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SaLIS, Vol.59, No.1, March, 1999

Review of Recent Literature (Nov,1998-Jan,1999)

Compiled by Mike & Mary Craymer


Editors' Note: This is a collection of selected articles on geodesy, surveying and land information systems published in English in other subject-related journals. Only the first page is given for articles in trade journals. This information has been compiled from Tables of Contents in Geodesy, a free Internet-based contents service for journals in geodesy. For more information about TCG, article reprints and journal publishers, visit the TCG web site at <http://www.geod.nrcan.gc.ca/~craymer/tcg/>.

Allgemeine Vermessungs-Nachrichten


Vol.105, No.11-12, 1998


Zur Uberprufung moderner Vermessungsinstrumente. R. Staiger. 365-374.

Prufung elektronischer Sensorsysteme bei elektronischen Tachymetern. E.-N. Fischer. 374-380.

Genauigkeitsuntersuchungen und Vergleich mehrerer Real- Time-GPS-Systeme. A. Bilajbegovic. 380-388.

Ein allgemeiner Ansatz zur Losung der Ersten geodatischen Grundaufgabe mit Hilfe der Computeralgebra. K. Krack. 388-396.

On the Datum Realization of Regional GPS Networks. M. Mareyen, M. Becker. 396-407.

Programmsysteme KATRIN und LINIV. S. Sandmann. 407-409.

Krummung und Windung der r-Linien metrischer Kugelkoordinaten (Mercator). E. Mittermayer. 409-414.

Three-dimensional geodetic control network tied to GPS Stations. R. Duchnowski, W. Kaminski, K. Swiatek. 414-420.

Artificial Satellites


Vol.32, No.2, 1997


Internal Reliability of Single Frequency GPS Data. P.J.G. Teunissen. 63-74.

Autocovariance Prediction of Short Period Earth Rotation Parameters. W. Kosek. 75-86.

Orbit Analysis of the CESAR Satellite Equipped with the GPS On-Board System. M. Rutkowska. 87-96.

The Effect of Tropospheric Refraction on GPS Relative Positioning. H. Xu, Y. Xiong, Z. Cheng. 97-106.

Accuracy of Total Ionospheric Electron Content in a Horizontally-Inhomogeneous Ionosphere. E.E. Tsedilina, Z. Klos, O.V. Weitsman. 107-118.

Vol.32, No.3, 1997


Some Remarks on GPS Ambiguity Resolution. P.J.G. Teunissen. 119-130.

On Consistency of Discrete Fourier Analysis of Noisy Time Series. W. Popinski. 131-142.

CESAR: Mathematical Model for Rotational Dynamics. A.J. Maciejewski. 143-156.

Preliminary Results of Real-Time Kinematic Tests. S. Oszczak, Z. Rzepecka, J. Kapcia, P. Fraczyk. 157-164.

Preliminary Results of Real-Time DGPS Tests Using Motorola and Ashtech Receivers. Z. Rzepecka, J. Kapcia, P. Fraczyk. 165-174.

Local Geodetic Tie of the Borowiec-1 SLR Station to GPS Markers. A. Samoilenko, S. Rudenko, S. Schillak. 175-?.

The Australian Surveyor


Vol.43, No.3, 1998


ABSTRACTS <.au/pubs/tas/tassep98.htm>

Developing The Profession In A Developing World. P. Dale. 149-152.

Ethics For The Global Surveying Community. G.K. Allred. 153-159.

Report On The FIG XXI General Assembly And International Congress. J. Crickmore. 160-164.

Accuracy Requirements For Rural Land Parcel Boundaries. K.M. Stock. 165-173.

Global Spatial Data Infrastructure: Current Developments. M.J.D. Brand. 174-177.

Fifty Years Ago - The Measurement Of Distance. S.E. Reilly. 181-184.

Vol.43, No.4, 1998


ABSTRACTS <.au/pubs/tas/tassep98.htm>

The Examination of an Alternative Method for Reinstatement in Rural Areas. K.M. Stock, R. Taylor, B.J. Hannigan. 253-260.

Dynamic Network Adjustment and the Transition to GDA94. F.J. Leahy, P.A. Collier. 261-272.

Do we need a Gravimetric Geoid or a Model of the Australian Height Datum to Transform GPS Heights in Australia? W. Featherstone. 273-280.

Bollettino di Geodesia e Scienze Affini


Vol.57, No.3, 1998


Clusters and probabilistic models for a refined estimation theory. F. Migliaccio, F. Sanso, V. Tornatore. 241-256.

