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By Andrew Berwick, London – 2011

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Contents (active hyperlinks: CTRL + click to follow link) 3

About the compendium - 2083 10

Distribution of the book 12

A message from the author/creator of the compendium 15

Introduction - What is “Political Correctness”? 17

How it all began - Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism 18

Cultural Marxist profiles 24

The Movement for Academic Reform 31

Political Correctness: Deconstruction and Literature 32

Radical Feminism and Political Correctness 33

Further Readings on the Frankfurt School 37

Additional works on the Frankfurt School 39

1. What you need to know, our falsified history and other forms of cultural Marxist/multiculturalist propaganda (Book 1) 43

1.1 Historical revisionism (negationism) 43

1.2 General characteristics of European Islamic Negationism 48

1.3 The Failure of Western Universities 56

1.4 Review 1: Religion of Peace? Islam’s war against the world - Islam 101 64

1.5 Al-Taqiyya – Religious/political deception 75

1.6 Naskh - Quranic abrogation 83

1.7 Review 2: Islam – What the West needs to know 104

1.8 European Slaves, Arab Masters 123

1.9 Hindu Kush, the largest Genocides in the history of man 131

1.10 Additional info - Hindu Kush 136

1.11 What the Crusades Were Really Like 138

1.12 The Crusades and today 140

1.13 The factors that led to the Crusades 143

1.14 Modern Aftermath of the Crusades 144

1.15 History of the Islamic Ottoman Turkish Empire I (1299-1876) 147

1.16 Jus Primae Noctis - Institutionalised rape of Christians under the Ottoman Empire 156

1.17 Jihadi Genocides of Christians in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey - The Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Genocides 158

1.18 Turkey: Back to the Future? 173

1.19 The fall of the Christian state of Lebanon 188

1.20 Battle of Poitiers (Battle of Tours) – First Islamic Wave – Year 732 216

1.21 Battle of Vienna – Second Islamic wave – Year 1683 231

1.22 European Crusader heroes, champions, legends 235

1.23 Western vs. Islamic Science and Religion 240

1.24 Historically - Bosnia is Serbian Land 248

1.25 Who are the “Bosniaks”? 251

1.26 Historical Islamic demographic warfare in Kosovo 257

1.27 Myths and Politics - Origin or the Myth of a Tolerant Pluralistic Islamic Society 261

1.28 Palestine for the Syrians? 268

1.29 Overview – Historical acts of high treason by European Governments 269

1.30 Further studies 271

2. Europe Burning (Book 2) 274

In this book we review and analyse Europe’s current problems. We will also look at possible solutions 274

2.1 EU’s Eurabia Project (The Eurabia Code) - Documenting EU’s deliberate strategy to Islamise Europe 274

2.2 The Eurabia Code – 2008 Updates 301

2.3 Ten Reasons to Get Rid of the European Union 305

2.4 Why the EU Needs to be Destroyed, and Soon 314

2.5 Boycott the United Nations! 321

2.6 The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in Strasbourg is a cultural Marxist controlled political entity 329

2.7 Waiting for Churchill or Godot? 330

The name of the devil: cultural Marxism, multiculturalism, globalism, feminism, emotionalism, suicidal humanism, egalitarianism - a recipe for disaster 334

2.8 The Failure of Western Feminism 334

2.9 How the Feminists’ “War against Boys” Paved the Way for Islam 336

2.10 Feminism Leads to the Oppression of Women 343

2.11 What is the Cause of Low Birth Rates? 346

2.12 The Fatherless Civilisation 349

2.13 The Western European cultural Marxist/multiculturalist intellectual elite – who are they? 354

2.14 Labour wants mass immigration to engineer multicultural UK, says former Blair and Straw adviser. 355

2.15 The outrageous truth slips out: Labour cynically plotted to transform the entire make-up of Britain without telling us 358

