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Heading this latest news bulletin from the desks of I S Wright Militaria is the raging debate over whether this is the last catalogue for 2007 or the first for 2008. Proponents of the “last” theory say it is the last one being despatched before the end of the year, but their opposition claim it will be the “first” to close in the new year.

Seriously though…….whichever camp you follow, this catalogue is certainly offering some fantastic medals, including the WW11 RAAF MBE/DFC gallantry group to Flt. Lt. Alan Triggs, along with a good range of original German tropical uniforms and equipment relating to the famed Afrikakorps. This type of material is very seldom seen on the Australian market today.

We are also pleased to offer a very good range of quality, circa WW2 uniforms, mainly from Australia but a few other countries in there as well. Better quality RAAF items are also listed, from parachutes, harnesses and log books to medals and headgear.

This year in review.

Just a very quick recap of some of the nice items we have brought you over the last few months. These include the double gallantry DCM/MM group to Sgt L G Hart in sale 616, the AFC MC group to Duigan in sale 618 while 619 featured a wide range of scarce Rising Sun Badges. Our November sale had a few very special items including a lovely set of AFC wings, the AFC medal group to Tait, the Victorian Officer’s Decoration to Ballarat’s own Thomas Mann and a very nice range of Pre-Federation badges.

Each successive sale this year has bettered the previous record. Obviously there is plenty of competition out there, so get your bids in as quickly as you can. Remember, first in with the highest bid is the winner.

This is the last catalogue for the year but will run over the Christmas and New Year break allowing our Ballarat staff a well earned rest. We will be closing the Ballarat office from 5pm Friday 21st December and re-opening 9am Wednesday 2nd January 2008.

Help us to help you.

Here are a few thoughts, which if you care to bear them in mind, will enable us to provide even more efficient service to everyone.

If you need to contact us by telephone, it is often helpful to have your customer number handy. This is to be found above ‘your’ name on ‘your’ bid sheet. We stress ‘your’ because that number is unique to you and will not change.

Because of the physical nature of the way we operate these sales, results are NOT available until one week after the closing date. Please do NOT enquire beforehand, I really do have to emphasise this.

When bidding, please pay careful attention to the Terms & Conditions and in particular, the closing date which can be found on the Index Page. Please keep your handwriting neat and legible. Any special instructions need to be clear to understand. Make sure your contact details are all up to date. Email addresses and phone numbers help us clarify any problems quickly.

When phoning us, please realise that most of our staff can handle many of your queries. All staff can take phone bids. Please refrain from asking to speak to a particular person if it is not necessary that it be that person you speak to.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Please accept our best wishes to you all and your loved ones for a joyous time ahead and a safe and prosperous New Year.

Special thanks to all who have helped make these catalogues the success they have been, whether buying from us or selling to us. Also special thanks to all the staff of the I S Wright organization for their combined efforts, co-operation and advice throughout the year.

Good collecting to all.

Ben Smith

Militaria Manager

I. S. Wright Militaria



1 AUST 2004. ";ON THE WAR-PATH"; AN ANTHOLOGY OF AUSTRALIAN MILITARY TRAVEL. Edited by. Robin Gerster and Peter Pierce. A collection of stories relating to the relations between Aust. Servicemen/Women and the places they have travelled to since 1886. S/C. 350 pages. Grade I. $50

2 AUST 2004. ";WAR IN WORDS"; THE HALSTEAD ARMOURY OF AUSTRALIAN WAR WRITING. With a foreword by General Peter Cosgrove. Wonderful combination of all of Australia's famous War Writers and many other relevant stories and prose. S/C 272 pages. Grade I. $38

3 AUST ";With the Volunteers - A Historical diary of the Volunteer Forces of the North West and West Coasts of Tasmania 1886-1986"; by Major Douglas Morris Wyatt. 1987 H/C D/J 348pg. Very well illustrated and informative history. Grade II- $150

4 AUST ";Windows of Fame - A Heroic Chronicle of Australians at War"; by B.A. Harding. 1969 H/C D/J 100pg. Used. Full colour photos and the explanations of features at the Australian War Memorial. Scarce. Grade II-. $30

5 AUST ";The Australian Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Zulu and Boer Wars"; by Ron Austin. 1999 H/C D/J 326pg. Very Light Use. Well researched. Grade II+. $56

6 AUST ";Simply Hell Let Loose - Stories of Australians at War"; by the Department of Veterans' Affairs. 2002 S/C 236pg. DVA Produced Book to pass on the experiences of WWI, WW2 and other wars to a new generation. Personal accounts. Grade II-. $25

7 AUST THE FRAGILE FORTS. THE FIXED DEFENCES OF SYDNEY Harbour 1788-1963. 326pgs. 2004. An illustrated history with line drawings & B/W photos. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I $60

8 AUST THE AUSTRALIAN FRONTIER WARS 1788-1838 by John Connor. In depth analysis of early Australian involvement. S/C 2005, 175 pgs. Grade I. $47

9 AUST ";VICTORIAN LAND FORCES 1853-1883";. By. George F. Ward. 1989. 155 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $45

