhaps discomforting to many people. 347 pp. 61/8x91/4.

1131-1 $30.00

AMERICAN WOMEN: A STORY OF SOCIAL CHANGE, Robert E. Riegel. Considers the changes that affected women, the factual reaction to them, and the gradual modification of ideas concerning the proper place of women in society. 376 pp. 51/2x81/4.

7615-4 $35.00

AMOS BRONSON ALCOTT: AN INTELLECTUAL BIOGRAPHY, Frederick C. Dahlstrand. More than any previous study of Alcott, this biography examines his ideas and their historical significance critically and shows how Alcott epitomized American thought in the nineteenth century. Illustrated. 400 pp. 61/8x91/4.

3016-2 $48.50

ANCIENT VIEWS ON THE ORIGINS OF LIFE, Ernest L. Abel. Presents not only the history of the early ideas of the origins of life, but also the social and philosophical factors that influenced the development of these ideas. 93 pp. 51/2x81/4.

1198-2 $19.50

AN ANTHOLOGY OF AUSTRIAN DRAMA, Edited with an Introduction by Douglas A. Russell. Opens with a history of the dramatic art of Austria, followed by six representative plays, each of which has an introduction that details its playwright's distinct contribution to an obviously rich and honored tradition. 448 pp. 61/8x91/4.

2003-5 $49.50

AN ANTHOLOGY OF CHARTIST POETRY: POETRY OF THE BRITISH WORKING CLASS, 1830s–1850s, Edited by Peter Scheckner. Chartist poetry was written by and for workers. In contrast with the portrayal of workers by mainstream Victorian writers, Chartist verse is intellectual, complex, and socially conscious and reflects an international outlook.

3345-5 $47.50

ANTHOLOGY OF CONTEMPORARY LATIN AMERICAN LITERATURE, 1960–1984, Edited by Wayne H. Finke and Barry J. Luby. This anthology presents the short stories and poetry of prominent, as well as recently noticed writers in the Spanish-speaking Americas. The translations appear in English for the first time, and an introduction provides an overview of current literary and social trends.

3255-6 $48.50

AN ANTHOLOGY OF GEORGIAN FOLK POETRY, Translated by Kevin Tuite. This book is a collection gathered from almost every corner of the Republic of Georgia, a Transcaucasian nation that was formerly part of the Soviet Union. It is intended as an introduction to Georgian folk culture for the general reader.

3527-X $25.00

ANTIFASCISMS: CULTURAL POLITICS IN ITALY, 1943–1946: Benedetto Croce and the liberals, Carlo Levi and the "Actionists," David Ward. This is an in-depth analysis of three of the most crucial years in twentieth-century Italian history: 1943–46. Antifascisms offers a thorough survey of the personalities and positions that enacted and informed the decisions taken in this phase of modern Italian history.

3676-4 $39.50

ANTIHEROES: MEXICO AND ITS DETECTIVE NOVEL, Ilan Stavans, Translated by Jesse H. Lytle and Jennifer A. Mattson. This engaging study traces the development in Mexico of what Roger Caillois called le roman policier. Both novels and stories are used as self-sufficient artifacts to understand Mexico's tumultuous history since the 1910 revolution of Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa.

3644-6 $33.50

ANTONIN ARTAUD AND THE MODERN THEATER, Edited by Gene A. Plunka. One aim of this collection of sixteen original essays is to cement Artaud's position as a significant theorist and innovator of the modern theater whose ideas have not only been far-reaching but also have practical stage applications. A second goal is to explicate several of the subtle nuances of his theories to make his ideas more accessible.

3550-4 $42.50

ANXIOUS PLEASURES: SHAKESPEAREAN COMEDY AND THE NATION-STATE, Jonathan Hall. In this study the author argues that plays as diverse as A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Merchant of Venice, and Measure for Measure belong to the schizoid politics of Britain as an emerging nation-state. Drawing on Deleuze and Guattari, Foucault, Freud, Lacan, and Bakhtin, it situates the comedies and their production of pleasure historically.

3569-5 $42.50

APOLLINAIRE AND THE FACELESS MAN: THE CREATION AND EVOLUTION OF A MODERN MOTIF, Willard Bohn. This book examines the creation of a startling motif at the beginning of the twentieth century—that of the faceless man—and traces its evolution over the next few years. The faceless man evolved in different directions. His strategic location ensured that he would be adopted by numerous schools and shaped according to their particular needs. Illustrated.