Geodesic motion of an Earth's artificial satellite in an axialsymmetrically gravitational field. R.J. You. 257-276.

Efficiency of the variance quadratic estimator with regard to the optimization problem. Z. Wisniewski. 277-292.

Implementing the Fourier series as a local geopotential model in the local gravity field modelling. J. Menz, S. Bian. 293-308.

An essay on the foundations of Gaussian differential geometry III: sphere geometry. J.D. Zund. 309-324.

Utilizzo della rete GPS IGM95 per lo studio delle deformazioni cosismiche dei terremoti umbro-marchigiani del 26 settembre 1997. M. Anzidei, P. Baldi, A. Coticchia, S. Del Mese, A. Galvani, I. Hunstad, A. Pesci, M. Pierozzi, L. Surace, A. Zanutta. 325-336.

Strumenti e metodi per le osservazioni astronomiche sui vertici GPS della rete IGM95. R. Maseroli. 337-374.



Vol. 27, No.1, June, 1998


ABSTRACTS <.au/dec_97.html>

Telecom tectonics using geographic information systems. C. Arrowsmith, M. Wilson. 1-8.

The effect of slope algorithms on slope estimates within a GIS. M. Dunn, R.Hickey. 9-15.

A future vehicle positioning system for data capture in the urban canyon. M. Tsakiri, M. Stewart. 17-25.

Environmental Knowing with Tactile Maps. I.A. Ikhuoria, O.M. Irabor. 27-37.

A Model For Education in Spatial Information Technologies. D. Pullar, P. Sharma, G. McDonald. 41-48.

Using a handheld GPS to define The Kokoda Trail. K. Burrage. 49-52.

EOM - Earth Observation Magazine


Vol.7, No.9, 1998


Dealing With the Past: Mapping and cleaning up 40 years of cast-offs at McMurdo Station. C.K. Bretz, P.J. Iampietro, R.G. Kuitek. 11.

'Core on Deck!': Research vessel is providing a unique look at the Earth's geologic evolution. D. Field. 14.

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: Mineral geologists are relying more on hyperspectral imagery as one of their basic tools. B. Agar. 36.

Vol.7, No.10, 1998


'Site Selection': Cutting edge technology for the real estate industry. D.A. Baumgartner. 12.

GPS 'Noise' Benefits Weather Forecasting: Signal delays measure atmospheric water vapor. M.W. Michelsen. 16.

GIS Advances Hydrographic Survey: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lauds transition results. K.P. Corbley. 20.

Interferometry - Cutting Edge: European ERS satellites at cutting edge of imagery applications. K.P. Corbley. 24.

Monitoring Native Riparian Forest Vegetation: Color infrared film aids aerial change evaluation in lower Rio Grande. R.I. Lonard, F.W. Judd, J.H. Everitt, D.E. Escobar, M.R. Davis, M.M. Crawford, M.D. Desai. 32.

Vol.7, No.11, 1998


Managing Biodiversity: GeoTechnologies assist with Amazon oil exploration impact study. F.H. Groth. 12.

Forestry in the Third Dimension: Using World Construction Set in the forest landscape visualization process in British Columbia, Canada. B.N. Allen. 16.

On The Road To Geocodes: GPS/GIS build county E-911 databases. B. Elliot. 20.

Digital Strategies: Leading the pack, GIS becomes an information asset. P. Ammerman. 24.

Vector Data Development Changes: New software provides a solution to the trade-off between cost and quality. J. Auble. 29.

U.S. Military Maps Panama Canal with Interferometry in Preparation for Transition. K.P. Corbley. 34.

New Jersey Adopts GIS-Compatible Format Requirement: Environmentally hazardous areas must be formatted as CAD files. K.P. Corbley. 42.

Geo Info Systems


Vol.8, No.10, 1998


Teaming Up for Accuracy: Federal, State, and Local Agencies Collaborate on a Compatible Coastal Information System. A.H. Miglarese, T. Sanchez, T. LaVoi, H. Goss. 16.

Meeting in the Middle: NSDI Framework Discussions at the MidAmerica GIS Symposium. 24.

Perspective - 3D GIS: The Necessary Next Wave. P. Eichelberger. 30.

GIS Innovator - Allan H. Schmidt: GIS Journeyman; Part II. B.J. Niemann, S. Niemann. 34.

Vol.8, No.11, 1998


Capital Outlook - Privacy for GIS Information, Part I of II. D.A. Divis. 16.

New Technologies for Emergency Response - Testing a Prototype System in Florida. P. Rubec, H. Norris, T. LaVoi. 20.

