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Citizenship: USA

Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2004

Email: mkesling63@, mkesling63@



My name is Michelle Mellema, located in Encino, California.

My ex Greg Mellema rumored my daughter, Katie, now 11 years old and I are victims of CIA-NV mind control human experimentation. Please Google CIA Mind Control. My ex and her step father Greg Mellema, Abaris Training Reno NV, blabbed this whole thing to impress his new wife and his few friends. He said he sold my daughter, not biologically related to him, when she was 5 as a human experiment to gain CIA position. Dr. Dykes, Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor, Reno NV put an implant in her eardrum and Dr. Clark Pillsbury Podiatrist Reno NV put an implant in one or both of my feet in 6/04 according to Greg Mellema. After the last year, I believe it all.

Since 8/04 when I recovered from my foot surgery I have been harassed out of a 9 year career as a Family Support Specialist with the State of Nevada Welfare Division, stripped of over $130,000 in assets by the corrupt 2ND Judicial Family Court Reno NV, escaped Shannon Bryant's and Judge Doherty's poor attempt to commit me, all family and friends from infants to elderly have suffered some form of harassment even in different states, CIA has been all over me for months where ever I go and questions friends, and the ultimate: the court, Judge Francis Doherty a woman, completely stripped me of legal and physical custody of my daughter and she has been denied contact with me and her biological family for almost a year now. I don't drink, do drugs, have a normal court approved psychological, and before this had close to perfect credit and no criminal background.

Judge Doherty ordained that Katie should go to her step father and the best example I have seen of him is De Nero in ";Hide and Seek";. He has a knife fetish I reported for 2 years to the court and CPS The wanna be mother lost her own children and has a history of substance abuse just like Greg Mellema. His 5 year abuse of prescription drugs like Riddlin, Paxel, Viagra, etc. was given to the court and ignored.

Apparently all this was done to me because CIA-NV, wants me to condone a lot of criminal conduct and just shut up. They are all buried deep with Greg Mellema who can't pay a bill on time with money. Also Shannon Bryant Esq. Reno NV who hacks into his clients adversaries personal computers to gain information he can embellish and use against them. Karen Shelton PhD who took Katie from me via a custody evaluation that she let Shannon Bryant write, a lot of evidence on this turned in. She just signed to help him cover his crimes and use this king court kiss ass to gain more business. A child psychologist did this.

Shannon Bryant Esq involved me in the Darren Mack/Judge Chuck Weller case that can be searched on the Internet. It is deadly. Currently both District Attorneys in Reno and Las Vegas refuse to get back with me on my claim that Maurice Washington, Senator suppressed my evidence that Charla Mack was on the same sex personals site that Chuck Weller is on and they accuse Darren Mack of being on. I know Chuck Weller is on it because I was and he hit on me there. All evidence that Chuck Weller could have had the rumored affair with Charla Mack for court favors, just as Chuck Weller offered me at one time, is ignored. Also CIA-NV is not disclosing the information that Judge Chuck Weller bragged the very next day after the shooting that Darren Mack was set up and CIA fixed his next election so he didn't have to pay for it. The shooting was a small price. Because Shannon Bryant involved me in this without good cause, CIA-NV is upset with me for having this information. Why it is an issue in my case is because Judge David Hardy originally took Katie from me because "; I may or may not have had email contact with persons that may or may not have been associated with Darren Mack";. So who involved who and why?

The sad fact for CIA-NV is if the chipping thing is true, they NEED me back. I don't need them. Without me they have no project, even with Katie. I will never stop causing them grief and reporting this while she is not with me, her mother. They have tried everything but gratifying me in ANY way. Currently the Reno city attorney and Detective Meister of Reno PD are issuing warrants for my arrest that they admit will not be prosecuted. That means I can't gain employment with background checks. Also the 2ND Judicial court BEFORE the divorce trial garnished my checks for child support based on amounts requested not from my income declaration. Judge Francis Doherty also garnished back child support while married AND took back child support from the proceeds of my real estate the court gave me NOTHING of. The decision to strip me of my child was already made, their intention is to keep me broke so I can't sue for any for damages, keep my location known to them if I do manage to get a job with the open warrants, and as threatened for the last year, KILL ME. The lawsuits are huge the first being against the DOD in Caeson City Nevada that will put the JAG, LTC Dick Blower, out of his army career.

