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SaLIS, Vol.60, No.4, December, 2000

Review of Recent Literature (Sep-Dec 2000)

Compiled by Mike & Mary Craymer


Editors' Note: This is a collection of selected articles on geodesy, surveying and land information systems published in English in other subject-related journals. This information has been compiled from Tables of Contents in Geodesy, a free Internet-based contents service for journals in geodesy. Because of space constraints, coverage may not be complete for all journals. For more complete coverage and information about TCG, article reprints and journal publishers, visit the TCG web site at <http://www.geod.nrcan.gc.ca/~craymer/tcg/>.


Allgemeine Vermessungs-Nachrichten


Vol.107, No.8-9, 2000


Analysis of including GPS measurements into terrestrial systems. M. Dzapo, Z. Kapovic, M. Roic. 281-285.

Determination of number of numerical integration steps of an industrial dump example. P. Zbigniew. 296-298.


Artificial Satellites


Vol.35, No.1, 2000


Improvement of the Quasigeoid Model in Poland by GPS and Levelling Data. A. Lyszkowicz. 3-8.

Local Height Variations of Selected GPS Permanent Stations. M. Lehmann. 9-23.

Time Interval Error (Tie) Measurement and Frequency Comparison of Primary Frequency Standards Using GPS Carrier Phase - First Results. A. Tyranowska. 25-39.

The Analysis of Observations of Particular GPS Satellites for Utilise Them to Updating the TEC Model. A. Swiatek. 41-50.

High Solar Radio Activity Impact on GPS Observations. A. Swiatek, L. Jaworski, M. Lehmann, I. Stanislawska. 51-54.


The Australian Surveyor


Vol.45, No.1, June, 2000


ABSTRACTS <.au/pubs/tas/tas2000.htm>

Commentary on the Article "The Role of Coordinate Systems, Coordinates and Heights in Horizontal Datum Transformations" by Will Featherstone and Petr Vanicek, The Australian Surveyor, Vol. 44, No. 2. 5-10.

A two-epoch point movement analysis of GPS network using Congruency Test. A.K. Chong. 12-19.

A new facility to enhance Australian GPS-geodetic research. W.E. Featherstone, M.P. Stewart, C. Rizos, S. Han, R. Coleman, P. Tregoning, P.J. Morgan. 20-30.

A New Course Producing Professional Surveyors and Engineers for the Land Development Industry. G. Hunter, I. Williamson, J. Robinson. 31-36.

Towards the Implementation of Coordinated Cadastral System in Malaysia: Large Cadastral Network Adjustments. M. Kadir, S. Ses, G. Desa, C.W. Tong, T.C. Boo. 37-46.

Performance Analysis of the RTK Technique in an Urban Environment. A. El-Mowafy. 47-54.


Bollettino di Geodesia e Scienze Affini


Vol.59, No.3, 2000


Earth's radial density profiles based on Gauss' and Roche's distributions. A.N. Marchenko. 201-220.

Geodetic network adjustment by the maximum likelihood method with application of local variance, asymmetry and excess coefficients. B. Kasietczuk. 221-235.

Alternative methods for terrain reduction computation. H. Abd-Elmotaal. 237-260.

Strain tensor estimation by GPS observations: software and applications. M. Crespi, G. Pietrantonio, F. Riguzzi. 261-280.

Vol.59, No.4, 2000


A note on the standard parametrization of the Earth's dynamical figure and Darwin's density distribution. A.N. Marchenko, O.A. Abrikosov. 335-350.

An essay on the foundations of Gaussian differential geometry V: operator methods. J.D. Zund. 351-370.

Dual frequency GPS + GLONASS measurements in the static relative positioning. R. Cefalo, M. Gatti. 391-404.


EOM - Earth Observation Magazine


Vol.9, No.8, 2000



Michigan County GIS Designed Around Core Applications 3Di's cost model sets user fees. K.P. Corbley. 11.

Flood Mapping Specifications: Technology-centric vs Application-centric. J. Allen, R.J. Birk. 21.

Beach Management Decision Support Using LIDAR. R.J. Birk, H. Goss. 26.