10 AUST 2001 EUREKA. By. JOHN MOLONY. Story of the Famous Battle of Eureka 1854. Soft Cover. 251 Pages. Grade I. $45

11 AUST 2004 ";A PICTORIAL HISTROY - EUREKA STOCKADE."; The Events Leading to the Attack in the Pre-Dawn of 3 December, 1854. By. Geoff Hocking. 207 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $40

12 AUST ";Light Horse - The Story of Australia's Mounted Troops"; by Elyne Mitchell. 1978 S/C 112pg. Many coloured plates and b/w period photos with text. S/C. Used. Grade II-. $35

13 AUST ";DIGGERS - The Australian Army, Navy and Air Force in Eleven wars. From 1860 to 5 June 1944 by George Odgers. 1994 H/C D/J 272 pg. Excellent history by well known historian. 1 of 2 Volumes. Grade II- $50

14 AUST VICTORIA AND AUSTRALIAS FIRST WAR by MacFarlane & Smith 2005 64 pgs. HM Colonial Steam Sloop Victoria and the First Taranaki War in New Zealand. Includes crew list for 1860-61 SC. New. Grade I. $30

15 AUST ";The Rehearsal - Australians at war in the Sudan 1885"; by K.S. Inglis. 1985 H/C D/J 176pg. Very informative account of Australia's first overseas contingent. Grade II- $70

16 AUST ";Wellington's Finest - The contribution of the men and women of Wellington and district to the great war of 1914-18"; by Trevor Munro and Graeme Hosken. 2005 S/C 782pg. Chronological order history of a provincial area of NSW. Grade I $80

17 AUST ";Artists in Action - from the collection of the Aust. War Memorial";. 2003 H/C D/J 172pg. Excellent condition. Grade II $65

18 AUST AUSTRALIA AT THE FRONT By Frank Wilkinson With portrait 19 illustrations and map. 290pgs with mpas. 1901. A coloni- al view of the Boer War. H/C rebound but scarce. Grade II. $300

19 AUST 'ON THE VELDT' a plain narrative of service afield in South Africa, by Major R.C. Lewis, D.S.O. of the 1st Tasmanian Imperial bushmen. (nominal roll). 159pgs 1902. H/c slight wear, Grade II-, quite scarce book. $695

20 AUST THE NEW SOUTH WALES CONTINGENTS TO SOUTH AFRICA. 70 pgs 1900. From October 1899, to March 1900. With a 'Roll Call of Honour', being the names of our Officers and men at the Front. With photos of most Officers. HC edition. Contents loose from spine, age wear but o/a Grade III+ SCARCE. $375

21 AUST THE WAR WITH JOHNNY BOER. AUSTRALIANS IN THE BOER WAR 1899-1902 by Chamberlain and Droogleever. 631 pgs 2003. Many soldiers names are mentioned. HC. New. Grade I. $60

22 AUST ANIMAL ALLIES by R Pearson. 185 pgs 2005. The story of animals, birds & other creatures that helped men to fight centuries of Wars. HC. New. Grade I. $42

23 AUST ";Australians At War"; by Peter Cochrane. 2001 H/C D/J 272pg. The Accompanying Print Version of the ABC TV Series. Very well illustrated. Grade II- $55

24 AUST IN MEMORIAM. Transvaal War 1899 - 1900. 24pgs 1900. A pictorial of those killed from Victoria in the Boer War to 1900. H/C De-luxe edition. Very scarce, spine edge wear Grade III+. $375

25 AUST HOW WE KEPT THE FLAG FLYING by D Macdonald. 1900. The Siege of Ladysmith through Australian eyes. Boer War history. H/C. Age wear Grade III+ $65

26 AUST FALLEN - THE ULTIMATE HEROES. Footballers who never returned from war by Main and Allen. 2002. 358 pgs. H/C D/J. Grade I. $85

27 AUST THE AUSTRALIAN ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BOXER UPRISING 1899-1901 by J Corfield. 256 pgs 2001. With Nominal Rolls for NSW, VIC & SA. New. HC with DJ. Grade I. $50

28 AUST ";100 Years of Australians At War"; by George Odgers. 2000 S/C 400pg. Short history of Aussies at war by renowned historian. Grade II- $35

29 AUST ";Little by Little - A Centenary History of the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps"; by Michael Tyquin. 2003 H/C 684pg. Grade II. $105

30 AUST ";The Gates of Memory - Australian People's Experiences and Memories of Loss and the Great War"; by Tanja Luckins. 2004 S/C 304pg. Emotive look at Australian experience at war. Grade I. $42

31 AUST ";The Gippsland Regiment - A history of the 52nd Aust. Infantry Battalion"; by Ron Blair. 1989 S/C D/J 284 pg. Signed by Author. Grade II $125

32 AUST ";DIGGERS - The Australian Army, Navy and Air Force in Eleven Wars. From 6 June 1944 to 1994"; by George Odgers. 1994 H/C D/J 542 pg. (cont. from Vol.1). Excellent history by well known Historian. Vol. 2 of 2. Grade II- $50