2.16 Why the discipline of Sociology must be completely removed from Academia 360

2.17 The psychology of cultural Marxists 363

2.18 Democracy and the Media Bias 366

2.19 a. The EUSSR/USASSR Media hegemony 370

2.20 Pro Muslim media strategies 374

2.21 Questions and polls your government and news agencies have disallowed 377

2.22 Dealing with journalists - authorising your own character assassination by the multiculturalist PC press. 378

2.23 Understanding the fundaments behind multiculturalism; From Titans To Lemmings: The Suicide of Europe 379

2.24 Ignorance and Multiculturalism must be destroyed

Globalised capitalism – another reason for the Fall of Europe 391

2.25 Is Capitalism Always a Force for Freedom? 391

2.26 Big Business, a Driving Force behind Immigration 393

2.27 Migration has brought 'zero' economic benefit 395

2.28 What Does Muslim Immigration Cost Europe? 396

Modern Jihad 404

2.29 Current and recent Jihads in Asia and Africa 405

2.30 Overview of Jihadi terror attacks 410

2.31 Muslim Persecution of Christians 412

2.32 Christians in the Middle East 426

2.33 Fighting for their survival - A Christian Exodus from the Arab World 429

2.34 Converts in the Muslim world 434

2.35 Text book Jihad in Egypt 435

2.36 The Afghan-Bosnian Mujahideen Network in Europe 437

2.37 Justification of Muslim crime against non-Muslims 455

2.38 The Real Roots of Muslim Hatred 456

2.39 The ongoing Civil War in Europe – Muslims want autonomous territory, not better integration 459

2.40 Muslim atrocities committed against Western Europeans 1960-2010 (2020) 461

2.41 Various forms of Jihad 463

2.42 The Islamisation process in European countries

2.43 Islamisation process of Western countries from 1% to 100% 472

2.44 List of Muslim demands for Sharia in Europe 476

2.45 Saudi Arabia – The serpents head 479

2.46 How many Muslims worldwide support militant Islam or Jihadi Salafism? 483

2.47 Europe's Wahhabi Lobby 484

2.48 Leaving Islam – interview with an ex-Muslim 486

2.49 Moderate Muslims and the Islamisation of Europe 494

2.50 Why We Cannot Rely on Moderate Muslims 498

2.51 Is Islam Compatible With Democracy? 506

Demography 543

2.52 Demography and the Islamisation of Europe 543

Statistics 556

2.53 Statistics and the Islamisation of Europe 556

Europe today 564

2.54 Europe’s Decline – Hurrah! We Capitulate! 564

2.55 Jihad Destroys the Swedish Model 565

2.56 Islamisation and Cowardice in Scandinavia 570

2.57 Our Offensive National Flag 574

2.58 Will Netherland Survive the 21st Century? 575

2.59 The Spanish and the Portuguese — Once and Future Dhimmis? 580

2.60 Collusion between British Government and Muslim Terrorists 582

2.61 Kosovo - Just another step in the Islamisation of Europe 587

2.62 The Norwegian Inquisition - Sunset in the Land of the Midnight Sun 589

2.63 The Anti-Racist Witch-Hunts 592

2.64 Discrimination and harassment against cultural conservatives 596

2.65 ANTIFA/Labour Jugend – State sponsored Marxist lynch mobs 598

2.66 The only English charity organisation is branded as racist while 215 Somali organizations are welcomed 603

2.67 How the diversity industry/ethnic industries/sub-cultures such as Hip-Hop in combination with unrestricted media rights contributes to destroy society 605

2.68 How the West Lost the Cold War 612

2.69 The Closing of Civilisation in Europe 618

2.70 Give the Nobel Peace Prize to Ayaan Hirsi Ali 619

2.71 Nobel Peace Prize Awarded for Appeasement of Jihad… again 621

2.72 Green is the new Red - Stop Enviro-Communism! 622

Effective communication and consolidation 625

2.73 Consolidating the moderate cultural conservative forces of Europe 625

2.74 Organisational strategy for phase 1; Better communication and cooperation among cultural conservative groups 628

2.75 Copying Marxist organisational strategies and networks – locally, nationally and internationally 632

2.76 Public opposition to Islamisation translated into success for political parties 636

2.77 Cultural conservative/nationalist rhetorical strategies 637

2.78 US and European nationalist rhetorical differences 641

2.79 Educating the European patriots who lacks ideological confidence 644

2.80 3 point guide to convert your right wing blog/site to a newspaper/magazine with national distribution 645