3416-8 $32.50

A. R. AMMONS AND THE POETICS OF WIDENING SCOPE, Steven P. Schneider. This is the most complete critical study yet of A. R. Ammons. The author examines Ammons's vision and how it shapes his poetic processes, forms, and subjects.

3507-5 $38.50

THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE CONSUMER SOCIETY: THE SECOND INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION IN BRITAIN, Kenneth Hudson. Unlike most studies of industrial archaeology this volume considers the industrial monuments of the twentieth century. This period, known as the Second Industrial Revolution, is thoroughly investigated, and a method of research is provided to address the problems of the topic: complex and continually changing technology, and the more utilitarian form of factory architecture. Illustrated. 144 pp. 81/2x11.

3200-9 $45.00

AN ARCHETYPAL CONSTABLE: NATIONAL IDENTITY AND THE GEOGRAPHY OF NOSTALGIA, Peter Bishop. In this volume, Peter Bishop brings a new, post-Jungian or archetypal perspective to bear on Constable, addressing also the broader issues of the cultural psychology of art and the role of imagined landscapes in the formation of modern psychological and cultural ideas.

3645-4 $45.00

ARCHITECTS OF YIDDISHISM AT THE BEGINNING OF THE TWENTIETY CENTURY: A STUDY IN JEWISH CULTURAL HISTORY, Emanuel S. Goldsmith. Deals comprehensively with the formative years of the Yiddish language and cultural movement that has, throughout this century, affected Jewish life. Illustrated. 309 pp. 51/2x81/4.

1384-5 $38.50

THE ARGENTINE GENERATION OF 1837: ECHEVERRI;aaA, ALBERDI, SARMIENTO, MITRE, William H. Katra. This book follows chronologically throughout five decades the ideas and public profiles of Argentina's 1837 militants in relation to the changing social and political backdrops. Of particular emphasis is the ideological reading of the foundational works of the historical and literary canons produced by these four.

3599-7 $48.50

THE ART AND GENIUS OF ANNE HÉBERT: ESSAYS ON HER WORKS, Edited by Janis L. Pallister. This book shows through criticism the richness, the complexity, and the far-reaching significance of the writings of Anne Hébert, the Quebequian novelist and poet who first achieved recognition in the 1940s and '50s. The writings, by such notables as Gaëtan Brulotte, Neil Bishop, Annabelle Rea, Lori Saint-Martin, Roseanna Dufault, and many others, are variously in English and in French. Prefaced by renowned Hébertian scholar Janet Pallister, and introduced by Pallister's essay on the life and accomplishments of Anne Hébert, the work is accompanied by a large bibliography of the works Anne Hébert.

3913-5 $43.50

ARIADNE'S LIVES, Nina daVinci Nichols. This work uses the historic myth of Ariadne as a critical tool to examine nineteenth- and twentieth-century heroines in masterworks by Brontë, Hawthorne, Kate Chopin, Flaubert, Eliot, Hardy, Ibsen, and Lessing.

3582-2 $36.50

[bk1]ARMAND GATTI IN THE THEATRE: WILD DUCK AGAINST THE WIND, Dorothy Knowles. The work of Armand Gatti, outstanding contemporary French [kk1]experimental dramatist and director, was central to the Popular Theatre Movement in postwar France and today incorporates film, video, and journalism as well as playwriting. This volume provides an eyewitness account of the man, an assessment of his work, and insight into political commitment in film and theater.

3371-4 $38.50

THE ARRIVAL OF GODOT: RITUAL PATTERNS IN MODERN DRAMA, Katherine H. Burkman. A critical analysis of the ritual quest for renewal that revolves around the arrival, or nonarrival, of Godot/savior figures in the plays of Beckett, Pinter, Ionesco, Albee, Grass, and Genet. The discussion leads to a consideration of modern man's fate as an exile and his own possibilities for coming home.

3264-5 $32.50

ART AND CHRISTHOOD: THE AESTHETICS OF OSCAR WILDE, Guy Willoughby. In this study, Willoughby suggests that Oscar Wilde's imaginative engagement with the figure of Jesus Christ, shorn of His attachment to ecclesiastical dogma, is a key to the coherence and import of the fin de siècle writer's aesthetics.