CNET Integrates Facility and Environmental Information Through GreenSpace Enterprise Implementation. T. Spencer. 30.

Vol.9, No.9, 2000



Geologist Relies on GIS to Assist in Unraveling Complex Geology in Iceland. K.P. Corbley. 12.

Australian Army Planning Sydney Olympic Security with LIDAR DEM. K.P. Corbley. 25.

LIDAR Versus Radar - Some Insights. R.A. Fowler. 29.

PCI Geomatics Retools. P. Siegel. 33.

Vol.9, No.10, 2000



NASA's National Lewis and Clark Education Center Supplies Interactive Online Tools for Teachers. A. Philp. 10.

In Real Estate, Geographic Information and the Internet Changes Everything. P. Siegel, B. Foster. 25.

Global Geomatics Successfully Geoenhances(TM) Military Operational Intelligence and Effectiveness. O. Ford. 30.

Digital Mapping Has Practical Applications in Emergency Management Crisis Situations. C.L. Coffey. 33.

Vol.9, No.11, 2000



Operational Visualization Applications for Decision-making at the Texas Department of Transportation Using LIDAR Data. J.M. Hill, C. Gloyna, K. Chavez, D. Young. 14.

A Bird's-Eye View of the East African Rift System. F. Dekker. 21.

See What You've Been Missing with Subpixel Image Classification. K. Roberts, G. Roe. 27.

Aerial Imagery and GIS Data Combine for Effective Prescribed Burning Programs. T. Walsh. 37.




Vol.54, No.3, 2000


Two Continents, One Meridian, Two Visionaries, One Goal. A. Macdonald. 265-274.

Semi-Automatic Road Extraction From A Stereo Model of Large- Scale Aerial Images. L. Topel, A. Krupnik. 275-283.

SHORAN in Canada Revisited. D.H. Gray. 285-295.

An Approach to Matching Lines in Partly Similar Engineering Maps. Y. Gabay, Y. Doytsher. 297-310.

SHORAN Pot-Pourri. D.H. Gray. 313-316.

Protecting Land Rights, A Key Factor in Sustainable Development - The Quebec Example. D. Roberge. 317-320.

La protection des droits fonciers, facteur-cle de developpement durable - l'exemple du Quebec. D. Roberge. 322-325.

The National Geodetic Baseline. B. Bresee. 327-333.

Cadastre and Land Information Systems for Decision Makers in the Developing World. C. Fourie, O. Nino-Fluck. 335-340.

Lighthouse at Seal Island, Nova Scotia. D.H. Gray. 344-344.

Geomatics and the Law: Unscrambling the Egg. A. McEwen. 346-348.


Geomatics Info Magazine


Vol.14, No.9, 2000


Maps and the Internet: The Internet Becomes a New Medium for Cartography. M.P. Peterson. 12.

Virtualising the 3D Real World (6): Effective Communication by Realistic Representation. C. Crawford. 37.

Creating DEMs from Contour Lines: Interpolation Techniques Which Save Terrain Morphology. O.A Jaakkola, J. Oksanen. 46.

Practical Map Generalisation: Issues, Requirements and Solutions for Generalising Digital Vector Data. B.E. Smith. 70.

Distributed Mobile GIS: Challenges and Architecture for Integration of GIS, GPS, Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications. H.A. Karimi, P. Krishnamurthy, S. Banerjee, P.K. Chrysanthis. 80.

Interview - I Want GIS to Include Surveyors: Interview with Jack Dangermond, Founder and President of ESRI in San Diego, CA, USA. M. Lemmens. 6.

Pinpiont - Geodata in Broader Perspective. M. Lemmens. 11.

Review - Dot-coms Set the Tone at A/E/C 2000 Show: Crowded Conference Alongside 245-vendor Exhibition Hall. J.H. Loedeman. 42.

Multi-Interview - Further Consolidation in Surveying In Industry: Interview with Steve Berglund, CEO of Trimble and Karl Ramstrom, Leader of Trimble's Engineering and Construction Division and Former President of Spectra Precision. J.H. Loedeman. 54.