Because our survival depends on it 648

2.81 The Strategy of Western Survivalists 648

2.82 Christianity, Pros and Cons 649

2.83 The Church – Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution? 651

2.84 Thou Shalt Hate Christianity and Judaism 656

2.85 A future Christian identity for Europe?

2.86 Conflict avoidance and how to avoid it 663

2.87 ”Western”, modern countries that never adopted multiculturalism - Japan, South Korea and Taiwan 667

2.88 Democracy not working 669

2.89 The Rape of Europe – emigration of indigenous Europeans? 670

2.90 Suggestions for the Future 672

2.91 What Do We Fight For? 679

2.92 Who Are We, Who Are Our Enemies - The Cost of Historical Amnesia 683

2.93 A European Declaration of Independence 690

2.94 Conservatives discussing future solutions for Europe 696

2.95 Islamisation of Europe – possible outcomes 697

2.96 From the death of Multiculturalism 697

2.97 Europe heading for Civil War

2.98 Are all European men weak minded cowards or are they just brainwashed? 704

2.99 The Self-Defeat of the United States 709

2.100 Continued discussion on US-European relations 710

2.101 Preserve or replace the European monarchies? 713

2.102 Not a war between capitalism and socialism but a cultural war between nationalism and internationalism 716

2.103 Democracy needs a Reformation 717

Comments: LoneStranger: 723

2.104 Future deportations of Muslims from Europe 724

2.105 Change of investment/education mentality in the coming decades 730

2.106 The ideological journey – from indoctrinated multiculturalist zealot to Conservative Revolutionary 732

2.107 Further studies 733

3. A Declaration of pre-emptive War (book 3) 737

LEGAL DISCLAIMER (for certain chapters in Book 2 and Book: 3. A Declaration of pre-emptive War): 737

The Conservative Revolution - the only Solution for free Europeans 738

3.1 A phase of dialogue has come to an end (1955-1999) 739

3.2 Charges against all cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites of Europe (category A and B traitors) 740

3.3 The European Resistance Movement/Indigenous Rights Movement – PCCTS, Knights Templar offer a full pardon to the Western European multiculturalist regimes, the MA 100 alliance (political parties) and all category A and B individual traitors if they capitulate to our military forces by January 1st, 2020 754

3.4 Why armed resistance against the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regimes of Western Europe is the only rational approach 760

3.5 A new era has come - the time for dialogue is now over 770

3.6 Explanation of the European Civil War - Phase 1, 2 and 3 771

3.7 There are four potential outcomes of Phase 2 and 3 772

3.8 Differentiating between and dealing with category A, B and C traitors: hardcore Marxists, cultural Marxists, suicidal humanists/career cynicists and capitalist globalists 772

3.9 Demands/requests/pleas to our National Military Commands 775

3.10 Assimilation policy/demands/offer for Muslim individuals living in Europe (this offer will expire on Jan 1st, 2020) 777

3.11 The history of Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici (Knights Templar) 780

3.12 Re-founding of Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici – PCCTS, the Knights Templar 785

3.13 Founding principles of the Order/Tribunal 786

3.14 PCCTS, the Knights Templar ranks – Phase 1 787

3.15 What is a “Justiciar Knight” and how do I attain the rank? 787

3.16 PCCTS - Purpose and objectives of re-founding 789

3.17 Justiciar Knights tasks and requirements 793

3.18 ”Open source” warfare - clandestine cell systems - the most efficient way of warfare in Phase 1 797