Orange County, New York's Enhanced-911 System Helps Residents Breathe Easier. D.P. Washburn, J. Beaumont, S.L. Gruber. 28.

OpenGIS Specification Conformance - What Does It Mean? L. McKee. 36.

Shop Talk - Retail Location Analysis, Step 6: Identity Markets for Expansion. G.I. Thrall, J.C. del Valle, G. Hinzmann. 42.

First Impressions - AutoCAD Map 3.0. K.C. Clarke. 46.

First Impressions - CensusCD+Maps. G. Thrall, S. Thrall. 47.

Academic Pursuits - Uncertainty: The Achilles Heel of GIS? M.F. Goodchild. 50.

Vol.9, No.1, 1999


Capital Outlook - Privacy for GIS Information, Part 2 of 2. D.A. Divis. 18.

Geospatial Technology in a Developing Country: Growing GIS in Sri Lanka. W.L. Cadwallader, R. Riethmueller. 22.

Access Denied - GIS Maps Areas Underserved by Retail Centers in South Africa. T. de Jong, S. Krygsman. 30.

Identifying Villages at Risk of Malaria Spread. K.P. Corbley. 34.

Perspective - Fuzzy Data or Split Hairs? Exploring the Need for Surveyors in Developing GIS Base Maps. B. Joffe, D.P. Johnson. 39.



Vol.52, No.4, 1998


Portrait cartographique de l'afrique: application de l'indice de developpement cartographique (ICDC). Y. Baudouin. 425-432.

A Method for the Contruction of High-Dimensional Transformation Matrices in LAMBDA. Z. Li, Y.Gao. 433-439.

Investigation sur le potentiel du systeme GPS pour l'auscultation topographique de barrages. B. Akrour, R. Santerre. 441-452.

Delivering Standards for Data Content and Services. C.D. O'Brien. 457-461.

Use of "Change Detection" as a Functionality Criterion for Evaluating the Contribution of Geomatics to Decision Processes. B. Wellar. 462-467.

Demystifying Reference Systems: A Chronicle of Spatial Reference Systems in Canada. D. Junkins, G. Garrard. 468-473.

The Establishment of Environmental Information Systems (EIS) in Developing Countries. Z.D. Kalensky, J.S. Latham. 474-480.

Maintaining Professional Competency. G.K. Allred. 481-484.

CHS Supports Swissair Flight 111 Recovery Effort. 493-493.

Geomatics and the Law: Sea Change. A. McEwen. 486-486.

Geomatics Info Magazine


Vol.12, No.10, 1998


Four Cases of Organisational Change: Implementing Municipal GIS Is a Social Issue. R. Sussman. 6.

Land Management in China: Erosion Risk Assessment by Remote Sensing and GIS Technology. N. Van Camp, R. De Wulf. 31.

The Independent Geo Database: Data Basis in a Heterogeneous Company-wide GIS Environment. J. Figura, B. Baerk. 76.

Multi-Interview - Surveying Instruments and New Demands: GIM International Interviews Vendors of High End Total Stations. 36.

Interview - Solutions for the Customer: GIM International Interviews Dr Michael Kaschke, Vice-President and General Manager of Carl Zeiss Geodetic Systems and His Successor Dr Ludwin Monz. 58.

Company's View - GIS/LIS in Poland: BIPROGEO SA Participates in Implementation of GIS. 63.

Product Survey - High-end Total Stations. 68.

Insider's View - Technology and Human Needs and Values. N. Day. 81.

Vol.12, No.11, 1998


Fast GPS Ambiguity Resolution with LAMBDA. C.C.J.M. Tiberius, P.J. de Jonge. 6.

Precise Positioning Using GLONASS: Using GLONASS Carrier Phase Observables for Centimetre-level Positioning. D. Walsh, P. Daly. 32.

Torrents of Patents To Be Expected in Photogrammetry? ISPRS Opposes European Patent EP 0 700 506 B1. J.H. Loedeman. 58.

Role of GPS in Cadastral Process: Necessity to Review Survey Regulations. C. Brooke. 85.

Company's View - Javad Positioning Systems: Innovations in Precision GPS. 54.

Product Survey - Product Survey on Geodetic GPS Receivers. 62.

Multi-Interview - Geodetic GPS Equipment: GIM International Interviews Nine Key Players. 72.

The Many Faces of GPS. P.J.G. Teunissen. 89.

Vol.12, No.12, 1998


Volume Calculation from Borehole Data: Comparison of Three Methods Based on Delaunay Triangulation. A.Y.T. Kudowor, G. Taylor. 6.

Geomatic Engineering and Environmental Engineering: Two New Curricula at ETH Zurich. A. Grun. 30.