Review - Sensor Technology in the Zenith Point: Impressions of the XIXth ISPRS Congress. M. Lemmens. 67.

Preview - INTERGEO 2000 in Berlin. 73.

Company's View - No One Measures Up...Worldwide: CST Corporations's Growth Is the Result of Long Range Planning. A. Puri. 74.

Insider's View - Not Exactly 'Cartography for Dummies', but We're Working on It. R. Moses. 85.

Vol.14, No.10, 2000


User-oriented Datum Redefinition: User Involvement in the Introduction of the New Reference System in The Netherlands. M. Salzmann. 12.

Mapping Mt.Tsukuba from SAR Imagery: DEMs from SAR Imagery Using Stereo Matching Techniques. T. Okatani, N. Watanabe, M. Koarai. 34.

GPS from an Indian Perspective: Earthquake Monitoring and Other GPS Applications. M.N. Kulkarni. 43.

Geo-Info: The Polish Large-scale Land Information System. A. Danielski. 53.

Strategy for and Implementation of a Company-wide GIS. D. Rosenbaum, M. Scheu. 56.

Highway Mobile Mapping: Information Infrastructure for Transportation Networks. C.V. Tao, N. El-Sheimy. 84.

Interview - Construction Surveyors Cut out by 3D-Scanning? GIM Interviews Dr. Erik Niebuhr, Founder and Managing Director of Callidus Precision Systems GmbH. J.H. Loedeman. 6.

Pinpoint - Black Monday. M. Lemmens. 11.

Company's View - Point Inc.: Sokkia GPS Products Development Company. Y. Ichikawa. 64.

Preview - Spatial Information for the 21st Century: Intergeo 2000 in Berlin - A Preview. 66.

Product Survey - Product Survey on High-end Total Stations. 75.

Insider's View - Public Recognition of Remote Sensing. J.C. Trinder. 89.

Vol.14, No.11, 2000


Hybrid Photogrammetric Mapping Environment: Running Both Analytical and Digital Photogrammetric Production Lines. X. Li, B. Baker. 12.

Economics of Softcopy Photogrammetric Production: Cost and Benefits Analysis of End-to-end Softcopy Photogrammetric Operations. R.A. Saleh. 32.

Earth Observation Data Pricing Policy: Free Data for All Users, Full Cost Pricing and Access Key Pricing. R. Harris. 38.

Occlusion Compensation in Orthophotos: Generating True Orthophotos Corrected for Building Distortions. J.-Y. Rau, L.-C. Chen. 49.

Satellite Imagery and GIS for Census Purposes: Mapping of Argentinian Rural Territory for Farming Census Purposes. P.A. Delsere, A.M. Garra, C.A. Jimenez, M. Miraglia. 66.

Colour Aerial Photographs with B&W Resolution: New Clear Base Kodak Aerocolor III Negative Film 2444. D. Brake, S. Mango. 70.

3D Digital Cities on the Internet: An Online Platform for Entertainment, Education, Government and Commerce. J. Wang. 78.

Interview - The One Strategic Item: An Aerial Digital Camera. GIM Interviews Bruce Wald, President and CEO, LH Systems. J.H. Loedeman. 6.

Pinpoint - National Distribution Centres. M. Lemmens. 11.

Multi-Interview - Providing Airborne LIDAR Services Needs Partnership: GIM Interviews Dr. Uwe Lohr of TopoSys and Willem Philipse of Aerodata Int. Surveys. J.H. Loedeman. 44.

Company's View - From Paper to Mobile Mapping Solutions: Tadpole-Cartesia. G. Brown. 64.

Insider's View - Reaching for a New Interoperability Standard. L.E. Jordan. 81.


Geophysical Journal International


Vol.143, No.1, October, 2000


ABSTRACTS </Journals/toc.asp?IssueID=3680>

Geocentre motion from the DORIS space system and laser data to the Lageos satellites: comparison with surface loading data. F. Bouille, A. Cazenave, J.M. Lemoine, J.F. Cretaux. 71-82.