3.19 Cell structure - Cell Commander  798

3.20 PCCTS, Knights Templar - Organisational overview 799

3.21 7 Deadly mistakes to be avoided 802

3.22 Using terror as a method for waking up the masses – many of our people will hate us for it 803

3.23 The cruel nature of our operations 804

3.24 Principle of Proportionality 805

3.25 Funding your operation 806

3.26 Avoiding suspicion from relatives, neighbours and friends 808

3.27 Avoid ending up on watch lists 809

3.28 Anti-monitoring routines 810

3.29 How to stay motivated for longer periods – perform a daily mental check 812

3.30 Diversify risk by dividing the operation into 4 phases 816

3.31 Equipment – weapons/ammo/armour etc. 818

3.32 Armour Phase – KT guide to ballistic armour 820

3.33 Related tactical equipment and miscellaneous 848

3.34 Weapons phase 854

3.35 Physical training, packing gear and running simulations before the operation 858

3.36 Safe storage of equipment in remote caches (elimination of evidence) 867

3.37 Using foreign “black markets” when acquiring equipment 873

3.38 Services offered by European criminal syndicates/networks 875

3.39 Sending announcements before an operation 881

3.40 Applying deceptive means in urban guerrilla warfare 881

3.41 Western European primary targets (Phase 1) 886

3.42 Western European primary targets - Priority list 887

3.43 MA100 - political parties supporting Multiculturalism 888

3.44 Traitor – classification system - Category A, B and C traitors 894

3.45 Added or diminished emphasis on flagged targets 896

3.46 Killing women on the field of battle – directly or indirectly 897

3.47 Avoiding apprehension/arrest and death 898

3.48 Quick summary – overview of the planning and operational phases for your mission 899

Evaluating attack strategies: 1. Shock attacks, 2. Sabotage operations, 3. Manipulative proxy attacks 904

3.49 Conventional shock attacks (non-WMD) 905

3.50 Creation of a secondary strategy (plan b) in case of exposure 909

3.51 Defence and Attack Methods - Field Strategies 910

3.53 Obtaining and using WMD’s against the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites 914

Sabotage operations 927

3.54 Sabotage operations - the most efficient ways to cripple the current Western European multiculturalist regimes 928

3.56 Evaluating the possibilities for acquiring and employing nuclear weapons in phase 1 980

3.57 Using European nuclear power plants as a weapon of mass destruction 982

3.58 Nuclear power plant assault strategy: “Operation Regime Ender” 985

3.59 Radiological Dispersal Devices, RDDs; creating, deploying and detonating radiological bombs in Western European capitals 1012

Communication and Logistics 1019

3.60 European resistance fighters and the importance of an appealing image and ideology - efficient marketing techniques 1019

3.61 After a successful operation - countering the misinformation campaign from the multiculturalist government – martyrdom or prison 1022

3.62 Grand Master Overseer – the Overseer Organisation 1024

3.63 Why bother with honouring fallen Martyrs and living Heroes of our struggle? 1028

3.64 Knights Templar orders, commendations, uniform, title, tombstone and relevant information 1029

3.65 Military awards and commendations – decorations of the Knights Templar (armed and civilian efforts) 1032

3.66 Knights Templar offer 19 different commendations 1042

3.67 Knights Templar uniform 1044

3.68 Knights Templar honourary tombstone 1050

3.69 Background information – symbolism of insignia 1052

3.70 Court/trial statements for Justiciar Knight and other patriotic resistance fighters after an operation 1055

3.71 Finding the right defence attorney/legal counsel for your trial 1063

3.72 The PCCTS, Knights Templar Oath – Ordination Rite 1065

3.73 Future compensation arrangements for European members of the resistance movement 1069

3.74 Right of Revolution

3.75 Non-violent resistance - civil disobedience/economical sabotage 1073

3.76 National Intelligence Agencies 1073

3.77 A request to the Police Forces (system protectors) of Western Europe 1077

3.78 “Young Europeans Movement - YE” movement - rumours of an emerging mass consolidation of anti-Marxist/anti-multiculturalist forces 1078

3.79 Various info 1079

European political solutions for the future 1081

3.80 Reforming the European Church – from a diversified and un-appealing “Labour Church” to a united, strong and appealing “Traditional Church” 1081

3.81 The future of European Christendom 1087

3.82 Patriarchy will be re-implemented 1088

3.83 Re-creating the traditional patriarchal social structures 1094

3.85 The political significance of sex in a cultural conservative future 1117

3.86 Sexual ethics/sexual morality in Western Europe has been destroyed by cultural Marxism and liberalism 1118

3.87 Sexually transmitted disease (STD) epidemic in Western Europe as a result of cultural Marxism costing as much as 350 billion Euro annually 1121