33 AUST ";Bush Heroes - A people a place of legend"; by Suzanne Welborn. 1982/2002 S/C 240pg. Experience of Aust. Troops analyzed with links to Pioneer Aust. Grade I $42

34 AUST OFFICIAL HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA IN THE WAR OF 1914-18. Vol X. The Australians at Rabaul by S Mackenzie. 412 pgs 1941. One of the Beans series. HC very worn. Grade III. Usable for research. $45

35 AUST ANZAC - AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY 1914-18. Edited by Richard Pelvin. 304 pgs 2004. Large format book with some fantastic shots of Australians and New Zealanders at War. HC with DJ. New. Grade I. $60

36 AUST LOVE & WAR by Carol Fallows. Stories of War Brides from the Great War to Vietnam. Real-life adventures of the war brides who came to Australia. Numerous B/W photos. 2004 256pgs, S/C Grade I. $38

37 AUST ";The Great War"; by Les Carlyon. 2006 H/C with D/J 863pg. The new release follow up to ";Gallipoli";. A new perspective on Australia's entry and journey through WWI. Grade I $70

38 AUST ";The Broken Years - Australian Soldiers in the Great War"; by Bill Gammage. 1974 H/C D/J 302pg. Analysis of the Digger Spirit during WWI. Grade II-. $30

39 AUST ";Somewhere in France - Letters to Home - The War Years of Sgt. Roy Whitelaw 1st A.I.F"; by Allan M. Nixon. 1989 H/C D/J 170pg. Very well illustrated history / biographical account. Grade II-. $45

40 AUST ";Australians and Egypt 1914-1919"; by Suzanne Brugger. 1980 H/C D/J 178pg. Used. A look at Australian/Egyptian Relations during WWI. Grade II-. $25

41 AUST WHERE ANZACS SLEEP, The Gallipoli Photos of Captain Jack Duffy - 8th Battalion. By Ron Austin. Photo Journal of Officer of famed 8th Battalion AIF, Signed by Author, Limited Edition, 2006, H/C with D/J, New, 96pgs, Grade I $80

42 AUST ";Dinkum Oil - Letters Published in the Ballarat Courier during the Great War"; by A.M. Taylor. 2006 S/C 394pg. New and Signed. Packed full of info and photos of how WWI affected Ballarat. Grade I. $60

43 AUST 1920 70pgs. WHERE THE AUSTRALIANS REST. S/C booklet well used. Some fading to cover. Describes the memorials and cemeteries for Aust soldiers of WW1. Grade II- $50

44 AUST 1923 844pgs ";OFFICIAL HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA IN THE WAR OF 1914-18";. Vol VII Sinai and Palestine. By H.S. Gullett. H/C used. Original reference work Aust. WW1 light horse/ camel corps. 1st ed. Grade II- $120

45 AUST ACROSS THE BAR. THE STORY OF 'SIMPSON', THE MAN WITH THE DONKEY: Australia and Tynesides great military hero by T Curran. 395 pgs. 1994. H/C with D/J. Grade II+ $45

46 AUST GALLIPOLI 1915, BY RICHARD REID. 152PGS, 2002. A Photographic history. H/C with D/J. Grade II+. $25

47 AUST IN THE LINE OF FIRE, By Rex Sadler and Tom Hayllar, 358pgs, 2005, with some illustrations, s/c new, Grade I. $30

48 AUST GALLIPOLI, Untold stories from war Correspondent Charles Bean and Front-line Anzacs, A 90th Anniversary Tribute, By Jonathan King and Michael Bowers, 324pgs, 2005, new h/c with d/j and well illustrated. Grade I. $50

49 AUST ECHOES OF ANZAC. THE VOICES OF AUSTRALIANS AT WAR. 298 pgs 2005. Words from ordinary Australian Soldiers from WW1 to Vietnam. SC. New. Grade I. $30

50 AUST ANZAC MEMORIES - IMAGES FROM THE GREAT WAR compiled by Don Donovan. 2005 40 pgs. A collection of evocative photographs and quotations honouring the memory of those who served in the Great War. HC Grade I. $20

51 AUST GALLIPOLI ENCYCCLOPEDIA by R Austin. Australians in the 1915 Dardanelles Campaign. 2005. 288 pgs. HC with DJ. Excellent informative Slouch Hat publication. A must for the Gallipoli buff. New. Grade I. $60

52 AUST 2003. ";TURN RIGHT AT ISTANBUL"; - A Walk On The Gallipoli Peninsula. By. Tony Wright. 250 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $28

53 AUST 2005. ";MYTH MAKER";. Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett. The Englishman Who Sparked Australia's Gallipoli Legend. By. Fred & Elizabeth Brenchley. With numerous B/W photos. S/C. 285 pages. Grade I. $38

54 AUST THE COMMANDERS. Very informative quick reference on the great Australian commander. H/C with D/J, 1983, 355pgs, Garde II- $50

55 AUST ";Inventing ANZAC - The Digger and national mythology"; by Graham Seal. 2004 S/C 232pg UQP Australian Studies. Underlying truth to identify the link between the Aussie digger. Grade I $44