I will not go back or shut up. After their conduct no normal person would without some kind of compensation for what they stole and protection. First and foremost my daughter and my livelihood, and put the criminal fraction that wants me dead, Greg Mellema, Shannon Bryant, his friend Perry, etc in PRISON for their federal crimes so I am protected from them. They also refuse to talk to me giving lame excuses but the fact is I know them. All their personal dirt and crimes too. My answer to CIA-NV is this: You need me more then I need you and have stepped on every advantage/person you had in this situation and you had more then most.

Anyone with referrals, ideas etc to take on this civilly making big money and/or grants for cat scans, please get back to me. If the CIA implants show, then I will need an attorney that can take that on too so I and my daughter can lead normal lives again. Obviously CIA can't manage their own in Nevada.

Please add me to your list with this summary. I know a few good people in this but they are unable to control Mike Willden and Greg Mellema. Will the good suffer with the bad. The good men trying to help me just don't and I can't expect them to babysit these 2 looser men.

Mike Willden and Greg Mellema are the kind that will agree to behave then don't as soon as they have no one keeping tabs on them. Unfortunately since this is government it is too hard to fire them and they attack me physically as well now. They will always find a way to harass me and any that concern themselves with me until they are completely put down.



    Citizenship: USA, China, Sweden
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: various
    Email: c/o soleilmavis@



    Posted by Soleilmavis 0n September 27, 2008 soleilmavis@

    (1) J, (A mind contol victim whom I knew nothing about) who I heard from the torturers, died during May 2002 to August 2002 in China. Her death frightened me; I had ever mentioned her death in my letters to United Nations.

    (2) CLARE L. WEHRLE, described as a local transient, was crossing 34th Street North just south of Dartmouth Avenue North on January 6, 2006 at 7:40pm when she was struck by a 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix, travelling southbound and driven by Edward Raymond Peters, of St. Petersburg.

    A minivan had been in front of Peters and it swerved to avoid Wehrle as she crossed against traffic. The minivan blocked Peters view of Wehrley in the roadway as she continued walking from the center lane to the median lane and was struck by the Pontiac.This pedestrian/fatality traffic crash was investigated by a Traffic Homicide Investigator (not to be confused with a homicide investigator). There are no charges pending in the traffic crash. Most victims believed that because torturers using mind control and Directed Energy Weapons to cause her death in a car accident.

    (3) CAROLE STERLING , On November 6, 1997, Carole Sterling, a mind control victim, committed suicide. She lived in Washington, D.C. and was tortured so brutally she was led to kill herself to escape the torture. She went to a UFO conference years ago and it was there she noticed she became a victim.

    (4) NADINE ELAINE MITCHELL (May 16, 1938 - August 5, 2006) Last Saturday, August 5, 2006, a fellow-target passed away due to her injuries rendered physically and psychologically via covert harassment. In speaking to those that were close to her, she suffered greatly, especially in her last days because of the cancer, directed energy weapons and non-stop group stalking activity. Here is a link to her online obituary:

    From Jennifer M: I received a strange and sad phone call tonight. A woman was going through her boyfriend’s cell phone to find out who he had been in contact with prior to his suicide. It was a TI who had contacted me in June about targeting. He described what was happening to him first in an email to me. His name was Darin Smith, a member of the Coast Guard. We talked on the phone for about an hour. He was very supportive to me and seemed to be knowledgable about the technology. He knew what they were doing to him, but he didn't understand why or how they did it, like most of us. He shot himself in the head, while driving, on Aug. 31st. 2006.

    To any of you who knew him, I am very sorry. His girlfriend Tiffany, was asking me about this group. I'm still freaking out. He seemed so strong, when I last spoke to him in June. We have to stay tough guys. I'm having a hard time processing this, but I know that this is a supportive group.

    Please add Darin's name to any memorial group or list we have and let me know if you need more information on the case. Sincerely yours, TI Jennifer M.

    (6) RENA from USA suicided
    It is with great regret that I inform my fellow TIs that a fellow TI has committed suicide.

    Her name was Rena, and she had a brief blog that she kept at the following address: /4knhhohttp://multis/

    Over the last couple of months, she and I had become friends. She had stayed over at my place a couple of times, and we shared our stories. She had also been a victim of the electronics, as many of you are. I had hoped to perhaps engage in a relationship with her, and now she is dead.
    Rena was a very sweet lady about my age, who also happened to be legally blind. What these bastard pig shit sewer scum gangstalkers do is evil. I am just sick right now, and I can't say anything more.