Permanent water level drop associated with the Spitak Earthquake: observations at Lisi Borehole (Republic of Georgia) and modelling. P. Gavrilenko, G. Melikadze, T. Chelidze, D. Gibert, G. Kumsiashvili. 83-98.

Ice-ocean mass balance during the Late Pleistocene glacial cycles in view of CHAMP and GRACE satellite missions. G. Kaufmann. 142-156.

Glacial isostatic adjustment in Fennoscandia for a laterally heterogeneous earth. G. Kaufmann, P. Wu, G. Li. 262-273.

Vol.143, No.2, November, 2000


ABSTRACTS </Journals/toc.asp?IssueID=3834>

Matrix autoregressive analysis of free-oscillation coupling and splitting. G. Masters, G. Laske, F. Gilbert. 478-489.

Long-period lunar Earth tides at the geographic South Pole and recent models of ocean tides. M.S. Bos, T.F. Baker, F.H. Lyard, W.E. Zurn, P.A. Rydelek. 490-494.

Identification of mass inhomogeneity from surface gravity anomalies. D.D. Ang, D.N. Thanh, V.V. Thanh. 495-498.

Vol.143, No.3, December, 2000


ABSTRACTS </Journals/issuelist.asp?journal=gji>

Geodetic constraints on the fault pattern of the 1978 Thessaloniki (Northern Greece) earthquake (Ms=6.4). S.C. Stiros, A. Drakos. 679-687.

Inversion for mantle viscosity profiles constrained by dynamic topography and the geoid, and their estimated errors. S.V. Panasyuk, B.H. Hager. 821-836.

Seismic and geodetic constraints on plate boundary deformation across the northern Macquarie Ridge and southern South Island of New Zealand. M.A. Moore, H.J. Anderson, C. Pearson. 847-880.


Geophysical Research Letters


Vol.27, No.16, 2000



Seismic Moments of Major Earthquakes and the Rate of Shortening across the Tien Shan. P. Molnar, S. Ghose. 2377-2381.

Volcanic eruption prediction: Magma chamber physics from gravity and deformation measurements. H. Rymer, G. Williams-Jones. 2389-2393.

Vol.27, No.17, 2000



Obtaining single path phase delays from GPS double differences. C. Alber, R. Ware, C. Rocken, J. Braun. 2661-2665.

El Nino, water vapor, and the Global Positioning System. J. Foster, M. Bevis, T. Schroeder, M. Merrifield, S. Businger, S. Dorn, S. Marcus, J. Dickey, Y. Bar-Sever. 2697-2701.

Forecasts of tropical Pacific SST and sea level using a Markov model. Y. Xue, A. Leetmaa. 2701-2705.

FES98: A new global tide finite element solution independent of altimetry. F. Lefevre, F.H. Lyard, C. Le Provost. 2717-2721.

The coseismic geodetic signature of the 1999 Hector Mine Earthquake. K.J. Hurst, D.F. Argus, A. Donnellan, M.B. Heflin, D.C. Jefferson, G.A. Lyzenga, J.W. Parker, M. Smith, F.H. Webb, J.F. Zumberge. 2733-2737.

January 30, 1997 eruptive event on Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii, as monitored by continuous GPS. S. Owen, P. Segall, J. Lisowski, A. Miklius, M. Murray, M. Bevis, J. Foster. 2757-2761.

Vol.27, No.18, 2000



Influence of the ocean loading effect on GPS derived precipitable water vapor. R. Dach, R. Dietrich. 2953-2957.

Wavelet analysis of the variable Chandler wobble L.T. Liu, H.T. Hsu, B.X. Gao, B. Wu. 3001-3005.

Crustal shortening in the Andes: Why do GPS rates differ from geological rates? M. Liu, Y. Yang, S. Stein, Y. Zhu, J. Engeln. 3005-3009.

The Influence of a Ductile Crustal Zone on Glacial Isostatic Adjustment: Geodetic Observables Along the U.S. East Coast G. Di Donato, J.X. Mitrovica, R. Sabadini, L.L.A. Vermeersen. 3017-3025.

Vol.27, No.19, 2000



Ground deformation near Gada 'Ale Volcano, Afar, observed by Radar Interferometry. F. Amelung, C. Oppenheimer, P. Segall, H. Zebker. 3093-3097.

