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A LITERATURE LIST compiled by John Zube, February 1990

listing most of the LMP titles readily available on microfiche (up to about PEACE PLANS No. 840, in 1990) titles in my private collection, titles I have heard about and would like to check out, titles I have long been looking for and titles listed by other monetary freedom writers.


ABROMEIT, TRISTAN, Die Selbst-Hilfe-Bank, a 4pp pamphlet, n.d., in German only, in PP 814.

ACKERMANN, WERNER, Die Cosmopolitische Union, 1930, 2 S., 29x, in PP 428ff, & 617, 36x, in PP 736,; The Cosmopolitan Union, Declaration of Principles; Declaration des Principles de L'Union Cosmopolitan, 29x, in S.244, in PP 428ff.

ADAMS, EDGAR M., 1913, Private Gold Coinage of California, N.Y., privately printed. Selgin.

ADAMS/HERBERT/LEVY/MORLEY/CHODOROV/ROTHBARD: Voluntary Taxatin or Taxation and Anarchism, 24x, in PP 336. (Compare the 46pp article in PP 14 and the one on tax strike in PP 13.)

ADDRESSES OF MONETARY FREEDOM SCHOLARS, Addresses from Cato Institute, 7th. annual monetary conference : Alternatives to Government Fiat Money, Feb. 89, 5pp, 29x, in PP 905. (The very incomplete and outdated listing in PP 659 has still to be updated by me. Any help in this is welcome. J.Z.)

ALISON, ARCHIBALD, Banking and Currency Reform, 1865. (For free banking? J.Z.)

ALLIANCE FOR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, Individual Rights drafts, in Peace Plans 589/590.

AMERICAN ANTI-SOCIALIST, THE, Feb. 1912, with 16 pp contribution by Meulen, articles by Donisthorpe et al. (Meulen books, Goldsmith Collection, bound together with other pamphlets.)

AMERICAN APPRAISERS GUILD, 2 pp. leaflet on gemstone investments, 29x, in PP 867.

ANARCHIST, THE, ed. by H. Seymour, 3/1885. (Meulen books, Goldsmith Collection)

ANDERSON KENNEDY, ALFRED, Marco Polo on Money, THE FREEMAN, Dec. 77, 5pp, in PP 806.

ANDERSON, B.L., see entry under COTTRELL.

ANDERSON, CARLOTTA, Jo Labadie, Detroit's Gentle Anarchist, MICHIGAN HISTORY, July/Aug. 86, 8pp, in PP 804.

ANDERSON KENNEDY, ALFRED, Marco Polo on Money, THE FREEMAN, Dec. ­77, 5pp, in PP 806.

ANDERSON, MARTIN, An Economic Bill of Rights, 1984, 5 points, favours the Gold Standard, in Peace Plans 589/590.

ANDERSON, ROBERT G., Gold Is Legal, BUT ..., The Freeman, Jan. 1975, pp. 17-22, FEE.

ANDERSON, ROBERT G., Root of all evil? The Freeman, 8/71, FEE.

ANDRADE, DAVID A., Money: A Study of the Currency Question, especially in its Relations to the Principles of Equity, Utility & Liberty, Melbourne, 1887. (I am seeking a copy for microfilming. J.Z.)

ANDREADES, A., History of the Bank of England, P.S. King, 1909. - Dowd

ANDREW, A. PIATT, 1910, Statistics for the United States 1867-1909, US National Monetary Commission, 61st. Congress, 2nd. Session, Senate doc. no. 570. Washington, GPO, Repr. N.Y. Garland Publishing, n.d.

ANDREW, ABRAM PIATT, 1907, Substitutes for Cash in the Panic of 1907, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 22 (3), August 1908. Selgin. Also in Sprague, 1977,(1910). Schuler.

ANDREWS, STEPHEN PEARL, The Great American Crisis, in The Continental Monthly, IV, 12, 1863, p 658-670, V, Jan. 1864, 87-89, March 64, pp 300-317.

ANDREWS, STEPHEN PEARL, The Labor Dollar, Boston 1881. First published in Tucker's Radical Review, 1877. The latter is microfilmed in Peace Plans Nos, 373-375, p. 287.

ANDREWS, STEPHEN PEARL, The Science of Society, N.Y., 1851. PEACE PLANS 222, also in "Liberty", Nos. 88ff. Verkuerzte deutsche Ausgabe, herausgegeben von Wilhelm Russbueldt, 1904, in Peace Plans 359. Reprint 1970, M.& S Press, Weston Mass., is introduced by Charles Shively. (Defect: Believes in cost as the limit of price. J.Z.)

ANDREWS, STEPHEN PEARL, The Sovereignty of the Individual, Berkeley Heights, N.J., 1938.

ANNALS OF COLLECTIVE ECONOMY, vol. 12, 1936, ed. by Prof. Edgard­Milhaud. Only the main parts are reproduced here: Milhaud: ­Organized Compensatory Trading, 305pp and Zander: A Way Out of ­the Monetary Chaos, 20pp. In PP 770.

ANNALS FOR COLLECTIVE ECONOMY, Geneva, multilingual, founded and edited by Edgard Milhaud, in the twenties and continued at least to the fifties by him. See Milhaud. They were later renamed Annals of Public and Cooperative Economy and published, e.g. 1967 by Prof. Paul Lambert. The address of the Annals was then Liege, 45, quai de Rome, Belgium. Then there was a secretary of the Annals in Geneva, Mrs G. Calame, Acacias 7, 1227, Geneva 24, Switzerland, who could supply copies for reprinting. Current addresses are not known to me. Perhaps one of my readers has them handy. My collection of its volumes that I do want to microfiche is still not complete. See also under Milhaud, Beckerath, Zander, Rittershausen et al. J.Z.)