    (7) JOHAN HELLER --A Sweden Mind Control Victim died from a heart attack (we believed that was an artificial heart attack) This bad news was firstly brought to us by Sherry Bell a Ti, one his good friends in USA. and forwarded to us by Monika Stoces monika.stoces@

    Our friend Johan Heller (Sweden) had passed away last week. He died from a heart attack while he was in the Philippines. Probably this was a result of the abuse of remote technology on his body and mind for several years.

    He got targeted consciously with electromagnetic weapons in 1999.

    In 1999 he lost his children and wife as a result of this, nobody believed him this was happening He lost his work being a computer programmer. And he accepted forced antipsychotic medication that strongly damaged his health. This disbelieves and ignorance of what was happening to him, also from his second wife in the Philippines since last year, made him suffer deeply, in fact the disbelieve was the most painfull part of it, as it is to many others. This story once more should tell us all that there is nothing more important than what is happening to us and to thousands of us worldwide. I realize that we have only one life, and that ignoring reality and acting as if nothing happens, it impossible and totally wrong.

    Our reputation is totally unimportant in comparison with this crime, we must break the silence and face reality, ignoring these historical crimes , is as wrong as denying the existence of the concentration camps back in world war 2 .

    This must be exposed, and only by exposing ourselves, all the people who know this already, we can do something. So many targets worldwide, only need to find each other and work together! WE SHOULD NOT BE SCARED TO SPEAK LOUD AND OPEN ABOUT THESE EXPERIMENTS ON PEOPLE. THIS IS HAPPENING ON SUCH ENORMOUS SCALE, THAT WE SHOULD BE ASHAMED TO IGNORE THIS, TO WAIT AND TO HIDE ONCE WE ARE AWARE OF IT.


    , /group/soleilmavis (IN CHINESE) ,/

    Citizenship: USA
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2005



    You have reached someone in the United States who has been a victim of human rights violation and torture. Forms of psycho tronic weapontry was used on me for a period of almost 3 years starting in Pawtucket, RI ending in El Paso, TX. Despite the fact that these were real people stalking and harrassing me night and day no matter where I went I could not get it stopped. I had no way of tracing them although I did have a few clues. I have had other things happen to me as well that are more realistic and also deliberate including being caused tinnitus, brain damage, damage to my extremeties, and a hematoma when a car was deliberately run into me. All this by a former supervisor and instructor who sought to take advantage of letters I had written in the hope of fame and fortune.

    I had to quickly send the e mail but I wanted to elaborate more on the torture I experienced. My brain was as if it had literally been opened up. It did not require receptors on my part to be stalked and harrassed but I'm thinking I might of been a good target due to the injuries I had sustained which were deliberate. The FBI was in on it and it was totally inhumane as well as un American and anti American. I know I would be a rich woman if I could ever sue over it. They don't need cameras of any kind to view you. They use you for everything they need. To see with, to hear with. They were doing it though for the benefit of others and not for me so I could say I had been turned into a human test subject. Mine played out over the TV, radio, and phone lines. Pleas to get it

    Pleas to law enforcement to get it stopped went unheeded and instead I was mentally committed on several occassion and forced on drugs which I am now sick from. But it is possible to read a persons mind without them utterring a word. I know this because I witnessed it first hand. I was it's source. They are able to in effect slice a persons brain open to the point where it no longer becomes your own. Your brain is on public display like I was. It was horrible what was being done to me. I did not keep a journal as I didn't want to because I knew it would be used against me. It was one of the most torturous experienced I've ever been through and it actually happened. They were with me all the time and followed me everywhere. They became a part of my life. Unwanted and unwelcome.

    Sorry, I just wanted to stress that there was nowhere to hide from my attackers. They were able to penetrate any locale you were at no matter where you went. I moved from state to state and they were still able to follow me. This type of weaponry needs to be banned because it does exist and it is real. There is no hiding and no relief if you're targeted unless you do as they say. Mainly drugs. They'll even kick you out of housing if need be which happened to me.




Citizenship: USA

Year Torture/Abuse Began: 1998

Email: jessemm7@



HOW I FOUND THE MANUAL TO LIFE, My testimony (1-15-2008).

         What you are about to read in these pages may seem to be a diabolic nightmare. One time I heard that God whispers to your ear before He throws you a brick to call your attention. Only this horrifying experience could send me in a frantic search for God.

          I lived a laid back life, and I thought I had what I needed.  All of the sudden I found myself lying down on a chicken house dying in pain, struggling to breathe, forgotten by all, and with no hope.  I begged to the Lord for my life so I could serve Him. God answered my prayers.  This trial  has shown me that we have a living God that punishes the same way a loving father punishes his children.