Near real-time radar interferometry of the Mw 7.1 Hector Mine Earthquake. D.T. Sandwell, L. Sichoix, D. Agnew, Y. Bock, J.-B. Minster. 3101-3105.

Gravitational Braking of Inner-Core Rotation in Geodynamo Simulations. B.A. Buffett, B.A. Glatzmaier. 3125-3129.

Vol.27, No.22, 2000



A new global Earth's gravity field model from satellite orbit perturbations: GRIM5-S1. R. Biancale, G. Balmino, J.-M. Lemoine, J.-C. Marty, B. Moynot, F. Barlier, P. Exertier, O. Laurain, P. Gegout, P. Schwintzer, C. Reigber, A. Bode, R. Konig, F.-H. Massmann, J.-C. Raimondo, R. Schmidt, S.Y. Zhu. 3611-3615.

Geodetic network optimization for geophysical parameters. G. Blewitt. 3615-3619.

Strain accumulation along the Cascadia subduction zone. M.H. Murray, M. Lisowski. 3631-3635.

Co-seismic deformation during the Mw 7.3 Aqaba earthquake (1995) from ERS-SAR interferometry. Y. Klinger, R. Michel, J.-P. Avouac. 3651-3655.

Vol.27, No.23, 2000



Improving GPS surveying with modeled ionospheric corrections. C. Rocken, J.M. Johnson, J.J. Braun, H. Kawawa, Y. Hatanaka, T. Imakiire. 3821-3825.

Accurate GPS orientation of a long baseline for neutrino oscillation experiments at Fermilab. T. Soler, R.H. Foote, D. Hoyle, V. Bocean. 3921-3925.

Measuring Postglacial Rebound with GPS and Absolute Gravity. K.M. Larson, T. van Dam. 3925-3929.

New Kinematic Models for Pacific-North America Motion from 3 Ma to Present: Evidence for a "Baja California shear zone". T. Dixon, F. Farina, C. DeMets, F. Suarez-Vidal, J. Fletcher, B. Marquez-Azua, M. Miller, O. Sanchez, P. Umhoefer. 3961-.


GeoSpatial Solutions


Vol.10, No.9, September, 2000



Capitol Outlook - Imagine That: Remote Sensing Rules Released. D.A. Divis. 18.

Mapplets - Fleet Tracking: On-Time Delivery Keeps Pepsi Cool. 22.

Mapplets - Mapping Malaria Treatment in Tanzania. J.A. Wagman, P.J. Winch. 22.

Mobile in the Heartland. C. Brockman, L. Betts. 24.

Insurance Pricing with GIS: It's All about Business. R. Thomas. 30.

Census Sense, Part 2: Geographic Products for One and All. L. Dougherty. 36.

Net Results - Spinning Straw into Gold: Data Warehouses and Spatial Web Sites. J.W. Lowe. 40.

Shop Talk - The Future of GIS in Public Health Management and Practice. G.I. Thrall. 44.

Vol.10, No.10, October, 2000



Capitol Outlook - Privacy Matters: Data, Mobile Commerce, GIS. D.A. Divis. 18.

Mapplets - It's a Tree's Life: Visualizing Forest Landscapes. J.S. Nighbert. 22.

Mapplets - Showing Topography: Between the Lines. E. Martin. 22.

GIS Bites Back: Hot on the Trail of Texas Fire Ants. M.J. Wagner. 24.

The Collective: GIS and the Computer-Controlled Farm. R.W. Gunderson, M.W. Torrie, N.S. Flann, C.M.U. Neale, D.J. Baker. 30.

HAZUS: Getting Back to Business. B.B. Quinn. 35.

Net Results - The Image-Conscious Internet. J.W. Lowe. 40.

First Impressions - FME 2000: Translation with Oomph! M.O. Ruiz, D.A. Morrison. 46.

ERDAS IMAGINE 8.4: Image Processing with Class. R.G. Congalton. 48.

Vol.10, No.11, November, 2000



Capitol Outlook - GeoData Alliance Gets Chaorganized. D.A. Divis. 16.