3477-X $32.50

ART AND NONART: REFLECTIONS ON AN ORANGE CRATE AND A MOOSE CALL, Marcia Eaton. In this contemporary approach to aesthetics, Marcia Eaton presents a theory that provides a method of dealing with skepticism regarding the possibility of distinguishing art from non-art. Illustrated.

3084-7 $45.00

THE ART OF THE NIGHT, George J. Nathan, Introduction by Charles Angoff. See "The Theatre World of George Jean Nathan."

ASPECTS OF THE GEORGIAN CHURCH: VISITATION STUDIES OF THE DIOCESE OF YORK, 1761–1776, Judith Jago. This book reassesses the Georgian Church amid the upheaval caused by social change in Northern England during the mid-eighteenth century. It is based on a detailed analysis of the replies made by parish clergy to the archbishop of York in 1764.

3692-6 $44.50

AT THE TEMPLE OF ART: THE GROSVENOR GALLERY, 1877–1890, Colleen Denney. This richly illustrated book represents the first interpretive analysis of the Grosvenor Gallery's history in terms of changing attitudes about art and institutions at the end of the Victorian period. The study establishes the Grosvenor's key place in the history of modernism through its cultural elevation of the artist to a spiritual realm.

3850-3 $59.50

ATLAS OF DEVELOPMENTAL EMBRYOLOGY, Emil S. Szebenyi. This laboratory atlas fills the need of the student embryologist to master microanatomy, being constructed in such a way that it can be used in different kinds of embryology courses. 315 illustrations. 338 pp. 81/2x11.

1710-7 $65.00

ATLAS OF MACACA MULATTA, Emil S. Szebenyi. An anatomical atlas designed especially for advanced undergraduate and graduate studies in Comparative Anatomy, Mammology, Evolution, and related fields. 250 illustrations. 307 pp. 81/2x11.

7347-3 $65.00

THE AUTHOR AS CHARACTER, Edited by Paul Franssen and Ton Hoenselaars. This book studies fictional works about real, historical authors. The twenty essays in this collection examine authors and author-characters from Brazil to Germany and from the United States to Greece. Gender issues, sexual preferences, and political affiliations are considered, as well as the anxiety of influence and the limits of representation.

3786-8 $46.50

BACKWARD GLANCES: EXPLORING ITALY, REINTERPRETING AMERICA (1831–1866), Leonardo Buonomo. The purpose of Backward Glances is to show how in the nineteenth century the description and narrative use of Italy in different genres often became the means to reconsider the contemporary state of things in America.

3649-7 $28.50

BARBERSHOPPING: MUSICAL AND SOCIAL HARMONY, Edited by Max Kaplan. This book is the first comprehensive examination of the remarkable singing groups—male and female—known as "barbershoppers." In a capella quartets and choruses, barbershoppers concentrate on a song literature that was popular in the period 1860–1930. Illustrated.

3504-0 $29.50

BARON DOMINIQUE VIVANT DENON (1747–1825): HEDONIST AND SCHOLAR IN A PERIOD OF TRANSITION, Judith Nowinski. Takes a scholarly approach to bring Denon to life and to the attention of contemporary readers. To make his acquaintance is to recapture the aristocracy and the world of art and letters at the turn of the 19th century in several European capitals. 280 pp. 51/2x81/4.

7470-4 $27.50

BEFORE INFALLIBILITY: LIBERAL CATHOLICISM IN BIEDERMEIER VIENNA, Adam Bunnell. The study of two nineteenth-century priests who tried to transform their church through a new formulation of ancient Truth. Systematic theologian Anton Günther challenged the pantheistic idealism dominant in the German intellectual world of his day, and Johann Emanuel Veith found in Günther's system of contrapositional dualism the basis of his theological expression.

3344-7 $37.50

BEGINNING WELL: FRAMING FICTIONS IN LATE MIDDLE ENGLISH POETRY, Judith M. Davidoff. This book advances the argument that there exist in Middle English verse distinct narrative patterns that affected medieval contemporary audiences in symbolic ways. The author focuses upon one particular narrative pattern that occurs in a large number of poems, allowing us to discern, even if we do not share, unstated medieval assumptions about narrative structure. 61/8x91/4.

3208-4 $38.50

BEHIND THE GREAT WALL: A POST-JUNGIAN APPROACH TO KAFKAESQUE LITERATURE, James Whitlark. This work explores what lies behind the fantastic barrier in a borderland that C. G. Jung called the "unconscious," the avant-garde writer Kafka termed "incomprehensive," and Whitlark argues is an entire spectrum of muted awareness.