          I had lived an honest life.  However, I did not have God on my heart.  I was arrogant, proud of myself, always criticizing others' mistakes, wise on my own opinion, and I had an answer to everything. Without knowing, I was like an animal going to its own destruction.  I got married for the third time in 1994.  A year later I started Law School in the State of Michigan.  My plan was to work as a lawyer to help the poor.   If I could make the same money I make working as an auto-mechanic while helping the needy, I will be killing two birds with one stone, I thought.  However, my thoughts started to change by the second year of law  school.   I  started to think that maybe it was not  right to study day and night to help those who probably were not going to appreciate it.   I did not know that the tribulation was near. 

          Everything started when I found evidence that the Law School was a big fraud.  All of the sudden I found myself on the emergency room with chest pain, and difficulty to breathe.  Something was telling me that my maladies had to do with the evidence of fraud that I had found.  I became the subject of road  harassment by weird people, and I felt like electrical shocks all over my body.  I moved from my apartment, and placed aluminum paper in between the covers in my efforts to ameliorate the pain and be able to sleep.  I would go from place to place looking for a place to study to no avail. The harassment was following everywhere I would go.  I was confused, and many times I was asking myself whether I was losing my mind.  The harassment was worst every day, and I returned to my hometown, Mission, Texas.  It was July of 1998.

          I started to work as a mechanic.  However, the harassment followed me even to the work place. The pain and the diarrhea forced me to leave to Reynosa, Mexico.  The harassment almost disappeared there.  I decided to return when my wife became pregnant.  I wanted to take to court the culprits of this harassment. I tried to find an attorney to no avail.  Is very difficult to win a case against the federal government I was told.  One attorney send me to see a Christian attorney, because according to him, this attorney could help me out. I went to his office and after explaining my case, the attorney told me that he was a servant of God, that he worked honestly and did not make a lot of money, then he could not take a case that was to take a lot of time and expense. ";Let me pray for you,"; he told me.   I came out of his office disappointed,  feeling insulted.  This guy wants to fix everything with prayers, I thought, without knowing that I was on a long road to realize that the solutions to all of our problems start with sincere prayer.

          I filed a law suit myself against the Law School.  I know the law, I can do it myself, I need nobody, I thought. After three years of litigation, everything came out wrong, I though.  What I said before the courts was not what I had prepared.  Without knowing, the Lord had placed wise words on my lips.  The harm caused by the overexposure to radiation had divested my body of the ability to tolerate environmental radiation.  I had to spend the afternoons in the country side to be able to work.  There,  I started to read the Bible. I grabbed the book like someone grabs a life saver on troubled waters.  Something was telling me that on that book I could find the answer to my problems. I had sought an education seeking wisdom and intelligence. However, the more years of study the more confusion I found, but I learned how to appear educated.  I did not know that an education without God takes you away from Him, and that the wisdom and intelligence are found on the way seeking God.

          Maybe this book has a trick, I thought. It's almost a thousand pages, but I am used to read more in three months, so reading this one is going to be a piece of cake, I thought.  It took me a year to read the Bible for the first time.  One time a pastor told me that unless we have the spark of God on our hearts, just reading the Bible is like having a car without battery.

           The Lord gave us our daughter Kim in the year 2000. Ivan came the next year, and then came my daughter Karina.  I was getting worst every day, I could barely work.  At the beginning, I tried to persuade myself that the electronic aggression had ended, and that what I was feeling was just the pain caused by the environmental radiation.  However, I would see my children screaming in pain in the middle of the night at the same time I felt the electric shocks.  It was torturing to see my children in pain, swollen and disoriented, but I could not run into the street asking for help without risking being locked up  on a mental house. To begin with, my family could not understand how the lights, the television set, the fridge, or the air conditioning could cause me swelling and pain.  Some thought that I was crazy and was  making excuses not to work.  I was the object of ridicule, insults and scorn.  My family became also my enemy.

          I sought help and understanding with those who appeared more intelligent to no avail.  Not even the more educated could contemplate the possibility that  advanced and invisible technology could be used to torture and murder at a distance.  I found myself on the dark tunnel of misery and despair.  One day, crying with my daughter on my arms, I asked the Lord to help me demonstrate to others that this aggression is real.  The Lord answered my prayers. 