3.88 Various topics relating to social structures 1124

3.89 Anti-feminist policies - Reviving the patriarchal model by deconstructing the Western European matriarchal systems 1126

3.90 Preventing the European population decline – securing sustainability – future national reproduction policies 1128

3.91 Future democracy model and monoculturalism 1135

3.92 The rapid extinction of the Nordic genotypes 1136

3.93 Reprogenetics and the future 1140

3.94 Future economical model/public sector model/welfare program/economic zones/servant class 1142

3.95 Future Western European educational systems 1145

3.96 Alternative energy, scientific/technological evolution, overconsumption/ pollution/overpopulation, 1146

3.97 Future aid policy – Africa - The foreign cultural Marxist aid establishment and the harm it inflicts on Africa 1150

3.98 Future crime prevention, EF anthem, Independence Day, imperialism 1151

3.99 The destructive forces of the diversity/ethnic industries, comments and solutions 1152

3.100 Solutions for South Africa, Israel and the US 1156

3.105 A new conservatism/nationalism - Vienna School of Thought 1178

3.106 Creating patriotic youth movements in phase 1 1181

3.107 Consolidating moderate (non-military) European cultural conservative organisations – phase 1 and 2 1186

3.108 Europe, Anti-immigration parties/orgs – Nationalist parties/orgs 1188

3.109 European protectorates 1193

3.110 Pan-European Movements 1194

3.111 National Anarchists (Anarcho-nationalists, certain ACAB-, oi-, RAC-, 14/88 nationalists) 1195

3.112 Estimating Western European battle-ready cultural conservatives 2009 1199

3.113 Assistance from our European-American/Canadian/Australian brothers in the European civil war 1201

3.114 Participation from conservative individuals among the minority groups – Hindus, Buddhists and Christians 1202

3.115 Defeating multiculturalism within the next 7 decades will involve the synchronised and combined efforts (unofficial) of 8 political fronts 1203

3.116 An official request/plead to all European patriots - Required administrative high priority tasks/objectives 1206

3.117 Using Facebook and other social networking sites as a platform to consolidate and grow the European resistance movement 1209

3.118 Online “recruiters” for patriotic armed resistance movements/8th front – a primary administrative tasks 1211

3.119 Teach your children the truth and do not allow them to be indoctrinated by cultural Marxist/multiculturalist propaganda 1212

3.120 Christian/nationalist consolidation and considerations in Muslim-dominated Western European prisons 1213

3.121 From clandestine cells to more advanced military movements 1215

3.122 Objectives in Phase 2 1216

3.123 Creating a PCCTS/Knights Templar political wing 1217

3.124 A politically incorrect guide to the lynching of multiculturalist traitors (phase 2 and 3) 1218

3.125 Investments and wealth protection in Europe during phase 2 and 3 – civil war, how to protect your wealth 1219

3.126 Building a cultural conservative paramilitary/militia organisation 1223

3.127 A full or partial pardon may be granted to many category A, B and C traitors in phase 2 1227

3.128 Preparation for Phase 3 (2070-2083) Coup d'état 1228

3.129 Recommendations for cultural conservative senior and junior military officers (phase 1, 2 and 3) 1230

3.130 The political landscape in W. Europe, 2070-2080, before the initiation of Phase 3 1232

3.131 European Civil War, Phase 3, 2070-2083 1234

3.132 Predicted actions from other cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regimes 1235

3.133 The cultural/economical American Empire - dealing with a tyrant - why the Democratic and the Republican Party cannot be trusted 1237

3.134 Deportation policy (preventive measures) 1242

3.135 Economical/social impacts of mass deportations 1242

3.136 Recommendations for future cultural conservative/nationalist regimes when forming and developing government 1243

3.137 Cultural conservative/nationalist reforms during and after phase 3 1245

3.138 After the civil war – how to win the peace, creating a sustainable balance between conservatism and liberalism 1246

3.139 Distinguishing between cultural Christendom and religious Christendom – reforming our suicidal Church 1248

3.140 Creating a “European Federation”, economic, cultural and military alliance 1249

3.141 The negotiations between the European Federation and the USASSR/EUSSR block and Muslim countries in the phase 3 transition period (prior to deportations) and the outlook for the European Federation companies’ current investments in the Muslim world 1254