ANNALS FOR COLLECTIVE ECONOMY, VOLUME 10, 1934, ed. by Prof. Edgard Milhaud, English edition, 1935, Ending the Unemployment and Trade Crisis by the Introduction of Purchasing Certificates and the Establishment of an International Clearing System, from the 1968 reprint, 402 pp, in PP 769. Of VOLUME 12, 1936, only the main parts are reproduced in PEACE PLANS: Milhaud: Organized Compensatory Trading, 305pp and Zander: A Way Out of the Monetary Chaos, 20 pp. In PP 770.

ANONYMOUS, A Digest of the Evidence on the Bank Charter Taken Before the Committee of 1832, 1833, James Ridgway. Dowd

ANONYMOUS, A Few Observations on Joint Stock Banks; on Private Banks; and on the Bank of England, as the Sole Bank of Issue in the Metropolis. London: Edward Brewster. (White)

ANONYMOUS, An Examination of the Bank Charter Question, Murray, 1833. (Mentioned by Scrope, p. 414: "A history of the mismanagement of the paper currency of this country during the last half century, chiefly by the great central source of issue, the Bank of England - countenanced, and, indeed, often goaded on to misconduct by the government of the day, - would be too lengthened to find a place here. We must be contented to refer our readers to a publication which treats of this subject, and in which the great leading error is shewn to lie in the constitution and exclusive privileges of that monstrous monopoly." Written by Scrope himself? J.Z.)

ANONYMOUS, Corn and Currency; or, How Shall We get through the Winter? by a Merchant, 1839, London: Pelham Richardson. (White)

ANONYMOUS, Free Trade in Banking, 1844. The Bankers' Magazine; and Journal of the Money Market 1(May):67-75.(White)

ANONYMOUS, Letter to the R.H. Robert Peel, 1826. (Meulen books, Goldsmith Collection)

ANONYMOUS, Letter to the Rt. Hon. C.P. Thomson, M.P......in Explanation and defence of the Principles and Practices of Joint Stock Banking. Manchester: Love and Barton, 1834. (White)

ANONYMOUS, On Circulating Credit : With Hints for Improving the Banking System of Britain, by a Scottisch Banker, Edinburgh: William Tait, 1932. (White)

ANONYMOUS, On the Present State of Banking Affairs, 1844, The Bankers' Magazine; and Journal of the Money Market 1 (April):4-12. (White)

ANONYMOUS, Practical Remarks on Currency and Banking, Particularly in Reference to the System of Scotland, 1849, by a Scotch Banker. Glasgow: John Smith. (White)

ANONYMOUS, Report 3 of the Deputation from the Bankers of Scotland, 1841, London: J.B. Nichols. (White)

ANONYMOUS, Sketch of Country Bank Practice, with Remarks on the One Bank Issue Project, 1840, by a Country Banker, London: Pelham Richardson.(White)

ANONYMOUS, Social Credit pamphlet: I Want the Earth Plus 5 Percent, reproduced here only as a starting point for a discussion by David Taylor, 21 pp, 36x, in PP 656. (Most Social Credit notions belong, in my opinion, into a vast encyclopaedia of monetary myths, misconceptions, prejudices and errors, with their best refutations. - J.Z.)

ANONYMOUS, The Currency Theory Reviewed; in a Letter to the Scottish People on the Menaced Interference by Government with the Existing System of Banking in Scotland, 1845, by a Banker in England. Edinburgh: William Tait. (White)

ANONYMOUS, The Evils of One Bank of Issue, 1844. The Bankers' Magazine; and Journal of the Money Market 1 (May):61-6. (White)

ANONYMOUS, The Fable of the Bees, or Private Vices, Public Benefits, 2 vols., 1772. (With 1 letter, in Meulen books, Goldsmith Collection.)

ANONYMOUS, The Government Currency Measure, 1844, The Bankers' Magazine; and Journal of the Money Market 1 (June):117-21. (White)

ANONYMOUS, The Life, Adventures and Serious Remonstrances of a Scotch Guinea Note, Containing a Defense of the Scotch System of Banking, Edinburgh: Waugh & Innes, 1826. (White)

ANONYMOUS, The Money Question Considered, 2nd. ed., 16pp, London, W. Reeves. (Meulen books, Goldsmith Collection)

ANONYMOUS, The Utility of Country Banks Considered, 1802, In J.R. McCulloch, ed., A Select Collection of Scarce and Valuable Tracts ...on Paper Currency and Banking, 1857, Kelley reprint 1966. (White)

ANONYMOUS, Thoughts on the Currency, 1842, London: James Ridgway. (White)

ANONYMOUS, Thoughts upon the Principles of Banks, and the Wisdom of Legislative Interference, 1837, London: James Ridgway. (White)

ANTON, GUENTHER, Geschichte der preussischen Fabrikgesetzgebung bis zu ihrer Aufnahme durch die Reichsgewerbeordnung, 2nd. ed., Ruetten & Loening, Berlin, 1953. 229pp. (Good only in its report on the Prussian anti-truck legislation, against even the most primitive monetary self-help attempts. J.Z.) JZL. Peace Plans microfiched its 2nd section on truck legislation: "Geschichte des preussischen Truckverbots", 30pp, in PP 641.

ANTWORT, DIE, Jan.-Aug. 1969, ueber offizielle u. unoffizielle Widerstaende gegen K. Zube's SAG Zahlungssystem, mit Anmerkungen von J.Z., 20pp, 29x, in PP 741/2.

APPONYI, A.F., to Australian Financial Systems Inquiry, 28 May 79, 2pp, in PP 803.