          With the evidence necessary, I filed a law suit against the only one that could be responsible for this infamy, the federal government.  While the case went through the courts, I tried to stay away from my children, to spare them pain and suffering.  I asked the owner of the shop where I was working to allow me to stay there after explaining my tribulation.  A few weeks after, he asked me to leave, because he could not stand the pain and was concerned for his children.  Things became worst after the case reached the US Supreme Court.  I asked my wife to take the children to the ranch of my in-laws in Mexico. 

          A few days after, a police officer came to my door with an order of arrest.  My mother had been persuaded that I was neglecting medical care, and that a State hospital was able to cure electrical sensitivities.  Without knowing, my mother was sending me to a mental hospital.  There, I presented the medical records of my  condition that indicated that I could not stay inside a building for extended periods of time.  I was ignored.  I spent the night on the emergency room with a swollen heart.  During the psychiatric evaluation, the doctor claimed not being familiar with electrical sensitivities.  To him, my claim that I had a pending case on the US Supreme Court was delusional, he said. 

          I asked the Lord not to let me die there because I did not want my children carry the stigma that their father had died on a mental hospital. The Lord answered my prayers.  The same day, I saw a gentleman walking by.  He had a look of peace and harmony in his face.  I asked him if he was a doctor, and he said, ";yes, I am a doctor here.";  I asked him if he was familiar with people with electrical sensitivities.  He said that he had studied several cases in Greece, the place where he was coming from.  After making a psychiatric evaluation, he said that the only problem I had was to explain to others that I am sensitive to electricity.   My wife and kids were waiting for me at home.  A month after, the swelling and pain aggravated my breathing problems, and I was taken to the ranch of my in-laws in Mexico.  The electronic aggression almost kills me the same night I arrived there.   There was no doubt, the radiation was directed by satellite. It was May of 2003.

          It is difficult to believe that death can come from satellites, I told my in-laws, as I was lying in bed, on the patio looking at the stars.  The pain was so intense that I could barely breathe.  Every day seemed to be the last.  What is happening to me is bound to happen to you too, guys, I told them.  Unless we do something about it, no even the chickens are going to make it, I said.  This is like placing us inside a microwave oven every day, I explained.  Only God can save us from this, but it would be tempting the Lord if we do no do anything to defend ourselves, I told them.  The wise thing to do now is to get together as a family and send  letters to our congressmen asking for an explanation to this case, maybe that could help, I explained. Please do it for my children, I begged. 

          One day, one of my nephews came for help on a homework assignment dealing with satellite technology.  I read aloud one paragraph explaining how satellites are equipped with powerful lasers and other lethal technologies.  It was horrendous to hear my in-laws complaining of pain all night.    My mother-in-law thought that this was witchcraft.   Although she was a servant of God, the pain made her to  persuaded me to go and see a witch.  Thanks God, the lady was not home.  One day I felt the need to go to church.  I cried when they placed their hands on my head.  Without knowing, I was surrendering to the feet of Christ.  It was wonderful.

          I asked the Lord to see my desire to serve him with all my heart.  However, I felt unease when I invited the Holy Spirit to come in me when my head was full of arrogance, envy, hate, resentment, and revenge.  Little by little I started to get rid of that evil, replacing it with love.  Without knowing, I was entering real life. I shared with the congregation my efforts to purify my mind.  I said that we have the habit of judging others by appearances.  ";And we think bad of people most of the time,"; said one of my sisters in Christ.  It was true.  I realized that the only way real life  is to sincerely make an effort to treat others the same way we like to be treated.  I had been like a beast before God.  When it done on me that the Son of God had asked for forgiveness to those who were whipping, and spitting Him, I started to pray for those who are procuring this evil to us.  Things started to change when my prayers became sincere.

          When I felt I had only a few days to live, I came back home to see my children for the last time.  Thanks God, I started to feel better, and I was able to work.  However, the electronic aggression became stronger even at the work place.  One day, I was on my knees asking the Lord to provide what I needed so I could demonstrate to others that the electronic aggression persisted. At that time, the telephone rang.  I had been on a radio talk show explaining my tribulation and the producer was offering me detection equipment.  At the right time, the Lord has been giving me what I need  to show with facts that this evil plan is real.

          I have tried to explain every which way this complex technology to no avail.  Only those who have an intimate relationship with God have been able to discern my tribulation.  Prayers that evil does not harm my children have been answered.  My  daughters' speech problems are getting mild.  Karina had grown a tumor on her foot and could not move one finger in each hand.  The tumor disappeared one day before the surgery, and now she can move all of her fingers.  