3427-3 $46.50

THE BELGIAN SCHOOL OF THE BIZARRE: AN ANTHOLOGY OF SHORT STORIES, Kim Connell. Like Belgium's famous painters—Bruegel, Bosch, Magritte, and Delvaux—Belgian fiction is fantastic, surreal, and often funny. With an introduction that covers the history of Belgian literature and places it in the context of French and world literature, the twenty-five stories in this anthology are a valuable addition to any course covering literature in French outside of France.

3717-5 $38.50

THE BENEFICENT USURPERS: A HISTORY OF THE BRITISH IN MADEIRA, Desmond Gregory. Extensively researched from original English, German, and Portuguese sources, this volume recounts the nearly two-hundred-year history of the Anglicization of Madeira. It documents the many benefits and the wealth that the British and mercantile enterprise brought to the island outpost, and also the poverty that went unrelieved.

3326-9 $30.00

BERTHA E. JAQUES AND THE CHICAGO SOCIETY OF ETCHERS, Joby Patterson. This book explores the social and artistic context in which the Chicago Society of Etchers thrived. Guided by its founder, Bertha E. Jaques, the Society played an important role in revitalizing and popularizing the art of printmaking, which had almost vanished by the end of the nineteenth century. One hundred illustrations, eight in color.

3841-4 $59.50

BETWEEN GOD AND GOLD: PROTESTANT EVANGELICALISM AND THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION 1820–1914, Robert A. Wauzzinski. This book examines the interrelationship between Protestant Evangelicalism and the Industrial Revolution by concentrating on American developments between 1820–1914, and the British connections. Illustrated.

3481-8 $39.00

BETWEEN HISTORY AND ROMANCE: TRAVEL WRITING ON SPAIN IN THE EARLY NINETEENTH-CENTURY UNITED STATES, Pere Gifra-Adroher. Combining biographical data with recent theoretical studies on travel writing, Between History and Romance unravels the conventions, voices, discourses, and gender issues embedded in some American travel texts on Spain produced in the early nineteenth century, and ascertains their cultural work in fostering a romantic representation of that country in the antebellum United States.

3848-1 $45.00

BETWEEN KNOWN MEN AND VISIBLE SAINTS: A STUDY IN SIXTEENTH-CENTURY ENGLISH DISSENT, M. T. Pearse. This work adds important new information about the activities of the free-willers, Joan Bocher and her circle, and the esoteric Family of Love, as well as other radical leaders such as John Champneys and Robert Cooche, all English religious radicals in-between the more widely discussed "known men" of late Lollardy and the "visible saints" of Elizabethan and post-Elizabethan separatism.

3563-6 $42.50

BEYOND THE MARGIN: READINGS IN ITALIAN AMERICANA, Edited by Paolo A. Giordano and Anthony Julian Tamburri. This collection of essays gives a critical overview of Italian American literary and cultural studies. The essays deal with notions and/or characteristics of Italian American literature and culture in a general sense, essays devoted to specific writers, and essays on filmmakers such as Francis Ford Coppola, Brian DePalma, and Martin Scorsese, who have interpreted Italian American culture in their works.

3732-9 $45.00

BETWEEN THE MATERNAL AEGIS AND THE ABYSS: WOMAN AS SYMBOL IN THE POETRY OF ROSALI;aaA DE CASTRO, Michelle C. Geoffrion-Vinci. RosalÀ1Àa de Castro (1837-85) wrote five volumes of poetry before succumbing to cancer of the uterus at the age of forty-eight. While she is perhaps best known for her more introspective and intimate poetry, Castro's mature works are also highly feminist and political in thematic orientation. This book examines the fascinating system of poetic techniques Castro employs in her works to link the compelling issues surrounding femaleness and identity—both national and individual—to the construction of a system of gendered symbolic language that has been vastly understudied by contemporary scholars.

3890-2 $35.00

THE BIG POWERS AND THE PRESENT CRISIS IN THE MIDDLE EAST, Edited by Samuel Merlin. A record of the colloquium on the Big Powers and the Present Crisis in the Middle East that was organized in New York, on December 6, 1967, under the joint auspices of the Institute for Mediterranean Affairs and Fairleigh Dickinson University. 201 pp. 51/2x81/4.