ARDREY, ROBERT, World's Beginning, Readers Union, Hamish Hamilton, 204 pp, London, 1946, a utopia of the later famous author, in which he describes a private scrip issue in some detail. (JZL)

ARMAGUARD, advertisement for cash payments, 1987, 1p, 48x, in PP 739.

ARMSDEN, JOHN, Value, London, about 1890. (Was member of free currency movement, collaborator in "Free Trade and Exchange", 1892.)

ARTHUR, TERRY, 95 per cent is Crap - a plain man's guide to British politics, Libertarian Books, Ltd., Cranfield Book Service, Wharley End, Bedford, 246 pp. Defends freedom of note-issue, according to Meulen, TI 12/75.

ASHTON, T.S., An Economic History of England. The 18th Century, Methuen, London, 1955-1972, indexed, 257 pp, especially ch. VI : Money, Banking and Foreign Exchange, pp 167-200. JZL (A real economist! - J.Z.)

ASHTON, T.S., The Bill of Exchange and Private Banks in Lancashire, 1790-1830, Economic History Review, XV, 1945, reprinted in T.S. Ashton, R.S. Sayers, eds., Papers in English Monetary History, Oxford, 1953. (Cameron)

ATCOPS REPORTER, THE, 7 & 9?72, 1, 4 & 9/73, 1 & 4/74, 4/76, 5/77, 18pp, 48x, in PP 739.

ATHENEUM, THE, March 1890 review of Hake & Wesslau: Free Trade in Capital ,1p, review of Feb. 8, 1896 of Hake & Wesslau, The Coming Individualism, 1p, in PP 787.

ATKINS, JAMES, Tradesmen's Tokens of the 18th Century, 1892, W.S. Lincoln & Sons.

ATTWOOD, THOMAS, The Later Prosperity, and the Present Adversity of the Country, Explained; the Proper Remedies Considered, and the Comparative Merits of English and Scottish Systems of Banking Discussed, in a Correspondence between Sir John Sinclair and Mr. Thomas Attwood, 1826. In Frank Whitson Fetter, ed., Selected Economic Writings, London, London School of Economics and Political Science, 1964. (White)

ATTWOOD, THOMAS, The Scottish Banker, 1828, London, James Ridgway (White); The Scotch Banker, London, 1832, 175pp. (Meulen books, Goldsmith Collection)

AUERSWALD, HANS von, Staatswirtschaft, 1809, Auszuege aus Kap. 3 & 4 ueb. Steuerfundation und Bankfreiheit, durch Einloesungspflicht beschraenkt, 99pp, 29x, in PP 735.

AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL SYSTEMS INQUIRY, List of the Public Submissions that are offered on microfiche by C.I.C., Congress Information Centre, 11pp, in PP 803.

AUSTRALIAN, THE, Singapore blazes trail towards a cashless society, 21 Jan. 86, clipping, 1p, 29x, in PP 741/2. (Beware of the tax and control consequences. Many bureaucrats have similar ambitions in other States. - J.Z.)

AVRAM, Duke of, The, His Highness, a materials collection regarding his independent ROYAL BANK OF AVRAM, Tasmania, & its note issues & clash with the Australian government & police.(The Duke does not consider himself as a secessionist but practises secessionism. He claims Tasmania is NOT part of Australia and thus not subject to its centralized Reserve Bank system. I consider him to be a de-facto secessionist) through his free banking effort. Published thus by me in ON PANARCHY IX. - J.Z.) 55pp, in PP 689.

AYTOUN, W.E., The Scottish Banking System, BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE, 1844, v. 56, pp, 671-86. Schuler & White. (The name is given in brackets & thus either may not be certain or may indicate that it was written by him anonymously. If I included the brackets here, the title would be automatically sorted out of alphabetical order. J.Z.)


BADCOCK, J., Slaves to Duty. (Member of the Free Currency Movement, Mentioned in Wendy McElroy's LIBERTY INDEX, may have written: THE MONEY FAMINE.

BADCOCK, JOHN, article in FREE REVIEW on currency. Title? Year? Location?

BAGCHI, AMIYA KUNAR, 1978, The Evolution of the State Bank of India, v. 1-2, Bombay, OUP. Schuler

BAGEHOT, W., Lombard Street : A Description of the Money Market, H.S. King, 1873. JZL

BAGEHOT, W., The Currency Monopoly, THE PROSPECTIVE REVIEW, 1848, reprinted in Mrs. R. Barrington, ed., The Works and Life of Walter Bagehot, Longman, Green & Co., vol. 8, pp 146-87. Dowd.

BAILEY, NORMAN A., Brazil as a Monetary Model, Committee for Monetary Research and Education, Tract 10, 1975, 22 pp. JZL. Hints at 2 periods of freedom for notes issues in Brazil, on pp 6& 7. J.Z.)

BAILEY, SAMUEL, A Critical Dissertation on the Nature, Measures, and Causes of Value; Chiefly in Reference to the Writings of Mr. Ricardo and His Followers. London, R. Hunter, 1825.

BAILEY, SAMUEL, A Defence of Joint-Stock Banks and Country Issues. London, 1840, James Ridgway. (White)

BAILEY, SAMUEL, Money and Its Vicissitudes in Value; ....with a Postscript on Joint-Stock Banks. London, Effingham Wilson, 1837. (White)

BAILIE, WILLIAM : Josiah Warren: The First American Anarchist, 1906, Peace Plans 109-110.

BAIRD, WILLIAM, The One Pound Note: Its History, Place, and Power in Scotland, and Its Adaptability for England, 2nd. ed. Edinburgh, 1901, 61 pp, Andrew Baxendine, 3rd. ed. 1912, 72 pp. (Meulen books, Goldsmith Collection & R. Carnaghan.)