Buying GIS: The Retailers' Experiences: Preliminary Results of an International Study on GIS in the Private Sector. S. Cornelius, A. Verrips, T. Hernandez. 50.

Large Format Colour Scanning: Putting Maps and Photographs into the Computer. N. Horvat. 64.

Invited Reply - Precise Positioning Using GLONASS: Combined GPS+GLONASS (GG-) Receivers. F. van Diggelen, J. Rueffer, J. Paiva. 61.

Interview - The Internet Technology Has Surprised the GIS Industry: GIM International Interviews Kim Davis of Autodesk's GIS Market Group. 55.

Company's View - The World Just Got Smaller...: MrSID Imaging Environment from LizardTech. 58.

INTERGEO - German Annual Geodesy Forum: An Event with Tradition and New Developments. 72.

Insider's View - New Wine in Old Wineskins? H. Murakami. 81.

Vol.13, No.1, 1999


RADARSAT for Stereoscopy: Radar Stereo Pairs for DEM Generation. T. Toutin. 6.

Map Production with Modern Photogrammetry: Photogrammetry, Object Data Modelling and Cartography. P. Hardy. 30.

Urban Mapping with Low-cost DPWs and Semi-analytical Plotters: Performance Comparison between Analogue and Digital Technologies. M.J.P.M. Lemmens. 36.

Mapping Archaeological Features: Overlaying, Analysis and Visualisation of Heterogeneous Data. E. Heller. 60.

Product Survey on Geodetic GPS Receivers (suppl). 63.

Dynamic Survey by Mobile Mapping System: An Advanced Multi- sensor Technique for Terrestrial Surveying. D. Visintini. 67.

Access to Virtual Worlds via Internet: 3-D User Interface for a Web-based Information System. S. Landes. 76.

Interview - The Future for Geographic Imaging: GIM Int'l Interviews John Allan, Director of Sales and Marketing for ERDAS. 45.

Company's View - Off-the-Shelf SAR Digital Elevation Models: Intermap Commercialises Synthetic Aperture Radar DEMs. 70.

Insider's View - Digital Photogrammetric Workstations. C. Heipke. 81.

Vol.13, No.2, 1999


Optimal Routeing of Pipelines: Finding the Best Location for Natural Gas Pipelines with GIS. P. Sarkka, E. Pohto. 6.

Goodbye, GIS/LIS! The Life Cycle of a Successful Meeting. M. O'Cuilinn. 28.

China's Flood Disaster of Summer 1998: Flood Monitoring and the Role of Remote Sensing and GIS. T.G. Wang, S. Chengjie, W. Chengjie. 34.

Enhancing Planners' Workflow with GIS: A Small Island's Planning Department Case. S.J. Fletcher. 50.

One and One Is Three: Effective Use of Optical Total Stations with GPS. J.V.R. Paiva, J. Kozlowski. 61.

Belarus-Swiss Cadastre Project: Creating a Cadastral and Environmental LIS in Eastern Europe. J. Kaufmann. 64.

A Digital GIS Library: Aalborg University Library Creates 'Uniweb'. E. Arkin. 77.

Interview - A Common Platform for Different GPS-es and Total Stations: GIM Int'l Interviews Zdenko Kurtovic, CEO of Geo Astor. 45.

Product Survey - Product Survey on DGPS Mapping System. 52.

Company's View - OmniSTAR - a Prime DGPS Provider: Real-time Sub-metre Positioning Data, Available Worldwide. 74.

Insider's View - Harmonisation of the EU Real Estate Market: Yes or No? P. van der Molen. 81.

Geomatics Research Australasia


No.67, December, 1997


ABSTRACTS <.au/pubs/gra/gradec97.htm>

Investigation Of The Observed MSL Values Around Peninsular Malaysia. S. Ses , J. R. Gilliland.

AWGS8GAHD Profile Over the Darling Fault, Western Australia. O.J. Friedlieb, W.E. Featherstone, M.C. Dentith.

Geoid Computations Using Ring Integration: Gridded Vs. Point Data. J.F. Kirby, W.E. Featherstone, A.H.W. Kearsley.

Spectral Analysis And Optimization Of Two Dimensional Networks. G. Schmit.

Validation Criteria And Accuracy Estimation Of The Ambiguity Function Method. S. Han, E. Mok.

No.68, June, 1998


ABSTRACTS <.au/pubs/gra/grajun98.htm>

Possible Evidence For Distortions In The Australian Height Datum In Western Australia. W.E. Featherstone, M.P. Stewart.