7349-X $22.50

THE BIOGRAPH IN BATTLE: ITS STORY IN THE SOUTH AFRICA WAR RELATED WITH PERSONAL EXPERIENCES, W. K.-L. Dickson, Facsimile reprint edition with a new introduction by Richard Brown. First published in 1901 and now a rare collector's item, this book is a cameraman's diary kept during the Biograph Company's filming on the battlefields of the Boer War. It is now published in a facsimile edition, with a specially commissioned introduction from film historian Richard Brown.

3654-3 $45.00

BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS OF EXTRAORDINARY PAINTERS, William Beckford, Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Robert J. Gemmett. Here is Beckford's witty burlesque that unveils a mind alive to the history of painting and art criticism. This notable literary work has been saved from obscurity by the editor who prepared the work with notes, a Selected Bibliography and an illuminating Introduction. Illustrated. 112 pp. [ml17]51/2x81/4.[ml0]

7367-8 $24.50

BIOLOGY AND THE FUTURE OF MAN, Papers by Nathan Hershey and Merril Eisenbud, Edited by Charles Angoff, Leverton Lecture Ser. 6. Includes papers by two authorities who offer discussions concerning the future of man as it relates to their respective fields of interest—health law and environmental studies. 52 pp. [ml17]51/2x81/4.[ml0]

2222-4 $14.50

BIOLOGY AND THE SOCIAL CRISIS, J. K. Brierley. The author argues that the biologist has a central role to play in formulating and answering the questions that have recently arisen concerning man's environment. An aid to the student biologist as well as the layman trying to understand the implications of biology on modern life. 50 illustrations. 260 pp. 51/2x81/4.

7719-3 $28.50

BISMARCK AND MITTELEUROPA, Bascom Barry Hayes. This biographical study is revisionist inasmuch as the significance for Bismarck of the establishment of the Reich of 1871, traditionally viewed as his greatest achievement, is somewhat diminished. The author treats this episode as but one of many through Bismarck's long career.

3512-1 $65.00

BOIARDO'S ORLANDO INNAMORATO: AN ETHICS OF DESIRE, Jo Ann Cavallo. Jo Ann Cavallo challenges the traditional tendency to view the Orlando Innamorato as "pure entertainment" and argues instead that the poem embodies the principal elements of fifteenth-century Humanist poets. "Besides delight at Cavallo's accomplishment, my main reaction is sheer envy that I did not write it."—Charles S. Ross

3534-2 $34.50

A BOND NEVER BROKEN: THE RELATIONS BETWEEN NAPOLEON AND THE AUTHORS OF FRANCE, Michael Polowetzky. This work investigates Napoleon's relationship with the French literary community, including such figures as Mme. de Staël, Constant, and Chateaubriand. While this book makes no attempt to deny the dictatorial nature of Napoleon, it demonstrates that his relationship with the French litterati was more positive than is traditionally assumed. Illustrated.

3482-6 $32.50

BOREDOM, SELF, AND CULTURE, Seán Desmond Healy. This study in social and cultural history argues that what the author identifies as "hyperboredom"—the sense that all possibilities are equally valueless—has grown into a major cultural force as a result of the abandonment of traditional sources of meaning.

3146-0 $33.50

BOSTON'S WAYWARD CHILDREN, 1830–1930: SOCIAL SERVICES FOR HOMELESS CHILDREN, Peter C. Holloran. This study explores the origin and development of the American social welfare system. It demonstrates that the system of orphanages, child-placing agencies, reformatories, juvenile courts, and child guidance clinics established in Victorian Boston was a foundation for the New Deal and remains the basis of contemporary social work with the young. Illustrated.

3297-1 $49.50

BOUND BY DISTANCE: RETHINKING NATIONALISM THROUGH THE ITALIAN DIASPORA, Pasquale Verdicchio. This book proposes a rereading of Italian emigration as the result of the major sociopolitical trends in Italy that came to be known as the Risorgimento. It also takes into consideration some contemporary alternative cultural movements in southern Italy today that could be said to fall into the category of "postcolonial culture."

3683-7 $34.00

THE BRIDGE TO NOTHINGNESS: GNOSIS, KABBALA, EXISTENTIALISM, AND THE TRANSCENDENTAL PREDICAMENT OF MAN, Shlomo Giora Shoham. This work applies Shoham's Personality Theory to the explanation of certain religious experiences and thought by taking the human dualistic development and relating it to the dualist bases of Gnosis, Kabbala, and religious extentialism.