BAKEWELL, JAMES TAYLOR OF -, (Mentioned by Meulen. J.Z.)

BAKEWELL, PAUL, 13 Curious Errors About Money, Caldwell, Idaho; Caxton Press, 1962. M. (For free banking? I thought that I had it in my library but cannot at present lay my hands on it. Probably, at most, a "gold bug". J.Z.)

BALL, RAY & BOWERS, JOHN, The Resource Rent Tax: A Penalty on Risk-Taking, CIS, 1984, 20pp, 36x, in PP 720. (Is it much larger, as such, than any other tax? J.Z.)

BALL, RAY, The Australian Stockbroking Cartel, 20pp, 1984, CIS, 29x, in PP 722.

BALTENSPERGER, ERNST, Alternative Approaches to the Theory of the Banking Firm, Journal of Monetary Economics, 6, (January), 1980, 1-37. (White)

BANCK, RUDOLPH, Geschichte der saechsischen Banken mit Beruecksichtigung der Wirtschaftsverhaeltnisse, Friedrich Wilhelms Universitaet, Berlin, 1896, Dissertation. (Cameron)

BANCROFT, GEORGE, 1800 - 1891, A Plea for the Constitution of the United States, Wounded in the House of its Guardians. Main part of a Spencer Judd 1983 reprint, without its comments, 89 pp, 29x, in PP 731.

BANK, DIE, copy in Freiburg Univ., Historisches Seminar, may contain some essays by the Beckerath circle in the thirties. Or were they only published in BANK ARCHIV? J.Z.

BANKING AND CURRENCY REFORM LEAGUE, THE, A Short Explanation and Statement of Aims of the League, n.d., 8 pp, in PP 806.

BANKING AND CURRENCY REFORM LEAGUE, THE, pres. A. Kitson, 8pp prospectus. (Meulen books, Goldsmith Collection)

BARK, GEORG R., Dr., Boden als Geld, Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des Papiergeldes, Berlin, Verlag von Emil Ebering, 1930, 99 pp, in PP 813. (On attempts to realize a recurring wrong notion. J.Z.)

BARKER, JACOB, Private Banking, N.Y., 1819. (Miller)


BARNHILL-TICHENER, Debate on Socialism, 1914. (Bound with volume of The American Anti-Socialist, Donisthorpe et al, Feb. 1912, in Meulen books, Goldsmith Collection)

BARRO, R.J. & GORDON, D.B., 1983a, Rules, discretion and reputation in a model of monetary policy, JME,12,pp101-121. Dowd

BARRO, R.J. & GORDON, D.B., 1983b, A positive theory of monetary policy in a natural rate model, Journal of Political Economy, 91, pp 580-610. Dowd

BARRO, R.J., Bank deregulation, accounting systems of exchange, and the unit of account: a comment on the McCallum Paper, Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy, 23, pp 47-54. Dowd

BARRO, R.J., Money and the price level under the golds standard, Economic Journal, 89, 1979, pp 13-33. Dowd

BARTER AMERICA, Thriving Without Money, Back to Barter: The New Way to Beat Inflation, 2pp, 1981, 29x, in PP 865.

BARTER, Das Wirtschaftsmagazin fuer Verrechnungsgeschaefte, Nr. 1, 1989, 36 S., sample only, 29x, in PP 912. In very small print. Use larger that 29x magnification lenses!

BARTON HEPBURN, A., A History of Currency in the United States, 10 pp extract from the rev. ed., N.Y., Macmillan, 1924, dealing with the issue of clearing house certificates during the currency famines of 1893 & 1907, in PP 795.

BASTIAT, FREDERIC, Briefe ueber Kapital und Zins, herausgegeben von Arthur Muelberger, 1896, Peace Plans 617. (Letzter Brief fehlt in dieser Ausgabe. Sie soll auch nicht so gut sein wie die von Bastiat. - J.Z.)

BASTIAT, FREDERIC, Capital & Interest, 48 pp, in Essays on Political Economy, London, Bennet, no date, in Peace Plans 484 & 547.( His controversy with Proudhon, on the same theme, Capital and Interest, in Bastiat's own edition, is wanted in English, French and German by LMP.)

BASTIAT, FREDERIC, Essays on Political Economy, including: Capital & Interest, 48pp, What Is Money? 37pp, 29x, in PP 547.

BASTIAT, FREDERIC, Works, complete, but, alas, only in French, from the 1854-1962 edition, 6 volumes, 29x, in PP 660-665. (It contains his famous discussion with Proudhon on interest. Has anyone ever finalized this discussion - on both sides? - J.Z.)

BAYRISCHE VEREINSBANK, Zeittafel des Geldes, 1974, 4pp, 48x, in PP 739. (I would like to see a time-table of legal tender introductions & repeals and of the inflations in-between. - J.Z.)

BCI JOURNAL, 1. Jahrgang, Nr. 1, August 1988, 32 S., in German, in fine print. Use higher than 29x, magnification! Sample only, in PP 912.

BEARCE, ROBERT G., John Witherspoon: Disciple of Freedom, THE FREEMAN, May 77, 9 pp, in PP 806.

BECK, WILLIAM, Money and Banking, or their Nature and Effects Considered, Cincinnati, 1839. Anonymously published in Ohio, 1830. (Recommended by Greene as forerunner of mutual banking: Mr. Beck, as Greene said "thought out a Mutual Bank by generalizing credit in account; Proudhon, by generalizing the bill of exchange." Should be in some Cincinnati library. J.Z.)