56 AUST 1997 316pgs ";An Australian Odyssey"; from Giza to Gallipoli by G Hutchinson. S/C used! One mans pilgerimage to Aust battlefields of WW1. Grade II $25

57 AUST ANZAC DIGGER - AN ENGINEER IN GALLIPOLI & FRANCE. No 1 Field Company 1914-18 by R & L Denning. 132 pgs 2004. From the diary of a WW1 Digger. SC. Grade I. NEW. $27

58 AUST 2001. ";WITH GUTS AND BAYONETS";. Diggers and Doughboys On The Hindenburg Line 1918. By: Yves Fohlen. 84 pages. S/C. New. Grade I. $28

59 AUST DADS WAR STUFF - THE DIARIES. The complete personal diary entries and selected photographs of George Auchterlonie, an Australian Lighthorseman, who served in the 8th Lighthorse Regiment in Egypt, Sinai and Palestine during WW1. Edited by Gloria Auchterlonie. 2001. 143 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $35

60 AUST 2005. ";SACRED PLACES"; WAR MEMORIALS IN THE AUSTRALIAN LANDSCAPE. By. K.S. Inglis. Many photographs. Informative text, well researched. S/C. 522 pages. Grade I. $50

61 AUST ";The Last ANZACs - Lest We Forget"; by Tony Stephens and Steven Siewert. 1996/2002 S/C 106pg. Many photographs to celebrate the lives of the last ANZACs. Grade I $42

62 AUST ";Through War to Peace"; by Ralph Sutton. 1996 S/C 234pg. Compliation of various military historians articles. Grade II- $40

63 AUST ";Here is Their Spirit - A History of the Australian War Memorial 1917-1990"; by Mickael McKernan. 1991 H/C D/J 388pg. New! Full history of Australia's War Memorial in Canberra. Grade II+. $60

64 AUST 1934 94pgs. ";THE BOOK OF THE ANZAC MEMORIAL NSW. H/C. Very nice used copy of this very hard to find memorial handbook. Short AIF history and photo's complete this wonderful book. Grade II+ $175

65 AUST AUSTRALIA AT WAR 1939-1945. An assessment of Australias involvment in World War II. H/C with D/J, 1981, 269pgs, Grade II- $25

66 AUST FIGHTERS FROM THE FRINGE By Robert A. Hall. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who served in the Second World War tell their stories. S/C, 1995, 217pgs, Grade I. $42

67 AUST RABBITS AND SPAGHETTI. Captives and Comrades. Australians, Italians & the War. Talking history with Bill Bunbury. 214 pgs. 1995. SC. New. Grade I. $25

68 AUST SECOND WORLD WAR - A GENERATION OF AUSTRALIAN HEROES. An illustrated history 1939-1945 by R Pelvin. 292 pgs. 2005. Dedicated to the men and women who served, RAAF, Navy & Army. Large format book HC New Grade I. $60

69 AUST 2004. ";DAMIEN PARER'S WAR";. By. Neil McDonald. Story of Australian Photographer in the Middle East and Pacific Campaigns. 366 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $45

70 AUST ";THE POLITICS OF WAR Australia at War 1939-45 From Chruchill to Macarthur";. By. David Day. 2003. Debate text about the Political Sphere during WW2. S/C. 750 pgs. Grade I. $45

71 AUST WAR AND PEACE. A good resource book for home or libary, well illustrated. H/C, Grade II- $20

72 AUST ";Middle East and Far East - Australia in the war of 1939-1945 Medical Series"; by Allan S. Walker. 1953 H/C D/J 701pg. Hard to find Medical Series, Chapter of Aust Army Official History of WW2. Volume 2 of 4 (Series 5) Grade II- $80

73 AUST ";Clinical Problems of War - Australia in the war of 1939-1945, Medical Series"; by Allan S. Walker. 1952 H/C D/J 725pg. Official history of Aust in WW2. Volume 1 of 4 (Series 5). Grade II- $100

74 AUST ";The Strength of a Nation - Six years of Australians fighting for the nation and defending the homefront in WWII"; by Michael McKernan. 2006 H/C D/J 416pg. Exploring Australian involvement in WW2. Grade I $65

75 AUST ";Armed and Ready - The Industrial Development and Defence of Australia 1900-1945"; by A.T. Ross. 1995 S/C 436pg. New Condition. An informative look at industry and the way it helped Australia through WW2. Grade I-. $60

76 AUST WAR SERVICE RECORD 1939-1945. By Education Department Victoria. Photos & personal history of teachers at war. 1959, H/C, with gold embossing, used (very light), 314pgs Grade II+ $150

77 AUST THE SEVENTEENTH AUSTRALIAN INFANTRY BRIGADE. 114 pgs 1944. A record of 4 years of campaigning. Well illustrated. SC. Original. Grade II- $75

78 AUST DESERT SIEGE. TOBRUK: A GREAT EXAMPLE OF AUSTRALIAN COURAGE by C Wilmot. 347 pgs 2003. The history about one of Australias most famous battles. SC. New. Grade I. $45

79 AUST 1994. WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? By. ANN HOWARD. Compelling postwar experiences of Australian ex-Service- women 1945-1948. Soft Cover. 171 Pages. Used. Grade II-. $50