3396-X $55.00

THE BRIEF CAREER OF ELIZA POE, Geddeth Smith. When the actress Eliza Poe, mother of Edgar Allan Poe, died at the age of twenty-four, she had played with every important theatrical company and with all the finest actors in the country. Surviving documents of her professional career reveal an extraordinary young artist.

3317-X $26.50

BRITISH ROMANTIC DRAMA: HISTORICAL AND CRITICAL ESSAYS, Edited by Terence Allan Hoagwood and Daniel P. Watkins. A systematic explanation of various dimensions of Romantic drama by foregrounding both the theoretical and practical questions bearing on Romantic drama in its historical situation is attempted in this book. The historicist revaluation of Romanticism to which this volume is committed assumes that an understanding of the historical reach of Romantic cultural expression requires a concentrated investigation of works that challenge dominant forms of Romantic expression.

3743-4 $42.50

THE BRITISH SEAMAN, Christopher Lloyd. Attempts to rescue the seaman from anonymity and portray him in true colors. Sees the British seaman as a vigorous, quirky, idiosyncratic figure whose vitality could not be quenched by horrible conditions, disgusting food, or cruel punishments. Illustrated. 319 pp. 51/2x81/4.

7708-8 $32.50

BRITISH SPAS: FROM 1815 TO THE PRESENT DAY, Leonard W. Cowie and Evelyn E. Cowie. Written by Phyllis Hembry, The English Spa 1560 to 1815 dealt with not only places of healing and recreation, but also with the political, religious, social, and economic aspects of English spa life from its origins to the eighteenth century. This second volume, which incorporates a considerable amount of material and draft chapters written by Hembry, continues to the present time and is extended to include Welsh, Scottish, and Irish spas as well.

3748-5 $48.50

THE BRITISH TRADITION OF FEDERALISM, Michael Burgess. This volume is a review of both ideas and practice concerning federalism in Britain and Ireland, the Empire, and Europe, furnishing an unusual perspective on Britain's changing political and constitutional relations from 1870 to the present day.

3618-7 $39.50

BRITISH UNITARIANS AGAINST AMERICAN SLAVERY, 1833–1865, Douglas C. Stange. This study of the British Unitarians is the story of this group's thirty-year war against the "master sin of the world"—American slavery. Focusing on the group known as the Garrisonians, the author examines their racial views, their attitudes toward the Civil War, their relations with the American antislavery movement, and the difficult problem of the relation between religious commitment and social activism. 256 pp. 61/8x91/4.

3168-1 $35.00

BRITTEN'S A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM: MAKING AN OPERA FROM SHAKESPEARE'S COMEDY, William H. L. Godsalve. This work is a detailed description of the making of Britten's successful eighth opera in 1959–60. The reader is offered stimulating accounts of the procedures of Britten, an eclectic assimilator remaking a Renaissance comedy into a modern romantic chamber opera.

3551-2 $39.50

BROOKLYN IS NOT EXPANDING: WOODY ALLEN'S COMIC UNIVERSE, Annette Wernblad. This work examines Woody Allen's comic universe, his stand-up routines, plays, and essays, as well as all of his films.

3448-6 $32.50

A BUDDHIST'S SHAKESPEARE: AFFIRMING SELF-DECONSTRUCTIONS, James Howe. This study analyzes nine Shakespearean dramatic texts as well as several examples of Western visual art drawn from the sixth to the seventeenth centuries from a Buddhist perspective.

3522-9 $42.50

THE BULGARIAN CINEMA, Ronald Holloway. This survey of Bulgarian cinema from its beginning to its present situation under the current government reveals this country's vital and original filmmakers at work expressing and continuing their nation's rich artistic and cultural heritage. 223 illustrations. 216 pp. 81/2x11.

3183-5 $40.00

BUREAUCRACY AND PROFESSIONALISM: THE EVOLUTION OF PUBLIC SCHOOL SUPERVISION, Jeffrey Glanz. This work explains the rise and evolution of an occupational group in its efforts to professionalize, and offers an interpretive analysis of the factors that have historically shaped and influenced public school supervision.

3419-2 $36.50

CADDIS LARVAE: LARVAE OF THE BRITISH TRICHOPTERA, Norman E. Hickin. An intensive biological study of the larval stage of caddis flies. Deals specifically with British flies but also includes a section that refers to American literature on the subject. Includes over 100 descriptions of caddis larvae. 980 illustrations. 480 pp. 61/8x91/4.