3.142 Future foreign policy – deportation and territorial claims 1255

3.143 Creating a New Europe and a new Middle East (see map) 1256

3.144 European Federation military campaigns against Muslim Bosnia Herzegovina, Muslim Kosovo, Muslim Albania, Turkey, Syria (Lebanon), Jordan and Egypt 1261

3.145 Logistical, military and diplomatic issues in regards to deporting Muslims from Europe 1262

3.146 Evacuating Christians in the Middle East in regards to the new Christian nations 1262

3.147 Quick list suggestions – Future domestic and foreign policy 1263

3.148 Pope Urban II and Pope Innocent III granted indulgence to all future Crusaders (martyrs of the Church) 1264

3.149 The Bible and self-defence 1267

3.150 A Book for the Knights Templar: In Praise of the New Knighthood (Liber ad milites Templi: De laude novae militae) 1274

3.151 There are no atheists in foxholes – preparing for martyrdom 1280

3.152 Justiciar Knights, Martyrdom vs. Suicide 1285

Further studies 1288

3.153 Interview with a Justiciar Knight Commander of the PCCTS, Knights Templar 1288

3.154 Knights Templar Log 1349

3.155 Successful militant organisations - Case studies 1405

3.156 Failed European militant organisations - Case studies 1405

3.157 PCCTS, Knights Templar stance towards other liberation organisations 1406

3.158 The state of the Indian/Hindu resistance - Indian nationalists 1407

3.159 Failed coup in Turkey (2007) – Case study of the Ergenekon Network 1408

3.160 Fourth generation warfare 1410

3.161 The Study of Revolutions 1412

Glossary of Terms 1437

About the compendium - 2083

“The men the European public admires most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”

You can see a movie presentation of the compendium by visiting the below links. It will not be available for a long period so consider taking a backup copy of it:



After years of work the first edition of the compendium “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence” is completed. If you have received this book, you are either one of my former 7000 patriotic Facebook friends or you are the friend of one of my FB friends. If you are concerned about the future of Western Europe you will definitely find the information both interesting and highly relevant.

I have spent several years writing, researching and compiling the information and I have spent most of my hard earned funds in this process (in excess of 300 000 Euros). I do not want any compensation for it as it is a gift to you, as a fellow patriot.

Much of the information presented in this compendium (3 books) has been deliberately kept away from the European peoples by our governments and the politically correct mainstream media (MSM). More than 90% of the EU and national parliamentarians and more than 95% of journalists are supporters of European multiculturalism and therefore supporters of the ongoing Islamic colonisation of Europe; yet, they DO NOT have the permission of the European peoples to implement these doctrines.

The compendium, - “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence” - documents through more than 1000 pages that the fear of Islamisation is all but irrational.

It covers the following main topics:

  1. The rise of cultural Marxism/multiculturalism in Western Europe

  1. Why the Islamic colonization and Islamisation of Western Europe began

  1. The current state of the Western European Resistance Movements (anti-Marxist/anti-Jihad movements)

  1. Solutions for Western Europe and how we, the resistance, should move forward in the coming decades

  1. + Covering all, highly relevant topics including solutions and strategies for all of the 8 different political fronts

The compendium/book presents advanced ideological, practical, tactical, organisational and rhetorical solutions and strategies for all patriotic-minded individuals/movements. The book will be of great interest to you whether you are a moderate or a more dedicated cultural conservative/nationalist.

Included are also demographical studies, historical statistics, forecasts and insights on various subjects related to the ongoing and future struggle of Europe. It covers most topics related to historical events and aspects of past and current Islamic Imperialism, which is now removed or falsified by our academia by instruction of Western Europe’s cultural relativist elites (cultural relativism=cultural Marxism). It offers thorough analysis of Islam, which is unknown to a majority of Europeans. It documents how the political doctrines known as multiculturalism/cultural Marxism/cultural relativism was created and implemented. Multiculturalists/cultural Marxists usually operate under the disguise of humanism. A majority are anti-nationalists and want to deconstruct European identity, traditions, culture and even nation states.