The Application Of The Combining Forecast Theory To The Combined Models Of Horizontal Crustal Deformation. Quanwei Liu, Yongqi Chen.

Derivatives Of The Earth's Potentials. R.E. Deakin.

The Application Of Antenna Phase Centre Models To The West Australian State GPS Network. M.P. Stewart.

Estimates Of The Separation Between The Geoid And The Quasigeoid Over Australia. W.E. Featherstone, J.F. Kirby.

Least Squares Estimation And Biased Estimation For Variance—Covariance Components. G. Qingming, Z. Jianjun.

Geophysical Journal International


Vol.135, No.2, November, 1998


Seasonal variations in length of day and atmospheric angular momentum. J. Hopfner. 407-437.

Continuous gravity recording with Scintrex CG-3M meters: a promising tool for monitoring active zones. S. Bonvalot, M. Diament, G. Gabalda. 470-494.

Structural effects of the crust on the geoid modelled using deep seismic sounding interpretations. J. Kakkuri, Z. T. Wang. 495-505.

Vol.135, No.3, December, 1998


Analysis of superconducting gravimeter data from Table Mountain, Colorado. D.J. Crossley, S. Xu. 835-844.

Vol.136, No.3, March, 1999


A sea-level test for inertial interchange true polar wander events. E. Mound, J.X. Mitrovica, D.A.D. Evans, J.L. Kirschvink. F5.

A global isostatic gravity model of the Earth. M.K. Kaban, P. Schwintzer, S.A. Tikhotsky. 519-536.

Postglacial rebound and sea level contributions to changes in the geoid and the Earth's rotation axis. P. Johnston, K. Lambeck. 537-558.

A review of the trends observed in British Isles mean sea level data measured by tide gauges. P.L. Woodworth, M.N. Tsimplis, R.A. Flather, I. Shennan. 651-670.

Orthogonality and mean squares of the vector fields given by spherical cap harmonic potentials. F.J. Lowes. 781-783.

Geophysical Research Letters


Vol.25, No.20, 1998


Ionospheric calibration of radar altimeters using GPS tomography. G. Ruffini, E. Cardellach, A. Flores, L. Cucurull, A. Rius. 3771-3775.

Vol.25, No.21, 1998


Present-day uplift patterns over Greenland from a coupled ice-sheet/viscoelastic bedrock model. E. Le Meur, P. Huybrechts. 3951-3955.

"Implicit ice" in the global theory of glacial isostatic adjustment. W.R. Peltier. 3955-3959.

Crustal deformation in the Baikal rift from GPS measurements. E. Calais, O. Lesne, J. Decvercheere, V. San'kov, A. Lukhnev, A. Miroshnitchenko, V. Buddo, K. Levi, V. Zalutzky, Y. Bashkuev. 4003-4007.

A geodynamic framework for eastern Mediterranean kinematics. P. Lundgren, D. Giardini, R.M. Russo. 4007-4011.

Radar interferogram filtering for geophysical applications. R.M. Goldstein, C.L. Werner. 4035-4039.

Vol.25, No.23, 1998


Mantle viscosity inferences from joint inversions of Pleistocene deglaciation-induced changes in geopotential with a new SLR analysis and polar wander. L.L.A. Vermeersen, R. Sabadini, R. Devoti, V. Luceri, P. Rutigliano, C. Sciarretta, G. Bianco. 4261-4265. ARTICLE-HTML </GRL/articles/1998GL900150/GL545W01.html> ARTICLE-PDF </GRL/articles/1998GL900150/GL545W01.pdf>

Vol.26, No.1, 1999


The free core nutation period stays between 431 and 434 sidereal days. F. Roosbeek, P. Defraigne, M. Feissel, V. Dehant. 131-135. ARTICLE-HTML </GRL/articles/1998GL900225/ GL607W01.html> ARTICLE-PDF </GRL/articles/1998GL900225/ GL607W01.pdf>

GeoWorld / GIS World


Vol.11, No.10, 1998


From the Editor - Global Change Studies Require More Than Technology. J.R. Hughes. 8.

Beyond Mapping - GIS Data Are Rarely Normal. J.K. Berry. 24.

Nuts and Bolts - Road Warriors Capture Web Maps When Travelling. E.J. Strand. 28.

GIS Online - What Makes a GIS Hotlist Hot? B. Thoen. 30.

GPS/GIS Integration - Laser Range Finders Overcome Hostile Environments. C. Mansfield. 34.

Open GIS Connection - IAG Wakes up Washington to GIS Issues. L. McKee. 36.