6945-X $42.50

CAMBRIDGE POETS OF THE GREAT WAR: AN ANTHOLOGY, Edited by Michael Copp. This anthology contains 155 poems by forty-nine poets, all of whom have connections with Cambridge University. The poems have been selected to represent a comprehensive range of responses: patriotic, protest, satirical, realistic, elegiac, pastoral, and homoerotic. The introduction provides analytical notes on all the poems. Three appendixes discuss Charles Sorley's comments on Rupert Brooke, Siegfried Sassoon's statement of protest, and A. E. Tomlinson's scathing attack on Brooke. Biographical information on the poets is also included.

3877-5 $44.50

THE CAMPUS AND A NATION IN CRISIS: FROM THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION TO VIETNAM, Willis Rudy. This work discusses campus relations during five crucial periods in American history—the Revolution, the Civil War, World Wars I and II, and the Vietnam conflict.

3658-6 $39.50

CANCAN! David Price. Cancan! is a comprehensive history of this dance in its social context. The author examines political changes and their effects on the evolution of the dance, the sexual morality of the times, prostitution, the growing emancipation of women toward the end of the nineteenth century, changes in women's fashions, and development in the arts. Illustrated.

3820-1 $48.50


Suárez. This study attempts to trace the roots of Gil Vicente's theatrical productions to their proper sources. The book concludes that Vicente's opus shares one essential characteristic with ancient genres: its origins are carnivalesque.

3491-5 $29.50

CECIL SPRING RICE: A DIPLOMAT'S LIFE, David H. Burton. This work examines the career of Cecil Spring Rice in detail from 1887 when Rice was posted to the British Legation in Washington and subsequent posts in Tokyo, Berlin, Tehran, Constantinople, Cairo, Petrograd, and Stockholm.

3395-1 $35.00

CELTIC, CHRISTIAN, SOCIALIST: THE NOVELS OF ANTHONY C. WEST, Audrey Stockin Eyler. Anthony West has been hailed as one of the century's most distinctive stylists writing fiction in English. In this study, the author suggests that West may indeed be the most systematically spiritual writer Ireland has produced since Yeats.

3515-6 $29.50

THE CENTRIFUGAL NOVEL: S. Y. AGNON'S POETICS OF COMPOSITION, Stephen Katz. S. Y. Agnon is modern Hebrew literature's preeminent novelist. His unique ability to juxtapose the traditional Jewish worldview with modern, secular life earned him the Nobel Prize for literature, as well as every literary prize Israel could bestow. The Centrifugal Novel provides the first full-length analysis of Agnon's fiction from the perspective of manuscript history and how the archive itself represents an independent literary creation.

3785-X $43.50

THE CENTRIFUGAL NOVEL: S. Y. AGNON'S POETICS OF COMPOSITION, Stephen Katz. S. Y. Agnon is modern Hebrew literature's preeminent novelist. His unique ability to juxtapose the traditional Jewish worldview with modern, secular life earned him the Nobel Prize for literature, as well as every literary prize Israel could bestow. The Centrifugal Novel provides the first full-length analysis of Agnon's fiction from the perspective of manuscript history and how the archive itself represents an independent literary creation.

3785-X $38.50

THE CHANGING COUNTRYSIDE, 1870–1918: A SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC HISTORY OF RURAL ENGLAND AND WALES, Pamela Horn. This book traces the nature of change within the country community of England and Wales between 1870 and 1918—a period that was, in many respects, a watershed in British history. Horn reveals the powerful underlying stresses and tensions of rural life: people experienced the anxieties of agricultural recession, the declining influence of the landed classes, the diminishing support for religious institutions, and the disruption of many traditional aspects of rural life. 272 pp.

3232-7 $30.00

THE CHANGING ROLE OF THE BRITISH PROTESTANT MISSIONARIES IN CHINA, 1945–1952, Oi Ki Ling. This book examines the contradiction between Chinese perception of the missionary role and the missionaries' own perception of their role. It offers a critical assessment of the role of the missionaries in the country and sheds light on the magnitude of the problems inherent in cross-cultural encounters.