BECKER, GARY S., A Proposal for Free Banking, Chicago, 1957, mimeographed. (Rockoff 141)

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, 14.5.1882 - 28.2.1969:

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, A Programme for the Immediate Abolition of Unemployment, 7 pp, 1933, in Peace Plans 544.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Aphorismen zum Geldproblem, 1931, with Englisch translation: Aphorisms on the money problem, leaflet, in Peace Plans 428ff, S. 287 & Peace Plans 586/587.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Artikel in Bankwissenschaft, Heft 17, S. 584-585 &, before 5.3.31, pages 809-813.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Artikel ueber Versicherung, Wertbestaendigkeit, Zins, Bausparkassen und Geldfreiheit, 1925-1936, 96pp, Peace Plans 337.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Aus der Volkswirtschaftslehre", in "Fragen und Antworten", Herausgeber Dr. W. Jaeneke, Berlin, Nos. 1-8, 1935.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Banknoten sind typisierte Wechsel und ihre Sicherung gegen Inflation, in Peace Plans 428ff, S. 196.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Berlin Program, 1953, in PP 41, in English. In German in the Beckerath papers in Peace Plans 428 ff.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Brief an Dr. Mann, 29.9.57, mit 8 Punkten ueber Menschenrechte, insbesondere wirtschaftliche Rechte, with English translation : 8 Points on Human Rights, in Peace Plans 589/90 & 617.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Comments on Proudhon's monetary ideas, in Peace Plans 292

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Co-author of "Die Vier Gesetzentwuerfe", Four Law Drafts for Fight Deflation, Prevent Inflation and Lower the Interest Rate, in German and in English in Peace Plans No. 40.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Creer du Travail Doit-il Necessairement couter de l/Argent?, Recueil Sirey, Paris, 1935, 161pp, Peace Plans 334.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Das Gold als Wertmesser, als Zahlungsmittel und als Kapital, Wirtschafts-Bericht, Deutsche Festmark-Bank, Berlin, 15.2.1932, Peace Plans 428 ff, S. 318.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Declaration about the Rights of the Unemployed to Exchange, to Supply themselves with Job Opportunities and to Undertake all Monetary and Financial Measures Justified and Required for this Purpose, 1951, in Peace Plans 545.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Der Reichsbankausweis, Aus Volkswirtschaft und Statistik, "Waehrung und Wirtschaft", 31.1.1925.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Der Zins als Ausgleichsbetrag, "Heim und Scholle", Dezember 1930.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Der Zins bei Bausparkassen, "Heim und Scholle", November 1930.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Der Zins und das Recht auf den vollen Arbeitsertrag, in Peace Plans 428ff, S. 2199.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Die Durchfuehrung der Vorschlaege von Milhaud, Annalen der Gemeinwirtschaft, Heft 1, 1934, auch als Sonderdruck der Annalen erschienen. Peace Plans 357/358.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Die Gewaehrung langfristiger Kredite nach dem Verrechnungsprinzip, in Peace Plans 428ff, S. 814.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Die Sicherung der Goldwaehrung. Die Aufhebung der Geldentwertungsklausel. Aufrechnung unter Friedrich dem Grossen : Aus Volkswirtschaft und Statistik, in :"Waehrung und Wirtschaft", Mitteilungsblatter der Deutschland Versicherungs A.G., Berlin, 2.1.1925, in Peace Plans 428ff, S. 120.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Die Sicherung der Kaufkraft des Geldes by Bausparkassen, Heim und Scholle, Berlin, 1930.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Does the Provision of Employment Necessitate Money Expenditure? - The Financing of Public Works without Recourse to the Money Market, as proposed in the Milhaud Plan, with remarks on the latter, Williams & Norgate, London, 1935. Under the title : Must Full Employment cost Money? microfilmed in Peace Plans No. 10. (German edition Peace Plans 372, French in Peace Plans 334.)

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, A Programme for the Immediate Abolition of Unemployment, 7pp, 1933, in Peace Plans 544.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Anmerkungen zum Eisenbahngeld, in einem Brief an Dr. Foerster, 28.8.1933, in PP 741/42.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Aphorismen zum Geldproblem, 1931, with English translation: Aphorisms on the money problem, leaflet, in Peace Plans 428ff, S. 287 & Peace Plans 586/587.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Artikel in Bankwissenschaft, Heft 17, S. 584-585 &, before 5.3.31, pages 809-813.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Artikel ueber Versicherung, Wertbestaendigkeit, Zins, Bausparkassen und Geldfreiheit, 1925-1936, 96pp, Peace Plans 337.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Banknoten sind typisierte Wechsel und ihre Sicherung gegen Inflation, 29x, in PP 428ff, S. 196.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Berlin Program, 1953, in PP 41, in English. In German in the Beckerath papers in Peace Plans 428ff. (Formally by Berliner Gesellschaft von 1952 zur Bekaempfung der Ursachen der Arbeitslosigkeit but B. was its main writer and spokesman,and secretary.)

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Brief an Dr. Mann, 29.9.57, mit 8 Punkten ueber Menschenrechte, insbesondere wirtschaftliche Rechte, with English translation : 8 Points on Human Rights, in Peace Plans 589/90 & 617.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Comments on Proudhon's monetary ideas, in PP 292.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Creer du Travail Doit-il Necessairement couter de l'Argent?, Recueil Sirey, Paris, 1935, 161pp, PP 334.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Das Gold als Wertmesser, als Zahlungsmittel und als Kapital, Wirtschafts-Bericht, Deutsche Festmark-Bank, Berlin, 15.2.1932, 29x, PP 428ff, S. 318.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Declaration about the Rights of the Unemployed to Exchange, to Supply themselves with Job Opportunities and to Undertake all Monetary and Financial Measures Justified and Required for this Purpose, 1951, 29x, in PP 545.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Der Reichsbankausweis, Aus Volkswirtschaft und Statistik, "Waehrung und Wirtschaft", 31.1.1925, 7pp, 29x, pages 128ff, in PP 428ff,