GIS Canada - British Columbia Offers Soils Data Via the Internet. A. Levinsohn. 38.

GIS Monitors Our Fragile Earth. Q. Zhou. 40.

Computer-Aided Dispatch - GIS Can Help Save Lives. R.H. Scott. 46.

Build a Better Pipeline with GIS. D.E. Toffer. 52.

Data Warehousing Moves GIS Beyond Maps. S. Kinzy. 58.

Cowboys and Culture - GIS/LIS Set for Texas-Sized Show in 1998. C. Williams. 62.

GeoBusiness Watch - So Where's the High-Resolution Satellite Imagery? J.D. Wilson. 86.

Vol.11, No.11, 1998


From the Editor - GIS WORLD Is Now GeoWorld! J.R. Hughes. 8.

Beyond Mapping - Unlock the Statistical Keystone. J.K. Berry. 28.

Nuts and Bolts - Develop GIS Applications in "Web Time". E.J. Strand. 30.

The "G" in GIS - Geographic Analysis Yields New Neandertal Theory. J. Dobson. 32.

Applied Geoscience Forum - New NOAA Datasets Describe U.S. Coastal Zones. A.K. Turner. 34.

Edge Nodes - Should GIS Enter the World of Consilience? N. Waters. 38.

What's In A Name? J.D. Wilson. 40.

Weave Maps Across the Web, 1998 Edition. R.B. Culpepper. 46.

GIS and the Web Put Texas History at Users' Fingertips. V. Speed. 54.

Citizens First! The Internet Brings Public Information Power to the People. S. Newbill, K. Anderson, B. Moore. 58.

GeoBusiness Watch - Geotech Companies Wrestle with the Stock Market Bear. J.D. Wilson. 82.

Vol.11, No.12, 1998


From the Editor - The Future Is Now! J.R. Hughes. 8.

Beyond Mapping - How Do You Measure Spatial Dependency? J.K. Berry. 26.

Nuts and Bolts - What's the Right Way to "Web Map" Data? E.J. Strand. 28.

GIS Online - Emancipate Government Data. B. Thoen. 30 .

GPS/GIS Integration - Combine Digital Photography with GPS for Accurate Data Collection. C. Mansfield. 34.

Open GIS Connection - Avoid "Disaster Information" Disasters. L. McKee. 36.

GIS Canada - Teranet Finds Success through Partnerships. A. Levinsohn. 38.

Industry Outlook '99 - GIS melts into It. 40.

Think Before You Sample Data! P.E. Bourgeois, V.J. Sclafani, J.K. Summers, S.C. Rob, B.A. Vairin. 50.

GIS Goes Mobile. J.D. Wilson. 54.

GIS Hits the Web Down Under. K.P. Corbley. 58.

GeoBusiness Watch - Is Field Computing the GIS "Killer App?" J.D. Wilson. 106.

GPS World


Vol.9, No.11, 1998


The View From Here: Doing A Bigger Job. G. Gibbons. 10.

Washington View: IRT Proposes National Program Office. D.A. Divis. 12-17.

Smooth Sailing: High-Speed Ferries Cross Over To RTK GPS. J.P. Garner. 20-28.

GPS+GLONASS: Toward Subnanosecond Time Transfer. W. Lewandowski, J. Azoubib. 30-39.

Innovation: The GPS End-Of-Week Rollover. R.B. Langley. 40-47.

GPS World 1998 Editorial Index. 48-59.

Vol.10, No.1, 1999


The View From Here: The GPS Decade. G. Gibbons. 10.

Washington View: Continental Shift - Changing Strategies In GNSS Chess Match. D.A. Divis. 14-27.

On Track And On Time: Commuting With GPS. P. Webb. 20-26.

Redd Recon: Mapping Chinook Spawning Habitat. W.V. Mavros, D.D. Dauble. 28-35.

1999 GPS World Receiver Survey. 36-52.

Innovation: GLONASS To GPS - A New Coordinate Transformation. Y.A. Bazlov, V.F. Galazin, B.L. Kaplan, V.G. Maksimov, V.P. Rogozin. 54-58.

Vol.10, No.2, 1999


The View From Here: A New GPS Model Year. G. Gibbons. 12.

Washington View: Finally! A Second Signal Decision. D.A. Divis. 16-20.

Historic Crossing: An Unmanned Aircraft's Atlantic Flight. T. McGeer, J. Vagners. 24-30.

Setting Boundaries: A Geodetic Network for Argentinian Mines. R. Gillone, C. Brunini. 32-36.

Precision Spraying: Working Toward an Ideal. T. Jensen, L. Hall. 38-42.