3776-0 $45.00

CHARACTER AS A SUBVERSIVE FORCE IN SHAKESPEARE: THE HISTORY AND THE ROMAN PLAYS, Bernard J. Paris. Shakespeare's history and Roman plays are usually discussed in terms of their political themes; their leading characters are imagined human beings who must be understood in motivational terms. Analyzing these characters with the aid of modern psychology (the theories of Karen Horney), this story attempts both to make sense of inconsistencies within the plays and the controversies they have produced.

3429-X $39.50

CHARLES THOMSON AND THE MAKING OF A NEW NATION, 1729–1824, J. Edwin Hendricks. The biography of the Philadelphia revolutionary who served as "perpetual" secretary to the Continental Congress. In addition he was a scholar, a merchant, a negotiator with the Indians, a founder of the American Philosophical Society, an author, and a translator of the entire Bible from the Greek. 210 pp. 51/2x81/4.

2072-8 $28.50

CHAUCER AND DISSIMILARITY: LITERARY COMPARISONS IN CHAUCER AND OTHER LATE-MEDIEVAL WRITING, John J. McGavin. With an emphasis on the House of Fame and Troilus and Criseyde, this book shows how Chaucer exploits the medieval figures of comparison, imago, similitudo, and exemplum at different levels of his work.

3814-7 $39.50

CHAUCER'S CHAIN OF LOVE, Paul Beekman Taylor. This book traces the thematic and structural implication for Chaucer's poetry of the chain of love between God and his creation, an image used by the Platonist philosophers of Chaucer's day, as well as by the church as a metaphor for God's providential love. As a structural principle, the chain of love is the intermediary between constituents of time, space, and words.

3682-9 $35.00

CHAUCER'S "LEGAL FICTION": READING THE RECORDS, Mary Flowers Braswell. For centuries, Chaucer has been associated with law. This study, however, is concerned less with the overt in Chaucer that concerns law than with the concealed and private: a specific body of materials—records from the medieval English law courts that the poet evidently read, studied, discussed with colleagues, and then threaded into his texts. This book examines the effects of those documents on the so-called "minor" poems, The House of Fame, and The Canterbury Tales.

3917-8 $34.50

A CHECKLIST OF NEW PLAYS AND ENTERTAINMENTS ON THE LONDON STAGE, 1770–1737, William J. Burling. A reference work providing information on plays and entertainments presented on the major London stages.

3451-6 $35.00

CHILEAN THEATRE, 1973–1985: MARGINALITY, POWER, SELFHOOD, Catherine M. Boyle. The 1973 military coup in Chile brought a period of censorship to the theater, followed in 1976 by the presentation of new plays with overt reference to contemporary problems, which opened an extremely productive period. This work explores the predominant themes of marginality, power, and selfhood in an art on the border between a controlled freedom of expression and repression.

3363-3 $39.50

CHIMES OF CHANGE AND HOURS: VIEWS OF OLDER WOMEN IN TWENTIETH-CENTURY AMERICA, Audrey Borenstein. Encompassing a variety of perspectives on the lives of older women in modern America, this book is a rich mosaic, drawing on demographic, social-psychological, social-historical, economic, and gerontological data, and incorporating transcripts of oral histories, interviews with women artists, fiction and essays by and about women in the second half of their lives, autobiographies, diaries, journals, letters, and other sources. 520 pp. 61/8x91/4.

3170-3 $65.00

CHINA, JAPAN, AND THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY, Robert Taylor. The 1980s have shown the two superpowers, the Soviet Union and the United States, to be economically vulnerable. The race to acquire the skills needed in the twenty-first century is led by the Japanese, and if the promise of a unified market, scheduled for 1992, is fulfilled, the European Community will become an even greater economic force. China has enlisted EC countries to aid her ambitions; her increasingly educated population and untapped natural resources make China an emerging superpower.

3428-1 $38.50

CHRISTIANS IN SECULAR INDIA, Abraham Vazhayil Thomas. Seeks to explore the role of the Christian community in the Indian secular state. Although the Indian Christian community forms only 2.4 percent of the population, it has played an important part in the social, educational, political, and religious spheres of the recent life of India. 246 pp. 51/2x81/4.

1021-8 $20.00

CINEMA OF NONFICTION, William Guynn. This work explores the meaning of the traditional distinction made between fiction and nonfiction film, and whether documentary film is a separate form of discourse with its own history and signifying structures. Methodologies developed by semiology are used, particularly those of Christian Metz. More than seventy illustrations.

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