            What I thought had come out wrong on the courts came out to be right.  Although the litigation did not stop the electronic aggressions, and even when some judges attempted regard the case as delusion or fantasy, the record established as a matter of law my mental stability and the fact that satellite technologies are in use to torture those who denounce injustice in a way that others may not perceive the aggression.  This evidence can be used by other victims.  The Lord has given me the opportunity to encourage other victims to seek help from the  Lord.    I explain that it is more likely that the Lord  would help one of His servants than helping one evil  from another evil.

          The road harassment continues. There have been attempts to run over myself and my children, I have been the subject of death threats, and I have been labeled as child molester, drug dealer, and mentally insane.  It is sad to see in congregations, some of those engaged in this evil.  The electronic aggressions occur even when I am helping my children with homework.  Although the pain stays with me day and night, the Lord has given me the strength to deal with this trial.  Even in the agony of the pain I feel the joy of having placed all of my faith and confidence on God.  I know that the Lord will keep in perfect peace those whose mind meditate on Him. Now I can say with confidence that to live is Christ and to die can be for the better.  I know that everything comes to be right to all who sincerely serve the Lord.   Please pray for us and for those who procure us harm.

View His Video: /other/video/maldonado.wmv
Electronic murder assault target Jesus Mendoza of Mission,Texas brought his case to the world's attention two years ago on The Power Hour radio broadcast. He has been under heavy electronic and stalking attacks, particularly when he is at home, and particularly when he is in the company of his children. His children also suffer these attacks, even when he tried commercial faraday cages (electromagnetic shielding enclosures) around his children in bed, furnished by a specialist in electromagnetic hazards. (The cages didn't help.) His case is also somewhat unique in that he has been able to videotape both non-ionizing EM and ionizing (xrays, gamma rays, radioactivity) radiation readings on his several meters, and these readings tend to drop when he switches on the camcorder. Some articles relating to Jesus Mendoza's case are posted on: /mendosa.htm

As of September 24th, 2005, Jesus reported that he is receiving death threats. No doubt this is in response to the Video which exposes the torture he and his family are enduring. His incoming and outgoing emails are read and sabotaged -- especially when they are from persons offering help or relevant information which pertains his slow Electro magnetic murder. His telephone calls too are under heavy surveillance and are being controlled. All members of his family including his children, wife and in-laws -- are literally being electronically cooked o death. And now, finding himself almost unable to breathe, and with barely enough energy to function, Jesus is bedridden much of the time. The blood seen in his eyes indicate broken blood vessels. See description below.

";Heating the victim to death, by microwave cooking is caused by increasing the field intensity of the radiation, to cause local hot spots in the victims' eyes and gall bladder, which have poor circulation, so cannot carry away the heat. Irradiating the optic nerve of the victim with the same signal that is sent to the brain by this nerve, causes the nerve tissue to overload. In this way, subversives can be blinded by the intelligence community without them knowing what has occurred."; -- Tim Rifat

Jesus Mendoza has received MORE DEATH THREATS by Black Ops.

Please include my blog on your site god bless you JMM - /


Yours Sincerely
Jesus Mendoza,
MAIL:2202 E. 28th. St. Mission, Texas, 78574, USA

TEL:  956/ 519 7166;

WEB: /

    Citizenship: USA
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2002



    This is Barry Michael writing again concerning the situation of being mentally monitored/harassed  in Baytown , Texas , by a group of perverted anti-psychic criminals who are utilizing both telemetric software and microwave transceiver array towers to mentally abuse telepathic individuals in the U.S.

      I am a person who has understood for some time that he exhibits an increased intensity level of brainwave activity in a frequency spectrum generally spoken of as telepathic. I HEAR these frequency ranges as they are broadcast via microwave. We live in a microwave permeated environment, both indoors and outdoors. This is why our cell phones ring wherever we go. It is also why we can pick up radio and TV with an aerial. We are very much like an aerial ourselves IF we are an individual like myself who is sensitive, and Aware of their sensitivity in these frequency ranges.

      The software being used is Telemetric, and caries wireless medical type data, including my Brainwaves, my systolic and diastolic pulse timings (from which can be derived blood pressure, anxiety levels, relaxation levels, etc.) This is NOT new technology, and is used every day by NASA to communicate with satellites, the space station, the space shuttle, and individual astronauts. There is No reason to understand that it is NOT used on the ground as well.

      This software uses high speed internet lines on the backbone itself, in discreet IP addressing sessions. Using a dual leg ISDN line or a T3 line, real time brain wave content can be read from any individual whom the software picks up telemetry data from on the target system to which you are logged on. This program has been partially described in a previous email, and I will continue to describe it in further detail later.