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Der Zins als Ausgleichsbetrag, "Heim und Scholle", Dezember 1930, 4pp, 24x, in PP 337.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Der Zins bei Bausparkassen, "Heim und Scholle", November 1930, 13pp, 24x, in PP 337.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Der Zins und das Recht auf den vollen Arbeitsertrag, 29x, in PP 428ff, S. 2199.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Die Durchfuehrung der Vorschlaege von Milhaud, Annalen der Gemeinwirtschaft, Heft 1, 1934, auch als Sonderdruck, in PP 357/358. English translation, 24x, in PP 9.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Die Gewaehrung langfristiger Kredite nach dem Verrechnungsprinzip, 29x, in PP 428ff, S. 814.

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BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Eine Neue Notverordnung, in 11 Par., im "Wirtschaftsbericht" der Deutschen Festmark Bank, Berlin, 31.12.1931. With English translation in PP 544. The German text is also in PP 428ff, S. 277. Vgl.: Ein Sorfortprogramm...

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Einige Bemerkungen zu im Jahre 1947 veroeffentlichten Vorschlaegen zur Waehrungsreform, 28.12.1950. (Eine Geld-Utopie, die die Abschaffung aller Geldgesetze annimmt, mit einer Deklaration von 18 wirtschaftlichen Rechten, insbesondere monetaeren. Mit Englischer Uebersetzung in Peace Plans 589/590. Der deutsche Text ist auch in Peace Plans 428ff, S. 1651.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Einige Factoren welche in dem neuen System den Umlauf der Zahlungsmittel beschleunigen und zwar voraussichtlich in viel staerkerem Ausmass als es im System von Silvio Gesell geschieht, 29x, in PP 428ff, S. 2200.

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BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Gesammelte Briefe, Aufsaetze und Notize, erste Ausgabe, 1984, unter dem Titel: "Zur Freiheit, zum Frieden und zur Gerechtigkeit" ( Towards Freedom, Peace and Justice. Contains many contributions by other members of the German monetary freedom school. ) 39 microfiche at 29x in PP 428-466. Kurzes Inhaltsverzeichnis in PP 741, langes in PP 428. Segments of these writings and his 3 major books have been translated into English, the latter also into French. LMP attempts to expand this series and seeks further material by and on Beckerath's monetary freedom and related ideas.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Inhaltsverzeichnis, 1.) kurzes, zur Sammlung seiner Papiere in PP 428-466, mit einer Uebersicht ueber seine hauptsaechlichen Reformvorschlaege, in PP 741/42. 2. Ein ausfuehrliches, hauptsaechlich aber nicht ausschliesslich chronologisches Inhaltsverzeichnis fuer diese Sammlung, ist in PP 428 zu finden. 3. Ein alphabetisches Inhaltsverzeichnis ist immer noch nur geplant.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, La Mise A Execution Du Projet Milhaud, in: Organisation des Echanges et Creation de Travail, par Edgard Milhaud, ed., Recueil Sirey, Paris, 1934, pp. 7-108, 29x, in PP 744..

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BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Muss Arbeitsbeschaffung Geld kosten? Die Finanzierung oeffentlicher Arbeiten ohne Beanspruchung des Geldmarktes nach den Vorschlaegen Milhauds nebst einigen Bemerkungen ueber sein System, Annalen der Gemeinwirtschaft, Genf, 11. Jahrgang, Heft 1, Januar/Mai 1935, 147 S., in PP No. 372.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Must full employment cost money? 1935, in PP 10. French edition of the same, 24, in PP 334, German ed. 29x, in PP 372. Previously published under the title: "Does the Provision of Employment necessitate Money Expenditure? The financing of Public Works without recourse to the Money Market, as proposed in the Milhaud Plan; with remarks on the latter, 1935, 160 pp. (A classic work on how to abolish involuntary mass unemployment - by self-help measures, within days at most - using monetary freedom techniques, i.e. while avoiding inflation, deflation and stagflation. How many millions have suffered since, directly and indirectly from unemployment, in ignorance of this work? - J.Z.)

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Oeffentliches Versicherungswesen u. Verrechnungsgeld, Die Entwicklungsmoeglichkeiten des Versicherungswesens in Asien u. besonders Irans bei Anwendung der Grundsaetze des Milhaudschen Zahlungssystems, nebst einigen Bemerkungen ueber das System, Genf, Annalen der Gemeinwirtchaft, 1936, 103 S., 29x, in PP 665. ( On Contribution Money, discussing the Milhaud payment system & offering a monetary revisionist view of the French Revolution. English ed., together with an alphabetical index to this work and his 2 prior monetary freedom books in PP 9 & 10, in PP 11.)

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, One New Emergency Law (to remove the emergency), 1931, in Peace Plans 544. (German in PP 427ff, S. 277.)

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BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Public Insurance and Compensation Money, 1938, Peace Plans 11, with an alphabetical index for this and his previous monetary freedom books, reproduced in Peace Plans 9 & 10. (Discusses fundamental monetary freedom principles and applies them to public insurance, especially in underdeveloped countries. Also brings a revisionist view of the history of the French Revolution, in the light of monetary freedom ideas. The French issue is wanted for filming. J.Z.) German issue in PP 665.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Railway Money and the Nuclear Threat, excerpt from a letter of 11.12.54, in Peace Plans 16-18. The German original text is in Peace Plans 428ff.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Saetze aus der modernen "Regierungsoekonomie", 29x, in PP 428ff, S. 1435…

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Sofortmassnahmen, die keinen Geldaufwand erfordern, in PP 428ff, S. 1731 & 48x, in 589/590. (Zur Behebung der Arbeitslosigkeit.)