80 AUST THOSE RAGGED BLOODY HEROES. From the Kokoda Trail to Gona Beach 1942 by P Brune. 309 pgs 1991. The story of Maroubra Force and the Kokoda Trail with the 39th BN. HC with DJ. Grade II. $55

81 AUST 2003. ";WHEN GOOD MEN DO NOTHING"; By. Griffith Spragg. Story of a Soldier attached to the 2/3 Aust. Infantry Battalian. 296 pgs. H/C. New. Grade I. $45

82 AUST 2003. ";MALARIA FRONTLINE"; Australian Army Research During World War II. By. Tony Sweeney. 354pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $50

83 AUST 2005. ";THE FINAL MISSIONS";. By. Lionel Veale. Lionel Veale's account of a Mission as a Coastwatcher. H/C with D/J. New. 300 pgs. Grade I. $45

84 AUST PREFACE TO PEACE. 149 pgs 1943. A look at Japan and if she will accept peace. S/C. First ed. Used. Grade II- $20

85 AUST KHAKI AND GREEN. WITH THE AUSTRALIAN ARMY AT HOME AND OVERSEAS. 204 pgs 1943. Pictures, cartoons, text, paintings (War Artists) etc. One of a series. HC. Grade II- $10

86 AUST ";Kamikaze - The Sacred Warriors 1944-45"; by Denis and Peggy Warner, with Sadao Seno. 1983 S/C 290pg. Used. Very well researched insight into suicide warriors in WW2. Grade II-. $20

87 AUST HE'S NOT COMING HOME by G Nikakis. A story of love, loss and discovery in Rabaul during World War 2. 255 pgs 2005. A look into Wartime events by a daughter to find out what happened to her father in WW2. SC. New. Grade I. $30

88 AUST BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS by M Geddes. Australias WW2 remembered by the men and women who lived it. 503 pgs 2004. The first hand accounts of more than 75 ordinary Australians. HC with DJ. New. Grade I. $50

89 AUST ";When Good Men Do Nothing"; by Griffith Spragg. 2005 H/C 297pg. New book. Memoirs of Veteran, Doctor and Researcher into military health problems. Grade I-. $52

90 AUST ";With the Australians in Korea"; edited by Norman Bartlett. 1954 H/C 294pg. AWM Publication. Official look at Australian service in Korea. Grade II-. $40

91 AUST SOMETIMES FORGOTTEN. 1990. 238 pgs. A record of AMF Members who died and those who were decorated since the end of WW2. HC. Grade II. $45

92 AUST A DIFFERNT SORT OF WAR, Australians in Korea 1950-1953. New release, great information on the 'Forgotten war"; S/C, 2005, 266pgs, New. $48

93 AUST 2005. ";BEYOND BELIEF"; THE BRITISH BOMB TESTS: Australia's Veterans Speak Out. By. Roger Cross and Avon Hudson. 208 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $30

94 AUST ROYAL COMMISSION ON ESPIONAGE - INDEX TO THE OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT OF PROCEEDINGS 1954-55'. 160 pgs 1955. Vladimir & Eudokia Petrov, 'THE PETROV AFFAIR'. HC Used. Grade II- A most unusual original Index book. $45

95 ";AUSTRALIA'S VIETNAM"; edited by Peter King. 1983 S/C 226pg. Used. Political dissection of Australia's role in the Vietnam War. Grade II-. $20

96 AUST VIETNAM AUSTRALIA'S TEN YEAR WAR 1962-1972. By Richard Pelvin. New, great pictorial history of the Australian involvement in South Vietnam. 1962-1972. Very interesting perspective of life ";in country"; and ";at play";. 2006 edit. H/C with D/J, 220 pgs, Grade I-. $75

97 AUST ";A Nation At War - Australian politics, Society and diplomacy during the Vietnam War 1965-75"; by Peter Edwards. 1997 H/C with D/J 460pg. Political and Domestic Theory Vietnam War Crisis. Grade I $86

98 AUST ";Vietnam Fragments - An oral history of Australians at War"; by Gary McKay. 1992 S/C 307pg. Used. Well known Vietnam War Author. Personal accounts. Grade II-. $30

99 AUST TEARS ON MY PILLOW, Australian nurses in Vietnam, by Narelle Biedermann. 249 pgs 2004. Unit history with nominal roll. S/C. New. Grade I. $30

100 AUST MINEFEILDS AND MINISKIRTS, Australian Women and the Vietnam War, By Siobhan McHugh, 249pgs, 2005, new, s/c, Grade I. $30

101 AUST WELL DONE, THOSE MEN by B Heard. Memoirs of a Vietnam Veteran. 290 pgs 2005. The effects of the War on the author and his mates, during and Post Vietnam. SC. New. Grade I. $30

102 AUST 1988 ";A look at the bright side"; S/C Anecdotes and jokes from the Vietnam vets. Grade II $20

103 AUST 2004. ";OTHER PEOPLE'S WARS. A HISTORY OF AUSTRALIAN PEACEKEEPING";. By. Peter Londey. 312 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $40