Management Strategies - Merge Ahead: GIS on the IT Route. R. Somers. 22.

Mapplets - San Diego Maps Tomorrow's Traffic. A.G. Abouna. 28.

A Woody Invader. H.S. Rifai, P. LaWare. 29.

Flaming to the Scene: Routing and Locating to Get There Faster. R. Figueroa, M. Kartusch. 32.

Census Sense, Part 3: Enabling an Annual Census. N. Torrieri, J. Holland. 38.

Net Results - An Internet Safari Through the Geography Network. J.W. Lowe. 43.

First Impressions - Putting Cartography Before the Horse: ArcView, Maptitude, MapInfo. J. Comenetz. 46.

Need to Interpolate? Surfer 7.0's Up! M.W. Binford, J.L. Sloan. 49.




Vol.13, No. 09, September, 2000



From the Editor - Technology Trends Reflect Sweeping Changes. J.R. Hughes. 8.

Beyond Mapping - Capture "Where" and "When" on Video-Based GIS. J.K. Berry. 26.

The "G" in GIS - Geography Gets a Boost from USGS. J. Dobson. 28.

Edge Nodes - Beware the Commoditization of GIS. N. Waters. 30.

Data Sources - Take Advantage of the Eye in the Sky! R.D. Schulman. 32.

Business Is Blooming: Imagery Vendors Expand into New Markets. J. Black. 34.

Put the "Fizz" into Data "Viz". W.F. Limp. 40.

Standards Drive the Spatial Web Worldwide. L. Hecht. 46.

Information Is Power! K.P. Corbley. 52.

GeoBusiness Watch - The Battle for Market Success Features Internet Savvy vs. Domain Expertise. J.D. Wilson. 66.

Vol.13, No.10, October, 2000



From the Editor - LIDAR Technology Reaches New Heights. J.R. Hughes. 8.

Beyond Mapping - Video Mapping Brings Maps to Life. J.K. Berry. 24.

GPS/GIS Integration - What's the Difference Between Accuracy and Precision? A. Harrington. 26.

Spatial Data Insights - Geospatial Interoperability: The Holy Grail of GIS. A. Levinsohn. 28.

Open GIS Connection - Passing the Open GIS Baton in a Wireless World. L. McKee. 30.

Have you Seen the Light? LIDAR Technology is Creating Believers. K. Sapeta. 32.

Making a Pipe Dream a Reality. D.S. Coleman. 38.

Garbage In, Garbage Out: Learn to Control GIS Data Quality. G. Korte. 42.

Autodesk's Astroth Sees Sweeping Changes in the Geotechnology Market. 48.

GeoBusiness Watch - Will GE Bring Good Things to GIS? J.D. Wilson. 66.

Vol.13, No.11, November, 2000



From the Editor - Field Computing Options Abound. J.R. Hughes. 8.

Beyond Mapping - Extend GIS Procedures with Variable-Width Buffers. J.K. Berry. 24.

The "G" in GIS - Real Survivors Wrote Geography. J. Dobson. 26.

Edge Nodes - GIS and the Technologies of Knowing: A Proposal for GIScience? N. Waters. 28.

Applied Geoscience Forum - LIDAR Provides Better DEM Data. A.K. Turner. 30.

Take Your Computer to the Field. M. Jonas. 32.

Do You Really Have an E-Business? P. Batty. 36.

Proving GIS Works at the Aberdeen Proving Ground. A. DeAngelo. 42.

GE Lights up Smallworld. 46.

GeoBusiness Watch - Geotechs Take a Rough Ride in Third-Quarter 2000. J.D. Wilson. 66.


GPS Solutions


Vol.4, No.2, 2000


Letter from the Editor: GPS and L-Commerce. A. Leick. 1-2.

Precision, Cross Correlation, and Time Correlation of GPS Phase and Code Observations. P. Bona. 3-13.

Neural Networks in GPS Navigation. M. Chansarkar. 14-18.

Multipath Mitigation of Continuous GPS Measurements Using an Adoptive Filter. L. Ge, S. Han, & C. Rizos. 19-30.