An Airship Adventure: Robots Fly Into Competition. C. Hennessey, P. Haintz. 44-48.

Innovation: The Stochastics of GPS Observables. C. Tiberius, N. Jonkman, F. Kenselaar. 49-54.

The Hydrographic Journal


No.90, October, 1998


Quality Control in Positioning. C.J.M. Tiberius. 3-8.

Survey, Navigation and Positioning Guidelines for 3D Marine Seismic Survey Specifications. B. Calderbank. 11-20.

The Observation of Underwater Light - Part 1. D.A. Pilgrim. 23-27.

No.91, January, 1999


A GIS Integration Approach for Dynamically Reconfigurable Surveys. B. Bourgeois, F. Petry, M. Harris, P. Alleman. 3-10.

The Observation of Underwater Light - Part 2. D.A. Pilgrim. 13-18.

The Influence of Different Point Patterns on Relief Models Applied to Sandbanks: General Construction and First Results. T.V. Wiele, C. Vernemmen. 21-27.

Journal of Geodesy


Vol.72, No.11, 1998


Calibration of satellite gradiometer data aided by ground gravity data. D. Arabelos, C.C. Tscherning. 617-625. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/8072011/80720617.htm>

GPS error modeling and OTF ambiguity resolution for high- accuracy GPS/INS integrated system. D.A. Grejner-Brzezinska, R. Da, C. Toth. 626-638. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/8072011/80720626.htm>

Grid point search algorithm for fast integer ambiguity resolution H.B. Iz, M. Ge, Y.Q. Chen. 639-643. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/8072011/80720639.htm>

A discrimination test procedure for ambiguity resolution on-the-fly J. Wang, M.P. Stewart, M. Tsakiri. 644-653. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/8072011/80720644.htm>

The exterior Airy/Heiskanen topographic-isostatic gravity potential, anomaly and the effect of analytical continuation in Stokes' formula. L.E. Sjoeberg. 654-662. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/8072011/80720654.htm>

Comment and reply regarding Changyou Zhang (1995): A general formula and its inverse formula for gravimetric transformation by use of convolution and deconvolution techniques. H. Motao, G. Zheng, O. Yongzhong. 663-665. ABSTRACT <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/bibs/8072011/80720663.htm>

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GIS-Based Approach to Sewer System Design. R. Greene, N. Agbenowosi, G.V. Loganathan. 36-57.

Marine Geodesy


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Centimeter-Level, Real-Time Kinematic Positioning With GPS + GLONASS C/A Receivers. D. Kozlov, M. Tkachenko. 137-147.

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Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing


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The United States-Mexico Border Region: An Overview. P. Ganster. 1077-1083.

United States-Mexico Transboundary Aerial Photography and Mapping Initiative. K.J. Osborn. 1085-1088.

Using a GIS to Overcome Data Adversity: Industrial Air Pollution Risk Modeling in Tijuana, Mexico. A.J. Obee, E.C. Griffin, R.D. Wright. 1089-1096.

Modeling Agricultural Nonpoint Source Sediment Yield in Imperial Valley, California. M.V. Finco, G.F. Hepner. 1097-1105.

Mapping and Monitoring Agricultural Crops and Other Land Cover in the Lower Colorado River Basin. R.G. Congalton, M. Balogh, C. Bell, K. Green, J.A. Milliken, R. Ottman. 1107-1113.

Transnational Gap Analysis of the Rio Bravo/Rio Grande Region. C. Gonzalez-Rebeles, V.J. Burke, M.D. Jennings, G. Ceballos, N.C. Parker. 1115-1118.

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Wavelets for SAR Image Smoothing. G. Horgan. 1171-1178.

A New Algorithm for Surface Determination Based on Wavelets and its Practical Application. J.-R. Tsay, B.P. Wrobel. 1179-1188.

The Influence of Geographic Sampling Methods on Vegetation Accuracy Evaluation in a Swampy Environment. C.P. Lo, L.J. Watson. 1189-1200.

Spectral Reflectance and Detection of Iron-Oxide Precipitates Associated with Acidic Mine Drainage. J.E. Anderson, E.I. Robbins. 1201-1208.

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Geostatistical Estimation of Resolution-Dependent Variance in Remotely Sensed Images. J.B. Collins, C.E. Woodcock. 41-50.

Multi-Scale Fractal Analysis of Image Texture and Patterns. C.W. Emerson, N. S.-N. Lam, D.A. Quattrochi. 51-61.

Fractal Characterization of Hyperspectral Imagery. H.-L. Qiu, N. S,-N. Lam, D.A. Quattrochi, J.A. Gamon. 63-71.