104 AUST 2000. ";MISSION ACCOMPLISHED";. By. Bob Breen. EAST TIMOR Illustrated History of the A.D.F. in East Timor as INTERFET 226 pgs. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $45

105 AUST OPERATION GOLD ADF support to the Sydney 2000 Games. 136pgs 2000. Nominal roll of Australia's Military personnel involved in the Security and Volunteer work at the Olympic Games. Well illustrated. S/C New Grade I. $45

106 AUST MODERN MILITARY TOWARDS 2000. Australians at War series 160 pgs 1988. A Time Life history book. H/C. Grade II. $15

107 CRUSADERS OF THE SOUTHERN CROSS compiled by Elsie Ritchie. 390 pgs. 1998. The Australian Light Horse in the Middle East from letters of Colonel Jack Davies MC, VD. Well illustrated. S/C. NEW. Grade I. $65

108 AUST 1933. HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA IN THE WAR OF 1914-18. By. C.E.W. Bean. Vol:IV. 'A.I.F. IN FRANCE 1917'. Usual foxing to pages, some discolouration to outer spine. Becoming scarce. Grade II-. $85

109 AUST DEFENCE ACT, 1895, REGULATIONS &C. South Australian Military Forces. 61 pgs pam, H/C. Sold with a copy of the 1883 Dress Regs South Aust Page 15-19 copied C/1920s. Grade II- SCARCE. $375

110 AUST THE BUSHVELDT CARBINEERS AND THE PIETERSBURG LIGHT HORSE by William (Bill) Woolmore. 320 pgs. 2002. Nominal Roll and biographical details of each member. H/C with D/J. Grade I. New. $75

111 AUST 1996 234pgs ";Diggers Songs"; Song of the Australians in eleven wars. By W Fahey. H/C New book. Great nostalgic look at the lighter side of war. Grade I- $42

112 AUST 1993. ";THE DIGGERS"; MAKERS OF THE AUSTRALIAN MILITARY TRADITION. A conglomerate of Biographies of prominent Aust. Servicemen during World War One. H/C with D/J. 368 pages. New. Grade I. $50

113 AUST 2006. ";THE SPIRIT OF GALLIPOLI"; THE BIRTH OF THE ANZAC LEGEND. By. Patrick Lindsay. Exploring the Anzac Spirit. H/C with D/J. 155 pages. Grade I. $32

114 AUST ";From the Home Front to the Front Line - Images of the Great War"; by Juan Mahony. 2001 S/C 192pg. Photo journal of Australia Military involvement in WWI. Grade I $42

115 AUST ";Voices from the Trenches - Letters to home"; by Noel Carthew. 2002 S/C 244pg. New! Great story as seen through the eyes of 3 brothers in WWI. Grade I- $32

116 AUST ";Bean's Gallipoli"; by Kevin Fewster. 2007 H/C D/J 292pg. New Release. Manuscripts/Excerpts of Bean's Diary. Grade I. $45

117 AUST ";Somme Mud - The war experiences of an Australian Infantryman in France 1916-1919"; by E.P.F. Lynch. 2006 S/C 347pg. Memoirs of a 45th Btn Digger. Very informative. Grade I. $45

118 AUST ";Cobbers - Stories of Gallipoli 1915"; by Jim Haynes. 2002 S/C 373pg. An evocative collection of stories, true accounts and poems about the Gallipoli campaign - many never published before. Grade I. $42

119 AUST THE ANZACS by Patsy Adam-Smith. 1985. 372 pgs. S/C. Used Grade II- $25

120 AUST TRACKS OF THE DRAGON. A HISTORY OF AUSTRALIAN LOCATING Artillery. By Keith R. Ayliffe Bem & John M. Posener. 340pgs. 2004. From WW1 to the modern warfare systems. H/C. History. New. Grade I. $45

121 AUST ";Riders of Destiny"; by Patrick Hamilton. 1985/1996 H/C 195pg. History of 4th A.L.H Field Ambulance 1917-18. Semi- Biographical. Grade II $55

122 AUST 1965 287pgs ";The Desert Column"; The Australian Light Horse In Action by I Idriess. S/C Paperback used! Australian Classic of Light Horse duty in WWI Grade II $10

123 AUST ";BACKS TO THE WALL - A Larrikin on the Western Front"; by G.D. Mitchell. 1937/2007 S/C 341pg. New Release! Big seller back in 1937 reviewed for Today's readers. Very interesting. Grade I-. $40

124 AUST 2004 365pgs ";Goodbye Cobber, God Bless You"; by J Hamilton. New S/C compelling story about the fighting at ";The Nek"; Galipoli 1915. Grade I $40

125 AUST ANZAC MEMORIAL. First N.S.W attempt to raise funds to benifit returned service personnel. Many photos, eyewitness A/C'S. H/C with minor edge damage and fading, 1916, 304pgs, Grade II- $175

126 AUST 2002 245pg ";Defenders Of Australia"; The third Australian division. H/C with D/J. Very informative publication. Grade I $57

127 AUST OCEANS OF LOVE, Narrelle- An Australian Nurse in WW1 New release, nursing tales from WW1. S/C, 2006, 272pgs. New, Grade 1- $37