As we all know, the root of Europe's problems is the lack of cultural self-confidence (nationalism). Most people are still terrified of nationalistic political doctrines thinking that if we ever embrace these principles again, new “Hitler’s” will suddenly pop up and initiate global Armageddon... Needless to say; the growing numbers of nationalists in W. Europe are systematically being ridiculed, silenced and persecuted by the current cultural Marxist/multiculturalist political establishments. This has been a continuous ongoing process which started in 1945. This irrational fear of nationalistic doctrines is preventing us from stopping our own national/cultural suicide as the Islamic colonization is increasing annually. This book presents the only solutions to our current problems.

You cannot defeat Islamisation or halt/reverse the Islamic colonization of Western Europe without first removing the political doctrines manifested through multiculturalism/cultural Marxism…

I have written approximately half of the compendium myself. The rest is a compilation of works from several courageous individuals throughout the world. I originally planned to add a database of high quality graphic illustrations and pictures. However, the document (file) would have been un-practically large which would complicate the process of efficient distribution.

Distribution of the book

The content of the compendium truly belongs to everyone and is free to be distributed in any way or form. In fact, I ask only one favour of you; I ask that you distribute this book to everyone you know. Please do not think that others will take care of it. Sorry to be blunt, but it does not work out that way. If we, the Western European Resistance, fail or become apathetic, then Western Europe will fall, and your freedom and our children’s freedom with it… It is essential and very important that everyone is at least presented with the truth before our systems come crashing down within 2 to 7 decades. So again, I humbly ask you to re-distribute the book to as many patriotic minded individuals as you can. I am 100% certain that the distribution of this compendium to a large portion of European patriots will contribute to ensure our victory in the end. Because within these three books lies the tools required to win the ongoing Western European cultural war.

As already mentioned; the compendium is a compilation of works from multiple courageous individuals throughout the world. I have spent more than three years writing and/or compiling most of the content. None of the other authors have been asked to participate in this project due to practical and security reasons but most of them have made their material available for distribution. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. This is the reason why I have decided to allow the content of this compendium to be freely redistributed and translated. Consider it my personal gift and contribution to all Europeans. The sources are not embedded into the document for this reason (easier to use and distribute the various articles). However, it is required that the author(s) are credited when the material is used.

As such, the intellectual property of this compendium belongs to all Europeans across the European world and can be distributed and translated without limitations. Efficient distribution and circulation will be possible if those who agree with at least some of its content, principles or ideas contribute to spread the information. If you are reading this you will know that many people will be interested in obtaining the compendium (3 books). Let’s use this momentum to our advantage as it will surely benefit our struggle.

I’m depending on you to distribute the book or some/all of its content to as many patriotic European political activists as possible. Let them know what is going on and what is required of each and every one of us. After all, we do not only have a right to resist the current development, it is our duty as Europeans to prevent the annihilation of our identities, our cultures and traditions and our nation states! Please contribute to distribute the compendium to as many patriotic minded Europeans as humanly possible in all 26 European countries. This is only be the beginning…!

By including the “legal disclaimer” in ”Book 3; will allow everyone to distribute the content without violating any European laws. If you are still in doubt feel free to delete or change the wording in certain chapters before distribution.

Please help to make this book available through various torrents, blogs, websites, on Facebook, on Twitter, on forums and through other arenas. It is truly a one-of-a-kind, unique and great tool that can and should be used by all cultural conservatives in the decades to come.

Priority objective - translating the book to German, French and Spanish.

I highly recommend that especially a French, German and Spanish patriot takes responsibility and ensures that this compendium is either distributed and/or translated to your respective language. It should be distributed to torrents, websites, Facebook groups and other political groups where there are high concentrations of cultural conservatives/nationalists/patriots. I have been unsuccessful to efficiently distribute the compendium to especially French, German and Spanish speaking individuals due to language barriers. It is therefore essential that someone steps up and takes responsibility to distribute it to as many as humanly possible. If you, yourself, are too busy, unavailable or unable to contribute to help translate it, please do contact one of many cultural conservative/nationalist intellectuals/writers/journalists in your country. Contact individuals you know who are not afraid to operate outside the boundaries of political correctness. We, the right wing Resistance Movements of Europe depend on efficient re-distribution of this vital information included in this compendium. The efficient distribution of this book to all nationalists of Europe may significantly contribute to future regime shifts. Because within this compendium lies the tools and knowledge on exactly how to replace our current regimes. I really hope someone will accept this very important task and contribute; because if you won’t, no one will...