Mixed Integer-Real Value Adjustment (IRA) Problems: GPS Initial Cycle Slip Ambiguity Resolution by Means of the LLL Algorithm. E. W. Grafarend. 31-44.

Integrity Monitoring of IGEX-98 data Part III: Broadcast Navigation Message Validation. N. Jonkman & K.de Jong. 45-53.

Analysis of Interpolation Methods for Kinematic DGPS Control in Aerial Photogrammetry. D. D.Lichti. 54-62.

Real-Time River Level Monitoring Using GPS Heighting. T. Moore, & K. Zhang. 63-87.

Precise Real-Time Positioning in WADGPS Networks. G. Retscher & C. H. Jason. 68-75.

The GPS Toolbox: An Implementation Algorithm for Ambiguity Decorrelation. S. Han. 76-77.

Eye on the Ionosphere: Correcting for Ionospheric Range Delay on GPS - Temporal Decorrelation. J.A. Klobuchar & J.M. Kunches. 78-82.

GPS on the Web. G. Lachapelle. 83-83.

GPS & GLONASS Current Bibliography. T. Soler. 84-86.


GPS World


Vol.11, No.9, 2000


The View From Here: Something Wonderful. G. Gibbons. 10.

Washington View: Budget Picture Brighter. D.A. Divis. 14.

Arctic Tracking - GPS Ensures Safety and Environmental Protection on Alaska's North Slope. K. Patrick, J. Webb. 20.

Going Up - A GPS Receiver Adapts to Space. E.G. Lightsey, G.C. Blackburn, J.E. Simpson. 30.

Modernization of the Global Positioning System. M. Shaw, K. Sandhoo, D. Turner. 36.

GPS Spectrum - Sharing or Encroachment? S. Lazar, S. Raghavan, D. Turner. 46.

Galileo - The Public-Private Partnership. J. Gallimore, A. Maini. 58.

Innovation: The New L5 Civil GPS Signal. A.J. Dierendonck, C. Hegarty. 64.

Vol.11, No.10, 2000


The View From Here: A Little Privacy, Please. G. Gibbons. 10.

Washington View: UWB Vs. GPS. D.A. Divis. 14.

This is Rocket Science - Multiple Payload Tracking in Space. B. Bull. 22.

GPS in the Pits - Differential GPS Applications at the Morenci Copper Mine. S. Shields, J. Flinn, A. Obregon. 34.

Telematics Integrates GPS, GIS, and Wireless - Driving Services Into the Future. P. Sauret. 40.

Both Sides Now - A WGS 84 Orthometric Height of Mount Everest. M. Kumar. 46.

Innovation: Basic Navigation With a GPS Receiver. R.B. Langley. 50.

GPS World, Vol.11, No.11, 2000


The View From Here: Whose Spectrum Is It? G. Gibbons. 10.

Washington View: Galileo Negotiations Moving Forward. D.A. Divis. 12.

Rapid Environmental Assessment with Lidar: GPS Sends In the Marines. W.J. Lillycrop, J.L. Irish, R.W. Pope, G.R. West. 18.

GPS and SCADA: Taking Care of Business in Internet Time. H. Melvin, A. Shearer. 30.

Innovation: Precise Time and Frequency for Warfighters. R. Beard, J. White. 38.

GPS World 2000 Editorial Index: The Year in Review. 46.


The Hydrographic Journal


No.98, October, 2000


National Maritime Policies and Hydrographic Services. F. Bermejo. 3-7.

West African Deep Water Development Prospects in a Global Context. D. Harbinson, R. Knight, J. Westwood. 9-13.

A Review of GLONASS. K.M. Miller. 15-21.

Fast Reduction of High Density multibeam Echosounder Data for Near Real-Time Applications. P. Bottelier, R. Haagmans, N. Kinneging. 23-28.


Journal of Geodesy


Vol.74, No.6, 2000


ABSTRACTS <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/tocs/t0074006.htm> or </link/service/journals/00190/tocs/t0074006.htm>

Simplified formulae for the BIQUE estimation of variance components in disjunctive observation groups. N. Crocetto, M. Gatti, P. Russo. 447-457.