128 AUST 1929 76pp. Memorial Register 26, Villers-bretonneux memorial France. Part II C-F. S/C used, Government printer memorial register 26. Names of Australian war dead commemorated on the villers-bretonneux memorial. Part II C-F. Vary scarce. Grade II- $65

129 AUST 1989/1997. ";THE BLACK DIGGERS";. By. Robert A. Hall. In depth view of Aboriginal Service to Australia mainly during WW2. Many photos and informative text. S/C. 228 pgs Grade I. $32

130 AUST 2005. ";THE ESSENCE OF KOKODA"; By. Patrick Lindsay. Pocket size book with numerous illustrations and colour and B/W photos, telling the story of Kokoda. H/C with D/J. 130 pages. Grade I. $28

131 AUST ";The Silent 7th - An Illustrated history of the 7th Australian Division 1940-46"; by Mark Johnston. 2005 H/C D/J 272pg. Divisional history WW2 Australia. Grade I $75

132 AUST ";Outback Corridor - World War II Lines of Communication across Australia from Adelaide and Mt.Isa to Darwin. Northern Territory Wartime Experiences. Army Womens' Services in the NT"; by Alan Smith. H/C 2002 388pg. First hand accounts of service life in NT during WW2 AWAS flavour. Grade I- $70

133 AUST ";Shifting Sands and Savage Jungle - The Memories of a frontline infantryman"; by George Tarlington. 1994 S/C 118pg. New! Personal account of war in PNG (Kokoda) and afterwards. Grade I $30

134 AUST ";My War on Bougainville - A soldier with the 9th Battalion (AMF) Milne Bay Bougainville"; by Tod Schacht. 1999 S/C 227pg. Pocket Edition. Personal account of Australia's war in the Pacific. Grade I. $28

135 AUST ";Commando Double Black - An historical narrative of the 2/5 Independend COY - 2/5 Commando Sqn"; by Andy Pirie. 1996 H/C D/J 526pg. First hand account of Australian Commando Action in WW2. Grade I $65

136 AUST ";The 'Letter' Batteries - The history of the 'letter' batteries in WWII"; by Reg Kidd and Ray Neal. 1998 H/C D/J 415pg. New. Comprehensive history of Military Artillery Defence. Grade I $52

137 AUST ";The Spirit of Kokoda - Then and Now"; by Patrick Lindsay. 2005 S/C 210pg. Well researched and well illustrated. Grade I- $32

138 AUST ";Soldiers at Sea MK II";. 1992 S/C 292pg. Second Volume of the unofficial history of the Army Maritime Units. Scarce. Grade II- $60

139 AUST ";Wewak Mission - Coastwatchers at War in New Guinea"; by Lionel Veale. Great Story of the War Through Coastwatchers' Eyes. Grade I- $50

140 AUST ";Milne Bay Radar - Unit History of the No.37 Radar Station 1942-1945"; by Timothy G. Jones. 2001 H/C 94 pg. Short unit history of Radar Station in PNG in WW2. Grade I-. $42

141 AUST ";Kokoda"; by Paul Ham. 2005 S/C 602pg. Large format New look at the Kokoda Campaign. Grade I-. $44

142 AUST ";Tobruk"; by Peter Fitzsimons. 2006 H/C D/J 580pg. New release. Great history. Hardship, endurance, mateship. Grade I- $65

143 AUST ";On The Run - ANZAC Escape and Evasion in enemy occupied Crete"; by Sean Damer and Ian Frazer. 2006 S/C 288pg. Informative text. Well illustrated. Grade I $38

144 AUST ";From Ingleburn to Aitape - The Trials and Tribulations of a Four Figure Man"; by Bob ";Hooker"; Holt. 1981 S/C 217pg. Account of a young infantryman's experience. Illustrated B/W. Grade II-. $25

145 AUST ";Independent Company"; by Bernard Callinan. 1953 H/C D/J 235pg. Forerunners of the Commandos. Signed by author. Grade II-. $70

146 AUST ";The Last Man Standing - Herb Ashby and the Battle of El Alamein"; by Peter Dornan. 2006 S/C 214pg. New Release Book. One man's war at El Alamein. Grade I. $34

147 AUST ";The Spell Broken - Exploding the myth of Japanese Invincibility - Milne Bay to Buna-Sanananda 1942-43"; by Peter Brune. 1997 S/C 304pg. New. Very interesting read. Grade I. $40

148 AUST BOOTS AND ALL. By Ivan Blazely. First hand account of Artilleryman in WWII. 1990, S/H, Desktop published, 120pgs Grade II- $15

149 FROM TOBRUK TO BORNEO Memoirs of an Italian Aussie Volunteer Small number of B/W photos. Informative text from Mid East to Pacific Theatres. S/C, 2002, 188pgs, New, Grade I. $38

150 AUST ";7th Aust. Div. Supply Column - 2/6 Aust. Coy. A.A.S.C Diary of a Rat"; 1977 S/C 80pg. Desktop Publication Tobruk - Western Desert - A.I.F. Grade II- $55