Extracting info from the document or convert from a Word file to a PDF file + translation service

It’s easy to convert the document from a Word file to a PDF file or any other format providing you have the Microsoft Word/Office software (preferably Word 2007 or newer). If you do not have this software you can either download the free “Word Viewer” which allows you to view, print and copy Word documents, even if you don’t have Word installed. Just do a search for the key word “Word Viewer” at the following site: /downloads or use the following direct download link:


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I chose to send the compendium as a Word file for the following reason:

  1. MS Word is one of the most common and popular software formats

  2. Significantly easier to edit the document compared to PDF

  3. A Word file is significantly smaller than a PDF file (3,5 MB vs 8-10 MB)

  4. The quality of the images are conserved a lot better than in a PDF

  5. Distribution: it is easier to avoid spam filters with a file smaller than 5 MB

Since I have chosen to send the document in Word format you can easily extract all information and the images from the Word file. I deliberately avoided locking the document for this reason. If you want to extract the images from word you can do the following:

  1. Simply open MS Paint (standard Windows program), copy the image from Word and paste it in Paint. You then save the image in Paint as a jpg or any other format.

It is easy to convert the file, if desired, to a PDF file or any other format. Simply save the Word file as a PDF file. As for extraction from a PDF file; several software programs including newer versions of Adobe Acrobat allow conversion and extraction. Just google the word; “PDF to Word converter” or download the following free converter software: /download.php

As for a free and powerful translator service; the google translation service offers a powerful and relatively accurate tool:

Display using kindle/nook/iPad

Kindle, nook or iPad is a hardware platform (LCD board) very suitable for reading e-books and other digital media. It costs as little as 100-200 USD on the second hand market. Also, there are other hand held devices like iPhone. All you have to do is select Word as input and kindle/nook/iPad/iPhone as output and transfer the file.

Converting the Word file to paper

Successful self-publishers today leverage the benefits provided by print-on-demand services, where they don’t need to waste money on printing costs or on inventory and stocking fees.

A “print-on-demand” (POD) service, sometimes called publish-on-demand, is a printing technology and business process in which new copies of a book are not printed until an order has been received. Many traditional small presses have replaced their traditional printing equipment with POD equipment or contract their printing out to POD providers.

When customers order their books, self-publishing outlets like and others (see list) will print on-demand as many book as needed and they will also ship them and get payments for them from those ordering. These self-publishing services accept uploaded digital content such as Word or PDF files. However, due to the controversial nature of the content of this book, the individual that makes the initial arrangement has to be careful and may need to cut away certain chapters before using commercial services such as these.

Self publishing services/books on demand services:



Guide to self publishing:


Intro to e-book format:


Sacrifices made when creating the compendium

I’ve spent a total of 9 years of my life working on this project. The first five years were spent studying and creating a financial base, and the last three years was spent working full time with research, compilation and writing. Creating this compendium has personally cost me a total of 317 000 Euros (130 000 Euros spent from my own pocket and 187 500 Euros for loss of income during three years). All that, however, is barely noticeable compared to the sacrifices made in relation to the distribution of this book, the actual marketing operation;)

The importance of spreading the truth and distribute sound strategies cannot be underestimated as it is at the very core of our current resistance efforts. I do hope you take the time to read it. Several aspects of the work is truly unique and no similar compendium exists today. Don’t let the topics discussed in the books startle you too much. Many of the topics may seem completely absurd or too radical today, but in a couple of decades, you will start to understand its relevancy to our struggle. Nevertheless, if the content freaks you out too much, to a degree where you want to delete it, I would highly recommend you rather save it on a USB flash drive (small memory chip) and place the chip in a safe location. Because it is likely that you will want to read it at some point in time. After all, we can only ignore central aspects of reality for so long.

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