How to handle topography in practical geoid determination: three examples. O.C.D. Omang, R. Forsberg. 458-466.

GPS network design: logistics solution using optimal and near-optimal methods. P. Dare, H. Saleh. 467-478.

Analysis of the first year of Earth rotation parameters with a sub-daily resolution gained at the CODE processing center of the IGS. J. Hefty, M. Rothacher, T. Springer, R. Weber, G. Beutler. 479-487.

The direct topographical correction in gravimetric geoid determination by the Stokes-Helmert method. H. Nahavandchi. 488-496.

IAG Newsletter. O.B. Andersen. 497-502.

Vol.74, No.7/8, 2000


ABSTRACTS <http://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/00190/tocs/t0074007.htm> or </link/service/journals/00190/tocs/t0074007.htm>

A synthetic Earth for use in geodesy. R. Haagmans. 503-511.

Tectonic plate motion and co-seismic steps surveyed by DORIS field beacons: the New Hebrides experiment. S. Calmant, J.-J. Valette, J.-F. Cretaux, L. Soudarin. 512-518.

The temporal variation of the spherical and Cartesian multipoles of the gravity field: the generalized MacCullagh representation. E. Grafarend, J. Engels, P. Varga. 519-530.

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Guest Editorial: Piecing Together a Shared Vision. B. Hazelton. 49.

Marketing Tipz: Advertising is Not a Dirty Word. S. Zeloznicki. 52.

History Corner: George Washington (1732-1799) Surveyor and Cartographer, Part 1. S.A. Bedini. 70.

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Innovation Leads to Increased Production. R. Dawber. 14.

An Interview With Jack Dangermond. M. Cheves. 24.

ESRI User Conference. 26.

Do You Really Have WGS 84 Coordinates? W. Strange. 34.

Web Application Eliminates Courthouse Visits. K. Richards-Thomas. 40.

Hands On: LTI MapStar Angle Encoder. A. Pepling. 44.

Hands On: Maptrails’ State Explorer. J. Bell. 48.

On the Horizon: The "Evil Zone A". W. Lathrop. 50.

In Line With GIS: Parcel Mapping, Part I. R. Zimmer. 52.

Guest Editorial: Where Do You Want Your Surveying Records to Go When You Die? V.K. Bellis. 56.

Legal Notes: Implied Easements. J.J. Demma. 57.

History Corner: George Washington (1732-1799) Surveyor and Cartographer, Part II. S.A. Bedini. 74.

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Surveying the Road to GIS -- A Tale of Two Utilities. M. O'Toole. 28.

In Line with GIS: Parcel Mapping, Part Two. R. Zimmer. 36.

On the Horizon: A "Need to Know" Basis. W. Lathrop. 42.

Marketing Tipz: Gift Wrap Yourself. S. Zeloznicki. 44.

Humor in Surveying: What is Geomatics? G.W. Bowden. 45.

Hands On: Intergraph’s SelectCAD. J. Bell. 48.

Book Reviews: Rural Images and Geodaesia. P. Toscano. 49.

Hands On: Prosurv 2000. A. Pepling. 51.

Second Thoughts: How to Survey with an Astrolabe. W. Schmidt. 56.

History Corner: John Churchman and His Magnetic Atlas, Part One. S.A. Bedini. 70.

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Urban Canyon GPS Surveys. C. Chiusano. 22.

A Visit to Leica GPS. M. Cheves. 32.

Hands On: Blue Marble's Geographic Calculator. J. Bell. 42.

On the Horizon: Unprotected. W. Lathrop. 52.

Legal Notes: A Boundary Dispute. J.J. Demma. 53.

In Line With GIS: GIS and the Wildfires. R. Zimmer. 55.

Book Review: Drawing the Line. P. Toscano. 60.

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The United Nations - International Federation of Surveyors Declaration on Land Administration for Sustainable Development. I. Williamson, D. Grant. 341-348.

Support of Good Land Administration by the Work of the UNECE Working Party on Land Administration. P. Creuzer. 349-352.

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