151 AUST 1984/1995 ";Not A Conquering Hero"; The Siege of Tobruk. The battles of Milne Bay, Buna, Shaggy Ridge. S/C Great biographical war history and relevant comment. Grade I $52

152 AUST MUD AND BLOOD IN THE FIELD. COMPILED BY DICK FRANKE. 520pgs, 1984. The 2/23rd Inf Bn. A complete collection of Newsletters distributed by the battalion 1940-1945. H/C with D/J. Ex-library book. Grade II-. $45

153 AUST 1990 176 Pgs ";Heroes Denied"; The Malayan Harrier Conspiracy By C Frisch. S/C Paperback used! Controversial use of diggers who escaped Malaysia Grade II $25

154 AUST HELL AND HIGH FEVER. By David Selby. Personal account of defence Op. Rabaul WW2, 1956, H/C with D/J, Used, 198pgs, Grade II- $30

155 AUST 2005 323pg ";Strike Swiftly"; The Australian Commando Story. H/C with D/J New release. History of Australias Commandoes. By P Collins. Grade I $90

156 AUST MARCH TO RANAU. Australian Servicemen at Sandakan, Borneo 1943-1945. By William E. Thomason. Booklet in memory of members of the Sandakan Death March. 1989, 53pgs, S/C, Grade II+ $20

157 AUST RIPCORD AUSTRALIA by B Johnson. 194 pgs 1984. The story of Parachuting and Australian Paras at War, the 'Roos', and the 'Caterpillars' with Nominal Rolls including the 1st Aust Para Regt WW2. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $28

158 AUST THE GUNS OF MUSCHU. New release special forces missions. S/C, 2006, 255pgs, Grade 1- $37

159 AUST THE SURPRISING BATTALION, Australian Commandos in China By William Noonan. Very interesting story of courage & determination, 1945, H/C with D/J & plastic, Used, 194pgs Grade II- $45

160 AUST ";Only One River to Cross - An Australian Soldier behind enemy lines in Korea"; by A.M. Harris. 2004 H/C D/J 124pg. New. A personal account of Korean War Experience. Grade I $55

161 AUST ";The Fight Leaders - Australian Battlefield Leadership Green, Hassett and Ferguson"; by D.Butler, A.Argent and J.Shelton. 2002 H/C D/J 178pg. Leaders of Australian Troops in Korea. Grade I- $54

162 AUST SAS - A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AUSTRALIAN SPECIAL AIR SERVICE 1957-1997 by M Malone OAM. 416 pgs. 1997. With Honour Roll. SC. Grade I. NEW. $45

163 AUST ";On The Offensive - The Australian Army in the Vietnam War 1967-68"; by Ian McNeill and Ashley Ekins. 2003 H/C D/J 650 pg. Worth a look at. Official History of Aust. Ops in Vietnam '67-'68. Grade I $100

164 AUST ";A Green Baggy Skin"; by Vincent P.Neale. 2002 S/C 158pg. One man's look at his service in Vietnam. Grade I- $32

165 AUST ";The Battle of Coral - Vietnam fire support bases Coral and Balmoral, May 1968"; by Lex McAulay. 1988 S/C 361pg. History of one of Australia's most significant actions in the Vietnam War. Brilliant. Grade I- $30

166 AUST ";Crossfire - An Australian Reconnaissance Unit in Vietnam"; by Peter Haran and Robert Kearney. 2001 S/C 237pg. Recon. Vietnam Memories. Grade I. $30

167 AUST ";Operation Orders - The Experiences of an Infantry Officer"; by Pat Beale. 2003 H/C D/J 141pg. New book. Memoirs of a very experienced infantry officer. Grade I-. $55

168 AUST ";The Pony Soldiers - The Australian Light Horse Vietnam 1965-66"; by Neville J. Modystack. 2003 H/C 112pg. Short unit history of involvement in Vietnam War. Grade I-. $52

169 AUST ";The Battle of Long Tan"; as told by the Commanders to Bob Grandin. 2004 S/C 332pg. New Release. Full of new Info. Grade I. $43

170 AUST DESPERATE PRAISE. The Australians in Vietnam. Edited by John J. Coe. Various first hand experiences of Diggers in Vietnam. S/C, used. 1982, 137 pgs, Grade II- $20

171 AUST FIRST TO FIGHT. By Bob Breen. Gripping account of the first Australian combat troops into the war zone of Vietnam. 1988, H/C, D/J, used, 316pgs Grade II- $40

172 AUST BLUE LANYARD RED BANNER by L McAulay. The capture of a Vietcong Headquarters by 1st Battalion the Royal Australian Regiment Operation CRIMP 8-14 January 1966. 2005 245 pgs. HC DJ. New. Grade I. $70

173 AUST WRITE HOME FOR ME A Red Cross Woman in Vietnam. By Jean Debelle Lamensdorf. A number of B/W Period Photographs. A rivetting story of courage & compassion. S/C, 2006, 302pgs, NEW, GRADE I. $42

174 AUST THE SOLDIERS' HISTORY. A detailed account of Australia's major Vietnam battle by one of the participants Illustrated. H/C with D/J, 1986, 188pgs, Grade II- $40

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