      For now, it is enough to say that this software was obviously originally designed to communicate with telepathic individuals in a bidirectional telepathic, telemetrically-based communications session. It was recognized at some point by DARPA and the DOD to be potentially Very useful as a clandestine surveillance system, which, for some government agencies, such as the CIA, had the added advantage of being able to do things that made telepathic individuals very mentally uncomfortable. For that reason the software was developed toward the direction of mentally intrusive mind control software, including modules added to effect in a detrimental fashion a persons memory, freedom of thought construction, ability to protect oneself from dangerous more or less silently ";pushed";   programming content, which is exactly like the techniques developed by the CIA before this particular technology was available.

      Unfortunately, some VERY sick individuals thought it might be necessary to Physically intimidate people with this software in order to impress upon a telepathic person the need to obey the instructions of whoever was the ";operator"; of the moment. With this in mind they have introduced Digital Oscillators into the system. Each SGI Indigo or Onyx supports multiple instances of these through DSP. These oscillators can be placed anywhere within the cerebral cortex of the ";Subject"; with a mouse, dragging the ";Send Point"; to which the oscillator is assigned to any particular location within a 3D image the  human cerebellum on the screen. These can be adjusted to any of a range of frequencies and adjusted in ";Intensity";. These range from annoying to extremely painful, and are intended to intimidate and frighten the subject, or better stated, the Victim, of the operators' attention.

      For the past 3 weeks I have been subjected to an ever increasing level of harassment by several operators simultaneously IPd into a multiplexer or a system which is supporting multiple discreet IP sessions, supposedly being run under the ";Good Graces of someone claiming to be one or another member of an FCC ";Investigative Tech Support Team";. They CLAIM to be working with another group of people represented by a person claiming to be in a supervisory position, who are an Investigative Enforcement branch of the NSA. They claim to be arresting large numbers of these individuals who seem on the face of it to have access to an inordinant number of these very expensive SGI computers. I find ALL of this to be highly unlikely. They all claim that as a result of my email campaign, a lot of peoples attentions have been drawn toward the situation of this group of criminal terrorists and mind rapist having gone berserk in their supposed hatred of telepaths and psychic people in general, such as others who exhibit abilities such as clairvoyance or psycho-empathic skills.

      This fits into the rather over-the-top and equally highly unlikely aspects of the Supposed belief system of these ";Miscreants Association"; operatives, who are SAID to believe that ";Getting Over"; on people is absolutely necessary for them to be able to succeed in life. A telepathic person, being able to, at least to some extent,(varying from telepath to telepath of course) understand what another person is thinking, is able to discern a persons ulterior motives in dealing with people. This proves to be undesired by a person who is basically a professional con artist. They DON'T want people to understand what they are up to, making a telepathic person a natural danger to the success of their criminal activities. Thus, they exhibit the avowed hatred of Telepathic individuals. At the same time, juxtapositionally, they want ";control"; of a telepathic person, understanding how valuable the person might become if they Could possibly be utilized as a Component of these criminal plans. These ";Miscreants"; claim they both Envy and Despise telepathic persons. Their methods of gaining this ";control"; over people, both telepath and non-telepath alike, are the classically understood methods of organized crime. Blackmail, intimidation, coercion, threats, extortion, i.e., whatever it takes to get that person to ";Capitulate"; to their program or agenda.

      Now, I propose that this whole story is about the most preposterous bunch of bullshit that anybody EVER concocted, and is intended, as much of the CIA program of mind control has been intended to do since the fifties, to make me, Barry Michael, Naive and gullible 54 year old telepath, as completely confused about what is REALLY going on as anyone has Ever been about anything.

      The question arises again. Why? Why me? Obviously I am a telepathic person. I was originally contacted in this way about 6 years ago. I Was incarcerated for about 10 1/2 months and was picked again on this telemetric computer system in a Tx. Prison unit. So it could be a matter of me being a once-incarcerated telepathic person that someone still feels the need to track. There is obviously a lot of Time being spent on my being constantly monitored (24/7), several individuals involved, a lot of hardware and high-speed access as well, which translates into expense. Now, even if this is an established group which is actually monitoring Several individuals at once, giving each one a personalized ";Scenario";, as the CIA calls it, you STILL have to ask yourself: WHY?