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BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Some Remarks to Proposals Published in 1947 on Currency Reform, 28.12.1950. (A monetary utopia, presupposing the abolition of all monetary laws and proclaiming 18 economic rights, mainly monetary rights, in Peace Plans 589/590, with the German text.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Some Technical Details of the Statutes of an Employment Bank, ca. 1951, 29x, in PP 544. (Compare his statutes proposals in PP 9-11.)

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Some human rights and rights of citizens not codified by the UN, 8 points, 48x, in PP 589/590.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Some principles of a Social Order.... 7 points, 48x in PP 589/590.

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BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Was Kann der Einzelne Tun damit Deutschland zu einem Gesunden Geldwesen kommt? 29x, in PP 428ff, S. 126.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Zahlungserleichterung fuer die Landwirtschaft, 1945, 1 S., with English translation: Facilitating Payments for Agricultural Enterprises, 48x, in PP 645.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Zu dem Punkt unseres Programmes, der das Wesen des Zinses betrifft, 29x, in PP 428ff, S. 2785.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Zur Freiheit, zum Frieden und zur Gerechtigkeit, gesammelte Briefe, Aufsaetze und Notizen. (Contains many monetary freedom contributions of the German monetary freedom school, on 39 microfiche, at 29x, in PP 428-466. Kurzes Inhaltsverzeichnis, 5 pp, 48x, in PP 647, langes in PP 428. Supplementary issue is being prepared and also an alphabetical index. More Beckerath writings and correspondence are wanted for further editions. - J.Z. )

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, Zur gegenwaertigen Lage der deutschen Wirtschaft, 15.9.1924., 29x, in PP 428ff.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, an Dr. Mann, 29.9.57, mit 8 Punkten ueber Menschenrechte, insbesondere wirtschaftliche Rechte, with English translation : 8 Points on Human Rights, 48x, in PP 589/90 & 617.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, to Mann, Dr., 29.9.1957, 5 S., in PP 804. - A significant segment of this letter, containing 8 major points of Beckerath's liberation programme, has been translated here.

BECKERATH, ULRICH von, to Runge, Dr., 21.6.1956, 3 S., in PP 804.

BECKERATH, URLICH von, Some Remarks to Proposals Published in 1947 on Currency Reform, 28 Dec. 1950, 9pp, containing a 17 point programme on economic rights, including monetary rights, in PP 804. MANY more monetary freedom contributions by him can be found in PP 428 ff & will be microfilmed to the extent that they are already on hand or will become available. J.Z.

BECKHART, BENJAMIN H., ed., 1929, Foreign Banking Systems, ch. 5, The Banking System of Canada, N.Y., Henry Holt & Co. Schuler

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BEER, M., A History of British Socialism, Bell and Sons, London, 1919-1929, vol. I, 361pp, vol. II 441 pp. (JZL) Shortly mentions and discusses private token money issues by manufacturers and Thomas Attwood, 1783-1856, as a currency reformer, Owen's currency plan & others and Labour Exchanges. Scholefield, Muntz, Salt, Douglas, R.K., James Bronterre O'Brien, Gray and Bray are also mentioned as currency reformers. Most of them, however, were, probably, favouring one or the other type of alternative monetary despotism in form of a coercive paper money scheme. All-over, this book was one of the favourite ones of Ulrich von Beckerath and I found much in it that is of interest to me. Withdrawal of savings and deposits as a "resistance" act is mentioned e.g. on page 69 & 74. This, potentially disastrous step, for all, has recently, unfortunately, become popular again among some members of the Green Movement. But at least some of them intend re-investment in their own kind of investment bank - the Oekobank Projekt. - J.Z.

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BENDIXEN, according to Ulrich von Beckerath, 18.5.1925, has written at least something on private goods warrants issues, before 1925.

BENNDORF, ALEX., Fuer Bankfreiheit, 1870, Braunschweig, 38pp, 29x, in PP 687. (Warning : He argues rather against than for monetary freedom, in spite of this title : For Free Banking. Under this title all kinds of "funny money" or all too restrictionist theories were and are still advocated and they have given free banking a bad name. Freedom to issue notes does no more mean freedom to issues monopolized, coercive, exclusive, fraudulent or fictitious notes than freedom to issue checks means freedom to issue fraudulent cheques. J.Z.)

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BILGRAM, HUGO & LEVY, LOUIS EDWARD, The Cause of Business Depressions, Philadelphia, 1914, Libertarian Book House, Bombay, 1950, 541pp, indexed. JZL (Maybe still available through the "Indian Libertarian". For free clearing but still for centralized note issue and gold redemption upon presentation of clearing cheques. From my point of view this work is so full or errors that I had so far hesitated to list it as a free banking book. But at least it is a collection of materials and arguments related to it. The only point that I can easily agree with is that a problem of money shortage does exist, at least temporarily, and can during this period cause great problems. - J.Z.)

BILGRAM, HUGO, A Commercial Clearing House - A Substitute for Elastic Currency and a Simple Remedy for Financial Stringency, Philadelphia, 27 pp. (Meulen books, Goldsmith Collection )

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COMMITTEE FOR MONETARY RESEARCH AND EDUCATION, INC., P.O. Box 1630, Greenwich, Connecticut 06830, has published between 1973 and 1979 at least 27 monetary tracts, mostly against inflation and for the gold standard. Only a few of these take a general stand for monetary freedom: freedom to issue exchange media, select any standard of value for one's dealings and to clear one's debts in the technically best form. A few of these tracts are mentioned under their authors. Its work might continue. J.Z.)