Comparing Effects of Aggregation Methods on Statistical and Spatial Properties of Simulated Spatial Data. L. Bian, R. Butler. 73-84.

A Cartographic Modeling Approach for Surface Orientation- Related Applications. M.E. Hodgson, G.L. Gaile. 85-95.

Scale-Dependent Relationships between Population and Environment in Northeastern Thailand. S.J. Walsh, T.P. Evans, W.F. Welsh, B. Entwisle, R.R. Rindfuss. 97-105.

Professional Surveyor


Vol.18, No.7, October, 1998


ARTICLES </psarchiv.htm>

U.K. Surveyors Settle for Middle Way. S. Booth. 8.

British Property Boundaries. J. Maynard. 14.

A Wetland Delineation Primer for the Professional Land Surveyor. D.P. Moskowitz. 22.

Original Monuments and Original Surveyor. L.M. Skipton. 30.

Point to Point: The Ethics of Competence. J. Leininger. 46.

Hands On: IntelliCAD 98 and Visible Survey. J. Bell. 48.

On the Horizon: New Elevation Certificate Coming Soon. W. Lathrop. 51.

CADD Tips & Tricks: Using External Reference Drawings - Part 2. R. Zimmer. 52.

Hands On: Trimble GPS Total Station 4800. A. Pepling. 54.

Marketing Tipz: Marketing Against the Minority Position. S. Zeloznicki. 59.

Legal Notes: Boundary Dispute/Claim of Adverse Possession. J.J. Demma. 60.

The Nature of Measurement: Part XI - Suggested Measurement Standards for Property Surveys. B. Buckner. 61.

History Corner: Saved by a Compass Sundial: Captain John Smith, Part I. S.A. Bedini. 77.

Vol.18, No.8, November/December, 1998


ARTICLES </psarchiv.htm>

F.W. Breithaupt & Sohn: The World's Oldest Instrument Manufacturer. M. Cheves. 8.

The Cameron GIS Mapping Project. M.V. Plymale, R.J. Pistner. 18.

Fee Estimates for Boundary Surveys - Results. R.L. Elgin. 22.

Modern Total Stations are Levels, Too. J. Kozlowski. 30.

Humour in Surveying - How to Transport a Camel in a Survey Truck. M. Gaiqui. 38.

Hands On: Terrain Professional. J. Bell. 42.

Point to Point: Research - Whose Responsibility? J. Leininger. 46.

GIS and the Surveyor: Developing the Strategic Plan for a GIS - Part 2. F. Henstridge. 48.

Second Thoughts: High Notes, and Low. W.A. Schmidt. 51.

Legal Notes: Easements and Riparian Rights. J.J. Demma. 52.

The Nature of Measurement: Part 12 - Universal Truths Found in Measurement Science. B. Buckner. 54.

History Corner: Saved by a Compass Sundial: Captain John Smith - Part 2. S.A. Bedini. 77.

South African Journal of Surveying & Mapping


Vol.24, Part 3 (No.145), December, 1997


Digital Terrain Model in 5x5m Grid Using Real-Time GPS Surveying. J. Krynski. 121-128.

Information Management System for Affordable Housing Provision. S. Mason, M. Berry, S. Crone, N. Geffen, L. Camroodien. 129-138.

Leiliefontein: A Land Reform Project. C. Turner, A. Parker. 139-142.

Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica


Vol.42, No.4, 1998


Mean Earth's Equipotential Surface from Topex/Poseiden Altimetry. M. Bursa, J. Kouba, K. Radej, S.A. True, V. Vatrt, M. Vojtiskova. 459-466.

On the Determination of the Earth's Model - the Mean Equipotential Surface. M. Bursa, G.V. Demianov, M.I. Yurkina. 467-471.

Survey Review


Vol.34, No.270, 1998


Communal Family Tenure - An Examination of Scotland's Crofting and Zimbabwe's Communal Area Tenure. J. Drummond, D. Goodwin. 482-500.

Enhancement of Inverse Projection Algorithms with Particular Reference to the Syrian Stereographic Projection. A.C. Ruffhead. 501-508.

Back to Basics (12): Geodetic Transformations - Part 2. T. Moore, M.J. Smith. 509-515.

Henry VII's Chapel at Westminster Abbey: Photogrammetry Recording and Survey Control. L.D. Bank, A.L. Allan. 517-527.

60 Years Ago. J.R. Smith. 528-530.

Signal Distortion in High Precision GPS Surveys. H. Hartinger, F.K. Brunner. 531-541.

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