What do they Actually want? They say to me regularly, ";All this can end, I will end this immediately if you will agree to come to Austin, Tx. And become miscreant. We want to give you a job doing exactly the same thing we are doing to you, to other telepaths, so that we can gain control over them. If you don't capitulate, we will keep doing this for the rest of your life.";

 Now the story they WANT me to believe sounds as unlikely as any fiction you will EVER read. My email has brought in both the FCC, because of the high-speed lines and the microwave towers being misused in criminal fashion, and the NSA because the FBI was completely penetrated and infiltrated by this group of miscreants as far back as several years as part of their program of gaining a controlling influence and, I suppose eventually, a measure of control, over state and federal law enforcement and politics, with an eye to consolidating their control, power, influence and security against whistle-blowing persons such as myself.

  I HAVE been emailing the FCC Hotline, The NSA, the FBI IC3 div. (Internet Crime), the Whitehouse, DARPA, and others, so there is a cast of characters supposedly supplied by myself through the interest being generated by my email campaign. They are purportedly arresting these people wholesale in Texas and elsewhere, although the number of arrests seems to vary wildly every time I enquire. I guess this is to point up my stupidity, which they seem to thrive on. It is VERY obvious that this aspesct of what they SAY is going on, is a Complete fabrication. Even the LOW numbers of arrests (such as 70-80), would draw a LOT of attention. It is therefore Impossible that what I an being told is even anything remotely LIKE the truth.

  I seriously suspect that rather than a group of people made up of employees of government agencies, what is REALLY happening is that I am being dealt with by a single group of operatives, some of whom pretend to be these ";miscreants"; with their wildly unlikely pseudo-philosophical hate-based agenda, some of whom pretend to be other telepaths who have also been subjected to this type of mental harassment, some of whom pretend to be FBI, NSA, FCC, and yes, even CIA.

   This is MUCH more likely what is really happening.

   Who are they? I have some ideas on THAT as well. They MIGHT be a federal law enforcement group, who are tasked with the location, tracking and constant harassment of telepaths who were discovered in incarceration. They MIGHT be a private organization who has contracted their services to the federal government. They MIGHT be a department of the federal government itself, such as DOD, operated through DARPA as the research branch and and either the CIA or a special military branch as the operatives. I have often thought that these people, or some of them, Might be military intelligence. This could Very well be an initiative that, since 9/11, has fallen under the auspices of the Dept. Homeland Security, i.e, the Patriot Act, which would, I supposed obviate any need on their part to be worried at all about depriving me of my civil or constitutional rights, wouldn't it?  

  Among the cast of characters involved, are two who bear special mention. They call themselves Sarah Montgomery and Angelina Tomasina.  They claim to be federal marshals who are also telepaths. They claim to be bisexual women who are in love with one another and that they have been living together, at least off and on, for some 3 years or more. They both claim to have both gotten mistakenly involved with this group of mind rapist and terrorists (read here Organized Criminal Activity).

  Sarah seems to have been monitoring me almost constantly for the entire time I was incarcerated, and the whole 2 year ";scenario"; has been geared toward having me believe that she has been protecting me as much as possible from the full wrath of the ";miscreants";. I say Seems to have been, because it is Very obvious that there are a number of women who have been trained to sound like ";her";. This lends itself very well to the suspicion that this is an ";invented"; personality. It may be that one of these people really Is a government operative that has somehow gotten into the trust of this organization.

  Now it begins to look again like I am actually investing this ";Scenario"; with some modicum of belief. I assure you this is NOT the case. The Methodology developed by the CIA repeatedly makes it very obvious to the subject (read here ";victim";) that the tapestry of false reality that is being woven is meant at some point to go beyond ones' ability to actually believe. The details of the scenario become so over the top in a way that is clearly meant look like fiction at some given point, that it is really seen to be that one is meant to lose ones' sense of being able to differentiate between reality and invention. The scenario begins each time with beleivable characters and details, but becomes over time so elaborate and obviously invented, that the subject underatnds that they have been led to suspend their disbeleif very skillfully, only for the reason of letting them understand how easy this is to accomplish. This leads the victim into a mental instability where they are aware that the fabric of their belief in reality is being repeatedly and methodologically torn up and reinvented, effectively pulling the rug of reality out from underneath the ";Subject over and over again.

  In my case, rather than leading to instability, which WAS exactly what happened at first, it has gone so far beyond that, that I have now reached an entirely New level of mental stability in which reality is Totally relative. I can understand that some elements of what is being told to me MIGHT actually be the truth, and at the same time am aware that there is a high probability that NONE of what is happening in this electronically enhanced (via Microwave delivery) telemetrically telepathic environment is real or factual (i.e., truthful AT ALL)

  Several things need restating at this point.

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