COMMITTEE FOR REFERENDUM 41, on money system review, 1987, 2 pp, in PP 791. (Rather than just one more government review, more private studies are needed or referendums which directly re-establish the monetary rights of the people and individual and voluntary associations. J.Z.)

COMMITTEE OF COUNTRY BANKERS, 1828 (BSP 1833c), memorialized the government "that no special privilege or monopoly be granted or continued to the Governor and Company of the Bank of England: but that they may be placed on a perfect equality with the country bankers..." (White, p.65)

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LMP money pamphlet, a 24 pp introduction to Libertarian Microfiche Publishing by John Zube, offering a primitive goods warrant, in PP 736. (Could fiche, floppies, hard disks, video disks, DAT cassettes etc. one day become information exchange currencies and standards of value that are widely used? What would be minimal preconditions for this? - JZ)

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MONETARY NOTES, issued for many years by Walter E. Spahr, Economists' National Committee on Monetary Policy. (He was, however, only interested in metallic redemption currencies. I have a few odd copies of this publication but my interest in reproducing them fast is rather low. - J.Z.)

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PEACE PLANS pamphlet series, since 1964, contains first duplicated, then offset, then, from 1978 onwards, only on microfiche, published many monetary freedom titles, listed here, mostly but not completely. LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING published in this series also all material of the RESEARCH CENTRE FOR MONETARY AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM, same address.

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SOUND CURRENCY, April 1891 - March 1905. The 1896 issue reproduces the excellent article on clearing house certificates of 1893, by DeWitt Warner. This volume has been reproduced in Peace Plans 350-354. (Excellent photocopies are wanted for microfilming, of the whole set of this magazine. LMP has so far only obtained a rollfilm edition of most of its issues, with only June 1891 missing over the years of its appearance. Ulrich von Beckerath tried in vain, for almost half a century, to get copies of the other volumes. If I can't get excellent copies of the originals, I might have to transcribe some of the essays from the roll film, which costs $ 50, from Brookhaven Press. Only this proprietor, could legally reformat the roll film issue. A firm to do this automatically and cheaply exists now in the Netherlands. Jacketing is no help, since, because of the size of the roll film frames, ca. 70 fiche would be required, instead of 10-20 at most. - J.Z.)

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TALMUD, Geldtheorie des Talmud, Auszug von ?, zum Gebrauch in einer Talmud Schule in Wilna. Zander schenkte es von Beckerath und es verbrannte bei ihm. Beckerath used to say that Judaism is perhaps the only religion that insists upon stable value honesty in credit transactions, as far as is humanly possible, i.e., excluding it only if oneself is paid in depreciated currency - and to that extent. - I would gladly reproduce the relevant passages - if someone supplied them to me, in German or English. - J.Z.)

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ZUBE, JOHN, Some Notes on the Possibility of a Tax Strike, in PP 13.

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ZUBE, JOHN, Towards Monetary and Financial Freedom, a May 89 compilation, including some outdated examples of financial newsletters, 29x, PP 866 & 867. (I have not yet counted up how many such free banking compilations I have so far made in this series. I depend, as ever, on others sending me more such material. Thanks here, especially, to Theo Megalli, Kevin Dowd, Kurt Schuler, Carl Watner, Jim Stumm and D.Y. - J.Z.)

ZUBE, JOHN, Towards Monetary, Financial and Economic Freedom, over 42 contributions, newsletters, lists, leavlets, from var. authors, 430pp, 48x, in PP 739.

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ZUBE, JOHN, What Has to Be Changed in the Constitutions of all States and how Cn these Reform Be Realized? With detailed monetary freedom proposals, Peace Plans 61-63.

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ZUBE, KURT, Offener Brief an Rudolf Augstein der Herrschaft und Knechtschaft fuer notwendig haelt, Mackay Gesellschaft, 1975, 16 S., in PP 815. (Behandelt Geldfreiheit nur sehr kurz und Bodenreform, seinen Lieblingsplan, ausfuehrlicher. J.Z.)

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ZUBE, KURT, vs. ZUBE, JOHN, 1984, 14 S., in PP 810.


Contemplate : A handful of monetary freedom activists, using photocopiers and micrographics, could probably reproduce all monetary freedom writings between them, on microfiche, within a few months. It could be an Archimedean leverage option for them.

But will they see it, grasp it and use it? As much as I can do on my own, with the help of some friends, I will do. More I cannot. LMP was never intended to be more than a pilot scheme to demonstrate what can be done, needs to be done and ought to be done in this sphere and to give me a chance to put some of my favourite titles permanently in print, at least in this medium.

Regarding omissions: Please point them out to me.

And send me more such material for filming - if you are not going to do it yourself.

The addresses of those of all of the above authors are wanted, who are still alive and actively working for or seriously interested in monetary freedom. Many of the addresses that I have, are outdated by several years. This time I intend to keep them on computer disk and update them there and include the listing in the planned newsletter - in the accompanying fiche, with all other material too long for a few pages of paper.

John Zube, 24 Feb. 90

35 Oxley St., or P.O. Box 52, Berrima, NSW 2477, Australia, sec. of


Prices : $ 1 per microfiche, with each PP or Peace Plans No. costing $ 1. Cash or $ 2 non-cash, or 2 International Reply Coupons. Small cheques are not acceptable. All cheques must be made out to John Zube.

E-mail: jzube@.au Website: .au/~jzube

I know, that updating the above is, after 10 years, overdue but it requires a prolonged job, even for the inclusion of all the additional LMP titles. So far no one has offered to help. - J.Z., 6.1.2001.


Some lost segments:  

??? Mone-?? Author?

QUARTERLY REVIEW, August, pp. 2-21. Dowd



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